Saturday, 29 November 2014

Tanya Burr Cosmetic Goodies!

Hi Guys,

Im super excited to share these with you, I've been desperate for this little package from Feel Unique to arrive since Thursday! Tanya Burr has recently launched a very lovely range of lashes, eight new lip glosses and some fantastic nail polish sets just in time for Christmas!

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Berry Pickings - £6.99 HERE
Now even though I do love this colour, I actually got it as Tanya announced that she was releasing a limited edition lipgloss for christmas. Now with the name "Berry Pickings" I thought it was christmasy and that this was it. But I was wrong and this is in fact permanent, permanent or Christmas limited edition I still love it! 

Its lovely for this time of year as it gets colder, I love darker shades and Im really getting into more brown tones, they're very on trend and I think the brown tones probably comes from the Kylie Jenner Nude lip obsession going round at the moment. However this is far from nude as its a beautiful sparkling, (yet not bitty glitter lipgloss kind of sparkle), Berry shade, the shimmer running through it is gold too. Very festive!

Tanya Burr False Lashes in Bambi Lash - £5.49 HERE
Tanya has released three sets of strip lashes, a set of individual lashes and a pair of half lashes. I picked up the Bambi Strip lashes as they looked like they would give volume but still look natural. They are described as more day time lashes and I think they are the most natural out of the three strip lashes.

They come with a great glue, it is rather sticky though and I did think I'd stuck my finger and thumb together at some point... However when left to become tacky on the lash, the glue is fantastic and holds the lash on, plus you can remove it very easily too. 
Tanya Burr Nail Polish Trio 1 - £14.99 HERE 
Ok as soon as I saw this I "Needed" it in my life, pink glitter polish! Tanya hasn't got any glitter polishes in her range up until now. The only issue with this set is that if you already own certain polishes from the permanent range. Mini Marshmallows I'm looking at you... Then you might be getting one or two you already have. 

This trio contains Mini Marshmallows, which I've reviewed in my previous post - HERE. Plus two new shades in the form of, Dark Magic, which is a very deep glossy black. Then finally my favourite, Fairy Tale, a Rose Gold fine and hexagonal glitter polish suspended in a clear polish, so its fantastic as a topcoat! 

Tanya Burr Nail Polish Trio 2 - £14.99 HERE
This trio contains New York Night, a lovely dark plum shade, which I do already own and also reviewed it in my last post too. Then Fireworks, which Is probably my favourite in the trio again as its glitter, a very festive glitter! Its little flecks of green, red, gold, silver and blue glitter! It just reminds me of a Christmas tree, Finally it includes Mischief Managed, a lovely bright classic red. 

The trios also work out as around the same price as buying three of her polishes separately, although you still cant buy Dark Magic, Fairy Tale and Fireworks separately. 
(Swatches: Top - Berry Pickings, Bottom - Left to Right: Mini Marshmallows (2nd), New York Night (4th), Mischief Managed, Fireworks, Dark Magic, Fairy Tale.)

I think after having a good browse I really want to pick up some other new lipgloss shades, Including I Found Nemo, I just love the name!! Plus Sparkling Dew Drops and Enchanted Forest! 

You can see Tanya's whole range HERE on Feel Unique, including the other four nail trios all with permeant polishes too, which are also a little cheaper at £11.99! 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pixi Haul and Review!

Hi Guys,

Back when I was down in London for Imats (Let me know if you'd still like to see a post about that by the way!) I popped into Pixi on Carnaby Street. I've heard a lot of lovely things about Pixi and decided I wanted to try it out for myself! 
Pixi is a brand set up by Petra a swedish make up artist, who wanted to create multi purpose and easy to use products. They also don't test their products on animals. They offer a wide selection too from Makeup, Skincare and Tools. It has created quite a buzz online for the past few years, after Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and Caroline Hirons both raved about products from Pixi, both products I had to pick up and try! 
Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coral Crush - £8 HERE
I originally didn't get this until I went back to London, My mum had gotten the shade Naturally Pink, a lovely pink nude shade. I instantly regretted not getting myself one, so I was on a mission when I went back! I was going for Naturally Pink, But I felt like a change and went for Coral Crush, Im not a very big orange wearer, but this is a lovely corally, more on the pink side pigmented shade. A lot more pigmented than I thought especially for a tinted lip balm. With Shea Butter, Its so softening on the lips, they smell like sweeties too! 

