Friday, 31 October 2014

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In and Haul

Hi Guys, 

Over the past few months I've slowly collected quite a few bits from Illamasqua, As we had moved and I didn't have much to do other than unpack or shop. I did quite a bit of shopping... especially at Illamasqua. Team that with the amazing collections they've released these past few months and a sale, I just couldn't resist! 
The Christmas Collection landed, Facets, and as soon as I saw the bag I was like I NEED IT!!!! Of course I don't after just getting my Zoella one, but I don't buy many and as you might be able to tell, I'm a little Illamasqua crazy! I just couldn't not get it, Illamasqua could release a Fridge with Illamasqua on it and I'd probably convince myself I need it.

Its quite the bit smaller than I expected but its such a beautiful quality and is quite easy to wipe down too after you get it covered in make up! Its great to throw in your handbag as its just the right size but because its such a nice quality I think its quite durable too.
A few months back Illamasqua had one of there amazing sales, I kept saying I'd get another palette and never ever did. So when the Compliment palette was in the sale, plus its purple I just couldn't leave it! The shades in it are beautiful and theres so many options! Plus you get two shimmery shades, a matte shade and a liquid metal! I think I might end up getting one for my kit. 

Me and false lashes dont mix very well, so to suddenly get probably the most dramatic lashes Illamasqua do was a bit of a crazy decision for me. But I always hear and see people with the Lush lashes and again them being in the sale I just decided to get them, put them away and maybe give them a go once I'm a little more confident.
I had my make up done by Zoe Peplow, the Brand Ambassador for Illamasqua the other week. I wanted to learn how to use green on my eyes as I steer very clear of it. So she suggested using a red brown shade with it. Which is where Forgiveness Powder Shadow came in, over the top of Bibleot cream shadow.

Zoe also paired it with Fervent Pure Pigment, I nearly have a full collection of these just because I love them so much, They're glitter! How can you not love them. Its like a loose pigment version of MAC Club, its brown based with a green running through it, depending on what light and angle you look at it depends what colour it shows up as.

I think I've mentioned before my struggle with dark circles, It's kind of ridiculous how many concealers Ive tried at covering them and It's been quite a mission. However Ive never tried the Illamasqua ones, Skin Base Lift, Zoe used Light 1 & 2 on me the other night and I couldn't believe how well they covered! They have a peach tone to them which contour acts the blueness, Light 1 is great to lighten the area, then Light 2 on any stubborn darkness that Light 1 hasn't covered.
I went along to the Halloween Beauty School Drop In, Which I have to admit is probably one of my favourites every year. This year there was four looks (Clockwise) The Joker, Baby Doll, The Skull and The Countess. I got to see a more detailed version of the Skull created by Jaime from the Glasgow counter, who was wearing the Baby Doll look. Plus Laura created the Joker and had on the Countess Look. I definitely recommend going along to the next Beauty School Drop In on the 7th of December for Christmas!

Plus when you spend so much at the Beauty School Drop In (Which is free by the way!!) you get a free gift, Which was the Bat Lashes. Very fitting for halloween, probably just the same as the Lush lash these will get tucked away till I have a eureka eyelash moment haha.

You can get all the bits Ive picked up over the past few months HERE. Plus check out the timetable for the Christmas Beauty School Drop In HERE.

Eloise x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

October Glossybox

Hi Guys,

I feel like I haven't done a Glossybox post in ages! Which is actually very true, Coursework got a bit hectic this week so this post is a little later than I expected but hopefully now I have a little less work to do there'll be more posts! 
I love the pop art design of this months box its fantastic! I hadn't really looked at any spoilers for the box this month, which I usually do. So it was quite a nice surprise when I saw what was in the box. 
When I opened the box I realised I didn't have a card with it telling me what everything is and how much each thing is, Ive noticed this a few times now that things have been missing from my box! So I've had to get researching and find out the prices and things for the products, so I hope they're right!
So Susan Black Flutter Mascara - £14.95
I have a few So Susan products, I find the ones Ive tried to be hit and miss, mostly a hit. I haven't tried this one yet as I feel like I have a whole drawer full of mascara's to get through first. Im thinking about doing a So Susan post so I'll try to get a review up on it then.

Ciate Paint Pot in Ditch the Heels - £9
I love the Ciate paint pots! Im gathering quite a collection at this rate and this shade is beautiful, its a blue toned kind of bright green. It needs two coats I'd say but with a good topcoat it doesn't chip, I forgot to put a topcoat on and got a chip after a day sadly!

Etre Belle Lip Lift Peel - £3.60
I've had really dry lips recently since its gotten colder so I was so excited to try this and I love it! Its not very harsh and has quite a fine scrub, it's like a micro bead, its got a very light consistency. Its got a really nice taste too, although I probably shouldn't eat it, you just have to lick it off!

Rimmel BB Cream in Light - £6.99
I haven't tried many BB Creams mainly because I never thought they'd give me enough coverage, Ive only tried one from Seventeen which I loved at first but Ive kind of gone off it. Im hoping I'll like this and I kept putting off trying it over foundations, So I'm glad to have a sample of it to give it a go first.

