Monday, 31 August 2015

A Lush Pamper

Hi Guys,

Having a Lush Bath is one of my favourite things to do to have a bit of a relax. Especially with all the new Oxford Street goodies that have now hit the stores now and dare I say it, this is actually the first time I've gotten round to using these since my London Trip! So a really good Lush Pamper is on the cards!
I love the fact that Lush Baths don't have to be a really long soak and full pamper routine, although that is preferred! But you can have such a great relax, so easily with them, even when youre trying to cram it into your busy schedule!
Two new products that I have been loving together have been Intergalactic Bath Ballistic and Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar. Granny Takes a Dip as a Bath Ballistic, was always one of my all time favourites due to the ginger and pepper ingredients, which are lovely for aching muscles and the bubble bar is no different. It also includes lemon too, which is a great one to wake you up a bit!

Intergalactic Bath Ballistic, is maybe one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen, the colours it creates as it fizzies away. To the beautiful dark blue, that it turns your water into, that really is like looking at the night sky full of stars. The scent itself is invigoratingly minty, which if the lemon hasn't woken you up, this will!
The ever so popular Comforter Bubble Bar has turned into a Comforter Shower Cream, which is fast becoming one of my all time favourite Shower Gel's from Lush. However as its more of a cream, its a lot more moisturising on the skin and I find the scent does last that bit longer too. The scent itself is blackberry based and just like its name, very comforting.

I'll admit, my feet aren't something I tend to remember, I guess mainly because how many exciting foot products are their actually out there? So as soon as I spotted the Pumice Power Foot Soap, I thought thats a little different. Its such a simple and quick product to use too, with orange again for a bit of a refresh. It also creates quite a thick almost cream, so its not as harsh on the skin.
A favourite body butter of mine is the King of Skin Body Butter, I think the idea behind a Solid Body Butter is just genius. I always find this quicker to use and I'm not sure if thats just a mental thing rather than it actually being any quicker, although it does save on packaging too! King of Skin is packed full of bananas, which I love so thats me already sold, but bananas are actually a great source of nourishment to the skin, along with other ingredients, this is a brilliant one for dehydrated skin.

The Don't Look at Me Face Mask, is probably one of my all time favourite face masks just down to the look of it. Having a bright blue surf face is quite hilarious, but practicality wise it does so much for your skin. From exfoliating, to nourishing, softening and toning, its like the wonder mask, it does everything in the one go!

I have to say, even after just having one, I think I fancy another pamper now haha! 

Eloise x

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Friday, 28 August 2015

A Homely Update

Hi Guys,

Over the past few weeks while I've had time off, I decided to get my room sorted out. It's quite an awkward shape so trying to fit my furniture in has been quite a challenge, but I think I'm finally alright with how it is and no longer smacking my shins off the bed!
I've also become just a tad obsessed with homeware, but really who can help it as there's so many great little bits out there at the moment. Plus I've got a new obsession with IKEA hacks, as if my IKEA obsession needed any more fuelling. Or my copper one which, well you'll see...
Ive wanted somewhere to keep my perfumes as when I keep them in the bottom of the drawer, quite a few get forgotten about. So the IKEA SKURAR Candle Dish seemed a good place to start. Plus once I moved around the furniture the IKEA Alex Drawers for my makeup, now act as the perfect way to block the suns rays from my perfume!

Primark also have a great stationary copper range available at the moment, including a Magazine File and Pencil Pot. Which have been perfect to keep any large books and magazines together as well as keep my new colouring in obsession neat and tidy.

I also picked up their To Do Chalk Board, which I thought I could fit all the blog twitter chats on, however theres more of them than there is space. So for just now theres only a few on there but it may change.

Two of my favourite other shops to pick up homeware bits, especially in copper are Marks and Spencer's and Oliver Bonas. Where I found the Jewellery Box and Trinket Box, Marks and Spencer's is actually a fantastic shop for homeware, especially at Christmas time!
The laptop stand over my bed is actually my first IKEA hack, it might not be the most impressive. As it is just the VITTSJO Laptop Stand sprayed copper, but it actually worked so I'm pleased with that! I also sprayed a little Hello Sign from Primark that hangs over my bed. I actually thought when I saw the Instagram pictures of this that it was copper and not neon orange, but I had my heart set on copper!

