Monday, 30 November 2015

A Tanya Burr Christmas

Hi Guys,

I've started to realise that Christmas, is only really only something like three weeks away. To say I've not started my Christmas shopping yet is an understatement and time has just been flying by! Instead I've been treating myself (Christmas is a stressful time, rewards are needed! Haha)  to the new Christmas Collection by Tanya Burr...
If you've seen my previous posts on the Old and the New Tanya Burr Cosmetics line, you'll probably know I'm quite the fan of Tanya's. So to have a Christmas Range out, with its added adorable packaging, I couldn't help myself! The whole line still consists with Tanya's Permeant line, as it's mainly built up of Nail Polishes, Lip Glosses and Eye Shadows. 
The smallest items in the range are the Nail Art Sets, which come in two variations. There is Sugar Plum - £6, a deep pink toned, raspberry shade. Then there is also Toasted Marshmallow - £6, which is a great subtle creamy nude, it is ever so darker on me and almost caramel. But it all depends on your skin tone, it will probably look ever so slightly different on everyone. You also get inside the packs, little sheets of nail art stickers, the designs are mainly made up of stars and hearts and come in gold. So if you want to add a little something extra to your Christmas nails you can!
If you're looking for something that little bit bigger, then there is also two different Trio Sets. The Sets include a nail polish, nail file and lip gloss each. With the shades of the nail polish and lip gloss complimenting each other. The two shade options are Candy Cane - £8, the brighter one of the two, which includes a permanent polish in Be Bright Be Happy Be You and matching lip gloss in Cotton Cane, a pretty baby pink. Then there is also Gingerbread - £8, to go alongside the adorable Gingerbread House packaging. The nail polish is a antiqued bronze glitter, called Cookie Cutter and the nail polish is a warm toasted brown, known as Sugar and Spice.
I don't think I've seen a manicure set in quite a while, they used to be so easy to pick up at Christmas time. I love the Handy Candy Manicure Set - £8, for the price it's fantastic, you get two nail files, a pair of scissors, cuticle pusher and nail clippers. As well as being housed in a cushioned gold glitter case, its a hardwearing case and fantastic for travelling, as well as holding all your nail tools, you can even throw in some bobby pins and keep things in the one place when travelling. Hair grips are hard enough to find at home, let alone when you go travelling with them. The quality of the whole set overall is actually really great, especially for the price.
Then there's also the Merry Kissmass - £12 set, which might be one of the more simple ones, but I love it. Who doesn't want a makeup bag that looks like it's been dipped in gold glitter, especially at Christmas time. The bag is also really good quality again for the price, it's slightly padded and can fit quite a lot in it, good again for any travels. Inside the. Bag there's two new lip glosses, which are Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, a silver shimmer (perfect over the top of another colour for added sparkle) and then there is Carousel, a brighter fuchsia shade. Finally in the bag there's a new product, in the form of a little shimmer pot! It comes in the shade Chandelier, which is also actually in the Palette, just in a pressed form. It's a great one to add to smoky eyes at this time of year, or you can do a beautiful bronze sparkly eye too.

The Candy Glam Palette - £15 is a great all rounder, you get nine eye shadows, a lip gloss, blush and bronzer. As well as inside the packaging including a large heart shaped mirror too. The shadow shades are nearly all skimmer, bar Ballet Slippers and Teddy Bear, which are both satin. The pigmentation of these is fantastic, I already apologise in advance for the state of the swatches, it does them no justice! The lipgloss included is Daydream, which is also already included in the Permanent range, but it's still a great every day neutral gloss. The two cheek shades are also available in the new cheek palette duo too, but again it's a nice addition to the palette and houses everything in the one place which is handy. 
I think the Deck the Hauls Advent Calendar - £25 is actually the cutest calendar available this year! I wish it was 24 days rather than 12, but from what I've heard it's got quite a good selection products inside. I don't particularly know myself as I want to keep it as a surprise, so apologies for being so vague on this one! 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cotton Cane, Sugar and Spice, Daydream, Snow Flake, Chandelier, Plumberry, Creme Brûlée, Date Night in Paris, Ballet Slippers, Baking Brownies, Teddy Bear, Starry Night, Pretty Peony, Beach Bronze, Carousel, Diamond's are a Girls Best Friend & Chandelier Shimmer Pot)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cookie Cutter, Be Bright Be Happy Be You, Sugar Plum & Toasted Marshmallow)
Starting tomorrow I'll be taking part in blogmas, so there'll be thirty one new posts coming your way in December! (I hope!) haha. Im going to do a variation of posts, so there's lots of new reviews, launches and Christmas related posts too!

