Friday, 27 February 2015

The Pastel Trend

Hi Guys,

It's getting closer and closer to Spring and Spring usually means pastels. They've been extremely popular these past few seasons, not only for spring. However there was a lot of pastels on the SS15 catwalks from Matthew Williamson, Vera Wang and Derek Lam, especially in purple too.

Pastel Makeup however can be very tricky and quite daunting, so Ive picked up a few of my favourite products for lips, nails, eyes and cheeks. Ranging from high end to drugstore, to show some of the easiest ways to wear this pastel trend.
With brands such as Lime Crime who are increasing in popularity very quickly, they do amazing shades of lipstick in pastel shades. As they've been so popular for them, more and more companies seem to be joining the band wagon of offering more than just your typical shades. Its quick to do and really fun too.

MUA Matte Lipstick in Lilac Belle - £1 HERE
This has to be one of the safest products to experiment with in terms of price. It may look quite scary in the tube, but on, its a beautiful creamy Lilac, just like it says on the tin! (Or tube...) Its a fun little extra that won't break the bank and lets you try out the pastel lip trend. It is really nice on though as its got quite a waxy formula so it doesn't dry out the lips too much either.

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup - £15.50 HERE
If you want to have a little bit of a splurge, MAC Creme Cup, is a lovely creamy baby pink. Even though it doesn't really look it in the tube, Its not an in your face shade and can be used every single day as a really subtle every day lipstick. Its a creme sheen formula, which basically means its a cream, which is comfortable to wear. But you will need to reapply it a little bit more than a matte. 

Ok I must admit, Ive already cheated when it comes to a drugstore and high end option, sorry! I dont have any drugstore products in pastel shades and actually thinking about it, I cant think of many that actually exist that aren't just baby pink. I do find though that both of these products are very good value for money.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette - £24.99 HERE
This palette is so versatile! It may look a bit daunting, but its great, amazingly pigmented! The shades give you so many options and so many colour combinations. Kitten Parade looks great over the lid with Hotsy Totsy on the outer corner. Instead of Kitten Parade you could also use Frostine too. Ive been using Candy Crush as a inner corner highlight and it really picks up the light and brightens. The only shade that isn't very shimmery is Hotsy Totsy, the rest do contain a lot of shimmer. Both Hotsy Totsy and Kitten Parade make beautiful blushers, Kitten Parade also doubles up as a highlight too.

Illamasqua Powder Shadow in CanCan - £15.50 HERE
Illamasqua offers a range of pastel shadow shades, CanCan is by far my favourite, the more you buff it out the lighter it is and more pastel lilac in shade. But if you build it up, which is extremely easy to do as they are fantastically pigmented, you can make it a lot brighter. It's definitely a shade that I recommend for anyone with blue eyes especially as it really enhances them too.
Unlike the rest of my drugstore and high end bits and pieces, these are more like dupes rather than different products. Pastels on the cheek are probably the most easiest of ways to actually wear the trend on your face, as baby pinks are very popular blush shades.

ELF Blusher in Shy - £2.50 HERE
Shy is a slightly purpled toned pink, however it can look quite rosy. Its not got a shimmer in it, which a lot of the ELF blushers have. Its chalky in texture, which it is really pigmented, but on the downside it can have a bit of fall down too. They have changed their packaging, it now includes a brush.

Nars Blusher in Sex Fantasy - £22.50 HERE 
My blusher is actually in the Virtual Domination palette, but fear not, its not a limited edition shade and you can buy it on its own! Its a pastel pink, with quite the lilac undertone too it. Its a very cool shade because of this, but its subtle and looks really lovely on the skin. Plus Nars blushers may actually be some of the most raved about blushers ever!This one is not as chalky as the ELF one and very pigmented, it also lasts a lot longer on the skin too.
Pastel lips and eyes aren't something that you maybe wouldn't sport everyday as it may be really stepping out of your comfort zone. So nails are actually one of the easiest ways to sport the trend without feeling uncomfortable!

Illamasqua Polish in Scarce - £14.50 HERE
It may not be Easter just yet, but its creeping in! (Wishful thinking on my part for the chocolate...) I've been getting into the spirit though with the Illamasqua Polish in Scarce. Its a unique polish with its black speckles running through the beautiful powdered baby pink. Its the perfect Spring time combination and no nail looks the same, totally unique!