I also house all my camera caps for some reason in a Copper Bamboo Bowl from Oliver Bonas on my dressing table. Along with my favourite nail varnish of the moment from Tanya Burr's new range, called Duvet Day

Finally I love picking up little bits like my Copper Tea Light Holders, from a local shop called Scissors Paper Stones. Its like a little treasure trove of homeware, crafts and personalised gifts!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hi Guys,

One of my favourite beauty Youtube guru's Tanya Burr, has recently relaunched her makeup line, Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I am a huge fan of her old and now sadly discontinued line with EyeCandy, but with all these brand new goodies being brought to the table you cant be disappointed. 
The new line consists of 11 Lip Glosses, 12 Nail Varnishes, 4 sets of False Lashes, 3 Eye Shadow Palettes and a Brow Palette. The packaging has been updated from plain black with pink hearts, to mainly a gold with scalloped pink details, still with the signature heart. The Eye Shadow Palettes and Brow Palette have also been given a colourful makeover, with each one having a different colour.
Tanya's Original Line was made up of Lip Glosses and Nail Varnishes, which then went onto include Individual Lashes. So these have stayed, give or take a few switches, in the new line.

I picked up the Lip Gloss in I Found Nemo - £5.99, as in the first line, this went quickly! I have been trying to find this for quite a while and just never managed to get my hands on it, the shade itself is a creamy, very well pigmented bright coral. It sits beautifully and isn't sticky, which for a lipgloss at that price can be tricky to find. I find the texture to be almost buttery, the packaging has gotten a makeover, which I think gives it a more expensive feel. I love that the dofus applicator has stayed the same, as it gives you just the right amount of product. The shade range has reduced in size, with the best sellers and Tanya's favourites staying and there are no new shades in the line up, but a new watermelon flavour instead.

The Nail Polishes on the other hand have had new additions to the family, with 6 of the original shades and 6 new ones. I got a new Nail Polish in Duvet Day - £4.99, which is actually the kind of shade I had thought that Penguin Chick might of been when that first launched. Its a beautiful light grey with blue undertones, I think its also one of those shades that goes with almost everything too. It does need 2-3 coats, due to it being such a light shade, although its quite opaque, it can go on streaky. The packaging has lost its chunky square shape, to a new thinner rectangular bottle, very like the new Nails Inc design. One thing I have noticed however is that there is less product in the new versions, but then for the price and glossy quick drying finish that you get, I can live with it.

Lashes were still quite new to the old collection and as a non lash wearer myself, I actually really loved them. They don't seem to have changed much at all, other than slimmer packaging. The Individual Lashes - £5.49, feel lovely and thin, in a way that I find they blend in a lot better with the natural lashes while still giving definition. However personally for me, the second two rows to the bottom are just a bit uncomfortably long, but if you prefer a natural wispy lash, these are lovely.
A brand new foray, but something I think is perfect for Tanya and her love for Brows is the Perfect Brow Palette - £7, It includes 4 shades, a set of mini tweezers and a slanted brush. The shades are mainly matte, except from Fairy Cake which as the brow highlight shade has more of a soft shimmer finish to it. Pebble; is fantastic for blondes with its cool undertones, there is also Chestnut; which has more of a red undertone and finally Hot Cocoa; which is a dark matte brown. I love that you can mix and match with all of these and add more definition to the brows using various shades. All for shades are also nicely pigmented and easy to work with, staying on the brows really well. I actually also don't mind the tweezers and the slanted brush is surprisingly soft and a good one to have on the go, which usually doesn't happen. 
Finally I have the Hollywood Eye Shadow Palette - £6, this one I think for me does just scream Hollywood glamour, that gold! There is also two other shade variations, Galaxy, which offers a cooler selection and Fairytale, which is perfect for a neutral everyday eye. The four shades in the Hollywood Palette include Nude Delight; a satin pale cream, Gold Coin; a shimmer pale gold, Bookworm; a warm shimmer cocoa brown and Enchantment; a shimmery old gold with a bit of glitter. The glitter isn't also as much of a problem as I thought it would be, as it doesn't create very much fall out at all due to the more creamy texture of the palette. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Nude Delight, Gold Coin, Enchantment, Bookworm, I Found Nemo, Fairy Cake, Pebble, Chestnut & Hot Coco.)