Eloise x

Friday, 27 November 2015

Lush Christmas 2015: Part Three

Hi Guys,

This is my final Lush Christmas post for the last of this years range! If you'd like to see all the bath bits and pieces, from bubble bars to bath bombs you can HERE. Or if you're more interested in the shower jellies, soaps and gels, that post is available HERE. This final post is all about the little bits and pieces that are left, that don't quite fit in the other categories. But to be honest, I personally think these are some of the best bits!
Sometimes I think it's easy to forget that lush do more than pretty soaps and amazing bath bombs. But that they actually do some pretty incredible skincare and bodycare too. I have to admit it's one thing I often overlook in lush at Christmas time as it's easy to be distracted by the glitter and popping candy. 
I love a Lush Face Mask - £6.75, so one that's dedicated to Christmas and you may also be able to recreate Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer with it too... Sounds pretty perfect to join the Christmas Collection in my book. Cranberry almost doesn't smell how you expect it to smell, you expect it to be fruity, but in fact although you can smell the cranberries, it's got a slightly herby side to it too. 

There's no better way to describe Buche De Noel - £7.50 other than its Christmas cake for your face. It's one of their fresh cleansers and can also be used as a body cleanser as well as for the face. It's packed full of festive ingredients from satsuma's, almonds and cranberries, plus a touch of brandy too. Although you can also get an Alcohol Free version too if you prefer. 
I think Salt and Peppermint Bark - £6.95 is something new this year, as far as I know there haven't been many Christmas Scrubs. Bar a very adorably shaped Santa one, but this one is very like the scrubs that have been introduced from Oxford St. Salt and Peppermint Bark to me sounds good enough to eat and it definitely smells it too. I think the overall design just catches your eye and draws you in. It's a handy one to have, as I always neglect scrubs, I find them messy and just time consuming. However with this one you can just rub it onto damp skin and let the bar do all the work, as well as being gentle and almost creamy. Plus who wouldn't want to smell like an After Eight mint at Christmas! 

I don't know why, but I think The Icing on the Cake Shower Smoothie - £5  is one of the cutest products in the range. It does just remind me of a big slice of roly poly and with a name like Icing on the Cake, I expect to see it being served at a fairy's tea party. The roulades are a creamy soap really, it has lots of coca butter to really moisturise and keep the skin soft. 

I've always neglected Celebrate Body Lotion - £12.95, mainly because I had never actually smelt it. I always presumed I wouldn't like it from the description, but how I wish I'd sniffed it before now. It's beautifully rich and fruity, like the clementine that's always in the bottom of your Christmas stocking. I find it really moisturising on the skin and not too thick a consistency. So it's not sticky when you rub it in either.

Christingle - £9.95 on the other hand is the one you need to wake you up in the morning. Apply the bright blue lotion to wet skin and massage in, it starts to almost tingle because of the menthol crystals. You then wash it off and you get the benefits of a wash and a body lotion in one, it leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I also love the fact that it almost resembles the Don't Look at Me Face Mask and leaves me smelling like a polo mint.
A favourite of mine from last year was this little guy, First Snow Dusting Powder - £5.95, what does seem like quite a small tube in some cases, (as depending on the weight it can look like you have a lot less product) it really goes far. It's basically a dusting powder with a shimmer, the shimmer itself is a golden tone when blended out. It also has a scent that reminds me of Sherbet Lemon sweeties because of the orange and lime. 