Barry M Textured Nail Effect in Ridley Road - £3.99 HERE 
My drugstore option had to be mint! As well as being Barry M, as for their price they are fantastic in quality and also shade selection. The polish Ive picked is from their Textured Nail Effect range in the shade Ridley Road. Again its another slightly different polish rather than your usual creamy selection, it's almost like sand on the nails.
(Swatches - Left to Right: Sex Fantasy, Shy, Creme Cup, Lilac Belle, Kitten Parade, Frostine, Candy Crush, Hotsy Totsy and CanCan)

I'd really love to find more pastel make up pieces as I think its a trend that may be around for a while.  So let me know if you've found any pieces I need to get my hands on! I hope this has also helped to give out a few ideas on how to rock the pastel trend!

Eloise x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Very Lush Mothers Day

Hi Guys,

Now that Valentine's Day is over with, Lush have brought out their Mother's Day Range! This range is actually usually quite a small one, this year though Lush have upped their game and there is so many newbies to the collection!
I actually picked up one of the Mothers Day Gift Sets, aptly named Mother's Day, as my bathroom is always filled with loose Lush bits. So the tin is actually perfect to keep in the bathroom just to keep all the bits nice and fresh, you can have a look at it HERE. However it doesn't include the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel and Mother Superior Bubble Bar.
Mother Superior Bubble Bar - £3.75 HERE
This is a big Bubble Bar and you could easily get 4 baths out of it. Like a lot of this range, its very floral, it does contain lemon too though, so there is a little bit of citrus. It actually shares its scent with Sakura. It will also turn your bath blue. A lot of people have said its like a character from Adventure Time too, but is actually based on being a nun.

UltraViolet Bubble Bar - £4.75 HERE
Just like Mother Superior, this is huge! Again you can get at least 5 baths from it. I love the fact that its a violet scent as I have a soft spot for violet. Its another really floral product, it also contains jasmine. Its fresh and turns your bath a lovely shade of purple and also includes glitter, which you don't get covered in, it reminds me of a rainbow almost. 
Yummy Mummy Shower Gel - £4.75 HERE
I have never seen a Shower Gel from Lush like this one, its literally like a liquid lilac in shade. Its lovely and bright. It could almost be mistaken as a violet based smell, however its actually fruity and has the same scent as the Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. Strangely though I love the Massage Bar, but I just cant seem to love this Shower Gel, I think its an enquired smell. My mum on the other hand, loves the smell of it. 

Rose Bombshell Bath Ballistic - £3.50 HERE
If you've read a few of my past Lush posts or ever heard me in Lush, then you may know how obsessed I am with the Rose Jam scent. It kills me a little inside when its discontinued for another year after Christmas. So when I heard there was a Rose Bath Ballistic... Its actually a really big Bath Ballistic, Rose products can usually be quite expensive, but for the size its a great price. Its lovely and soft on the skin and also has rose petals inside, its a very relaxing bath.
Rose Bubble Bar - £2.95 HERE
I was so excited when I heard this was back, it was part of the Mothers Day Range last year. Although its one of the cheaper products in the range, it is a lot smaller. You may be able to get about 3 baths from it, which I don't really mind as it is so cute. The design is actually based on Beauty and the Beast.

Secret Garden Bath Ballistic - £2.95 HERE
Another one from last years range and actually another favourite of mine, so its always  nice when they bring them back. Just like Rose it is very small compared to your usual Lush Bath Ballistic. Rose in scent and goes lovely with the Rose Bubble Bar to give you a very rosy forest green bath.

Sakura Bath Ballistic - £3.35 HERE
This was a part of the Mother's Day Gift Set and is actually a permanent addition to the Lush range. If you liked the Floating Flower from the Valentines Range, this shares its scent with it. Its an uplifting scent, with Japanese cherry blossom. 

If I was only allowed to recommend three products from this range, which is extremely difficult, I think I would have to choose Rose Bombshell Bath Ballistic, Rose Bubble Bar and Secret Garden Bath Ballistic. I really do have a rose obsession... 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Illamasqua Polish Collection

Hi Guys,

Im known to talk about Illamasqua a lot... So it seemed only right to start what may become a little series! (Let me know if you enjoy this one) On my Nail Polish Collection and favourite brands too. I used to do my nails quite a lot, but then after doing beauty therapy I fell out of the habit of doing my usual nail art, as you're not allowed any polish on at all! So Im getting them all back out and hopefully getting back into the swing of things.