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit - £16.50 HERE
Louise inspired me to get these after hearing her rave about these for years! This kit is incredible for what it includes, you're getting five of their best selling eye pencils in the shades, Black Noir, Deep Plum, Black Cocoa, Sage Gold and Oyster Glow, plus a little sharpener too!  In one full size pencil you get 1.2g of product at £11, in the kit you get five mini but generous pencils at 0.8g each. That means your getting 2.8g more for only £5.50 extra. I think this kit is such a great way to try out the different shades. I often find in a lot of kits you get maybe three wearable shades out of five, theres not a single shade in this kit I wouldn't use.

Did I mention they're also water and smudge proof, extremely pigmented and lovely and creamy to work with. I don't find that they drag at all and last great on the waterline. They do have an oyster finish however, except from Black Noir which is matte. Win!
Pixi Glow Tonic - £18 HERE
This is raved about in the Blogger community, Skin Care Blogger Caroline Hirons, raves about the stuff! Ive tried to get it for quite a few years now when I've been in London and it was always sold out! I was so excited to finally see this in the lovely Soho store!

So Pixi Glow Tonic is a exfoliating toner, You can use it twice a day though, as I was a little weary after some exfoliating toners say use twice a week. Its got some lovely ingredients in it from Aloe Vera to Witch Hazel, I found when I had a bit of a flare up with my skin this soothed it and reduced it, while making my dry skin feel a lot softer and plumper. Ive noticed that the really bad dry patches on my face has disappeared and my skin feels a lot brighter.

Sorry about the sad state my pictures are in, in this post, Lighting is on its way so no more grainy pictures hopefully! (If I can figure out how to use them!)

Eloise x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

November GlossyBox!

Hi Guys,

Ive got the November Glossybox here to show you today, Ive also realised that the box marks 3 years of me subscribed to Glossy Box! It scares me slightly that I must of accumulated 36 Glossy Boxes around my house...
As well as Glossybox containing its usual five products, this month also came with an invite/ Gift card to become a part of Best Secret. I don't really know much about the concept and after looking into it I'm still a little confused. It's basically a high end exclusive invite web shop, that has the high end items on a heavy discount.
Glossybox had released two of the items in this months box, both full-size. Over all I got three full size products this month. Id heard that a few people were disappointed with the sizes of products contained this month. Luckily I'm quite pleased with my samples too! 
H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment - £27.50 for 50ml
I am in love with this stuff! Its a tranluscent yet blue tinted lightweight gel, Its so cooling on the skin when its first applied. Its suppose to hydrate and plump up fine lines, at 18 I don't really have any fine lines, However Im looking forward to the results it could give in Hydration purposes.

Burts Bee's Lip Shine in Whisper - £6.99
Is it bad Ive never tried anything from Burts Bee's before? I always meant to pick up one of their tinted lip balms and never did, so its great to finally try something from them. The gloss itself is really quite runny, it leaves what is almost like a film on the lips, not in a horrible way however and its not sticky at all. It almost tastes and smells like starbursts too!

Monu Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil - £26 for 100ml
Im quite the fan of Monu, I was quite excited to see this in the box. It's a treatment oil for Normal Combination skin types, I have more of a dry skin, however Im looking forward to giving this a good go. It contains grape seed, sandalwood and lavender oils. Ive tried some treatment oils before and haven't gotten on well with the scent, this one smells lovely however and I can really smell the lavender. It also is suited to sensitive skin too.

