Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter with Lush!

Hi Guys,

I'm a little late with this post, with a lot of posts actually, sorry for the absence of over a month now, which I can't believe it's been that long. I've been unwell for quite a while now and I'm also moving house, so as well we that fast tracking through college to get finished early, it's been super busy so my blog has been very neglected sorry! I'm also currently on a train to Glasgow as I write this, but hopefully I've got lots of blog posts coming up over the week!

But I thought seeing as its almost Easter and I'm a Lushie? (Lush addict? Does that even exist haha) I picked up a few bits for their Easter range and one from the Mother's Day range, that even though that's now passed its still on the website!

Secret Garden Bath Ballistic - £2.95 HERE

Firstly I picked up this bath ballistic from the Mother's Day range, I thought it was from the Easter one... I didn't think I'd like this after hearing about it, but once I smelt it, it's so good! It smells floral, mostly rose it says it also has orange in it too and turns the bath green in colour, I think its a really sweet looking thing and not very expensive compared to other Lush bath bombs.

Golden Egg Bath Melt Ballistic - £3.50 HERE

I was a bit confused over this one for two reasons, one there's already a bath ballistic called Dragons egg and two it's a bath bomb and melt in one. But it's pretty special, the golden glitter turns your bath into a golden shimmery tub of really moisturising goodness due to the bath melt too. It smells of caramel, it's actually the same scent as their popular Honey I Washed The Kids Range. Plus it creates bubbles too, it's like everything for your bath in one.

Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25 HERE

Next up is probably the cutest bubble bar I've ever seen in lush, in the form of this adorable little bunny, it's so simple but it works really well. It smells of vanilla and reminds me if the butterball bath bomb, I didn't realise as well but it's inspired by Alice In Wonderland too!

Rose Bubble Bar - £2.95 HERE 

This is the one thing from the Mothers Day range I meant to pick up haha, I just had to include it though as it's still available and is really lovely. As soon as I heard it's inspired by Beauty and the Beast (obsessed with the CW Beauty and the Beast series!) I had to have it. Again it's another bubble bar with a really subtle shimmer on top, it smells of roses of course too.

If you can still grab the Mother's Day bits in store then I really recommend to go and give them a sniff, definitely go sniff Dragons Egg too! Luckily the Mother's Day bits are still online! Hopefully i'll be back to uploading on a regular basis again this week too!

Eloise x

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