Starting with one of my favourite brands for Nail Polish, Illamasqua!
Ive also found that not many people talk about the Illamasqua Polishes and I think they definitely need their recognition! This post is also meant in no form of bragging, I just thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about them. Plus I know I love having a nosey through a nail polish collection too!

I also apologise for the very cheesy subtitles you are about to read and the picture heavy post!
The Cream of the Crop:
Jan - Pinky Lilac: I was obsessed with this shade and found a way to use it in every single nail art design I did, Its just such a pretty colour, perfect for spring. Its sister is probably the very popular shade in Jo'Mina.

Load - Off White Cream: This is probably the streakiest polish Ive tried from Illamasqua, but I can forgive that as the rest of them I have no problem with. I think its down to how pale the polish is, it's just a little difficult to get it right.

Nomad - Bright Mint Green: I have to admit, I bought this shade after seeing Tanya Burr talk about it and on a few of her Instagram posts. Its amazing for the summer, Im not a huge green fan that isn't mint (I say while having three other green shades!). But this one is easy to fall in love with.

Caress - Baby Sky Blue: I love how this shade is another off white shade, its washed out, really simple and just makes it really easy to wear. Its a shade, I just like to fall back on when I need something pretty quick!

Nudge - Pastel Mint: For me, Mint shades can do no wrong, Nudge included. However it is really similar to Caress and I have to admit I do get them mixed up sometimes... It definitely leans more on the blue side of things than the green.

Blow - Pastel Lemon: Yellow is always a difficult colour to wear, especially as I am quite pale, it can look rather odd. As well as sometimes looking like you've just stained your nails. Blow though is such a lovely creamy shade, its just the perfect pastel that isn't too much.
The Shimmer Shades:
Bacterium - Pearlescent Biege: Its a duo chrome polish and has many looks to it, It can go from an iridescent pink, to a taupe then even green toned!

Melange - Teal with a Golden Shimmer: This is the only matte in my collection from Illamasqua and may actually be my favourite. The difference between the matte base shade, with the golden shimmer running through it is extremely pretty in the light and really gives it a uniqueness. Ive never seen a polish like it on the market.

Snap - Metallic Gun Metal: This is the only Metallic out of all the Illamasqua polishes I own, they don't really do many, especially nowadays. It doesn't have a glossy finish, but its also not matte. Its just very shimmery.

Charisma - Dark Pink Raspberry: This is the perfect Christmas shade, I did get it after Christmas, so its not been used to its full Christmas potential. If only it wasn't getting into spring!

Radium - Almost Neon Lime: The newest little guy and one I cant believe I didn't buy sooner, it has a really subtle blue shimmer running through it, which is extremely pretty as it catches the light. 
The Textured Team:
Raindrops - Pale Grey with a Silver Glitter: The sheerest of the bunch, Its actually designed by a fan after Illamasqua held a contest and this won. It got to the point where it was extremely difficult to get your mitts on as it was always sold out! Its so unique with its different sized chunks of silver glitter.

Trilliant - A Pink/Champagne shade: The best wayto describe this polish finish is as a sand effect polish, which were very popular last year. Its made up of very fine glitter and slightly chunkier pieces to create a really textured almost rough finish to the polish. It sparkles amazingly in the light! It also looks fantastic with a clear gloss over the top too.

Pink Raindrops - Baby Pink with White Sparkle: Due to the Success of its not so identical twin, Raindrops. Pink Raindrops was born, It has more shimmer than glitter and is a little easier to apply. But you kinda cant help but love them both!

Mottle - Black Speckled Mint Green: Inspired by Mini Eggs and actually If I stare at it for too long I kinda feel like I want Mini Eggs. Again its in my favourite Mint Green, but it does also come in four other shades and applies smoothly to the nail.
The Neon Nails:
Collide - Hot Pink: This was my first ever Illamasqua Polish that I received in a goodie box, they did years ago. I was also going through my Fuchsia Pink as bright as you can get it faze, so this was perfect!

