Thursday, 25 July 2013

GlossyBox July

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend my Glossybox finally came after a week of me saying "Is it here yet?!" (Turns out I got the dispatch dates wrong....) Again I hadn't really seen or gone looking for any spoilers on this box, so it was a complete surprise, a very good one actually...
This months theme was Seaside Splash to get everyone prepared for their holidays and finally Summer!! I wasnt sure what to think about this theme, I just didn't really have any products pop to mind for it. 
When I first opened the box I was shocked and so excited, The products are a lot better than what I thought they'd be, This is what I got in my box:
1) Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz (£6 for 100ml) I've had a few Anatomicals products which  I liked, I love facial sprays, so I was very pleased to see this in the box. I wouldn't use this to set my make up though just to rehydrate during this hot weather. Its very fitting to the box theme too.

2) Coola Organic Suncare Collection Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented (£29.99 for 50ml) I've never really worn a tinted moisturiser and well this seems to be a tinted SPF, But I have been looking into a sheer base for the summer so maybe this will be it. The only problem is it seems to be one shade suits all which may not work with my super pale skin. 

3) Essie Sleek Sticks in 05 a to a Zebra (£9.99 per pack) I love Essie Polishes, I have a heap of nail wraps that I've never used, so maybe these ones will be really good to start me off. I cant say I'm a fan of this design though and the price, £10 for one use! They better be amazing.

4) Sleek Makeup Pout Paint in 154 Mauve Over and 161 Minx (£4.99 - Each 8ml) I remember when these first came out, (My cousin bought the red, white and blue), They are super pigmented, you really only need the teeniest drop, I'm not sure about the purple one but I might just mix and match them and maybe pick up a few more to mix up.

5) Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist (£23 for 125ml) I am too lazy to straighten my hair half the time and have been liking the more curly wavy hair look, so this could be another handy product to play around with in this heat! Its also quite a good sample size just to chuck in my bag too.

Overall I think this is a great box for this month and this heat, its got such minimal effort products that are just perfect for this time and I cant see a single product I wont use, GlossyBox has pulled off another great box this month!

Sorry this is such a late post as well, I've had family over, not been too well and then just this insane heatwave has to be honest made me slightly lazy and not want to do anything other than watch beauty tutorials and read more blogs!

If any of you have a blog leave me a link in the comments, I always love reading new ones, Plus what have you thought about this months Glossybox? 

Eloise x


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