Monday, 1 January 2018

What I Got for Christmas 2017


Firstly Happy New Year! Here's to hopefully a wonderful 2018!! Plus I just want to say a massive belated Merry Christmas too and I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

I love reading everyone's What I Got for Christmas posts. It's probably because I'm really nosey and love a good snoop at all the makeup goodies especially! I was well and truly spoiled this year, with such generous gifts from my Parents and Family, I can't thank everyone enough for everything I received.
I just want to add the usual Christmas not bragging disclaimer, I just genuinely love to see what everyone else gets and I'm extremely thankful for all of my lovely gifts.

So if these types of posts aren't really you're thing, then you'll probably just want to skip this one please.
My Mum very kindly got me an engraved bottle of My Burberry Blush, to match my bottle of my Burberry. I wear the original constantly, its probably my Signature scent. The blush is sweeter, with notes of pomegranate, lemon, apple, jasmine and my favourite rose.

I also got the Babyliss True Smooth IPL Hair Remover, very glamorous! Haha, but I absolutely love it. The thought of not having to constantly shave my legs fills me with sheer delight. I'll probably do a full review on this, as IPL is quite an investment but hopefully totally worth it in the long run.

My little brother picked the Kiehl's Disney Creme De Corps. Which credit where credit is due, I didn't think he usually paid that much attention. But l've been desperate to try this ever so popular body moisturiser and how can you not love a festive Micky Mouse.

I could of jumped for joy upon opening the Stylpro Expert. I don't know what it is about cleaning my personal brushes, but the thought of it makes me want to cry. Yet hand me my work 1 kit brushes and I'll clean them to my heart's content. I don't know If it's because I'm all brush cleaned out after them, but I really neglect my personal brushes a bit too often. However I can honestly say now, I've never been so excited to clean my brushes in my whole entire life haha!
It's no secret I'm Illamasqua obsessed, so my Dad got me the Illamusthaves set. Which is filled with some of my all time favourites in the most adorable minis. Masquara, Hydraveil, Gel Liner and Gel Sculpt, now I can travel easily with all my holy grails by my side. I also received the Shiver Palette, a stunning cool toned colourful eight pan eyeshadow palette. I'll pop up a full review of this soon, with its warmer counter part too.
A little fun fact, I love Lego! Makeup, Ikea and Lego, those three are like music to my ears. Haha. So to receive these Batman Lego sets, well I'm already dreading finishing building the Joker Low Rider. Just because then I won't have anything left to build as I couldn't wait to take the pictures for this post and I've already cracked open the Joker Balloon Escape... Sheer Joy!
I spend a lot of my time being all cosy nowadays. So I'm over the moon at the thought of wrapping up in my H&M Star Fleeced Blanket, with the Zoella Catching ZZZ's Hot Water Bottle and Rex by my side. (Everyone needs a Rex in their life.) My Dad also got me the most stunning Peter Pan and Wendy Illustrated Book from the Folio Society. I almost feel awful reading it though incase I ruin it.
I also wanted to give a little mention to a local small business that I was lucky enough to receive some gifts from, from various family members. Scissors Paper Stones is a gift shop here in Glasgow, that I've purchased from over the years. Ali makes the loveliest personalised gifts and homewares, a lot of my little trinkets and things in my blog photo's have come from her. I've linked to her Facebook Page. I would really recommend checking it out if you're looking for really nice quality handmade or personalised gifts. (The wax melts are to die for) I'm sure If anything took your fancy, Ali would happily ship to you. But if you're a fellow Glaswegian and on the South side, pop in and take a peek for yourself, You wont be disappointed.
Finally I was kindly given the best Converse I've ever seen, Rose Gold Low Leather Sneakers. I think they'll be great to dress up or down, plus they're really comfy. Speaking of comfy, I also recieved a pair of Jack Wills Redbrook Leggings. I get biological drug transfusions every two months for my Crohns disease. They're not the most thrilling of experiences as It's just being sat in a chair for hours hooked up to an IV. So I like to be comfy, especially as I seem to have a thing for passing out due to my needle phobia. Yay! So a pair of really comfy leggings is so grately appreciated. Then when I get home I can get even comfier in my Mickey Mouse Pyjamas!

A huge, huge thank you to all of my family for being so generous gifting me these thoughtful gifts. I'll try and get all my reviews up asap too!

Please If you have a What I Got for Christmas post, leave me a wee link in the comments. I would love to read them, or just leave me a link to your blog anyways, I really need a good catch up. It's long overdue!

Eloise x


  1. Hope you had a good Christmas - those gifts look lovely! Especially like the metallic converse trainers
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

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