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Lush Christmas 2015: Part Two

Hi Guys,

This is the next part of my Christmas Lush series, this one includes the shower bits and pieces, from the Shower Gels, Jellies, Soaps and Fun. There's not as many new items this year for these types of products, but their are a lot of very well loved favourites back again.
Last week's post covered all of the bath goodies, including the Bubble Bars, Bath Ballistics and Melt's. You can take a peek at all of those Here.
Possibly my all time favourite scent from Lush is Rose Jam - £10.95. So it's always exciting to see this one back, its Rose scent is light and floral. The rose isn't over powering and has an ever so slightly sweet element to it.

The shower gel which is probably the most well known from Lush has to be Snow Fairy - £8.50. Its sweet candy floss like scent, with its signature bright pink colour, it also has a slight shimmer running through it too. The formulation is moisturising and the scent lasts so well on the skin, for a really good handful of hours. If you love it stock up as it really does fly off the shelves, especially now that there's a litre bottle available in stores.

The much loved Snowman - £4.50 Shower Jelly is back again this year, with its carrot scent and adorable shape. It's sad to have to chop the little guy up to use him, this is another one that really lingers on the skin. As well as including seaweed to really nourish the skin.

If you are a fan of the So White Bath Bomb and are devastated that Lush haven't brought back So White Shower Gel this year. Then you will be delighted to take a sniff of Santa's Belly - £4.75. Its got that fresh crisp apple scent, its so refreshing and can be extremely refreshing if you pop it in the freezer too. It's also got little edible stars for added glitz and comes in an alcohol free version too.
The subtle scented one of the bunch, but even then Snow Cake - £3.50 - £17.50 isn't so subtle, it is Lush after all and they know how to do scents. It is more on the sweet side, with a scent just like Marzipan, but its not over powering. It's such a lovely one too use if its cold outside and you fancy something nice and cosy.

For the foodie scent fans then Yog Nog - £3.50 - £17.50 is the one for you. I can only really describe this one as smelling just like a big bowl of christmas cake batter, its creamy and sweet, almost like fudge. But then still has that spicy and warm, nutmeg kind of scent to it too. It's highly moisturising on the skin due to the yoghurt that goes into it and really holds onto its scent.

If you were a fan of the sadly missed Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly, or even just a fan of the ever so popular Comforter range. Then make sure you pick up a slab of Reindeer Rock - £3.25 - £16.25, it shares its scent with both products and is packed full of berries and a hint of citrus.

If you need a soap that will refresh you in the morning and leave you feeling awake, then grab Baked Alaska - £4.50. It has one of the best scents from Lush in my opinion, with its fresh zesty lemon smell, its not sweet and sugary, just almost sour in a way. Plus it looks extremely pretty in all of its bright multicoloured glory.

There's only one new addition to the soap range this year and its Old Father Time - £3.50 - £17.50. I think this one is going to be a love or hate kind of thing, its got quite a strong herby and woody scent. If you like darker scents then you'll probably love it, its quite a unique one for Lush.  The actual design of the soap however is amazing, you have to atlas take a peek at it in store. It's made up to look like a huge clock face, which as you cut into it, also has colourful cogs hidden inside. 
Fun is a little invention from Lush, that's just like Play Doh and can be used for many different things. You can wash your hair, use as a bubble bath or also as a body wash. One of the Christmas versions is the Snowman - £5, it actually smells just like the Reusable Carrots from the Easter Collection, it has a really fresh and fruity scent, but yet it does actually smell a bit like carrots...

Fun is also available in Gold, Snakes and Ladders, Santa and Magic of Christmas, which are all £5 each too. If you like floral scents then Santa is for you, which includes a jasmine scent. A popular one every christmas is the Gold one as it shares its smell with Honey I Washed The Kids, a crummy caramel. Snakes and Ladders is scented with citrus, making it really fruity and finally Magic of Christmas is fruity too but also has that bit more of a heavy herby scent too.

The final part of the Christmas range will be up next week, with a pick and mix of different goodies and maybe some of my favourite products!

Eloise x


  1. I recently went to a Lush beauty blogger event and picked up so many things! I love the smell of rose jam and how cute is that little snowman?! : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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  3. I love Lush Christmas products! Rose jam is one of my favourite scents too - so pretty and girly!

    eat, write + explore | bloglovin' | instagram

  4. Oh my days! I think I should try that santa shower jelly and the Yog Nog, everything sounds so delicious! Love the snowman too, it's so cute!!

    thanks for a great twitter chat btw! :)

    xx Ilse |

  5. I really want to try the new Shower Jellys! You got so many nice products :)x

    Anu♡ | Based On | Urban Decay Giveaway

  6. This is like heaven in a post. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these Lush Christmas goodies!

    Hannah xx

  7. Got to love a visit to Lush and all their goodies, especially at Christmas time :)


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