I'm very excited to try more from Tanya's new range, especially the rest of the shadow palettes and the rest of the new nail polishes too. After the last range, even though this is very soon, I'm also excited to hopefully see what may be coming in the future... Hello Christmas! 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Guide To: Eyeliner

Hi Guys,

Eyeliner seems to be that beauty mystery, that seems to be nice to us some days and others not so much. Eyeliner struggles are real and they're a huge pain! So after eye shadow I thought the best instalment to follow would be on eye liners! If you want to have a look you can see all the other posts, from brows to primers, here.
There is what seems to be an almost never ending list of different products to try and the newest ones always seem to be the best. But really eyeliner is a very personal thing, everyones going to find something that works better for them. Hopefully this might introduce you to or explain the best ones for certain methods.
Gel Liner is my personal favourite, especially the Illamasqua Gel Liner. It's such a versatile product to have, from being used for flicks to buffing it out as a base for your smoky eye. Plus the Illamasqua one is actually the blackest one you can buy and is safe to use on the waterline. Gel liner on a whole though is slightly tricky to get to grips with at first, but I prefer to use it on a fine tipped brush to a slanted eyeliner brush, but whichever is the most comfortable for you. Unlike some other liners, you also have a bit of play time with a gel, but once its set it won't budge. 

The newest version of Gel liner available is in the form of a pen, made famous by the Benefit They're Real Liner, however I love the Maybelline Gel Pen. These work by housing the gel liner inside a wind up pen, to give you a precise amount to work with each time. Also due to the flexibility of the tip of the pen, you can really get into the lash line. These are a great way to try gel liner if you're looking for something a little easier and steadier to use. 

A more unknown style of liner is Liner Cake, which is basically just like an eyeshadow, that you can mix with a little bit of water or sealing gel, to create a liquid liner that you can use on any brush you prefer. Ben Nye Eyeliner Cake is a personal favourite of mine, due to the pigmentation of the liner once its been mixed. Cake Liners if mixed with water, do set quite quickly as the water evaporates, leaving you with the pigment from the liner. You can also just use a eye shadow of your choice to also do this, however the main difference is that Liner Cake is designed to be mixed with gel or water. As sometimes mixing an eyeshadow can create an annoying film over the product. This method also cant be used on the waterline.
Liquid Liner in a felt tip form is an extremely popular method, due to it being that little bit less messy than your typical liquid liner. They're also compact and great to travel with. The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner, is a classic felt tip liner. The felt tip is great to get a neat line as close to the lashes as possible and depending on the angle that you hold it at the thicker the liner. You cant use this on the waterline as this will sting a lot! Trust me I once foolishly tried it, big mistake! On the plus side they're the best for getting those precise points to your eye makeup look.

I love the idea behind this style of liner, its almost like a safe fork for your eyes, (which in hindsight doesn't sound very appealing...). The 3 Dot Liners that hit the market a few years ago now are perfect to add subtle definition to the lash line and are fantastic to add volume in such a natural way. The  Clarins 3 Dot Liner is the original of its kind and works wonders to the lash line. The applicator has three separate spaced tips, which are perfect to dot a long the lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. If you leave it as dots like that, it will give the illusion of fuller lashes. But at the same time you can also use the pen to dot out your liner and join it up, still with the same pen.

Pencil Liner and Kohl is a classic, its a fantastic one to use on the waterline as its quick and easy. But make sure you pick one that is safe for the waterline, as with all eyeliners that you can use for that. Pencil is also a very quick way to line your upper lashes and to run underneath the eye and smoke out a little bit. However unlike using a liner with a brush, you are unlikely to get a very precise line, it will often be quite thick too unless its sharpened really well. A popular pencil is the MAC Kohl Pencil range, Kohl is a fantastic one to use due to its creaminess and it doesn't tend to drag. Plus they are often really dark, hence the name.

Finally the trusty classic liquid liner, this is actually probably one of the hardest methods to apply. it does take a lot of practice as it is really quite runny. You have to make sure you don't have too much on the brush and always just build it up, its so much easier to add to your eye liner than take away. The Collection Liquid Liner is a great one to try, its budget friendly and has a great finely tipped applicator wand. Just like its compact felt tip sister, its another great one to get precise lines and varying lines. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Maybelline, Ben Nye, Illamasqua, Eyeko, Clarins, Collection, MAC.)
If only eyeliner was a walk in the park, but there's an option out there for everyone, its just a lot of practice and trial and error! Let me know too what you'd like to see as the next instalment too!