This year First Snow Dusting Powder has gotten a sibling in the form of Fairy Dust Dusting Powder - £5.95. The Snow Fairy version, with a pink shimmer finish, will be a favourite with any Snow Fairy fanatic, the scent really lasts well on the skin, even better so when paired with Snow Fairy Shower Gel too. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Fairy Dust & First Snow)

There are also two more makeup bits, but unfortunately mine have gone walkies and I cant find them to take pictures. They include the Santa's Lip Scrub - £5.50, a cola flavoured lip scrub, made with mainly caster sugar. I have known people who do just eat them! There is also the Santa Lip Tint - £5.95, which is great layered over the top of Santa's Lip Scrub, as they both have dates and cherries in the ingredients. But the scrub will prepare your lips for the red lip tint too. 
Hopefully this little series has helped to round up all the little bits in the Christmas collection this year. As it can almost be a bit too overwhelming and especially when it comes to deciding what to pick! I think I'm off for a humongous Lush pamper with my Christmas stock pile now haha. 

Eloise x

Monday, 23 November 2015

Illamasqua Equinox

Hi Guys,

I finally got my mitts on the new Illamasqua Equinox collection for Christmas and it's a stunner! It's the perfect collection for Christmas, filled with all the glitz and glamour your heart could want. It's a bit of a mixture between new and exciting products and much loved permanent favourites.
An Equinox itself is when the day and night are both of equal length. The whole collection is inspired  by the stars, the constellations and just the overall wonders of the universe. The night sky is pretty and unique, just like a lot of the products in this collection.
Illamasqua are fantastic at coming up with new formulations to go alongside their shadows, these ones are a cream to powder formulation. Although they have done these before, there haven't been any with this type of added glitz. They are creamy to blend and apply, giving the most beautiful finish to the eye. The four shades inside are Quell (champagne) and Solace (grey) which both have more of a satin finish to them. There is also Jubilance (rose gold) and Orb (black) these have a higher intensity of shimmer.

Broken Gold - £18.50
For me this is the star of the show, it doesn't have a definitive product specification, such as an eyeliner or a lipgloss, because it can do so much. If you want to you can use it as a highlighter, liner or a shadow topper. The product itself is made up of flecks of gold leaf in a gel, the water from the gel evaporates, leaving the gold flecks firmly in place wherever you've put them.
Vega is a deep rich red, it's slightly more on the pink side. But it's a beautiful shade for this time of year, at first glance I thought it might be really similar to Kin from the Earth Collection. But Kin is rustier and Vega is brighter. It's another one from the Glamore Range making it really comofortable and moisturising on, but still packs the pigment. 

The collection consists of three nail polishes altogether, two permanent and one new addition. That being Beam, which is what I'd like to think of as a unicorn sister to the polish from the Spirit Collection. It's a pearly gold, which is sort of like a duo chrome shade as in some lights it can look more on the blue side slightly.The two other Nail Polishes are Phallic and Facet. Phallic is a dark jewel tone blue and Facet is a brown with a pretty shimmer running through it. 
Pure Pigment's in Furore and Ore - £17
I always describe these as little pots of goodness! They're loose pigment with a good helping of shimmer through them, they create a fantastic festive eye and are really multipurpose. Furore especially can be used as a highlight, eye shadow, it can be mixed into foundation, lipgloss and even do your nails with it. The champagne shimmer is so universal and really lights up the skin. Ore is one of my other favourites though, the antiqued gold looks amazing when used on the lid for a brown smoky eye, or even for a quick eye look just pat on over a creamy base. There is also another main line shade included which is Android, a charcoal black with a silver shimmer running through it.

Radiance Veil - £32
Radiance Veil, although not a new product for this collection, is still a pretty new launch for Illamasqua. It's part of their award winning veil trio. The veil's are a hybrid between skincare due to the vitamins included, and makeup, kind of like a primer. It floods the skin with light and can be used as a highlighter too, so it's a really multipurpose product. I have a full review of Radiance Veil available HERE.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Ore, Furore, Vega, Quell, Solace, Orb, Jubilance and Broken Gold.) 
Two other products that are part of the new additions are the False Lashes in Desire (27) - £12.50.
 Illamasqua Lashes are fantastic as they have a thin clear band, meaning you can wear them without liner if you wanted to. Plus they're also easier to apply, this pair specifically is quite natural compared to other Illamasqua lashes. They're made up of wispy clusters, to give a good amount of volume.

