Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader!

Hi Everyone, 

As of tomorrow Google Reader will be no more *sniff sniff* all though I'm new to having my own blog, I used to read other blog's (and still do) and think it was a really nice touch, as you can actually see that people are actually reading your blog and plus it just seemed like a nice way to know/see your followers (in a non creepy way that is).

So I thought id do a quick blog post just to say where else you can find us on-line and other ways to follow Mallow Beauty Blog!

Twitter: @mallowbeauty
(I really have to start tweeting more, But I will!)


BlogLovin: Here

It'll be sad to see Google Reader go and I can say I doubt I'll be moving over to Google+ (Does anyone else find it annoyingly complicated too?) But I think that's Google's plan.

Plus make sure you back up all your favourite blogs quickly you don't want to lose any!

Eloise x

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