Eloise x

Monday, 17 August 2015

GlossyBox August

Hi Guys,

 Glossybox August has gone global, now I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, but I think the last two August boxes have also gone global. I think its quite a nice little tradition to carry on each year. 
This month the box has also specially collaborated with SASS, which is featured in the box, as well as having a golden ticket hidden in two boxes. Unfortunately I didn't find one, but I think whenever Glossybox runs contests like that, it makes getting your box that bit more exciting.
The amount of product actually in this months box is fantastic, with four out of the five products being full sized and the fifth is a very large trial size. I think the overall total worth of this months box is also over £53 which is not bad for the £13 price of Glossybox.
NAOBAY Calming Face Toner - £10.65 for 200ml
I was so excited to see this in the box, as I am firstly such a sucker for their packaging. It feels so heavy and luxurious, but its got such a sleek design. Anyway the product itself is a calming toner, which has a citrus scent and contains chamomile, which is definitely a very soothing ingredient. Im really looking forward to giving this a good test run. I also didn't realise the company is actually Spanish too, you learn something new everyday!

SASS Purifying Cleanser - £7 for 100ml
There was another SASS product included in a previous box a few months ago, but before that I hadn't really heard of the company. This product though is a really gentle and refreshing body wash, but also balances PH levels too.

Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush in 108 - £20.50 for 10g
Ive tried Emite tools before and I love their eyelash curlers and brushes, so Im super excited to get to try a makeup product from them now too. They are actually a Swedish brand, which have featured in Glossybox a few times and are always welcome in my opinion. This month Glossybox had a vote off between blusher or a brush, the blush won, bringing us this little guy! I'd say its a hybrid between a blush and a bronzer, making it a great multi use powder. Also because of the redish undertone to it, its going to look beautifully natural, almost like a natural tan.

Me Me Me Lip Glide in Playful Peach - £6.95
Me Me Me is a popular brand for Glossybox, but I've recently been using quite a few of their products from previous boxes and have been loving them. So I'm excited to give this one a go too and hopefully I'll like it as much as the others. It's also surprising how much of a difference there is in the look of it on the skin and in the tube. But I love the beautiful velvet finish to it as usually the more drugstore pencils are glossy.

Manna Kadar Lash Conditioning Primer - £14.55 for 4g
I think the last time I used a Lash Primer, it was a good four years ago, with a double ended cheap mascara. So I am intrigued to see how this one works, as I would rather not relive the double ended mascara days. I also hadn't heard of the American company before, but after having a look on their website it seems like quite a nice little brand. I think I may have to do some more research on how to get hold of it over here, as it seems their only stockist is in NYC!
(Swatches: Left to Right - Playful Peach, 108 Heavily Swatched, 108 Blended)
I'm actually really pleased with this months box, It was a surprise to have such a weighty box arrive and its been well worth the subscription for this one. I'm dying to go and give the Blush and Toner a good trail run now too!

Eloise x

Friday, 14 August 2015

My Top 5 Nude Lipstick's

Hi Guys,

I am in love with Nude Lipstick's, they're so versatile as they go with so many different looks, especially when I like to wear a lot of colour on my eyes. I thought I'd share my Top 5 Nude Lipstick's as they've all I've been wearing recently, I haven't even been near my bright pink lipstick... which is a big thing for me!
I actually thought I had a lot more nude lipsticks than I do, but I've realised that I actually love these five so much, that I don't actually go near any others!
The newest edition to the family is Illamasqua Born, part of the new Dusk Collection and a matte lipstick. Which I'm always a big fan of a matte lipstick! Between the two shades, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in the tube. It's more of a warm, almost tea rose type of shade, despite it being matte too, the formulation of this doesn't seem to dry my lips as much as other matte lipsticks, which is always a bonus!