There is also a new Selfridges exclusive Vintage Metallix in Galaxy - £17 too.

Eloise x

Friday, 20 November 2015

Lush Christmas 2015: Part Two

Hi Guys,

This is the next part of my Christmas Lush series, this one includes the shower bits and pieces, from the Shower Gels, Jellies, Soaps and Fun. There's not as many new items this year for these types of products, but their are a lot of very well loved favourites back again.
Last week's post covered all of the bath goodies, including the Bubble Bars, Bath Ballistics and Melt's. You can take a peek at all of those Here.
Possibly my all time favourite scent from Lush is Rose Jam - £10.95. So it's always exciting to see this one back, its Rose scent is light and floral. The rose isn't over powering and has an ever so slightly sweet element to it.

The shower gel which is probably the most well known from Lush has to be Snow Fairy - £8.50. Its sweet candy floss like scent, with its signature bright pink colour, it also has a slight shimmer running through it too. The formulation is moisturising and the scent lasts so well on the skin, for a really good handful of hours. If you love it stock up as it really does fly off the shelves, especially now that there's a litre bottle available in stores.

The much loved Snowman - £4.50 Shower Jelly is back again this year, with its carrot scent and adorable shape. It's sad to have to chop the little guy up to use him, this is another one that really lingers on the skin. As well as including seaweed to really nourish the skin.

If you are a fan of the So White Bath Bomb and are devastated that Lush haven't brought back So White Shower Gel this year. Then you will be delighted to take a sniff of Santa's Belly - £4.75. Its got that fresh crisp apple scent, its so refreshing and can be extremely refreshing if you pop it in the freezer too. It's also got little edible stars for added glitz and comes in an alcohol free version too.
The subtle scented one of the bunch, but even then Snow Cake - £3.50 - £17.50 isn't so subtle, it is Lush after all and they know how to do scents. It is more on the sweet side, with a scent just like Marzipan, but its not over powering. It's such a lovely one too use if its cold outside and you fancy something nice and cosy.

For the foodie scent fans then Yog Nog - £3.50 - £17.50 is the one for you. I can only really describe this one as smelling just like a big bowl of christmas cake batter, its creamy and sweet, almost like fudge. But then still has that spicy and warm, nutmeg kind of scent to it too. It's highly moisturising on the skin due to the yoghurt that goes into it and really holds onto its scent.

If you were a fan of the sadly missed Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, or even just a fan of the ever so popular Comforter range. Then make sure you pick up a slab of Reindeer Rock - £3.25 - £16.25, it shares its scent with both products and is packed full of berries and a hint of citrus.

If you need a soap that will refresh you in the morning and leave you feeling awake, then grab Baked Alaska - £4.50. It has one of the best scents from Lush in my opinion, with its fresh zesty lemon smell, its not sweet and sugary, just almost sour in a way. Plus it looks extremely pretty in all of its bright multicoloured glory.

There's only one new addition to the soap range this year and its Old Father Time - £3.50 - £17.50. I think this one is going to be a love or hate kind of thing, its got quite a strong herby and woody scent. If you like darker scents then you'll probably love it, its quite a unique one for Lush.  The actual design of the soap however is amazing, you have to atlas take a peek at it in store. It's made up to look like a huge clock face, which as you cut into it, also has colourful cogs hidden inside. 
Fun is a little invention from Lush, that's just like Play Doh and can be used for many different things. You can wash your hair, use as a bubble bath or also as a body wash. One of the Christmas versions is the Snowman - £5, it actually smells just like the Reusable Carrots from the Easter Collection, it has a really fresh and fruity scent, but yet it does actually smell a bit like carrots...

Fun is also available in Gold, Snakes and Ladders, Santa and Magic of Christmas, which are all £5 each too. If you like floral scents then Santa is for you, which includes a jasmine scent. A popular one every christmas is the Gold one as it shares its smell with Honey I Washed The Kids, a crummy caramel. Snakes and Ladders is scented with citrus, making it really fruity and finally Magic of Christmas is fruity too but also has that bit more of a heavy herby scent too.

