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Monday, 15 January 2018

Marc Jacobs Matte Highliners


Recently I was very lucky to have a Voxbox from Influenster land on my doorstep. Influenster is an app/website you can sign up to and review your favourite products, occasionally you might be picked for campaigns as well, where Voxbox's are sent complimentary to review.

Inside this particular Voxbox was two of the Marc Jacobs Matte Highliners. As Marc Jacobs Beauty is found in the London, John Lewis store. I've not yet managed to try anything from the range. As I like to have a good browse in person when I try new brands. This has been perfect to see what all the hype has been about, when it comes to Marc Jacobs Beauty.
I was given two shades to try. They are (Earth)quake; a cool toned dark brown and Pink Of Me; a pale baby pink. There are however twelve colours in the range, in a wide array of shades. 
They include;

When they promise a matte finish as well, they do not dissapoint. Plus they're also a waterproof formula.
They are a gel formulation rather than a cream based pencil. However they still glide onto the skin, with no drag on the eye's at all. As they're so rich in pigment, you really get a bold application of colour while using such minimal effort. But you can blend them out beautifully, to make them more subtle if desired.

As the tip of the pencil is tapered off, you can be quite precise and really get into the lash line with them too. The packaging is retractable, so there's no need to hunt for the constantly disappearing sharpener! (I'm sure they go to live with the bobby pins!) 
I created an eye look using both shades, (Earth)quake and Pink Of Me. I wanted to really test what these pencils can do.

So I started by applying (Earth)quake into the crease and blending it out, to create depth to the eye. I then applied a little bit to the outer corner, blending out towards the crease. I applied Illamasqua's Stealth all over the lid, as well as a tiny bit of Wolf into the crease. However I didnt want to set all of the pencil in the crease, just to see how it lasted. So I only applied Wolf to add a little bit of warmth in the socket. I also applied a little bit of Pink Of Me to my inner corner, blending it with my ring finger, just to brighten the eye.

I then took (Earth)quake across my lash line, just smudging the edges slightly. As well as running Pink Of Me through my waterline and applying a coat of Illamasqua Masquara in Gain to my lashes.

I'm also wearing Illamasqua's Antimatter Lipstick in Bang.
(Swatches: Left to Right - (Earth)quake and Pink Of Me)
They claim to wear for twelve hours. I had that makeup on for six and I was pleasantly surprised by how it lasted. I fully expected the liner in my crease to of well creased and be a bit of a mess. It wasnt! It actually still looked like just how I applied it. Granted the liner in my waterline had dissapeared a little, although some of it did remain in the centre of my eye. Once these set they really do not budge. But removal wasn't a pain either, I used an oil based makeup remover and it came off like a dream. 

I actually cant wait to get to London now and pick up more shades. (Brown)ie is next on the list!

The Marc Jacobs Matte Highliners are £20 each and are available at John Lewis

Eloise ×

*I recieved these products complimentarly from Influenster for testing purposes. All views are 100% my own.*

Friday, 12 January 2018

My Illamasqua Lipstick Collection


It's safe to say I'm a teeny weeny bit obsessed with Illamasqua, I have been for years. Over this time I've collected quite the personal collection of their lipsticks, some of which are now holy grails or have been repurchased for my pro kit too.

I am guilty of always reaching for the exact same shade in particular from Illamasqua. So I'm hoping by getting them all out I can encourage myself to use more than just nude.
Especially as after the past year I've bought quite a few new lllamasqua lipsticks as a pick me up treat, but as I hadn't been wearing makeup they're not been used as much as they would of been. So I'm determined to experiment more because they're absolutely stunning! As well as offering a brilliant formulation range, you really don't need a lot to get a bold lip though, as they really make a statement with their pigmentation. 

