Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Battle of the Benescara!

Hi Guys,

Benefit Mascaras have become so popular, especially these past few years! They've started to get quite the selection going, thats got quite the range to pick from in what each one does. But each one is loved for different reasons.
I thought I'd compare the three as it can be daunting to go and splash out on mascara's then not get the results you want. Especially when so many now offer everything in the one tube! 
The Award Winner: They're Real £19.50 - HERE
They're Real has been the number one best selling mascara in the UK for the past two years! Its a plastic brush, which can be difficult to get used to, if you prefer a bristle brush. The brush has a spiky ball on the end so that you can coat your little lashes. Its designed not to clump, but to lengthen, volumize and curl your lashes. It is definitely better at lengthening, in my opinion, thats the most I get out of it. However it is a pain to remove, because its such a hardwearing formula, you need an oily based eye make up remover to finally get it off. It really is the best for the unbelievable looking falsies look though, In a good way!!
The Newcomer: Roller Lash £19.50 - Coming Soon!
Roller Lash is the new kid on the block and currently free in Elle Magazine as it doesn't launch till the end of the month. Its got another plastic wand, very different to They're Real, as it is a curved wand, with the outside bristles being longer. Each bristle also has a very tiny hook on it, this is designed to latch onto each individual lash. Then it saves you from using eye lash curlers, as between the hooks and the shape, it curls your lashes for you!

I was a bit dubious at first, but it does in fact work! I had this on from 7am till 10pm and I still had a curl! Which really amazed me as I have very straight lashes and even with eyelash curlers I just cant get a curl for more than a few hours! The best way Ive found to apply it is to use the shorter bristles at the root to the tip, then to brush through the lashes again with the longer bristles to separate a bit more. Again its a tricky one to remove, but Ive found the best way is to use an oil based eye make up remover too.
The Old Favourite: Bad Gal Lash £17.50 - HERE
The only bristled brush from Benefit and the traditional Benefit choice. Its the only mascara in the range to come in three different versions, Black, Brown and Waterproof. The Volumising option of the bunch, as it has such a thick brush, it can really pack on the mascara and give you the volume the other two won't. Its also a lot easier to remove, well in the black and the brown versions. Again with the waterproof you need a oil based remover, but the non waterproof versions, will come of with any eye make up remover.

Between the three, your sorted for length, volume and curl! My personal favourite at the moment has to be Roller Lash and I'm very excited to see it launch later this month. Benefit seem to really know what they're doing when it comes to mascara!

Eloise x



  1. I really like the Roller Lash mascara but that is the only one I've tried so far! I'm definitely looking to try some more, so these two will be on my list! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Same here I got my roller lash from Elle and really like it::: haven't tried the others

    Laura// xx

  3. Strong 'they're real' groupie here, that is until I found Roller Lash, I'm even going to go buy another copy of Elle, just to have 2 of them!

    Hannah xx

  4. I've owned both the Bad Gal mascara and the They're Real mascara so I'm looking forward to Roller Lash being released. I'm definitely going to try and get my hands on it! This is a really good, informative post, especially for those who haven't tried any of the Benefit mascaras before. xxx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  5. I have only ever tried the There Real Mascara but really liked it! Xx

  6. I've actually loved every single mascara Benefit has brought out. For years I purchased the Bad Gal which was one of the most expensive products for me at that time, then when They're Real came out I instantly fell in love with. So now I am super excited to try out their newest release, the wand looks amazing x

    Beauty with charm | REALASH Giveaway

  7. They're Real! is my all time favourite mascara but I really wanna try Roller Lash! Great post :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  8. I don't really rate Benefit mascaras but I do use their eyebrow products. I might give the Roller Lash a go, hopefully it'll impress me more than the others!


  9. oh great post! nice to see them all side by side

    from helen at

  10. great to see them all together, I'm not a huge Benefit mascara user but out of the 3 my fave is Bad Gal Lash - I loved using it!

    Tasha xo

  11. I do like Rollerlash, but They're Real never worked for me and Bad Gal, the overlooked edgier sister of the group, will always have my heart!

    Sammy xo.

  12. I thought I loved They're Real but I actually prefer Rollerlash, I wish it wasn't so expensive though D: I'm actually using L'Oreal Telescopic at the mo and it's really good, well for lengthening it is anyway which Is what I like on an everyday basis :)

    Hannah xx

  13. I love how They're Real looks on the lashes, but I found it so impossible to remove that just I gave up! Each day I was coating new mascara on top of old and in the end my eye lashes looked so spidery :/ Intrigued by the new Roller Lash but I think I'll wait until the 'new release' hype has calmed down a bit before I try it out. Thanks for the comparisons :)

  14. Great idea for a post!


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