Probably my all time favourite nude lipstick is Illamasqua Rosepout, its a beautiful pale pink nude shade. It belongs to the Glamore range, so although its insanely pigmented, its not drying on the lips and glides on effortlessly. I also hardly have to touch it up throughout the day, as it stays put even through eating and drinking most of the time.
My last three are all from MAC, including my first two ever proper lipstick purchases from MAC. After seeing them pop up in so many of Fleur De Force's videos, I went for Creme Cup and Hue! They have been trusty friends ever since, both are a cremation formula, which I love from MAC as they're so comfortable to wear and a dream to apply. They're almost no fuss lipsticks as you don't have to be too precise with them, but they do need a few more top ups than the Illamasqua ones.

Creme Cup is my most used, its creamy candy baby pink shade, it goes with almost anything and if you're pale like me, it won't wash you out. Hue is a more of a peachy sister to Creme Cup, its a lot more brown based, but still has a hint of pink so again it won't wash you out.

Finally more of a recent MAC lipstick love, is the famous Velvet Teddy. I had this sat in my drawer for so long and never tried it as I thought its pretty much everywhere with the Kylie Jenner craze, how I wish I'd used it sooner. Its the darkest nude that I own and a lot more brown based compared to the other four. Its another Matte formulation, which I again love as they don't tug when being applied and are long lasting. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Creme Cup, Hue, Velvet Teddy, Born & Rosepout)
If you have any nude lipstick recommendations, let me know! I'm ridiculously obsessed just now and although I probably don't "need" anymore lipsticks, another few won't hurt.... right?

Eloise x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Netflix Tag

Hi Guys,

I'm currently a tad addicted to Netflix and I remember seeing this tag a while ago and telling myself I need to watch more Netflix! I'm going to admit I'm cheating just a little as I haven't actually been tagged to do this, sorry! But it looked like great fun and I thought what better way to tell the world I'm a new found Netflix addict!
1. What are your favourite series' to watch on Netflix?
I think my favourite series that I've actually completed is DareDevil, I'm a huge comic book fan and I cannot wait for the next series of this. It's even better because its a Netflix exclusive so it means I can binge watch it all in one go! I also love watching Gossip Girl, which I still haven't finished but I need to catch up so badly! I need my Chuck fix!

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?
I'm currently watching series one of Pretty Little Liars, I watched this when it first came over to the UK years ago. But I had a recording issue with series two and haven't seen it since, so I'm starting again and I am desperate to catch up, seeing as, as I write this the finale revealing A is on. If I find out before I've finished watching the series' I think I might have a Pretty Little Liar induced break down!

3. If you could have any series, new or old put on Netflix, what would it be?
This is a tricky one! Probably Veronica Mars, I used to love that show and after seeing the movie a few months ago, it would be fantastic to go back and watch the series again.

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix?
This was difficult for me to come up with as I currently worship Netflix! haha. But I think the most annoying thing for me is that America has so much more choice compared to the UK Netflix, I need more!!

5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?
My essentials have to be my duvet, comfy pyjamas and snacks! Especially a big bowl of popcorn!

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.
Just one!! Although I haven't watched it on Netflix, the thought of now being able to watch it whenever I like though is music to my ears. But its got to be Suits! I dare you to watch a few episodes and not love Harvey Spector. Don't even get me started on Donna and Louis Litt too!

7. Name a series on Netflix that you keep meaning to watch, but haven't.
Ive been meaning to watch American Horror Story for so long now, but I just keep putting it off. Theres always something else that catches my eye and I tell myself I'll watch AHS another time. I really should just start watching it after my Pretty Little Liars binge.

7. Did you discover anything awesome because of Netflix?
I cant really say that Ive delved into the world of Netflix properly yet, I've mainly stuck with shows I've already heard about or have been meaning to watch. Something I saw recently though was an old  BBC comedy mini series, called Vexed. Which my mum used to watch and she's said its really funny, so I think thats going to be added to the list!

I wasn't 100% sure on who to tag, but if you want to do the tag then I tag you! I want to see what other things on Netflix I should be watching! I also tag Lauren from Beauty Division, Andrew from Beauty and the Boy & Caitlin from Through the Mirror too.