Illamasqua offer four different formulations;

  • Original - Matte finish, highly pigmented.
  • Glamore - High pigment, moisturising, satin finish. 
  • Antimatter - A semi matte finish, highly pigmented but comfortable. 
  • Lava - Highly pigmented marbled satin lipsticks.
They do also offer liquid lipsticks, however this post would be ridiculously long, so I'm only talking about the traditional lipsticks. However just let me know if you're interested in their other lip products. I can say as someone who's not a lip gloss fan, Illamasqua will completely change your mind on that!
The Reds...

  • Box - Traditional blue red in the Original formulation. Designed by the one and only Alex Box herself and it's her signature red lip. 
  • Maneater - A subtle neutral red. 
  • Vampette - A deep vampy Glamore berry. 
  • Virgin - A blue toned red in the Glamore range. This one was designed especially to go with the Virgin Atlantic uniforms designed by Vivienne Westwood, that the Virgin staff wear. 
  • Vixen - Lava lipstick, marbled with white, creating a soft true red. This one was exclusive to the Look Fantastic 2017 advent calendar
  • Kin - A brown toned red from the Glamore range. This one was limited edition and part of the Earth Collection, I really wish they'd bring it back as I use it so sparingly now, even though it may be one of my all time favourites. 
  • Growl - An original matte dark berry red. 
  • Vega - A Glamore deep berry lipstick with slight blue undertones. Again another limited edition part of the Equinox Collection
  • Shard - A matte red toned violet, from the original range. I haven't photographed this one as mine has gone walk abouts! But I love it at this time of year, for a dark red lip.
 The Nudes...
  • Buff - A Glamore fudge brown.
  • Born - An Original formulation, rose nude. It was a part of the Dusk Collection originally but was relaunched in the Vanitas Collection with rose gold limited edition packaging. It's the only one I have stock piled! 
  • Rosepout - A your lips but better shade, a light pink Glamore. My all time favourite lipstick from Illamasqua, if you cant already tell from the state of it. If I want a nude lip, its most likely going to be this one, It's probably the one I reach for the most out of all of my lipsticks and it just never seems to end! 
  • Climax - A dusty rose pink with an Original matte formula.
  • Bare - A pink toned light brown, it has the formulation of the Original matte line. 
  • Bang - A cool toned Antimatter dark rose nude. I find this one to be almost like the darker rose toned version of Rosepout. 
  • Cherub - A Glamore Coral Nude.
  • Cosmic - An Antimatter baby blue toned pink nude. 
The Pinks and Oranges...
  • Eurydice - A bright almost neon fuchsia pink, from the Original matte formulation. 
  • Activist - A marbled bright pink, from the Lava range, it has a mixture of blues and teals running through it. This one was limited edition and a part of the Hypnotica Collection
  • Physical - A bright Antimatter, deep fuchsia shade with a blue undertone. 
  • Solar - Another bright pink Antimatter shade, however this leans towards the coral tones. 
  • Wanton - A washed out rose toned pink and an original formulation. Another relaunched limited edition from the Vanitas Collection
  • Atomic - A cool blue toned bright pink, an Original formulation, however it is frost in finish instead of the usual matte. 
  • Brink - A warm matte coral, part of the Original range. I love this one with a purple eye look and this just blotted onto the lip so its not too strong. 
  • Blaze - A matte bright orange, almost red in tone. 
  • Obey - An Original matte pale coral. 
The Others...
  • Vendetta - A cool toned bright blue Glamore. This may be one of my secret favourite lipsticks, granted not one I get a lot of wear out of, but I fell in love with it from the To Be Alive Collection. I actually did a whole post on how to make more wearable shades from it HERE
  • Eclipse - A pigmented Antimatter white. Great to mix with other shades to create lighter tones or ombre lips. 
  • Apocalips - An Original matte, cool toned teal. 
  • Kontrol - Another Original formula, this time in a dark purple shade. 
  • Posture - A cool lilac, part of the Original formulation.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Vampette, Kin, Growl, Virgin, Box, Maneater, Vixen and Vega)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cosmic, Bare, Cherub, Buff, Rosepout, Bang, Climax and Born)

