Friday, 31 July 2015

50 Blogs You Have To See!

Hi Guys,

Theres a question that pops up quite regularly in a lot of blogger chats on Twitter, it's one I always find quite difficult to answer too. Name your favourite Blogger? The reason I find it so difficult is because there is just not enough space in 140 characters to name everyone, as I could never just name one! So when I started to spot a post appearing on my feed on 50 Bloggers, Bloggers love and to see that the lovely Hannah from Hannah Hearts had included me in hers, which I still cant believe! I thought this would be a fantastic way to answer the question. Massive apologies in advance though as I know theres going to be loads I'll think of after I've published this post!

Im also going to pop in a few Youtubers, but most of the Youtubers actually have blogs that I read too, so I'll include their blog link which then has links to their Youtube if you're interested!

1. Ree - Really Ree
2. Ellis - Ellis Tuesday
3. Jamie - SASSBomb
5. Bex - Bubbly Bex 3
6. Hannah - Hannah Hearts
7. Nikkie - Nikkie Tutorials
8. Becka - Becka Shepherd 
9. Tanya - Tanya Burr
10. Taylor - TaylorMcPhersonn
12. Lily - Lily Pebbles
13. Sarah - Things Sarah Loves
15. Andrew - Beauty & The Boy
16. Sam & Nic - Pixiwoo
17. Jasmine - Jasmine Talks Beauty
18. Alice - Annie Writes Beauty
19. Maddy - Unstitchedd
20. Charlotte - Colours and Carousels
21. Adrienne - The Sunday Girl
22. Siobhan - The BeautyBaker
23. Hayley - HaySparkle
24. Grace - Tea Toast and Telly
25. Millie - Hidden Beauty
27. Helen - The Lovecats Inc

28. Christine - Temptalia
29. Zoe - Zoella
30. Georgina - Fox on the Hunt
31. Bex - Evil Ginger
32. Lauren - Beauty Divison 
33. Jade - That's Just Me
34. Ruth - A Model Recommends
35. Georgina - She Might Be Loved
36. Charlotte - Lil Miss Chickas 
37. Jasmin - Jasmin Charlotte
38. Meghan - Meghan Rosette
39. Frankie - Crazy Blonde Gal
41. Charlotte - Black and White Sheeps
42. Claire - Fine & Dandy
43. Jordan - Jordan Alice
44. Michelle - Thou Shall Not Covet
45. Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter
46. Sarah - Sparkles and Stories
47. Fleur - Fleur De Force
49. Amy - The Little Koala
50. Tasha - Hello Freckles

I hope you find some new blog reads from this, really you have to go and visit everyone, cant recommend a little peek enough!

Eloise x


  1. Thanks for sharing this, gives me some good Friday reading :)

    Amy -

  2. So many great reads here - I will have to add them to my reading list! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Thank you for sharing, I love finding new blogs to read and follow :) xxxx
    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  4. I cant wait to check these out!
    Molly - - my blog

  5. Thank you so much for including me :) x

  6. Thank you sooooo much for including me! I feel so happy! :D
    Love you!!!

    Bex x

  7. Waaaw! So many new reads!

    Xo, Sitara | Desiphora

  8. Thanks so much for including me lovely! Time to have a good blog reading session :) x

  9. Cool post.

  10. I have only just seen this!!! Thank you so much for including me in this list with other amazing bloggers that I love myself!! You've made my rubbish day so much better now. 💕💕 Lola xx


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