Eloise x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

Hi Guys,

Makeup Revolution have recently launched a  budget friendly palette to solve your contouring and strobing needs! Even though Strobing is the new kid on the block, Contouring isn't going anywhere any time soon and this palette is very handy to have to give both a go!
It contains 8 different pans of product, ranging from 3 matte contour shades and 3 lighter highlighter shades. As well as also containing two baked shimmer highlighters that really pack a glow. 
The three contour shades in the palette have mainly red undertones to them, except from the middle shade which has a grey tone. Grey is perfect on paler skin tones as its not muddy and creates a natural  shadow. Red tones mimic the natural shades from a sun tan. You can mix and match the three shades, mixing them together to get the most natural contour shade. All three shades are also a dream to blend with as they have just the right amount of pigment to build them up for a stronger contour, but can also blend easily to create a more subtle look.
Two of the highlight shades are matte, which include a pink tone and yellow. The third lighter shade has more of a satin finish to it and is more peachy in tone. The pink toned powder is perfect to highlight on fairer skin tones with a cool undertone. Yellow tones suit more of a medium skin tone, especially with a warmer undertone to the skin. Both are also great shades to set the under eye area with a light hand, as they'll brighten the area.

The peach satin shade is a pretty subtle highlight shade, which I think would look beautiful on the brow bone, cupids bow and down the nose. It could also be used on the tops of the cheek bones as a shimmer highlight when contouring.
Finally the two baked highlight shades are almost a creamy consistency, as are all the shades in this palette. Both have more of a sheen than a shimmer to them, its not a chunky consistency too, including no chunky glitter. The peach toned one is my personal favourite as its a little warmer on the skin and not as stark as the white. I think the white would make a nice inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight for a more dramatic look. Both shades will definitely give a glow though, fantastic for the new Strobing trend.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Top Row and then the Bottom Row)
If you were to leave the last two baked highlight shades out of the palette, this could maybe be mistaken for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette. But this one is a fraction of the price and comes with two more highlight shades!

You can find the Palette at Makeup Revolution for £8

Eloise x

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Scot Blog Meet Up

Hi Guys,

I was lucky enough to get the chance on Sunday to go to the Scot Blog Meet, organised by Charlotte from Colours and Carousels. I've been lucky enough to go to a few blog meet ups now in England and an event in Scotland, but this was my first Scottish meet up. Which was really exciting to put so many names to faces and to get to know more bloggers!
The event was held in Darcy's a restaurant, cafe and bar in Princes Square, which I hadn't been into before but I think I'll have to revisit! Im going to admit most of the pictures I took at the event are of food or have come out a little blurry, so I've only included a couple.

The food its self was fantastic (after we all got our photographs in!) and had a good little selection to try, I personally didn't get a cocktail but after seeing a few around the room they did look tempting! The room itself was fantastic as it was more private for us all to have a good chat, its a great venue for a party or a meet up like this. As well as having a bigger main area that held the bar.
 The meet up was also a fantastic way to raise money for the Scottish Association of Mental Health. The lovely Anne from the association was there and did a great talk to raise the awareness of what they do as a charity and how it effects everyone. All the money from the amazing raffle that Charlotte had organised went into the donation to SAMH. 

As well as Anne giving a talk, there was also Lynsay from Miss West End Girl. Who spoke about how blogging is something that isn't a competition and that as a community we should stick together. Its' about supporting one another and offering our own individual take on what we blog about as there is no two blogs alike. I think this is a really important issue to raise as it is sometimes easy to fall into comparing yourself to other bloggers. 

The final talk was by Lisa-Marie from Last Year's Girl, who talked about her incredible journey in the blogosphere and how its effected her, the opportunities its raised and the mistakes that can sometimes be made. Its really interesting to hear the background behind others blogs and how they're inspired to blog about what they do.
Also dotted around the room to have a go at while we weren't all chatting away were a couple of tables, from Bare Baroque and Yelp. Briony from Yelp was so kind and had set up a build your own goody bag section! Which was filled with so many essentials that appeal to a bloggers heart, from lip balm to sunglasses and one of my favourites, adorable little post it notes! I was so intrigued to hear a bit more about Yelp too, as Briony explained that they're always looking for more reviews of salons and places similar as its something that is often forgotten about when it comes to Yelp reviews. I personally have never considered it but now that I have I can see how useful that would actually be.

