Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader!

Hi Everyone, 

As of tomorrow Google Reader will be no more *sniff sniff* all though I'm new to having my own blog, I used to read other blog's (and still do) and think it was a really nice touch, as you can actually see that people are actually reading your blog and plus it just seemed like a nice way to know/see your followers (in a non creepy way that is).

So I thought id do a quick blog post just to say where else you can find us on-line and other ways to follow Mallow Beauty Blog!

Twitter: @mallowbeauty
(I really have to start tweeting more, But I will!)


BlogLovin: Here

It'll be sad to see Google Reader go and I can say I doubt I'll be moving over to Google+ (Does anyone else find it annoyingly complicated too?) But I think that's Google's plan.

Plus make sure you back up all your favourite blogs quickly you don't want to lose any!

Eloise x

London and IMats Haul

Hi Everyone,

So in my last post I said I would do a Haul of what I got in London and at Imats, I didn't get as much as I thought I would, I mostly picked up things I really wanted to get a few other things that drew me in.

I just want to say I don't mean this in any type of bragging way, I just like to read these types of posts and wanted to do something new, So I hope you all like this kind of post too. I've left links to practically everything next to the names, anything not linked I just couldn't find, sorry. So this is everything I got at Imats and London last weekend....
I just want to firstly say as well that I love the bags Make Up forever gave out at Imats, They were like little fabric bags which I thought were a great little extra.
H&M Skull Scarf - £4.99 here (I can only find it in black on-line though)
Paperchase Moustache Tin - £1.99 
Primark Floral Cream Dress - £13.00
Barry M Glitter Polish in Rose Quartz - £2.99 here
Barry M Superdrug  Limited Edition Polish in Green - £3.99 here
Barry M Boots Limited Edition Polish in Pink and Yellow - £3.99 here
Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Polish in Pomegranate - £3.99 here

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in San Paulo and Antwerp - Imats Price: £4 here
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 - Imats Price: £9.43  here
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in San Paulo and Antwerp - Imats Price: Around £8 here.
Bdellium Tools Blending Brush 776 - Imats Price: £5 here
Amazing Shine Lashes 138 - £1.99 here=
 (Boxes Top Left to Bottom Right then Left to Right: MAC Concealer NC15, NYX San Paulo, NYX Antwerp, Barry M Boots Yellow (2 Coats), Barry M Boots Pink (2 Coats), Barry M Rose Quartz (1 Coat), Over Barry M Pomegranate (2 Coats), Barry M Superdrug Green (2 Coats), Barry M Rose Quartz (2 Coats))

I picked up the two NYX lip creams, as you may of noticed I already have San Paulo but I love it that much I've nearly already ran out of my first one, so I picked up a spare and thought I'd try another colour too. I also picked up the rest of the Barry M limited edition colours as I'm a bit OCD over nail varnish collections..

Then I had heard Zoella and Louise rave about Bdellium brushes so I knew I had to try one, Plus the 776 is apparently a dupe for the MAC 217. MAC have also discontinued my Studio Sculpt Concealer so to try to ration it I picked up Studio Finish as a substitute. Then lastly I knew I had to pick up something from Make Up Forever as we don't have it in the UK, So I needed a brown eye-liner and it just made sense (See how I convince myself I need something when I really don't.)

Then the other purchases were just things I liked and hadn't seen in my local H&M's and Primark's, Plus the tin had moustaches on (aka I needed it just for that reason!)

If youd like a review on anything just leave me a comment down below on what you'd like to see, I would love to hear any post suggestions! I hope you all liked this post too and once again well done if you got to the end! 

Eloise x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

London and IMats

Hi Everyone, 

If you've seen my last blog post you'll know I was off to London and IMats last weekend, So I thought id do a bit of a blog post on my experience as it was my first time at IMats and just overall going to London.

Also sorry that some of the pictures aren't that good quality and that there isn't as many as I thought there would be, I forgot to take my phone with me. So I wasn't used to this new camera.
So on the Friday I spent the day going round some of my favourite shopping destinations and some new ones like Carnaby Street (I loved the shiny shimmery Union Jack flag). I popped into Pixi to see if I could get some of there Blog Famous Glow Tonic, Still out of stock so I gave up and decided to save my money for IMats. I did go into liberty too though and if your near there make sure to go into the chocolate shop. (The Summer Pudding Chocolate!). I also went down to Beak Street and went into Illamasqua and the one and only David Horne was in there!!! 

