Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails!

Hi Guys!,

I'm very excited about this post and this collection is being said to be one of the biggest launches of the year, going by the fact that it sold out two, three? times already since the launch, I'd say its not far off. Tanya has collaborated with Eye Candy to create the range, I originally bought one nail polish and one lip gloss, but then the day I got them I knew I had to order more and well this happened.... Oops...

Tanya is a massive inspiration to me and I don't think I'd be training as a make up artist or even blogging without her, so it makes this collection that little bit more special to me in a way. 

The Nail collection consists of ten shades, They're £5.99 and mostly a cream finish bar one, Midnight Sparkles, which does have a sparkle. They have 12ml in each which is quite a lot of product, I'd say after swatching the ones I have you really need two coats, which is pretty typical of nail polishes anyway.

Penguin Chic - This is the first shade I picked up as its quite different to what I have in my collection, plus the name is so cute and fits it very well, its a lovely taupe grey, it can get quite dark the more you layer it too.

Mini Marshmallows - I just had to get this, the name just ties in with my blog name, Tanya loves it and its definitely one of those me colours! It's a beautiful baby pink shade that reminds me of strawberry milkshakes and pink marshmallows which is rather fitting!

New York Night - This one is actually my mum's but I just had to show you it, She chose it mainly as its one of the darker shades of the bunch, it can be a lot lighter though depending on how many coats you apply, its a lovely dark plum shade and the name is rather a winner too.

Little Duck - I love mint green, so how could I say no to this one, its a great shade for spring and seems to of become a blogger favourite. It reminds me of the Tiffany and co boxes, which I think Tanya has said was an inspiration.

The Lip Glosses are a collection of twelve, seven of the shades have a cream finish and the other five have a shimmer, its not however a very noticeable shimmer its quite subtle. Which I like as glitter ball lips isn't really a big thing. Plus they're only £6.99 which I love as they're so affordable but not cheap feeling glosses at all. They're moisturizing and very well pigmented, not sticky and just lovely and glossy, Plus they smell like strawberry laces, yum!

Aurora - This is the only shimmer one in the bunch that I picked up, I didn't realize this shade was actually this shade if that makes sense, i thought it was quite a bright pink, its more of a rosy pink, its lovely though for me its a bit of a your lips but better shade.

Picnic in the Park - This is the baby bubblegum pink of the range, I haven't worn this one yet but from the swatches it seems a bit sheerer than the rest, only slightly though.

Vampire Kiss - How could I not pick this up, combine my new found love of red lips and my very long going obsession with vampires. This is a match made in heaven for me, its a very vampy (excuse the pun) red, its a dark deep red, with a pink undertone to it, due to it being a gloss though it doesn't have to be so dark, its quite versatile.

Afternoon Tea - This was part of my first order, it seemed to be the most talked about before they even launched, its a nude shade but not a unwearable one due to its rosy pink undertones.

(Swatches: Left to Right - Afternoon Tea, Picnic in the Park, Aurora and Vampire Kiss)

(Swatches: Left to Right, Two Coats of each - Little Duck, Mini Marshmallows, Penguin Chic and New York Night)

I have to admit I definitely agree with this being a big launch this year, personally for me its one of my favourite things I've seen this year. Its a lovely collection and I can see these becoming new favourites of mine, I'm already eyeing up more shades but my bank is going to kill me at this rate haha. What do you all think of the rage though and which shades should I add to my list?

You can get them at Feel Unique - Here, Pom - Here and at Superdrug - Here.

Eloise x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February Valentines GlossyBox!

Hi Guys,

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've not been very well for around two weeks now and its taken its toll on my lack of posting, but don't worry I've got lots of posts planned so hopefully things will be back to normal soon!

Now onto the Glossybox! I was very excited about this one just due to the design of the box, I think this is one of my favorite designs so far, as well as that the box seemed rather weighty compared to the last one which is usually a good sign.

This months Glossy Mag I've really enjoyed especially that blusher segment! I think I'm starting to become a little blush obsessed... Plus there's also a card to win an £1,000 holiday which I thought was a nice fun treat!

Before I even looked properly at the box I have to say I was really exited! Ciate Nail Paint I see you! Plus Glossybox have added in a little extra!

1) Miners Cosmetics Cocktail Kiss in Flirtini - £2.99 for 12ml
I've had a miners lip stick in a past GlossyBox and it was ok, I was quite excited to see this in the box as I've been wanting to try more Miners Products, I like the shade, however it does feel a little sticky and just overall reminds me of a lip gloss you'd get free in a magazine when you're younger.

2) Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer - £14 for 250ml
At first I thought this was a bubble bath I'm not sure why haha, I've never really seen anything like this either, powder shimmer and things like the Lush Shimmy Shimmy is more what I think of when I see body shimmer. Its got quite a perfumed scent to it, but it rubs in nicely and is quite subtle.

3) Toni and Guy Stick It Up Gum - £7.20 for 90ml
This one confused me, I have very very long hair so what I need a product like this for, or what I'd even use it for I wasn't sure, but in the Glossy Mag it actually tells you about some fashion week idea's on how to use it on long hair, I'll give it a go but if it fails my brother has just earned himself a new hair product!

4) Maybelline Master Kajal Liner - £5.99 for 3g
I was really excited when I realized what this was, After the last Maybelline product I received in a GlossyBox, I'm  quite glad to see one I'll actually use and confession! I don't think I own a Kohl/Kajal Liner! Its very soft and pigmented, I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

5) Ciate London Paint Pot in Red Hot Chilli- £9 for 13.5ml
GlossyBox actually previewed that Ciate would be in the box, but I forgot, which made it even more exciting to see it sat there. Ciate make great polishes and this one seems like quite the classic, its a red with a orange tone to it and was part of the Sun Catcher Collection from last year.

6) Lindt Lindor Treat Bar - 79p
The added extra for Valentines day is Chocolate! GlossyBox knows how to win me over, this didnt last for long!

Glossybox have made a pretty great box this month! Four full size products and a chocolate bar, they also fitted the theme of Valentines Day too. I'm looking forward to the next box hopefully it'll be as good as this one!

Eloise x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Illamasqua Haul!

Hi Guys,

I feel like this post should start with, Hello my name is Eloise and I'm an Illamasqua Addict... If you follow me on twitter and or Instagram you may of noticed that I might of made a tiny bit of an Illamasqua order, then another... then another... Which is probably no surprise if you've seen my constant tweets about them! 

Okay before I go and talk myself into making another order, The Valentines Collection, I'm the One is being added to the list... Here's what I picked up in the January Sale! 

Which by the way, is always amazing and is highly recommended! Actually all Illamasqua sales are!

Pure Pigments In Static, Furore and Ore - £16.50 HERE

I picked these up in the sale for £5 to £7.50 which is an amazing saving that I convinced myself I couldn't say no to... I already have the pigment in Beguile, love it! 

So I decided to pick these three up, Furore is a peachy champagne shade, a very popular one too. I'ts a beautiful everyday shimmery colour, then Ore is more of the darker rich brown shimmery brother, which is beautiful as a brown smokey eye! Finally there is Static, its similar to beguile but has more of a pink shimmer through it, I posted about this quite a while back when I had an Illamasqua Makeover, it turned the brown shadow underneath purple! You can see it HERE.

Sheer Lipgloss in Culminate - £14.50 HERE
I was so excited when Illamasqua announced their Creator Collection was designed by bloggers, I was even more excited to see this lipgloss which I was about to order was down to £7.50, so of course it went straight into the basket! Its designed by Milly at Pearls and Poodles, who's blog I've read for years, Its lovely to see Illamasqua do this as they have such a great connection with bloggers. 

Anyway onto the actual lipgloss! It might look a bit scary in the tube but it comes out as a lovely sheer copper peachy shade, which has a duo chrome effect to it, its a lovely sparkly wearable shade and they taste so good!

Nail Varnish in Load - £14.50 HERE
I really like Illamasqua Nail Varnishes and to get them for £5 in the sale I had to get one, most of the shades are similar to ones I already have, with a collection like mine it doesn't surprise me, I have way too many! This one though is rather different its a pale cream shade that I think will be lovely for Spring. The bad news though.. its been discontinued! But you can still get it at Debenhams, YAY!

Powder Blusher in Hussy - £18.00 HERE
I was really undecided about getting this, as in the pan it is rather bright and rather scary, Seeing as I'm not a big blush wearer and its down to Illamasqua that I started to wear it, I really wanted to pick up another. So after swatching at my local counter and I picked up Hussy in the sale for £7.50! Its a bright pink candy shade, which when blended out is really wearable and a lot less scary!

Ive already started planning my next Illamasqua order, I think I'm obsessed but they are definitely worth every penny!

Eloise x

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