Both of the girls at Bare Baroque were lovely and had a good chat with I think everyone! Thank you for helping me out with my tall girl jeans problem as well as my new found love for temporary jewellery tattoos! These are something I've wanted to try for so long and never got around to it, but they're so pretty, I don't want mine to come off now! I think I'm going to do a full review of them soon!
The Goodie bags were fantastic, with so many brands inside that I've been wanting to try and again never got around to it. Plus I cannot wait to try that DermaV10 makeup mitt, anything to remove makeup quicker... sign me up! Plus strawberry and banana Chapstick?!

Im so glad I managed to go a long and meet some great new bloggers and some old favourites including Beauty and the Boy, Ellis Tuesday, Things Sarah Loves, Roisin Farmer, The Social Geek and so many more! If I counted correctly there were 34 of us! Definitely check out the #ScotBlogMeet hashtag on Twitter  to find everyone and see more posts!

Thank you again to Charlotte for organising everything, it was such a fantastic event and for such a great cause!

Eloise x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Favourites

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd mix things up again for this months Favourites, as in July I’ve been loving so many different things, not only beauty, but fashion, lifestyle and music. I feel like I’ve been really adventurous this month haha.

Although I’m sad to see July over as it’s been a great month, I’m looking forward to August as I’m starting back at my final year on my Makeup Artistry Course as well as my Birthday and maybe most exciting of all... A trip to Ikea! Haha
I am very specific when it comes to the temperature; if it’s a little bit too cold I can’t cope and if it’s a little bit too hot I can’t cope. So being in London, with the temperature being a lot higher than the usual Scottish weather, I felt like I was cooking. I saw the Caudalie Grape Water in Topshop and ran to the till with it, this cooling mist spray is fantastic for a refresh and it was glued to me for the weekend.

At IMATS I picked up the MAC Pro Longwear concealer, after seeing so many people rave about it and everyone is so right. It gives such a great coverage, yet is weightless and lasts for so long. I’ve especially loved it under the eyes, as it doesn't crease. 

 I also picked up the Sugarpill Polish in Angel Cake; this hasn't come off of my nails for the month. I love it! I really hope that Sugarpill start stocking this in the UK soon, as I need more of their glittery goodness in my life, how can you argue with pink and mint glitter!
For my Illamasqua favourites this month, I’ve fallen head over heels for a new way to do my brows. I've been faithful to my Illamasqua Browcake for 2 years until I started using the Precision Brow Gel this month. I still love Browcake, but there’s just the way this looks on the brows. You can make them so sharp and defined, but they can also be so natural at the same time, it’s so much easier to use than I thought it would be.

An eye shadow combination I’ve loved has been Creep and Inception, as blue is very on trend for summer and with blue eyes I can find it scary to wear. Creep, a lilac blue has been my favourite way to wear it, especially paired with the cool undertones in the darker purple, Inception.

Lastly my newest makeup favourite is from the new collection, Dusk. Born Matte Lipstick might be my new go to nude, which breaks my heart as its limited edition. I’m going to have to stock up, as its almost like a matte, ever so slightly darker version of my beloved Rosepout Lipstick.
When in London, there was almost a bit of an outfit mishap where I almost flashed Oxford Street... I had all my outfits planned for London, to find since I'd last worn them, only a few weeks before! I had grown and suddenly all my dresses were too short! I was 5'11, so I was just about getting away with them before, but now that I seem to be 6' everything is suddenly way too short!

So now Playsuits and Jumpsuits are my new best friends, as well as Topshop for their Tall Section, as who knows how many other outfit mishaps might of happened, if I hadn't of managed to find this Palm Leaf Jumpsuit and Kendal + Kylie Playsuit in London. They've fast become firm favourites and I can see myself living in these now.

Hurts are a band that I found a few years ago now through The Vampire Diaries. I recently rediscovered them and found out that they'd also just realized a few new songs from their new album. I’m now hooked all over again; I love both this one, Some Kind Of Heaven and a new one called Rolling Stone just now.
Minus the heat and the almost flashing incident, I absolutely loved being back in London. It's one of my favourite places ever to be and especially getting to go to IMATS and Lush Oxford Street. Even if I did cause a bit too much damage at both... But to get to meet so many lovely people and see a few familiar ones at IMATS was fantastic. Plus its London, I did a full post on it HERE, if you'd like to see some more pictures too.

Eloise x
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