(Swatches: Left to Right - Physical, Activist, Eurydice, Atomic, Solar, Brink, Obey and Blaze)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Vendetta, Posture, Kontrol, Eclipse and Apocalips)
All of Illamasqua's lipsticks retail at £20 each. However there are quite a few currently in their sale at £10! They're definitely my favourites when it comes to pigment and longevity. Plus always keep an eye out in TK Maxx too as I've grabbed a couple recently in there, just be wary though as I left a few due to them being used/swatched! 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Oliver Bonas Wishlist


I dont know what it is about January, probably the whole New Year New Start thing. But it makes me want to just redecorate, reorganise, basically any excuse to have a good browse at all the gorgeous homeware pieces. One of my favourite stores to do that on aswell is Oliver Bonas...

So I've compiled together a list of reasonable and well, not so reasonable things that I'm currently lusting over. I mean a girl can dream!
I must admit, I'm partial to the odd gin and tonic. I fell head over heels in love with an Oliver Bonas Bar Cart because of course I *need* one of those! However it's since disappeared (insert sad face here). However If I had managed to get my mitts on one, I'd of decked it out with the Marble and Copper Bar Tools Set - £60. Though to make sure I actually have any idea what to actually do with it, I'd also probably invest in the Gin Shake Muddle and Stir Book - £9.99 too. Though this looks like such a great book to have anyway if you're a gin fan and there's even a rum one too now.

I also love the design of the Abstract Confetti Carafe - £15. I do admit I have no idea why I need a carafe, I'd probably end up using it for flowers. Although seeing as the Haze Small Vase - £16, is actually designed for flowers. It's probably the better investment, I love this wider style of vase for rose's or peony's.

Furniture wise, it's easy to get carried away on Oliver Bonas. They do such stunning pieces, like the Hudson Pouffe - £195, I'm sure The Anna Edit has this and it looks great with her dressing table. My totally ridiculous furniture want is the Margot Hallway Bench - £395. Mainly as I dont have a halway to put it in, I just love the style of it though, even if it does come with the eye watering price tag.

I'm very tempted to pick up the Wire Shelf with Hooks - £25 to keep bags on. The shelf would be great for my handbag and then I seem to have a thing for crossbody bags, which could be stored on the hooks.

Finally Oliver Bonas are great for little trinket bits like the Jewel Pink Small Resin Ring Holder - £5. It looks a lot more expensive than it actually is and is handy to keep rings on at the bedside. Also a luxurious wish is the Marble and Brass Oil Burner - £28, I prefer wax melts over candles and this burner is by far the most gorgeous one I've ever seen.

Eloise x

Friday, 5 January 2018

Boxing Day Sale Haul: Illamasqua, Boots + Superdrug


Firstly sorry to bombard you with haul after haul. I'm just very conscious that things tend to sell out rather quick and I'd hate to post about something for someone then to want it and not be able to get their hands on it. I promise there's lot's of non shopping obsessed posts to come! Apart from a Topshop post, as I didn't want to add it all to this one, so keep an eye out for a more fashion related post from me for once! 
I've gone a wee bit nuts this Boxing Day, but I'm really pleased to of managed to get mainly items I've been eyeing up for months. That I put off buying as they have gone down in the sales in previous years. (Zoella, Tanya Burr and Cath Kidston I'm looking at you!)
My name is Eloise and I'm a Cath Kidston Mug Addict. I've calmed it down over the years, bar the disney purchases. But I do love a Christmas mug. I didnt really like last years design, so I left it. But this years Polar Bear Mug - £7.50 (NOW £5) was too adorable to pass up on.