The final part of the Christmas range will be up next week, with a pick and mix of different goodies and maybe some of my favourite products!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Earthy Eye's with Illamasqua

Hi Guys,

A look I've been a tad obsessed with for a few months now comes from the Illamasqua Earth Collection. I thought I would post it, as although its a more neutral collection from Illamasqua, the palette itself is another take on the neutral. It's filled with a burnt orange, a gorgeous dark green and muted silver and grey, it's an incredibly versatile palette to own.
 When you first look at the palette you don't really expect to get this kind of look from it, as the green and orange especially are so bright. A burnt orange shade though is one of the best colours to have, it'll warm the eye up and goes so well with so many shades, black smoky eyes, green's and even purple. 
I started with a base of MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, just to even out the eye and it also really helps to boost the colours, not that Illamasqua really needs it! I followed that by taking Solitude (the matte grey) from the Nomadic Palette, all over the lid and buffed out into the crease. Then specially for the crease I used Loam (the matte orange) buffed out up towards the brow bone, to warm the eye up. 

To really add the emphasis on the socket though, I took Terra (the matte green) and placed it into the crease, just concentrating that colour. Still making sure it blended into Loam, but I didnt want to difuse it too much and leave a wash of colour. Finally on the outer corner, just ever so slightly blended into Terra, I used Gravity (shimmer grey). Just so that, that portion of the eye had more definition and was darker with the pure pigment over the top.
The pure pigment that I used is also from the earth collection and it is so pretty! Its the shade Draco, just placed all over the lid. I cant recommend Illamasqua Pure Pigments enough, they're like pots of shimmery goodness, that you can wear every single day for that bit of sparkle. I also finally took Terra under the eye, just stopping near the centre and blending it softly. I also added a good coat of mascara too. 

For the brows I did my usual routine of just the Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Strike, to also try to cover up the fact my brows badly need doing!
For the skin and the rest of the face, I used a base of Rimmel Long Lasting Foundation, just buffed all over the skin. Followed by MAC Pro Longwear concealer, under the eye, around the nose and any other areas being highlighted slightly, such as the forehead and chin. Finally to set that so it won't budge, I just dusted the Illamasqua Translucent Powder over the top.

To add colour to the face, I used Nars Laguna Bronzer, just lightly over the high points of the face. But to really sculpt out the face I always turn to my trusty Illamasqua Sculpting Palette, I specifically use the shade Heroine as it suits my skin tone the best, but I love that you can mix and match with it. I just used it under the cheek bones and followed with the shimmer highlight shade in Rush, over the top of the cheekbone and cupids bow. For a little bit of colour, I also just swept a little bit of the blusher in Naked Rose over the cheeks, this also helps to blend the highlight and contour together that bit more. 
Finally on the lips I really couldnt decide which one I preferred over a nude or a red lip. If you want to go for a red, then the shade Kin from the Earth Collection is stunning and I've received so many compliments when wearing it. But if you prefer a nude, I had to go with my trusty Rosepout, which again is Illamasqua and part of the Glamore Range.

I personally love the look either way, I think the red just makes it that bit more festive though. But the star of the show has to be the Nomadic Palette, its a neutral palette that can't be missed!

Eloise x

Monday, 16 November 2015

November Glossybox: Lashes & Lipsticks

Hi Guys,

This months Glossybox marks 4 years of being subscribed to them, which has gone a bit too quick for my liking. But for me as well as being a bit of a treat, it also seems to remind me that it's either the middle of the month or near the end. Which knowing its November is a bit terrifying, as I haven't even started the Christmas shopping! 
I adore this month's theme of the box and I have to say the contents suit it perfectly. It's based on Lashes and Lips, which is always a great makeup look to focus on at this time of year. A simple eye with a dark berry lip, or even a slightly smokier one with a nude or pink, its a classic! 