Gamma - Orange: Im not a massive orange person, I also got this in my goodie box. But as much as I don't like to wear it on my nails as much, its fantastic in the summer on your toes!
(Swatches: Left to Right - Collide, Gamma, Jan, Bacterium, Load, Pink Raindrops, Trilliant and Nomad)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Caress, Nudge, Blow, Melange, Snap, Raindrops, Mottle, Charisma and Radium)

All the swatches are just two coats, as thats usually all I need. I always forget to use a topcoat too, but these polishes last for 4-5 days before even slightly starting to chip and thats without a topcoat! I have my eye on a couple more shades, I just cant help it they're like little bottles of goodness!! They may be pricey compared to the high street polishes, but in my eyes they're worth it, I cant recommend these unsung heroes enough.

You can get most of the shades I've featured HERE, minus my beloved Jan, Snap, Caress, Nudge and Blow as they've sadly been discontinued, noo!

Eloise x

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love Tanya

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd give Love Tanya, Tanya Burr's new book a review. Which is a little different for me, so I hope you enjoy. But as you may know from a couple of previous posts, Ive been following Tanya for quite some time now and I couldn't not read her new release! 
I know theres a lot of controversy over Youtubers and books recently, but personally I've been loving the ones I have read so far. Love Tanya is no exception and its been a pleasure to read.
I have been watching Tanya for five years now and so I was very excited to hear about her book, which is such a mixture of different things and gives quite an insight into things that Tanya hasn't shared before. From more personal things to great tips and really yummy recipes too!

The book is split into twelve chapters which cover Tanya's childhood, her top tips for Beauty, Hair, Skincare and Fashion. Which are really helpful, they give basic tips to Tanya's favourite pieces too. There is also little tutorials on a few hair looks, which are really simple but look lovely and for someone like me who really hates styling their own hair, these are fantastic.
The book also has little sections in each chapter either that peek into Tanya's top tens on tips, memories and favourites. But really helpful when it comes to product recommendations. It also has little sections where you can write down your top tens or little notes, each not section has a little question, encouraging you to join in with the book.
One of my favourite chapters however has to be the baking chapter, packed full with chocolate! Thank you Tanya!
I actually made her star sprinkled cupcakes, which were really simple to make but delicious to eat! Ive been eyeing up the Sunday Cake recipe too because well it looks amazing and its covered in chocolate! Chocoholic over here!!
As well as the fun chapters, there is a number of more serious chapters. Tanya covers her issues with dealing with anxiety, which are actually quite comforting to read if you suffer from it and Tanya doesn't usually go into much detail about this part of her life on her Youtube channel. But the book also covers Youtube its self and what she's experienced from it and what else she would like to experience in the future. It was also really lovely to read the chapter about her and Jim and what Tanya has planned for them together in the future.

This book overall has been a really easy read, but very informative. Its such a mixture of different aspects which makes it really different to what I've read before. The photography that is also in the book is beautiful and I'd personally buy it just to stare at the pretty pictures all day haha! Im looking forward to now moving on to reading Fleur De Forces Glam Guide now!

You can get Love Tanya HERE. (Which is also currently discounted!)

Eloise x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Hi Guys,
I thought seeing as its Valentines Day tomorrow, which I cant believe as this year is going so quickly! I'd share a recipe that I've been loving from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book. For Red Velvet Cupcakes, which also suit Valentines Day because of their colour, but even if it wasn't then you never need an excuse for cake anyway!
For the cupcakes:                                   For the cream cheese frosting:
60g Softened Unsalted Butter                  300g Sifted Icing Sugar
150g Caster Sugar                                          50g Softened Unsalted Butter
150g Plain Flour                                             125g Cold Cream Cheese
1/2 tsp Bicarbonate Soda                                
1/2 tsp Salt                                                     
120ml Butter Milk                                         
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Large Egg
10g Cocoa Powder
20ml (3 1/2 tsp) Red Food Colouring
1 1/2 tsp White Wine Vinegar
1. Line your muffin tin, this recipe makes 12 Cupcakes. Then Preheat your oven to 170c / 325F / Gas Mark 3.
2. Using a mixer with a whisk or paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar at a medium speed until its fluffy and light. Then add the egg slowly, on a high speed, until everything is completely mixed.
3. Using a separate bowl, add the cocoa powder, red food colouring and vanilla extract, mix till it forms a thick dark paste. Then add the butter mixture until its evenly combined and has a even colour. Turn down the mixer to a low speed, then add in half the butter milk slowly, beating until it is well mixed, then adding half the flour until well mixed too. Repeat adding the butter milk and flour. Turn up the mixer back to a high speed, to create a smooth mix.
4. Finally turn back down the mixer to a low speed, add the salt, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to the mix, then beat for a few more minutes on a high speed.
5. Fill the cases two thirds up with the batter and bake them for 20 to 25 minutes. 
Cream Cheese Frosting
1. Again using your electric mixer, beat together the icing sugar and butter on a medium to slow speed, until the mixture is well mixed.
2. Add the cream cheese all in one go to the mixture, beat until it is incorporated fully into the mix, continue to beat it until the mixture is light and fluffy for at least 5 minutes, but don't over beat.
3. Once your cupcakes have cooled, pipe your icing on top!
If you find the frosting is just not that bit sweet enough you can also add a dash of vanilla extract just to sweeten it too.

