Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clarins One Step Water Cleansers

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd post about some skincare products for once, So as I've been newly testing out these water cleansers I thought I'd do a little review on them for you all. I am a Clarins Skincare Girl, So I might eventually get round on doing reviews on different cleansers and things from Clarins if that's something you'd like to see!
These Cleansers are basically a Micellar water just like Bioderma and seeing as Bioderma is a nightmare to get a hold of in the UK, I wanted to try these to see what a Micellar water is like. These Clarins ones come in two different types one for a Oily skin and one for a Dry skin.

You basically soak a couple of cotton pads in these and then wipe away your make up, Its a very quick and easy way to do it if your having a lazy day.
Firstly is the Water Comfort One Step Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin, This is the first one that I picked up (the fact it said peach essential water drew me in) and It really does smell like peaches! This is where you need a scratch and sniff button because it just smells amazing!Peach also is very gentle on the skin which is great for this type of skin type.
Next is the Oily/Combination Skin version Water Purify One Step Cleanser, This one I'm not so keen on the smell, It has mint essential water in it instead of peach. Mint is used as it really soothes redness and purifies which is what you need with a oily/Combination skin. I've found that this isn't very harsh on my drier patches of skin too.

I think the peach one is definitely my favourite, I think these are great to use in the morning and to take off the bulk of my make up at night before continuing with a more thorough cleanse, all though as mentioned before I just love how easy these are as a quick fix!

Both of these are £19.50 for 200ml, which are quite pricey but I think skincare is something to invest in.
Water Comfort One Step Cleanser - Here.
Water Purify One Step Cleanser - Here.

Id love to know if you'd like to see any more skincare posts like this, or just overall any posts you'd like to see, just leave me a comment down below and I'll do my best to do a post on it!

Eloise x

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