Next I had to stop off at Selfridge's after watching Mr Selfridge (Hurry up series two!) I had to go see if the building was actually like that inside, It is! Its amazing to actually look at the design of it once you take the time to. I also went along and cued up for the Charlotte Tilbury House of Rock and Kohl only to be told it wasn't open. But I did still get some pictures of the Kate Moss window displays, Which look amazing in person!
Then on Saturday I excitedly went along to IMats after the nightmare that was getting there! (None of the tube services to the Olympia were running). Then once there we had to cue for half an hour to get inside for our wristbands. Once inside I was just about ready to run off on a mad spree!
MAC had 35% off if you signed up for a pro card, Nars had 60% off!! I did cue for an hour just to look at the make up at NYX, not even to pay, Just to look! I wouldn't of done it if I wasn't desperate for two things. The only problem was after all the shopping there was no where to go and sit down and have a drink, except from pizza express so I think that could of been organised a bit better. I wasn't disappointed with IMats I just wish it had been organised better, However these lovely people made it worth while...
Sammi and Patrica seemed so over whelmed by all the people desperate to get pictures with them, But they were both lovely! Louise, Louise was just hilarious and said that I had good taste as we both had the same jacket (Could of died with happiness!). Both Louise and Ruth held the Social Media talk which was Hilarious but also very informative, I picked up some good tips. Ruth was just overall amazing as well and was so lovely. Finally I met Fleur and Ingrid first, I was actually so shocked and star struck that it was actually them that all that seemed to come out of my mouth was hguhdfsoshgudhfpo. 

I would just like to say a huge Thank you to everyone for the pictures they took with me, All the girls were so lovely and just amazing. (I'm lost for words just thinking about it again.)

I'm going to put up a haul post of what I got from IMats and London as I think this post is long enough as it is without mentioning what I got. I actually didn't get as much as I thought I would, I'm also kicking myself for not picking anything up at Nars!

If you want to hear anything more about my trip or anything, even what you want to see in future blog posts, Leave a comment below and Ill try and do it for you!

Eloise x

P.S. Sorry this has been such a rambling blog post, Well done if you've made it to the end!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's in my Make Up Bag #1 - London IMats

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd show you all what I'm taking with me to go to IMats and London this weekend, Seeing as I'm probably going to over pack in the make up department I'm not going to go into detail about everything, But if I've reviewed anything I'll leave links so that if you want to find out a bit more you can.
My make up bag I won in a raffle, Its actually the free bag that you get if you bought Prada Candy. 
Benefit Porefessional 
Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation in Ivory
YSL Touché E'clat Foundation in BD 20
YSL Touché Eclat in Luminous Radiance 
Illamasqua Blusher in Unrequited
Benefit High Beam
Collection Loose Powder in Barely There 01
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW15

My Mac Palette 
Mac Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch
Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Lestat
Chanel Long Wear Eye-shadow in Emmerveille
E.L.F Eye-shadow Primer in Sheer
E.L.F Cream Eye-liner in Black
Rimmel Day to Night Mascara in Black
Avon Super Shock Gel Liner in Black

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake in Thunder
MUA Mascara in Clear

NYX Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo
Mac Lipsticks in Girl About Town and Creme Cup
Balmi Lip Balm in Raspberry
YSL Glossy Stain in 11
(Why I need for lip sticks is beyond me, I've convinced myself I just need options?)

I thought seeing as I was going to be out practically all day each day, I don't want to be constantly touching up my make up. Which is why most of these products are actually high end, Just so they last throughout the day (I hope!).

If You'd Like to see a review on any of these products leave me a comment down below of which ones and I'll do a post on them for you! 