I think Ive become obsessed with the Humming Bird Bakery Recipes, so I hope you like them as I have found quite a few more I cant wait to try! Let me know if theres anything you'd like to see too!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Glossybox Valentines

Hi Guys,

Its that time of the month when Glossyboxes start to hit your door step, this month is also a themed box, with a beautiful design, all set for valentines day. I have to say I think this may be one of my all time favourite designs on the box! It's just simple yet very pretty.
Like the past Valentines themes, the box is based around giving yourself a treat, but kitting you out ready for Valentines Day with a mixture of products for a Valentines Day look.
Also this month's box includes five full sized products! Which Glossybox is getting really good with full sized products recently, its nice to have a more than just a sachet! Plus as an extra special treat theres a little packet of love hearts too, which won't be lasting very long at all...
So Susan, Essie
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk - £9.99 for 80g
So its not the most glamorous of products in the box... but a useful one. Razors are expensive, so I actually love the fact theres one in the box, a good one at that too! Well for £10 I hope it is, it sounds it for sure with five blades and a moisturising serum! 

MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades - £14.49 for 1.2g
I didn't realise at first the relevance this product had to the box, other than thinking it was a very pretty shade. Then I noticed the name and well it needs no explaining. I have since found out that it is in fact based and designed on Fifty Shades of Grey, of course released on Valentines Day, for the Valentines Box. A side from that its a beautiful grey, it has got a slight metallic finish to it, but I think it would work great in a smokey eye or a slightly different liner when wet.

Essie Repstyle Polish in Crocadilly - £9.99 for 13ml
Im a big Essie fan, they do such amazing polishes that don't require many coats, two at the most and are really good at not chipping. Im awful at chipping my nails after a day, so anything that will prolong that is a life saver. This shade is actually a magnetic polish, which were super popular a good few years ago now. Im not entirely sure I'll be rocking this crocodile magnetic print, but I will be wearing this slate shaded polish on its own.

So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette - £8 for 4g
My So Susan Collection is really growing and I do quite like the products, especially the Caribbean Bronzer! However as much as I love the lovely shades in this palette, its tiny!!! Each shade is 1g of product and I was so surprised when I opened it up. I will use every shade, which includes a Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Rose and Nude. But I think they're going to get used up very quickly from the size of them, especially if I use them on the cheek.

Royal Apothic Tintie in Coral - $14 for 3.4g
As soon as I opened the packaging I was in love, this is just the cutest packaged lip balm I have ever seen! It's so pretty I just want to put it on my dressing table and sit and stare at it all day, the rose lid may have something to do with this too... Inside is a coral tinted balm, I'm really getting into coral's recently, so this is a very welcomed addition to the collection. The ingredients include Grape Oil and Shea Butter to moisturise, which is needed in this cold weather.
Now Glossyboxes aren't bad, but you do get the odd box that you just feel a bit underwhelmed by, or at least I do. But this months box is definitely a winner! There isn't a single product in this box I won't use and dont already love the looks of and usually I find a product I won't use. My only worry for this box though is when I get through all this and need to go on a spending spree!

Eloise x


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Battle of the Benescara!