Lollipop's Makeup Eye Pencil in Goodbye Moon - €14 / £11.18
I had never heard of Lollipop's before, but its a french brand, it reminds me of So Susan or Jelly Pong Pong over here. This is a really pigmented, creamy, matte black eyeliner. It doesn't drag on the eye which is lovely, however it does smudge a little bit due to how creamy it is. I wouldn't say it would last very long on the waterline, I'm yet to try it. Its a bit of a downside, but it doesn't smudge too much unless you move it around too much.

2True Pro Sparkles Nail Glitter in Danni - £4 
This is maybe the most disappointing product for me, but I still really quite like it. The only reason I find it disappointing is the price, Im not sure I'd pay £4 for this tiny pot of glitter when you can get big packs of glitter for the same price. Its a traditional gold fine glitter though and is definitely nice to add a bit of extra sparkle to your mani!

Eloise x

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Hi Guys,

Before I start with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, Thank you Roxie from The Beautiful Bluebird for nominating me! I'd just like to say Thank You to everyone who reads my little old blog, I forgot to say in my last post but last Thursday marked two years that I've been blogging! I can't believe it, plus the other day I hit 250 followers on Bloglovin. Which is amazing and surreal! It's been difficult to blog this year, but hopefully Im back on track, Thanks so much for sticking with it! 

Now before I ramble on too much I'll start with the Award, It's basically where you get nominated, Answer the 10 questions set by the lovely person who nominated you. Then create 10 questions of your own, that you then nominate 10 more lovely bloggers to then do it. It's a great way to find out about each other and just to share the Blog community love! 

1. What is the story behind your blog name?
My blog originally started out as being written not only by me but with my friend Mary, it didn't really work out and Ive just become the sole writer. We decided on Mallow Beauty as Mallow was kind of like Mary and Elo sort of. 

2. What has been your favourite blog post to write? 

I think two of my favourite posts I've written are on Zoella and Tanya Burr's beauty ranges as they were such an inspiration to me to become a blogger. I was so excited when they came out, I can't believe how long I've been watching them (5 years!) and how far they've come.

3. Favourite quote?
This is a difficult one but seeing as Im such a massive Twilight fan, I just have to include one from their. I think I'd have to pick "So the Lion fell in love with the Lamb" but theres so many others I love as well!

4. Your favourite Disney princess?
I think it probably has to be Sleeping Beauty, as Im rather similar to her in the sense I sleep ALOT and Im quite the fan of pink too, plus its just one of my favourite Disney Princess films. If Jesse was a Princess from toy story though... Or Mr Hamm.

5. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
Stay away from the blue glittery eye shadow and glitter liner all over your eye! eek!

6. Your current favourite blog?
I really love The British Beauty Blogger at the moment, I just love how up to date Jane keeps us with the latest Beauty launches. I get excited about looking at her blog for the newest things everyday!

7. What is your favourite beauty brand?
It has to be Illamasqua and if you follow me on Twitter you're probably fed up of me mentioning them 24/7 but they're just such a fun fantastic versatile brand, you can do so much with them and they're so clever with what they create!

8. What inspires you most to write?
I just love writing about my favourite things, I love sharing those things with everyone who reads. Its just great to share my passion for make up and stuff with people who love it too. 

9. What is your favourite beauty/hair product?
This is a difficult one! I think my favourite beauty product has to be Eye Shadows, I just think they could be really versatile but its a close one between Lipstick and Foundation too! 

10. Describe yourself using only three words.

Tall, Makeup Obsessed? 

My 10 Questions!
1. What is your number one desert island nail polish?
2. What book are you reading at the moment?
3. What are your favourite posts to write Beauty, Lifestyle or Fashion?
4. Why did you decide to start blogging?
5. If you could create a beauty product, what would you choose?
6. Do you prefer High End or High Street?
7. Favourite film character?
8. Favourite fashion designer?
9. Lipstick or Eye Shadow?
10. What's your favourite beauty launch/collection from this year?

I nominate! 
Becky at Peacock Beauty
Jess at Just Jess
Jordan at Jordan Alice

Thank you again Roxie for nominating me, Definitely go have a look at her blog at The Beautiful BlueBird!

