Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Barry M Summer: Confetti and Limited Editions

Hi Everyone,

I have been hunting round Superdrug for days, (Driving the assistants mad) Trying to get a hold of the new limited edition polishes and confetti polishes by Barry M. Every time I went they either had the limited edition ones and not the confetti ones or the other way round! But at last I've got my hands on one of each and a little random permanent nail paint that I've fallen in love with!
Firstly is the new Confetti Effect Polishes, These have been released in five Colours and I have Marshmallow! 
Marshmallow is a clear colour with densely packed matte baby pink and white strip glitter, This is the confetti I've been the most desperate to get. Not only for the name Marsh'Mallow' but just because its pink. I do quite like sour apple too though, so that's next on the list. Its the same but with a turquoise, yellow and green strip glitter. 
Next I picked up a glitter from their standard Nail Paint line, This is in Aqua Glitter and I am kicking myself for not picking this up before, I think I'm in love with yet another nail polish! You only need two coats its that packed with glitter. Plus it dries super quick and still hasn't chipped after 3 days of wear with no topcoat.
Lastly is one of the Summer Limited Editions this one for Superdrug but there is also two for Boots. I picked up the neon pink from Superdrug but there's also a lime green. Its quite a sheer polish which I like because it makes it quite easy to wear, Surprisingly it dried quicker than I expected, It has however started to chip after two days wear, but I haven't tried it with a topcoat.
(Swatches - Left to Right: Superdrug Summer Limited Edition Neon Pink (Two Coats), Aqua Glitter (Two Coats), Marshmallow Confetti Effect (Two Coats) and Superdrug Summer Limited Edition Neon Pink (Two Coats) with Marshmallow Confetti Effect (One Coat) over the top.)

You can pick up Aqua Glitter for £2.99 here.
Marshmallow Confetti Effect for £3.99 here.
And the Limited Edition Summer Neon Polish for free when you spend £6 on Barry M in Superdrug.

I really like all three polishes overall, Maybe even Aqua Glitter as my favourite, I do wish that the Limited Edition Neon Pink just didn't chip so quickly but that just might be my fault. 

Have you tried any of these polishes? Got any recommendations for which ones I should add to the collection next? Also Id love to hear from you all about the posts you'd like to see, So leave a comment down below on the types of posts you like!

Eloise x


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