Hi Guys,

Benefit Mascaras have become so popular, especially these past few years! They've started to get quite the selection going, thats got quite the range to pick from in what each one does. But each one is loved for different reasons.
I thought I'd compare the three as it can be daunting to go and splash out on mascara's then not get the results you want. Especially when so many now offer everything in the one tube! 
The Award Winner: They're Real £19.50 - HERE
They're Real has been the number one best selling mascara in the UK for the past two years! Its a plastic brush, which can be difficult to get used to, if you prefer a bristle brush. The brush has a spiky ball on the end so that you can coat your little lashes. Its designed not to clump, but to lengthen, volumize and curl your lashes. It is definitely better at lengthening, in my opinion, thats the most I get out of it. However it is a pain to remove, because its such a hardwearing formula, you need an oily based eye make up remover to finally get it off. It really is the best for the unbelievable looking falsies look though, In a good way!!
The Newcomer: Roller Lash £19.50 - Coming Soon!
Roller Lash is the new kid on the block and currently free in Elle Magazine as it doesn't launch till the end of the month. Its got another plastic wand, very different to They're Real, as it is a curved wand, with the outside bristles being longer. Each bristle also has a very tiny hook on it, this is designed to latch onto each individual lash. Then it saves you from using eye lash curlers, as between the hooks and the shape, it curls your lashes for you!

I was a bit dubious at first, but it does in fact work! I had this on from 7am till 10pm and I still had a curl! Which really amazed me as I have very straight lashes and even with eyelash curlers I just cant get a curl for more than a few hours! The best way Ive found to apply it is to use the shorter bristles at the root to the tip, then to brush through the lashes again with the longer bristles to separate a bit more. Again its a tricky one to remove, but Ive found the best way is to use an oil based eye make up remover too.
The Old Favourite: Bad Gal Lash £17.50 - HERE
The only bristled brush from Benefit and the traditional Benefit choice. Its the only mascara in the range to come in three different versions, Black, Brown and Waterproof. The Volumising option of the bunch, as it has such a thick brush, it can really pack on the mascara and give you the volume the other two won't. Its also a lot easier to remove, well in the black and the brown versions. Again with the waterproof you need a oil based remover, but the non waterproof versions, will come of with any eye make up remover.

Between the three, your sorted for length, volume and curl! My personal favourite at the moment has to be Roller Lash and I'm very excited to see it launch later this month. Benefit seem to really know what they're doing when it comes to mascara!

Eloise x


Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites

Hi Guys,

I haven't got many favourites this month as I mainly didn't try much out. The past week however I've found some product's I'm really loving, but as I've not been trying them out for very long it didn't feel right to include them just yet. 
After a bit of an accident at the start of the year, I didn't really feel like putting on my usual load of make up, I just wanted something really quick and mainly spent most days with no make up on at all.
So I mainly got a bit more into quick and easy skin care this month instead.
Lush Rose Jam Ultrabland
Firstly the little pink strange bar is in fact my shampoo! Its the Rose Jam Shampoo Bar from Lush. I have been using this since about the middle of December and its still going! This thing lasts for ages, it smells like my favourite Rose Jam fragrance from Lush. Plus it is fantastic for travelling, just pop it in a little Lush tin and you're ready to go! I'd say Ive had about 35 washes from this and I can see me getting maybe another 8-10 out of it still! 

Ultrabland has become my new favourite cleanser to remove my make up, its so quick and removes everything! You can use it on your eyes and it will quickly break down mascara and remove it. I just rub a small maybe marble sized piece all over my face and spray with the Rose Toner Water, then remove with a dampened cotton wool pad. It leaves your skin feeling very moisturised too because of its balm texture. 
Nuxe Lush Bubblegum Illamasqua Semblance
The main make up I used this month came in the form of the Illamasqua Semblance Palette. Which does hardly look used, but believe me it has been! Which is exactly one of the reasons I love Illamasqua, it is so pigmented you need the tiniest bit, so their products last for ages! I have mainly been using the shadows and occasionally the brow cake when Ive left mine in my bag! I have a little review on it HERE

My new favourite lip savour duo has to be the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub and the Nuxe Balm Reve De Meil. Firstly the both taste amazing, bubblegum and well the Nuxe one tastes like chocolate orange! I get dry lips all year round, but more so in the winter, but by popping these on before bed, Ive noticed a huge difference. Lipstick has been going on so much better, now theres a better surface and that always helps with the dark winter berry shades! 
Lastly a bit of a non beauty favourite, The Humming Bird Bakery Cake Days Book, I love the Hummingbird Bakery and all of their books, I won quite a collection now! But I have been really into baking recently and this is the book, Ive been turning to! I think I may even have to share quite a few recipes on here very soon, they're just too good not to! 

January may of been a bit of a horrible month, it usually is, but now its February which I just cant believe! I cant wait to share with you m few favourites for this month too! 

Eloise x
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