Eylure Naturalites Lashes - £5
As Im not a big false lash wearer myself, I do always keep an eye out for lashes that I can wear to get used to the feeling of them. The Eylure Naturalite range is one I've seen before and never tried, so Im really looking forward to giving them a go. I think they're great because they're such a light lash, they naturally give that little bit of added volume to the lash line and have a thin band, making them comfortable to wear. 

MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed - £4
I've tried quite a few MUA Palettes in the past and for the price, the quality is fantastic. They're creamy, offer a great range of shades and have a fantastic amount of pigment to the. This palette has actually reminded me to dig out some old favourites and get back to using them. It's also pretty good at being a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, with the shades being near identical. 

Royal Apothic Moisturising Body Creme - £14.50 for 35g
I dont know if it's just me, but I find the packaging that Royal Apothic have is so cute. I was a bit surprised to see it was a body cream though as it is quite a tiny tube, compared to the usual body creams. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry - £7.99
I could of squealed with delight when I got an email through from Glossybox asking me to choose which lipstick colour I would prefer in my box out of four. Which included probably one of the most popular shades that Revlon have, Black Cherry. I have heard so much about this one, but again its something else that I have never actually gone and picked up. It's such a gorgeous deep darkened berry, perfect for the Autumn/Winter. 

Emite Diamond Heart Illuminating Primer - £25.50 for 15ml
There have been quite a few products from Emite in Glossybox and every single one that I've had the opportunity to try, I have loved. From their makeup to their tools and brushes, they have a fantastic range to pick from. The primer itself is peachy in tone, but brightening, it adds such a radiance to the skin, but its not shiny. I love a slightly dewier look in the winter, as the skin can look duller, it's like a little makeup pick me up.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Emite Primer, Emite Primer Blended & Revlon Black Cherry.)
Overall I'm really happy with the box this month, I always love a box that's that bit more makeup orientated. It might not be the highest in value box, compared to past ones, with the overall total of the box coming to £31.49 . But the actual selection of products and the fact that there are four out of five full sized products included, its a brilliant one to try.

Eloise x

Friday, 13 November 2015

Lush Christmas 2015: Part One

Hi Guys,

I love Lush and I love Christmas. Lush do a pretty spectacular range at Christmas time, which is very loved by a lot of people. It's filled with much loved classics and new bits and pieces which quickly become part of the classic's. I thought I'd put together a little series of three posts, which contain pretty much everything from this year's range.
The first part of the three part series is on all the bath bits and bobs from Lush. The Bubble Bars, Bath Ballistics and Bath Melts, with nineteen products to choose from, for a Christmas bath pamper, it's a little bit difficult to choose! Especially now that there's seven brand new products and Oxford St exclusives.
 The Classic's
Golden Wonder - £4.50 is one of the largest Bath Bombs that Lush do, its actually hollow and has a couple of mini bath bombs inside. It has a citrus scent and includes just a touch of sparkle. It's also sometimes known as the pass the parcel of bath bombs, which I find really cute.

Though speaking of cute, Butterbear - £2.50, is possibly the most adorable bath bomb I have ever seen. To the point that its actually quite painful to throw him in the bath, haha! He's also the cheapest of the bunch and is the same super moisturising formulation as the permanent Butterball.

Another fantastic one if you want a bit of moisturiser thrown in is Snow Angel - £4.50. This one is part bath bomb, part bath melt. The top half again shares the butterball scent. But the bottom extremely sparkly half, is actually the bath melt, which slowly dissolves, leaving a highly moisturising bath oil.

I love the Luxury Lush Pud - £4.50, its my kind of Christmas Pudding. It shares it scent with Twilight, which is a permanent bath bomb. But Twilight actually smells of lavender, I find it very calming and fantastic to use before bed. It really helps to just drift off at night. 
There's a fantastic story behind the idea design wise of Dashing Santa - £2.95. Before Lush was Lush, it was formally Cosmetics To Go and when you got a parcel from them, it had a little postman running on the back. Which is actually the exact same design, just turned into Santa for this little one! I think its fantastic to have that little bit of history in there, plus Santa's boots fizz faster, propelling him through the water. This one smells of satsumas too, as it shares its smell with an old favourite, Satsuma Santa.

