Friday, 17 July 2015

Lush Oxford St Haul

Hi Guys,

It is safe to say when it comes to Lush for me the past few months have been a struggle, as I banned myself from going crazy on my usual shops in there and stopped myself from entering them. Which seemed rather drastic to my lush obsessed self, but its all been worth it as I had been saving for Lush Oxford Street.
Lush Oxford Street is the brand new flagship store in London, with over 200 brand new and exclusive products, that I've been desperate to get my hands on ever since they announced it was opening. Its also the largest Lush store you can find, with three floors, a Lush Spa and Gorilla Perfume Museum, Its like music to a Lush addict's ears.

It has also been opened as it is also Lush's 20th Birthday this year, Happy Birthday Lush!! 
I'd like to think I was quite controlled with my purchases, but really I guess I wasn't, the allure of brand new products and spa exclusives drew me in.

A brand new invention from Lush and something I was very intrigued by was the Candy Floss Showder, a powder soap that you can use in the shower, as when wet it turns into a shower gel type product. The scent of this is really sweet, but it reminds me of the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar.

I cant say Im a big feet person and I don't tend to buy many foot care related things other than a back log of Soap and Glory Heel Genius, yet the Pumice Power Foot Soap drew me in. It just seems like such an easy and quick product to use, with a scent almost like orange sherbet, its a nice little hardwearing scrub.

I love Super Daddy O Shampoo, the best violet smelling purple shampoo out there for blonde hair, so when I heard there was Super Daddy O Solid Conditioner... Sold!

Another brand new invention for Lush has been the hot oil treatments and masks that they've done for the hair and also for the hands. So I grabbed the Golden Handshake Hand Mask, a super moisturising mask, that you stir into warm water and create a cream.

I couldn't leave without a bottle of the Comforter Shower Cream, a creamier shower gel version of their ever so popular blackcurrant smelling Comforter Bubble Bar. 
Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder, really intrigued me, I've never seen a powder tooth paste before, plus it has glitter! Ive seen the Lush Toothy Tabs before, but none of those flavours really won me over, but this actually shares its scent with Snow Fairy, so Im very excited to give this a go!

The Dream Time Temple Balm isn't actually a Lush Oxford Street exclusive as you can get it in their Spa Stores, but as I do struggle with sleep and it contains lavender, I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go.

I also grabbed two of the new Lip Balms in Key Lime Pie and Rose Lollipop, which are larger than the old packaged Lip Balms and I just had to get them as they're two of my favourite scents.
Although recently I've really been loving Lush Skincare, the face masks were really the only things to grab my eye in Oxford Street. I picked up two of the Fresh Face Masks in Don't Look at Me, which is bright blue and has one of the best scents of grapefruit, its designed to exfoliate the skin lightly and moisturise. The other one I got was Rosy Cheeks, made with of course rose, to calm the skin and reduce redness. 

The mask Im most excited to try however is Cup O Coffee, which is a little strange, as I really cant stand the smell of coffee at all and this really does have a very strong coffee scent. But Im really hoping I can bear it as the benefits of this exfoliating mask sound fantastic, as it hydrates and help brighten the skin, which I really need. You can also use it as a body scrub too.
Bath Bomb wise, dare I say it, I was a tiny bit disappointed, as a lot of the ones I really wanted to get my hands on, I really didn't like! Plus Lava Lamp is currently being reformulated too, but I did still manage to pick up a lot, whoops.
I got Frozen, of course inspired by Disney, its a very light but fruity scent of grapefruit, I also got Yoga Bomb with an orange scent. Then Ylang Song, which I was very excited to try after loving Rose Bombshell, which they released for Mother's Day and this one too is very floral. 
Then I picked up Intergalactic, which I've seen in the water and its absolutely beautiful, creating so many colours, it has a very minty scent too. My favourite of the bunch has to be Cyanide Pill though, I love the design and the scent of, of course almond and I think lemon too. 
Then there is also Golden Slumbers, which again isn't a Lush Oxford Street exclusive, but a Spa one,  but its also another one to help you sleep, with the lavender scent too, which I'm all up for trying!
I am not a fan of tea, but there was something amusing about the Flowering Tea Reusable Bath Dunk, which I couldn't leave behind. Plus the scent is very floral but also almost citrusy too, which I seem to like. It also has flower petals inside for when you get to the last bath from it. 

Again I really don't like milk, but Milky Bath Bubble Bar was just too adorable, I think the designs for some of the products have been fantastic with these exclusives as it was the main factor for me with this one. As it really doesn't seem to have a scent, otherwise if it does its extremely subtle.

The last bubble bar I grabbed was Granny Takes A Dip, as Im still trying to get over the fact they're discontinuing the bath bomb, so Im hoping I fall in love with this version even more.
Probably the most messiest Lush Oxford Street exclusives are the Bath Oils, which are extremely pretty to look at and smell fantastic. But they really do seem to make a mess if you keep them in the paper bags, I am still very excited to try them though and I got Shark Infested Custard, which really does smell like custard. As well as Razzle Dazzle a more raspberry scented moisturising wonder. 
Lastly the last few products I purchased are more keepsakes, in the form of the new Lush Oxford Street Canvas Bag. I love my Buchanan Street one so Im sure I'll get lots of use from this, as well as grabbing a couple of the Fabric Patches, which I thought were just something really different and quite cute.

I would also just like to say congratulations if you've made it to the end of this post haha, I hope I didn't ramble too much! It's made me crave another trip to London already though haha!

Eloise x


  1. Great haul. I love Lush's Fresh Face Masks, I wish I could try the Oxford St. exclusive ones!

  2. Ooh that is quite the haul! I'd love to try the Comforter shower cream as I love the original bubble bar :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. So many goodies, wow I need to visit the Oxford Street store x

    Lucy |

  4. I went to the Lush today, at Oxford Street and the people there were just soo lovely and nice, the girl in there showed me every product and gave me a good pamper! I've got the Think Pink Bath Ballistic and Amandopondo Bubble Bar Slice, they're fab! xx


  5. Looks like you are set for the next year now! I love the look of the rainbow bath bombs!

    Becca x


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