I also fell in love with my first ever Cath Kidston Snow Globe - £30 (NOW £15), again in the Polar Bear design. I promise not to get addicted to collecting you! I also grabbed the Polar Bear Christmas Organiser - £25 (NOW £10) to put away for next year, as I must admit I was far from organised this Christmas and I'm determined to get things together next year. I'm glad I only paid £10 for it though, as it's really just a lot of note pages, there are some cute little stickers and handy pockets to store things in though. As well as an address book and recipe pages, for you to add to, so it is at least a little bit more interactive than I first thought when I opened it.
The trusty Boots half price sale, how can you say no... I cant say there was a lot in the Boots gifting range that really took my fancy. But I did really like the scents Zoella Lifestyle released this year. So 
I added the Cosy Christmas Candle - £12.50 (NOW £6.25) and the Reed Diffuser - £14 (NOW £7) to my basket. I'm not usually one for foodie sweet candle scents at all either, but the subtle vanilla scent of Festive Cookie is actually quite appealing. So I also grabbed the Candle - £12.50 (NOW £6.25) and the matching Diffuser -£14 (NOW £7) in this scent too.

I think the design of Zoella's Lifestyle gifting range this year was the best yet. The dark green and golden accents are festive, yet the palm leaf design of the Journal -£14 (now £7) makes it perfect for all year round. Plus they're just massive journals and have well spaced lines inside.
Superdrug know how to have a sale. I kicked myself last year for buying everything beforehand when I saw how much they reduced things by. So I took the risk and put off, buying a few of their bigger items, in the hope I'd get a better bargain the year. I'm glad I did, as I cant believe the Zoella Treasure Me Pamper Collection - £40 (NOW £19.99) has gone down half price. I have a post that details everything inside, HERE.

Also in the sale is Zoella's, You're Cracking Christmas Cracker - £12 (NOW £4.99) which include, her Winter Wonder hand cream, Snow Fresh body wash and Snow Silky body lotion. All great sizes to travel with.
Also in the Superdrug sale are the Real Techniques All About that Glow Gift set - £25 (NOW £6.99). I'm not usually a fan of double ended brushes, they're an absolute nightmare to store, but at this price and as they're Real Techniques I'll make an exception. I really like the looks of the dense spotlight brush for highlighting though.

I finally picked up both of Tanya Burr's Palettes. The Day Season to Sparkle Palette - £18 (NOW £6.99). The more natural glowy one or the two, with liquid illuminator, Champagne Cream shadow stick, a lip gloss in the shade Sweet Sundae and an eye shadow trio. Which consists of a shimmery vanilla apptly named Vanilla Pod, a warm golden shimmer; Honey Truffle and a cool matte brown in Toasted Coconut.

Then there's the Night Jingle and Mingle Palette - £18 (Now £6.99), the more dramatic kit. Again it contains a lip gloss in French Fancy and another eye shadow trio. This time more purple in tone, Frosted Violet; a glitzy taupe. Latte Love; a warm matte brown and Chocolate Drop; a purple toned matte brown. There's also a bronzer in Toffee Crunch, a standard black eye liner and a fun little pot of silver glitter in Silver Ice. Superdrug actually have loads of Tanya's range in the sale, I reviewed it - HERE, If you fancy a peek.
I usually go nuts in the Illamasqua sale, so I cannot believe I only picked up two products this year. I must admit its mainly because I seem to have most of the sale items already, I'm adicted I know! I made my purchases through the Cult Beauty website this year too. I got a new Fly Sketch Stick - £15 (now £7.50) as I damaged the one I have and I love it for fun eye looks.

The only other product I grabbed was the Powder Shadow in Forgiveness - £17 (now £8.50) which is a purple toned chocolate brown matte shade. I did get another item, (I'll review soon), which was full price. So as I spent £50, they also gave me a free makeup bag, filled with a full size Prescision Gel Liner, Hydraveil, Gel Sculpt in Silhouette and a full size Climax Lipstick.

Kinda completely randomly I also picked up the Aromatherapy Associates Space Nk Bauble- £10 (now £5) as it was too good a deal to mess for a vial or the Support oil and I've completely forgotten to photograph it! But if you see it in Space NK, definitely grab it! 

Well I'm all shopped out now for quite a while.. Though it's perfectly alright to have a browse through other boxing day sale hauls right...

Eloise x
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