Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Glossybox Valentines

Hi Guys,

Its that time of the month when Glossyboxes start to hit your door step, this month is also a themed box, with a beautiful design, all set for valentines day. I have to say I think this may be one of my all time favourite designs on the box! It's just simple yet very pretty.
Like the past Valentines themes, the box is based around giving yourself a treat, but kitting you out ready for Valentines Day with a mixture of products for a Valentines Day look.
Also this month's box includes five full sized products! Which Glossybox is getting really good with full sized products recently, its nice to have a more than just a sachet! Plus as an extra special treat theres a little packet of love hearts too, which won't be lasting very long at all...
So Susan, Essie
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk - £9.99 for 80g
So its not the most glamorous of products in the box... but a useful one. Razors are expensive, so I actually love the fact theres one in the box, a good one at that too! Well for £10 I hope it is, it sounds it for sure with five blades and a moisturising serum! 

MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades - £14.49 for 1.2g
I didn't realise at first the relevance this product had to the box, other than thinking it was a very pretty shade. Then I noticed the name and well it needs no explaining. I have since found out that it is in fact based and designed on Fifty Shades of Grey, of course released on Valentines Day, for the Valentines Box. A side from that its a beautiful grey, it has got a slight metallic finish to it, but I think it would work great in a smokey eye or a slightly different liner when wet.

Essie Repstyle Polish in Crocadilly - £9.99 for 13ml
Im a big Essie fan, they do such amazing polishes that don't require many coats, two at the most and are really good at not chipping. Im awful at chipping my nails after a day, so anything that will prolong that is a life saver. This shade is actually a magnetic polish, which were super popular a good few years ago now. Im not entirely sure I'll be rocking this crocodile magnetic print, but I will be wearing this slate shaded polish on its own.

So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette - £8 for 4g
My So Susan Collection is really growing and I do quite like the products, especially the Caribbean Bronzer! However as much as I love the lovely shades in this palette, its tiny!!! Each shade is 1g of product and I was so surprised when I opened it up. I will use every shade, which includes a Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Rose and Nude. But I think they're going to get used up very quickly from the size of them, especially if I use them on the cheek.

Royal Apothic Tintie in Coral - $14 for 3.4g
As soon as I opened the packaging I was in love, this is just the cutest packaged lip balm I have ever seen! It's so pretty I just want to put it on my dressing table and sit and stare at it all day, the rose lid may have something to do with this too... Inside is a coral tinted balm, I'm really getting into coral's recently, so this is a very welcomed addition to the collection. The ingredients include Grape Oil and Shea Butter to moisturise, which is needed in this cold weather.
Now Glossyboxes aren't bad, but you do get the odd box that you just feel a bit underwhelmed by, or at least I do. But this months box is definitely a winner! There isn't a single product in this box I won't use and dont already love the looks of and usually I find a product I won't use. My only worry for this box though is when I get through all this and need to go on a spending spree!

Eloise x


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