Possibly one of the most famous Christmas Bath Bombs is Cinders - £2.95. It's been around longer than I can remember, due to its popularity. I think its down to the fact it smells of Christmas, with it's Spicy Cinnamon scent. It's also fantastic for tired muscles too, great after all that Christmas shopping!

Possibly one of my all time favourite scents from Lush comes from So White - £3.65. It's crisp apple smell, is worlds away from what you presume Christmas to smell like, but its lovely and fresh. It might not look like much fun from the outside, but inside it has a bright pink centre, giving you a pastel pink bath.

Shoot for the Stars - £4.50 ties in so well with the Cosmic Christmas theme that seems to be floating around recently. It fizzles away in the bath really slowly, which I find very relaxing. It also has the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids, the perfect fudge/honey like smell. Though it does make me that bit hungry, it smells so good!

If you're a fan of Snow Fairy, then you need Father Christmas - £3.65 in your life. This guy shares his scent with the ever so popular sweet candy scented shower gel. It also has a bit of a surprise centre, bubbling away to reveal a bright green middle. 
Another member of the Snow Fairy family is the Magic Wand - £5.95. This reusable bubble bar is such a fantastic value for money item, you can get around five baths from it, depending on how much bubble you want. Plus its not too messy as you just have to run it under the tap and give it a good swirl.

Another one thats great if you love a sweet scent is Candy Mountain - £3.25, it's a bit like a cross between candy floss and vanilla. It also gives off a really good amount of bubble and I can get around two to three baths from it.

I really wasn't expecting Holly Golightly - £4.95 to be as big as it is! Or actually as sparkly, I do love glitter but this one is pretty sparkly. You can get three to four really good baths from it, as it turns the water green and create so many bubbles. Scent wise it smells just like Hot Toddy, its quite spicy, but not too strong, if you're not a fan of the spicier scents, it's just got a lovely warmth to it. 
 The Newbies
If you're a fan of the Yog Nog Soap, then you'll be pleased to see Yog Nog - £3.95 added to the Bath bomb collection. Another one that could be good enough to eat and is like the bath bomb equivalent to cake. It reminds me of toffee, it bubbles away slowly too, leaving such a luxurious moisturising bath. This is down to the big chunks of bath melt hidden inside, making it one of the most moisturising bath bombs Lush have ever made.

I love the design of Stardust - £2.95, it may not be the most exciting one to look at, but its just so cute. It could be mistaken as part of the butterball family, but it does have a bit more of a subtle vanilla smell to it. There are also a handful of pretty little colourful confetti stars added in there too.

A Oxford Street Exclusive this year is the adorable little Snow Melt - £2. Like teeny weeny snowballs, that you can pop in the bath to release a shimmery bath oil. To hydrate and luxuriously pamper the skin.
A brand new reusable wand this year is the The Magic of Christmas - £5.95. It couldn't be any different to Magic Wand too, with its cinnamon spice scent, its worlds away from the sweet snow fairy. If you like something warmer and stronger then this is the one to go for, plus how cute is the cinnamon stick wand, which you can also pop in the bath.

I was really expecting Bar Humbug - £3.65 to have a minty scent, however its actually liquorice. To go alongside the new Oxford St Bertie Soap, which actually looks like liquorice all sorts! It gives the bath the most pretty blue/purple tone, which you can probably get about two to three baths from it.

Another adorable little guy this year is Peeping Santa - £3.95, I cant bear to crumble this one up just like Butterbear. This one is part of the bubbleroon range, so its made up of two bubble bars and a more creamy centre, which leaves your skin nice and soft. If you're a fan of the strawberry scents Lush do, then you have to give this one a sniff, as it smells just like the De Fluff Shaving Foam.

Finally there is Five Gold Rings - £4.95, which I think is such a clever idea, as it is basically a pre cut up bubble bar. You can use a ring for each bath, which gives you five baths from this. Which again is another great one thats fantastic value for money. I love the scent too, its a lot lighter and fresher than the spicy scent I predicted it to have.