Eloise x 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Blush and Contour with Make up Revolution

Hi Guys,

You may of seen these floating around the internet recently, especially Makeup Revolution on a whole. Their launch has been super successful and their products become firm favourites for a lot of people, including me! As soon as I saw they had blusher palettes at a budget price?! How could I say no...
I first tried Makeup Revolution when I got their Lipsticks and Foil Shadows, I reviewed them HERE if you want to take a peek. After putting those products in my kit I thought I'd try these, They're perfect for a make up artist kit as they are really compact and offer a lot of choice. 
I have two of the three Blush and Contour palettes available, Hot Spice (Left) and Sugar and Spice (Right), Makeup Revolution have also just launched their newest version Golden Sugar. Each palette contains eight shades, which include Two highlight shades, two with a slight bit of glitter and four more matte/satin finished shades. 

Theres so much choice and selection within the palettes, I wouldn't say its incredible for contouring as the name suggests using it for, as I find the more orange based of the two, Hot Spice, just has the wrong undertones to it for contour. I think its also down to just trailing it and seeing what suits you, but as I am so pale these shades just don't work for me as a contour. 

The pigmentation to these blushes however are incredible, I was worried they would just be a wash out, but the amount of pigment to them is a lot more than I was expecting. All though a couple of the shades contain glitter, they don't leave you looking like you've been dumped in glitter, I wouldn't say you can really notice the glitter at all.

They're creamy in consitancy and are wonderful to blend, If you were just starting out with make up these are fantastic, not only in value but just in sheer choice! 
(Swatches - Hot Spice)
(Swatches - Sugar and Spice)

I think I will have to add Golden Sugar to the collection, that is however more based on the bronzer and highlighter side of things. So if you're looking for really good value blushers and a highlighter I can't recommend these palettes enough! 

You can get each palette I've mentioned HERE. At £6 each! 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lush Massage Bars

Hi Guys,

Lush recently released a collection of their new Massage Bars, they've added five new bars, including some with some of their very popular fragrances. Such as one for their very popular Dirty range.

Plus sorry in advance for the pretty awful photos, I'm still getting used to the fact Scotland gets a lot duller quicker than in England haha! 
As well as the new Massage Bars, Lush also have some old favourites that have been around for years. I think with Lush they're mostly known for their Bath Ballistics, Christmas Ranges and Bubble Bars. But they do stock so many more amazing things, including these bars. 
Pearl - £6.50
I am so excited about this, It smells like Rose Jam! To be honest I'll buy anything with the Rose Jam scent from Lush. But this is such a fantastic massage bar as it has the little pearly rock things (great discribing skills!) sitting on the top. They remind me of muller yogurts, when you put the chocolate in and they sit on top of the yogurt haha. But the little pearls are great to relieve any aches and pains and Lush says to boost circulation too. It's like a less spicy version go Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar, which I just never used because of the scent.

Shades of Earl Grey - £5.95
Now this one is actually my Mum's but I've borrowed it to show you. It smells fantastic and I never thought I'd ever like it, As as the name suggests it has Earl Grey Tea in it. But I can really smell the citrus element to it too. It doesn't contain any of the pearls, so it doesn't really relieve as such. Its just lovely as it melts away and you can really massage it into the skin leaving it nice and soft. Due to the citrus in it too, its such an uplifting scent. 
Hottie - £5.95
Now I won't ramble on about this one too much, as I did do a bit of a post about it HERE. This is the only spicy one I own and I wouldn't say its over ally spicy at all. Its fantastic for relieving aches and pains and is lovely and warming too. My skin feels lovely and soft after use too. Even the littlest bit lasts for ages too, so I don't run out of it too quick!

Soft Coeur - £4.95
Now I have to apologise for the state mine is in, I got this new one just before I moved, packed it in a box and forgot about it, so its developed a bit of a white mask where its dried out a little. But it still works! This one is the smallest of the bunch, however it makes up for it in my eyes as it has a chocolate centre! However you do get to the middle and end up with a chocolate chunk. It leaves you smelling lovely though and you can really smell the coco. Its lovely and moisturising too.

