Friday, 7 August 2015

The Scot Blog Meet Up

Hi Guys,

I was lucky enough to get the chance on Sunday to go to the Scot Blog Meet, organised by Charlotte from Colours and Carousels. I've been lucky enough to go to a few blog meet ups now in England and an event in Scotland, but this was my first Scottish meet up. Which was really exciting to put so many names to faces and to get to know more bloggers!
The event was held in Darcy's a restaurant, cafe and bar in Princes Square, which I hadn't been into before but I think I'll have to revisit! Im going to admit most of the pictures I took at the event are of food or have come out a little blurry, so I've only included a couple.

The food its self was fantastic (after we all got our photographs in!) and had a good little selection to try, I personally didn't get a cocktail but after seeing a few around the room they did look tempting! The room itself was fantastic as it was more private for us all to have a good chat, its a great venue for a party or a meet up like this. As well as having a bigger main area that held the bar.
 The meet up was also a fantastic way to raise money for the Scottish Association of Mental Health. The lovely Anne from the association was there and did a great talk to raise the awareness of what they do as a charity and how it effects everyone. All the money from the amazing raffle that Charlotte had organised went into the donation to SAMH. 

As well as Anne giving a talk, there was also Lynsay from Miss West End Girl. Who spoke about how blogging is something that isn't a competition and that as a community we should stick together. Its' about supporting one another and offering our own individual take on what we blog about as there is no two blogs alike. I think this is a really important issue to raise as it is sometimes easy to fall into comparing yourself to other bloggers. 

The final talk was by Lisa-Marie from Last Year's Girl, who talked about her incredible journey in the blogosphere and how its effected her, the opportunities its raised and the mistakes that can sometimes be made. Its really interesting to hear the background behind others blogs and how they're inspired to blog about what they do.
Also dotted around the room to have a go at while we weren't all chatting away were a couple of tables, from Bare Baroque and Yelp. Briony from Yelp was so kind and had set up a build your own goody bag section! Which was filled with so many essentials that appeal to a bloggers heart, from lip balm to sunglasses and one of my favourites, adorable little post it notes! I was so intrigued to hear a bit more about Yelp too, as Briony explained that they're always looking for more reviews of salons and places similar as its something that is often forgotten about when it comes to Yelp reviews. I personally have never considered it but now that I have I can see how useful that would actually be.

Both of the girls at Bare Baroque were lovely and had a good chat with I think everyone! Thank you for helping me out with my tall girl jeans problem as well as my new found love for temporary jewellery tattoos! These are something I've wanted to try for so long and never got around to it, but they're so pretty, I don't want mine to come off now! I think I'm going to do a full review of them soon!
The Goodie bags were fantastic, with so many brands inside that I've been wanting to try and again never got around to it. Plus I cannot wait to try that DermaV10 makeup mitt, anything to remove makeup quicker... sign me up! Plus strawberry and banana Chapstick?!

Im so glad I managed to go a long and meet some great new bloggers and some old favourites including Beauty and the Boy, Ellis Tuesday, Things Sarah Loves, Roisin Farmer, The Social Geek and so many more! If I counted correctly there were 34 of us! Definitely check out the #ScotBlogMeet hashtag on Twitter  to find everyone and see more posts!

Thank you again to Charlotte for organising everything, it was such a fantastic event and for such a great cause!

Eloise x


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