Thursday, 6 November 2014

Models Own Autumn Winter 14

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd do a review on the new Models Own HyperGel shades that have just launched, I just want to say though, I did win these on their Instagram, which I can't believe! But I am writing this with 100% my own opinions and Im very excited to try them as i haven't actually tried any of their Hyper Gel polishes yet!
Theres 5 shades in the new collection for winter, the other shades in the Hyper Gel range are mostly bright and summer/spring time ready, it's nice to have these darker shades in the range now.
Ebony Green - I love this green, it could easily become my favourite from the bunch. Its a beautiful emerald jewel toned green which is always lovely at this time of year.

Raven Red - Firstly I love the name, It looks more black than red in some lights. Though thats basically what it is a reddened black, I love these types of shades as it gets closer to winter and it gets darker. This would could be competition for Ebony Green.

Brunette Red - I struggle to find a red shade that I love wearing on my nails, hence I own a lot of red nail polish that sits in a drawer. This is more of the classic red compared to the Raven Red, Its a blue toned red, plus the brightest of the lot.

Pitch Purple - I have this on my nails just now, I don't like wearing purple on my nails really but I think I've fallen for this shade, it does have a bit more of a blue undertone again and is another jewel like shade.

Inky Blue - I don't wear blue much again, I have to say this may be my least favourite but at the same time Im really excited to try it. It might change my ideas on blue, with one coat its quite bright, but then with the second coat its a lot darker.
(Swatches: One Coat, Left to Right - Inky Blue, Pitch Purple, Brunette Red, Raven Red and Ebony Green)
(Swatches: Two Coats , Left to Right - Inky Blue, Pitch Purple, Brunette Red, Raven Red and Ebony Green)

They went on really well with the first coat, I did find them a little more difficult to apply when it came to the second coat, but I think it was more that I didn't have enough on the brush. As with some shades I had more on the brush and it applied better. Ive also found they don't chip very quickly either which is fantastic! Plus they dry so fast, which I love because I always smudge my nails!

Each polish is £4.99 and available HERE.

Eloise x


  1. I kinda forgot about Models Own after they were taken out of Boots stores. I'd love to try these though, the red one looks particularly nice!

    Sam |

  2. The colors are pretty for sure and I like their names ;) I wouldn't mind to own them, haha!


  3. Ooo they are so shiny!!

    Alice x


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