Eloise x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clarins One Step Water Cleansers

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd post about some skincare products for once, So as I've been newly testing out these water cleansers I thought I'd do a little review on them for you all. I am a Clarins Skincare Girl, So I might eventually get round on doing reviews on different cleansers and things from Clarins if that's something you'd like to see!
These Cleansers are basically a Micellar water just like Bioderma and seeing as Bioderma is a nightmare to get a hold of in the UK, I wanted to try these to see what a Micellar water is like. These Clarins ones come in two different types one for a Oily skin and one for a Dry skin.

You basically soak a couple of cotton pads in these and then wipe away your make up, Its a very quick and easy way to do it if your having a lazy day.
Firstly is the Water Comfort One Step Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin, This is the first one that I picked up (the fact it said peach essential water drew me in) and It really does smell like peaches! This is where you need a scratch and sniff button because it just smells amazing!Peach also is very gentle on the skin which is great for this type of skin type.
Next is the Oily/Combination Skin version Water Purify One Step Cleanser, This one I'm not so keen on the smell, It has mint essential water in it instead of peach. Mint is used as it really soothes redness and purifies which is what you need with a oily/Combination skin. I've found that this isn't very harsh on my drier patches of skin too.

I think the peach one is definitely my favourite, I think these are great to use in the morning and to take off the bulk of my make up at night before continuing with a more thorough cleanse, all though as mentioned before I just love how easy these are as a quick fix!

Both of these are £19.50 for 200ml, which are quite pricey but I think skincare is something to invest in.
Water Comfort One Step Cleanser - Here.
Water Purify One Step Cleanser - Here.

Id love to know if you'd like to see any more skincare posts like this, or just overall any posts you'd like to see, just leave me a comment down below and I'll do my best to do a post on it!

Eloise x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Barry M Summer: Confetti and Limited Editions

Hi Everyone,

I have been hunting round Superdrug for days, (Driving the assistants mad) Trying to get a hold of the new limited edition polishes and confetti polishes by Barry M. Every time I went they either had the limited edition ones and not the confetti ones or the other way round! But at last I've got my hands on one of each and a little random permanent nail paint that I've fallen in love with!
Firstly is the new Confetti Effect Polishes, These have been released in five Colours and I have Marshmallow! 
Marshmallow is a clear colour with densely packed matte baby pink and white strip glitter, This is the confetti I've been the most desperate to get. Not only for the name Marsh'Mallow' but just because its pink. I do quite like sour apple too though, so that's next on the list. Its the same but with a turquoise, yellow and green strip glitter. 
Next I picked up a glitter from their standard Nail Paint line, This is in Aqua Glitter and I am kicking myself for not picking this up before, I think I'm in love with yet another nail polish! You only need two coats its that packed with glitter. Plus it dries super quick and still hasn't chipped after 3 days of wear with no topcoat.
Lastly is one of the Summer Limited Editions this one for Superdrug but there is also two for Boots. I picked up the neon pink from Superdrug but there's also a lime green. Its quite a sheer polish which I like because it makes it quite easy to wear, Surprisingly it dried quicker than I expected, It has however started to chip after two days wear, but I haven't tried it with a topcoat.
(Swatches - Left to Right: Superdrug Summer Limited Edition Neon Pink (Two Coats), Aqua Glitter (Two Coats), Marshmallow Confetti Effect (Two Coats) and Superdrug Summer Limited Edition Neon Pink (Two Coats) with Marshmallow Confetti Effect (One Coat) over the top.)

You can pick up Aqua Glitter for £2.99 here.
Marshmallow Confetti Effect for £3.99 here.
And the Limited Edition Summer Neon Polish for free when you spend £6 on Barry M in Superdrug.

I really like all three polishes overall, Maybe even Aqua Glitter as my favourite, I do wish that the Limited Edition Neon Pink just didn't chip so quickly but that just might be my fault. 

Have you tried any of these polishes? Got any recommendations for which ones I should add to the collection next? Also Id love to hear from you all about the posts you'd like to see, So leave a comment down below on the types of posts you like!

