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My MAC Palette

Hi Guys,

I feel like its almost a blogger tradition to build a MAC Palette, of course its not necessary, but oh so tempting to do. I fell for the temptation and started to build my own MAC Palette a few years ago. Now again of course these can be built as quickly or as slowly as you like, it did take me quite a few years to finally fill my 15 Pan Palette, I just loved the idea of getting a new shadow as a little treat while shopping. 
I do always feel a little overwhelmed looking at the shade range that MAC carries as it is so vast. I found looking through other posts and videos really helped me pick the shades I added to my collection. Recently I've found myself reaching for it that bit more, as its getting into autumn and I'm starting to put down the brighter shades, I think this is my perfect Autumn neutral palette.

It's not exactly the cheapest feat at creating a palette, but I justified it as the Pro Pans are that bit cheaper than the single shadows. Plus its perfect to travel with, hence why mine is battered and bruised. 
Top Row 
Vanilla - The trusty velvet highlight shade, loved by many, including me. Although if you want a really strong highlight I recommend the loose pigment version of this. Vanilla subtly highlights with its light cream colour, I especially like it as a brow bone highlight.
Omega - Omega was my go to for my brows back before Illamasqua Brow Cake, its matte finish makes it perfect for this. Especially for blondes as it defines naturally and not too strongly, which is probably why I fell out of using it for my brows... haha
Patina - This frost almost khaki, but I guess you would probably just class it as a really cool brown. Basically its a difficult one to describe haha, It's the perfect all over the eye, everyday shadow. It's not too dark and suits every eye colour. 
Mulch - I always think that Mulch is a bronze that's not quite bronze (if that makes any sense at all!), it has more of a nice looking dirty brown colour to it, yet its got that shimmer to it too. If I want a quick all over the eye smoky bronze look, then I will always usually reach for this.
Cranberry - Cranberry is the shade I wish I used more of and every single year I say I will and never do. However I think if I was to pick up Club from MAC, I would use it more due to the duo chrome olive tones that pair so well with the frosty berry shade.

Middle Row
Shale - Shale is a satin and a strange one to describe colour wise, although it looks purple in the pan, it actually swatches like a grey with a lilac tone. Again its another one that's lovely just over the lid.
Expensive Pink - I went through a bit of a pink shadow phase when Expensive Pink was bought, it is probably one of my least used shades now, but I just have a new love of purple instead. If you’re looking for a more rosy rose gold, then this is it. It’s from the Veluxe Pearl range from MAC too so it’s quite a shiny one.

Sable - Sable is my go to if I want the eye look that I can get with Mulch, but this time a more true bronze with that bit more shimmer due to the frostiness of it.
Woodwinked - I will never ever get sick of this shade, it is the prettiest gold I have ever seen. Which also looks amazing all over the lid and buffed into the crease, due to it going slightly orange in tone, creating an amazing pulled together eye look. Yet it's only been created with the one shade. 
Naked Lunch - This is a particular favourite of mine and the only MAC shadow I've ever had to re-buy (They last forever!). Part of the frost family, this pretty pale champagne pink is beautiful all over the lid.

Bottom Row
Sketch - This dark purple/berry satin shade is the best for a coloured liner in the Autumn. It's one of the most beautiful berry shades that MAC does and as its a satin, it looks lovely in the crease, unlike a shade such as cranberry which would just reflect.
Charcoal Brown - I love Charcoal Brown for its versatility, it's really just a standard warm toned matte brown. But it pairs fantastically with Omega for more detention on a blonde brow, can be used alone for a brunette brow and defines the crease of the eye easily.
Carbon - I'm going to admit straight away, Carbon is probably my biggest regret of the entire palette. I  just wanted a matte black shade, although I wanted one with actual pigment to it, it does take a lot of building up to get a strong colour. So unless I want a really soft smudge, I tend to go else where.
Trax - Trax is a beautiful velvet shade, which I am yet to give a home as I'm still yet to buy another palette. The downside to only having 15 slots, once you've completed it you just want more. I love the plum shade to this with the subtle gold sparkle, its very pretty on blue and green eyes especially.
Haux - I will admit to only buying Haux because Tanya Burr mentioned that she uses it over the By Terry Ombré Blackstar in Misty Rock, it was one of the prettiest simple eye looks I had ever seen. The slight purple satin tone also looks really nice on its own, or especially with Naked Lunch.
Orb - Finally Orb is just a fantastic satin pale pink, lovely for all over the eye for a no makeup, makeup look.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Carbon, Trax, Haux, Orb, Vanilla, Omega, Patina, Mulch, Cranberry, Shale, Expensive Pink, Sable, Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Sketch & Charcoal Brown)

There are a couple that I'd maybe miss out if I was to rebuild it, (Carbon I'm looking at you!) but thats just trial and error and through finding other similar shades, from other brands. But if you're looking at creating a fully customizable palette, especially a neutral one, I always find myself reaching for mine.

Eloise x


  1. Great colour choices for your palette, I've never build my own palette but I have two pre built ones (one of the normal collection and the brooke shields one from last year)

    I love Mac so much

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Absolutely love the colour choices in your palette, they all look beautiful together!

    Beka. xo

  3. such a stunning palette you put together. I love many of these shades, but cranberry I don't own and it looks so beautiful!!

  4. This is such an enviable collection! x

  5. Love the shades you've picked for your palette! I'm planning on building one in the near future and your recommendations really helped, thanks! xx

    Ciara Rose | AllureImpassionedGoddess

  6. So many gorgeous shades - love this as it gives me an idea where to start with Mac shadows! Great post:)

    Lucy |

  7. I love the sound of creating your own palette, at least you can pick and chose then! You have some super gorgeous colours, perfect for autumn! :) xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  8. OMGoddd your platte is divine! I really want to create my own but I know I'd just want to get it filled quickly, and it would just rinse my bank account! It's such a love;y thing to have though!

    Made In The 1990's.

  9. You have such a great range of colours, it looks great!


  10. What a gorgeous palette you have created, definitely perfect as we are now moving into the Autumn months. I'd love to create my own someday, it's a shame you regret buying Carbon.

    Toni x

  11. Honestly, if I would see a MAC Pro Palette sold with these particular shades (apart from Carbon then..) I'd be pretty tempted to buy it! I'm really feeling your shade choices here. I've been thinking of starting my own 15-pan palette and did collect a few shades already which I have in a quad for now. It's actually the first time I heard about Shale, and it looks gorgeous!

    Laura London

  12. oh wow! amazing shades. perfect autumn colors. shame that i'm not good at doing a make-up for myself, but I'm really into those sparkly ones! :)
    Vaida @


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