Another favourite of mine is Strawberry Feels Forever, but I seem to of lost mine! Its a massive strawberry and leaves you smelling like a strawberry too. Another one I've sniffed and tried is Each Peach, I haven't picked it up yet. But just like Strawberry Feels Forever its fruity and leaves you smelling like a peach!

You can have a good browse at all the Massage Bars and buy them HERE.

Eloise x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Models Own Autumn Winter 14

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd do a review on the new Models Own HyperGel shades that have just launched, I just want to say though, I did win these on their Instagram, which I can't believe! But I am writing this with 100% my own opinions and Im very excited to try them as i haven't actually tried any of their Hyper Gel polishes yet!
Theres 5 shades in the new collection for winter, the other shades in the Hyper Gel range are mostly bright and summer/spring time ready, it's nice to have these darker shades in the range now.
Ebony Green - I love this green, it could easily become my favourite from the bunch. Its a beautiful emerald jewel toned green which is always lovely at this time of year.

Raven Red - Firstly I love the name, It looks more black than red in some lights. Though thats basically what it is a reddened black, I love these types of shades as it gets closer to winter and it gets darker. This would could be competition for Ebony Green.

Brunette Red - I struggle to find a red shade that I love wearing on my nails, hence I own a lot of red nail polish that sits in a drawer. This is more of the classic red compared to the Raven Red, Its a blue toned red, plus the brightest of the lot.

Pitch Purple - I have this on my nails just now, I don't like wearing purple on my nails really but I think I've fallen for this shade, it does have a bit more of a blue undertone again and is another jewel like shade.

Inky Blue - I don't wear blue much again, I have to say this may be my least favourite but at the same time Im really excited to try it. It might change my ideas on blue, with one coat its quite bright, but then with the second coat its a lot darker.
(Swatches: One Coat, Left to Right - Inky Blue, Pitch Purple, Brunette Red, Raven Red and Ebony Green)
(Swatches: Two Coats , Left to Right - Inky Blue, Pitch Purple, Brunette Red, Raven Red and Ebony Green)

They went on really well with the first coat, I did find them a little more difficult to apply when it came to the second coat, but I think it was more that I didn't have enough on the brush. As with some shades I had more on the brush and it applied better. Ive also found they don't chip very quickly either which is fantastic! Plus they dry so fast, which I love because I always smudge my nails!

Each polish is £4.99 and available HERE.

Eloise x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pamper Pick Up's

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd do a post thats kind of a little different, I don't really mention it on here but I have M.E.,  won't go too much into it now but basically I have quite a mission on my hands when it comes to getting to sleep and have quite a lot of pains in my legs. So I thought I'd do a post on my favourite things for when Im having a difficult time with it.
Ive found some great products to have a pamper with that really do help, I think its fantastic that these are just lovely pamper products. So anyone who can't get to sleep very well or if you just want to have a bit of a relax or relieve sore and achey muscles especially at this time of year, these are great!
Lush Granny Takes a Dip Bath Ballistic £3.35 - HERE
I have to admit I never thought I'd like this, Like with a lot of these products they do have a slightly in a way spicy scent. Now I can't stand spicy scents but I actually quite like these, not sure how but I do luckily! Its scent is Lemon, Pepper and Ginger, although its got that earthy spicy scent its still fresh from the lemon. I love this bath bomb as it is so soothing when your legs are tired, due to the pepper I think. Plus the lemon is awaking and uplifting, I know when my legs are sore I need that boost. Plus can i just say this is HUGE!!

Clarins Energising Emulsion £26 - HERE
I use practically all Clarins Skincare and I had never heard of this, I was having a browse one day and noticed it on the shelf, a lotion that energises your legs?! I didn't ever think this would work, I was wrong. It contains Mint and it feels cooling on the legs when you apply it, I think thats quite a factor on it working. It also contains camomile which is well known to soothe, it dries quickly once you put it on and your not left with sticky legs. Plus I've heard you can even put it on over tights, Its brilliant after a long day of shopping!