Eloise x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June GlossyBox

Hi Everyone,

Today is a GlossyBox Post! I would just like to say thank you as my last GlossyBox post has just reached 850 views, That's nearly 1000! I'm dumbfounded! I can't believe it, So thank you to everyone who has read it! 
This month's boxes theme is Summer Looks, so all the products inside are to update your make up bag from Spring to Summer, That is if we ever get a summer. 
I was a tiny bit disappointed when I first opened the box as it seems kind of empty, But looking at it again there are three full sized products and one very generous sample size.
1) Monu Professional Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15 (£29.95 for 50ml) Ives tried quite a few Monu Products through GlossyBox, I love their eye gel. I'm really hoping I like this product as I really need a Hydrating Moisturiser but as its suitable for all skin types it'll hopefully be ok on the more oily parts of my face.

2) Me Me Me Cosmetics Long Lasting Nail Gloss in Innocent (£5 for 12ml) I've never tried any Me Me Me polishes and it does look like a unusual colour in the bottle, but I do kind of like it as a more natural shade as it seems quite sheer.

3) Helen E Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Powder in Shade 16 (£5 for 1.5g) All my friends love Helen E, as they are always at the Clothes Show and Beauty Show's I have to admit its not really a brand I've ever wanted to try. This seems like a nice shimmer shadow id maybe use as a highlight, Its sort of a champagne, surprisingly silver shade.

4) Figs & Rouge Lip Balm in Cherry Blossom £5 for (12.5ml) I love the Figs & Rouge Lip Balm in the tin, So I have high hopes for this one, straight away I loved it as its bright pink! Don't worry though on the lips its not as bright. I cant say it tastes as nice on the lips as the tinned one does though.

5) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR (£34 for 100ml) I think I received the original version of this in a GlossyBox last year, Just from swatching this though I really like it (The swatches don't do it justice) Its a lovely Radiant natural shimmer glow and it smells amazing!
(Swatches Left - Top to Bottom and Right: Figs& Rouge Lip Balm in Cherry Blossom, Nuxe Dry Oil OR, Helen E Eye Shimmer in Shade 16 and Me Me Me Nail Gloss in Innocent (2 Coats))

Unfortunately my IPhone Camera just didn't do these products justice when swatching them, They do look better in person!

Overall I think I'm pleasantly surprised with this box, I'm pretty sure I'll use everything in this box at one point. Plus they're all kind of handy sizes to travel with too, which I like.

Have you got this Months GlossyBox? What do you think? 
I'd also love it if anyone has any Ideas for upcoming Blog Posts, What would you like to see?

Eloise x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

May Favourites!

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally back I got stuck in a major blogging mind block! Firstly I can’t believe its June already, which means monthly favourite’s time. I haven’t really got many beauty favourites this month, I mostly stick to the same things or constantly change, which doesn't give me many options for favourites. So these are the things I've been using the most which have changed this month:
I've been using the Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder since I got it at the start of the month, I am uploading a review on this soon, but I used to fill in my eyebrows with MAC Omega. Until I went to the Illamasqua event with Leena (link) and she used this, it’s like I've hardly dented it as well!
Next is a bit of a surprise favourite, The E.L.F blusher in Innocence, This blush I kind of threw in the back of a drawer and I was playing around with make up and re discovered it. As quickly as id done that I had managed to throw it on the floor and smash it! Typical! I've just looked at the website too and it seems to be repackaged. The packaging was a downside, but otherwise its great on paler skins and gives a nice flush.
My Rimmel mascara has been much loved, obviously by how battered around it is... However I cant use the pink bit because I found it made my lashes fall out. The thinner brush is amazing though, I've loved it because you get such natural lashes with it but you can also build it up and make them look thicker too.
Lastly is the Porefessional by Benefit, I'm not sure how I survived without this before, it really does minimise pores and it lasts for ages, I've only been using a tiny bit out of this sample practically every day and I've got loads left. However I am dreading having to buy the full size at one point.
(Swatches: Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder Blended, Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder, E.L.F Blusher in Innocence)

Another big favourite is everyone here who reads the blog, as I cant believe my GlossyBox post has reached 791 views!!! That's amazing so thanks to everyone who has read it!

Also I'm going to IMats this month, so I'm planning quite a few IMats related posts, So hopefully Ill finally be back to blogging regularly again!

Are any of these your favourites too? What are your monthly favourites?

Eloise x
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