Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Illamasqua Dusk Collection

Hi Guys,

The brand new Illamasqua Dusk Collection has hit the exclusive shelves of Selfridges and online and free standing Illamasqua stores on Friday, a whole month early than its full launch date. It's been a very hush hush collection, with only the one promotional image and a video released. But as soon as I'd seen it start to pop up on Instagram a few weeks ago, I had fallen head over heels with it.
The collection is inspired by Middle Eastern makeup and how it is very often enhancing for the face and eyes. It offers a foray into three different products for Illamasqua as well as new additions shade wise to very firm favourites. 
The product I've been most excited about and I think a lot of people will be, is the  Sculpting Palette (£44). It has 6 shades to sculpt and highlight your face to your heart's content! I know £44 may seem a lot for one palette, but its actually amazingly good value, for the shades as each one contains 3g. I also love the Sculpting Powder Duo's that Illamasqua offer, which you get 2x3g for £27. The packaging is also very sturdy, keeping the Illamasqua traditional shape, while also being a lot thinner, with a large long mirror. 

The shades in this palette are very creamy and easy to blend, but so very pigmented that you don't need a lot. I also love how versatile the palette is, as I think it could suit most skin tones as you can also use it as eye shadow too. The shades included are; Rush; a champagne shimmer highlight, Cirrus; a matte cream, Heroine; matte ash taupe, Nimbus; matte grey, Steal; matte coffee and Create; matte terracotta. 
Another new launch are the Slick Stick's (£18.50) which come for both eyes and lips and are retractable pencils with a very fine tip for precision. There are three shades for eyes and another three for the lips. Both versions are very creamy to apply and glide on effortlessly, while still packing in the pigment and also being water resistant. Once these guys are on, they're not going to budge, the resistance in these products are phenomenal. 

For the eyes I have the shade Igneous; a beautiful plummy matte colour, however there is also a traditional matte black called Mass and finally a beautiful almost shimmery bronze but actually almost olive toned shade, if that makes any sense!, in Alloy.

For the lips I went for True; which is a rosy nude, I thought it would go beautifully with the Glamore Lipstick in Rosepout. There is also the shades Flush; a light pink and Adorn; a pinky red. 

The last product I picked up was the Matte Lipstick in Born (£19.50), I actually find it very similar to Rosepout, just a little darker and matte. Its a warmer toned rosy nude shade, which although matte is very comfortable and creamy to apply. Its a very comfortable lipstick to wear, as sometimes matte lipsticks can be too drying on the lips.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Rush, Cirrus, Heroine, Nimbus, Steal, Create, True, Igneous and Born)

There is also a new water resistant Illustrator Pen (£20), which is in the style of a fine tipped felt tip pen. A beautiful limited edition apricot with a golden shimmer, embossed blusher in Cherish (£22). Plus a set of false lashes, that are very volumising and lengthening called Quiver (£15) Im sure if you like the Lush Lashes you'll love these too. 

Eloise x


  1. That palette looks gorgeous. I love Illamasqua, so definitely want to get my hands on that! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Wow lots of pretty products there! The palette looks great as well!

    Hannah | Rated In Beauty

  3. Ohhh I love the look of these! I adore rusty, copper toned colours. I think they're perfect for blondes with blue eyes and a warmer skin tone! Want to get my hands on these! x

    Martha Jane |

  4. So glad you have done this post Eloise, I have wanted to see swatches!!
    The palette looks beautiful, but I can't see why I would need all those highlight/contour shades unless an mua was to use it in a kit..

    I have a similar skin tone to you so it was nice to see the swatches, great post!

    Emma Lally

  5. I've always loved illamasqua especially the foundation and mascara <3 will have to check out the new collection x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  6. Is it wrong that I want that palette just for the contour shade? Lol.

    Sarah | <3

  7. I've been dying to see swatches of the contour palette it looks so nice I definitely need it.

    Rosy |

  8. I love the look of the sculpting palette!

    Lauren xx


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