Lush Hottie Massage Bar £5.95 - HERE
This is another product I was always put off of because of the scent, Ive always thought, 'Oh no I won't like that it's spicy!' I tried it quite a few months ago now at the Sheffield Blogger Meet Up, as soon as I tried it I knew I'd been wrong all this time. It smells so much more subtle on than it does on the bar. As its got the bumps on one side they're great but I find its easier just to rub it in your hands until it melts, It's a lot easier to use then. It was so popular at the meet up that there was none left once we'd gone. Oops!
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £16 - HERE
Ive found theres a reoccurring theme in this post of things I never believed would work, This is one of them and the last. Everyone raved about this so I thought I would try it, Again I couldn't of been more wrong! I spray around 3-4 sprays on my pillows just as Im going to bed and I'm not sure how long it takes exactly, but Im just out like a light! Its amazing, smells lovely, it has lavender which definitely helps you sleep. I'd say I'm asleep within 15-25 minutes at most which is amazing for me. The link above though is for the smaller bottle,  I couldn't find my bigger bottle online, I did get it from Space Nk though.

Lush Twilight Bath Ballistic £3.35 - HERE
I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner, (Massive Twilight fan!) it was the scent that put me off and I just  had other favourites in Lush I tended not to move away from. Again it cottons lavender, great to help you get to sleep. Combine this and the pillow spray and i had the best night sleep ever, they're the new dream team. It looks fantastic as it fizzes away too and turns the bath a dark shimmery purple. 

Hopefully this post didn't bore you, i know not everyone has M.E. but not sleeping and sore achy muscles are such common problems I thought It would be nice to share what I've found that I find works. Plus you don't have to use these for those reasons, especially the lush stuff is just lovely as a nice pamper treat at any time! 

Eloise x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites

Hi Guys,

Ive not done a favourites post in ages! So there was a lot to pick from, but I thought I'd just do my very recent favourites and the ones I've been desperate to share with you! (Posh Pop I'm looking at you!...)
Ive just realised most of my favourites this month are mostly smelly things, especially Lush, more Lush products almost made the cut! They might appear next month instead though...
This is probably no surprise to see Lush in my favourites, if you follow me on Instagram you might of seen that I may of stocked up on the Sparkler Bath Balistic... It just smells so good! Like Rose Jam Shower Gel in fact,  It pains me to say this is limited edition for Halloween. (Lush you better bring this back next year!) As well as smelling fantastic its sparkly! Inside the yellow shell is a sparkly well of sparkles? So definitely pick it up quick before they're all gone!

Daddy-O is another Lush favourite this month, I had ombre put into my hair a few months ago and it had started to go brassy. I tried a few purple shampoo's but none of them were lifting the brassiness. My mum always went on about the Daddy-O shampoo and I think I can remember using it when I was little. Ive been using it every other day for about two weeks and its really lightened my ombre! It smells like parma violets too which is always a winner.
Im obsessed with the Breckland Orchard Posh Pop, specifically the Sloe Lemonade. I first tried this when I went to Summer in the City, in a little cafe in Hammersmith. Then when I saw it in Selfridges back when I was at the Illamasqua Distinction Awards I had to pick up some bottles. Ive been rationing this one so I could photograph it. Created by Claire who founded her very own business, only sold in cafes and food halls though which kind of makes me sad as we don't have a Selfridges in Glasgow! 

Ive also loved Zoella Blissful Mistful, Im so surprised this isn't all gone the amount Ive been using it, Its been fantastic to just chuck in my bag and take it with me. it's perfect for everyday as its so light and I think fresh but a teeny bit sweet. I did a review of it a few months ago so  I won't go on, you can find it HERE.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry has become probably one of the only things I've worn on my lips this month. Usually I have lipsticks and lip glosses come out of my ears, but this month because I've been so busy I just wanted something quick. It's not my favourite scent but its got such a nice colour pay off and suits this time of year perfectly. Maybelline have a much better description of the baby lips than I can ever explain, which is here*.

Eloise x

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