Next Friday will be the second part of the collection, featuring all of the shower bits and pieces, from the Shower Gels to the Soaps too!

Eloise x 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

My Face is Worth How Much?!

Hi Guys,

I feel like I've been gone for way longer than just over a week, it was quite a hectic one! But I've just started to plan out Blogmas and have the day off to get cracking with them, so hopefully there'll be lots of new posts coming soon!

I realised a few weeks ago that I haven't done a updated 'How Much is my Face Worth?' style post, which my old one is now well over two years old! Looking back I favoured more Drugstore products and it came to under £100. I think I'm going to get a shock with this one....
Eye's & Brow's



Total Face Worth = £256.48

I was kind of expecting as much, to think that's how much is on my face is kind of scary. But at the same time a lot of what I used is Illamasqua and for the quality and how long it lasts, I don't bat an eyelid at how much their products cost. They're worth every single penny!

Eloise x

Monday, 2 November 2015

My October Favourites

Hi Guys,

I know this is the usual I can't believe it's Novemmber already, but I just can't! Where has the year gone?! It's flown in so quickly and it's Christmas right around the corner, which I'm totally unprepared for... So here's hoping this next month is going to slow down a tad and let me fit more things into my month! 
It has actually gotten to the point, where October has gone so quickly and my brain was scrambled by the time I cane to write this post. I have never been so glad to see a list of things sitting in my drafts of everything I had been loving, otherwise this post may of contained more of what one thing I've been loving in October, haha.
I have a new found love for the Clinique Matte Lipstick Range, I have the shade Matte Magenta. Which is a beautiful bright fucshia, it's one of the most comfortable matte formulas I own and I actually forget that it is matte because it is so creamy. It's not drying and doesn't feel waxy like others I've tried. Plus because of its formulation you can just pat it onto the lip and get a much more subtle colour. 

The other lipstick I've been obsessed with is Illamasqua Kin, it's that time of year where the berries are being brought out. I actually got quite a few compliments on this one too, so I think that fuelled my love for it even more. It's such an unusual shade too, although it's red, it's quite rusty and perfect for this season.

My final lip love is the Clarins Hydraquench Lip Balm, I've used this for years and it's one I will always go back to. It's not really an instant fix, but it's the best balm to apply before a lipstick. It's so moisturising and acts quickly, so when it's colder, it's a lipstick saviour.
  I can't reccomend the Fleur De Force Eyeshadow Quad's enough. For the price that they are, the pigmentation and creaminess of the shimmer shaded is brilliant. I have the palette in Lunar Rose, I of course went for it because it was more rose gold and purple. The selection of colours really compliment each other and I've tried them in so many combinations, you get such a choice. It does have a slight bit of fall out on the matte shades, but overall for the price you can't complain.

I used to be terrified of bronzer, but I find myself reaching for Nars Laguna Bronzer everyday now. As I'm quite pale, trying to find one that's not too on the Orange side of things and still not too dark can be quite the struggle. However when I first saw Laguna I thought this would be way too dark, after trying it in store, it is totally not what it seems. It's still warm, but not to the point that it looks too harsh on my skin tone, you can also still use it as a contour too as its matte.

I started and finished series 1 to 3 of American Horror Story and I have to admit, I'm addicted. I'm just about to start Freak Show and I'm looking forward to Hotel I think... It's hard to miss the whole thing around that just now, but Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga and Max Greenfield are in it, so I'm sold! 

I was really lucky to win a competition for Bills Diner and if you know me then I am a Pink Lemonade fan. If it's on the menu then I'll get it and have tried so many versions I've lost count. But the Bills one is fantastic, especially if you want to be really fancy and add some chopped strawberries to it too. Plus you can buy the big bottles of it from their own shop.

My final favourite of the month was a bit of a last minute thing. I found out about the Real Techniques Roadshow coming to Glasgow a few days before hand and knew I had to get there. The Pixiwoo sisters are a huge inspiration to me, since finding them 6 years ago, they part inspired this blog and inspired me to become a makeup artist. So it was a little surreal to finally meet them, but they were so kind and a pleasure to chat to! 

Eloise x
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