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes D'Amour - £50
I loved the Yves Rocher Perfume I got last time and I think its happened again. The miniature bottle just wins me over straight away, its so cute! But the scent, I love it! I find it really difficult to find scents I like. This one smells floral, fruity and just a teeny weeny bit sweet, Yves Rocher says it has a  rose scent which I usually love anyway. I'm just not a huge fan of the price tag, mainly because I don't buy fragrances for myself very often!

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche - £19.50
I love Nuxe from what Ive tried from them, which isn't a lot, so I'm super excited to see this in the box plus its full sized! It says its for the eye too, Im always looking for hydrating masks and creams for my skin because its so dry. Im really looking forward to giving this a good go! 

Im really pleased with this months box, plus that theres six products instead of five. It would be nice to have had the card with the box, but oh well, I can't see a single thing in this box not getting used!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Zoella Beauty

Hi Guys,

Im sure you've probably seen tons of posts about Zoella's new beauty range already as its been extremely popular! But I just had to do a post on it, I've been watching Zoe for a very long time now, she was an inspiration to me and its amazing to see what she's achieved over the years. 
I have to say everything is completely Zoe! I love the packaging, the colours, Rose Gold! The packaging probably also has quite a sway on me buying it as its just so cute! (Im lost for words over the amount of excitement I have over the packaging...)

As soon as everything launched I bought the Make Up Bag online, but I wanted to smell everything else in person before I bought it as I can be quite picky with scents.

I've picked up five out of the seven things in the range, I now wish I'd gotten the Soak Opera though but as I had just been to Lush I thought I didn't need it. However when can you ever have too many bubble baths and bath bombs?!
Eyes Beauty Bag - £8
I took this with me to london for the Illamasqua Distinction Awards and as usual I couldn't decide what make up to take with me, so I took a lot more than I needed for two days and this little bag fitted it all in! I love the mint shade and polka dots, I think having the Illustration of Zoe's eyes is a really nice touch too. Its fantastic to wipe down too both on the the outside and on the inside.

Let's Glow Candle - £5
I'd heard that this was quite a strong scent and I was quite worried I wouldn't like it, It is a lot stronger in scent than the Body Mist, however I love it. On the other hand my mum had a sniff and she didn't like it as much so its just down to personal taste. I wouldn't say its overly sweet, otherwise I wouldn't like it, It's floral and also contains vanilla as well.
Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion - £5
I love the smell of this, again its the same scent as the candle, not as strong though, I do want to say its a lot fresher too. It soaks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling silky, its not sticky at all which is great. It contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter, so its good for your skin too! I wouldn't say the scent lasts a very long time though. 

Blissful Mistful Body Mist - £8
I was looking for an everyday perfume/body mist I can just chuck in my bag, now as long as I don't smash it, which I have a tendency to do, this is great! It's light, fruity and floral, The scent does last on the skin a lot longer than the body lotion too. 

Fizz Bar - £5
I love the fact this looks like a chocolate bar! It contains eight little squares with a 'Z' on each, break them off and pop them in the bath! I think this is such a great idea for a bath bomb/bar hybrid thing! (great explaining skills there) The scent is the same as the other things but very subtle, I think more floral, so if the others are too strong definitely have a smell of this!

It's such an affordable and good quality range for the price, I can see me going through quite a few of these fizz bars, candles and body mist! I definetly need to go pick up the Soak Opera too I think!

You can get everything on Feel Unique - HERE and Superdrug HERE.

Eloise x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween with Lush

Hi Guys,

I finally got to Lush the other day, I've been dying to go ever since it launched but I was in London. I ran in, grabbed a basket and filled it up. Today I've just got the halloween things to show you, I thought I'd save the Christmas bits for a little later on.

I went in wanting four of the halloween things from the range, but the one I was after the most was out of stock which is typical! But oh well, I may have to quickly pop in tomorrow and pick up Northern Lights if they have it!
I picked up two of the bubble bars, which were just way too cute not to pick up! Especially the Wizard he's so adorable! 

Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.50
Covered in gold glitter, which I love! It does go everywhere though, be prepared to sparkle! It shares the same scent as the Mr. Punch soap from last year. I do like the scent I wouldn't say its my favourite, I do prefer it a lot more than I thought I would. It has a scent of lime and grapefruit that you definitely pick up. It creates quite a bit of bubble while turning your bath a orange sparkly amazingness!

Wizard - £3.25
I feel so bad using him, he's too cute to break in half and crumble up! When you eventually do though, he turns the bath a great purple colour. I'd say you can get about three baths out of him, He smells fantastic and is great to wake you up a bit as its so fresh!
Now this is probably the one I was most excited for, I just love the bath bombs!

Sparkler - £ 3.50
Now I love the Rose Jam shower gel scent, so for this to be the same scent, I just can't contain my excitement for this! It turns the bath a golden shade and crackles as it goes round the bath as it contains popping candy. It puts the sparkle into sparkler too with the golden glitter in the centre! 

I think this may be one I have to stock up on, although its also staying till Christmas even though its part of the Halloween range, YAY!

Theres also another bath bomb, Lord of Misrule and Fairy Ring soap in the range.

You can get all the bits I picked up, plus the Northern Lights Bath Bomb and the rest of the range right HERE.

Eloise x
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