Friday, 29 December 2017

The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette


I've been kinda bad, for two reasons... I was suppose to be on a spending ban, which I admit lasted all of two minutes. Hey, if you cant treat yourself when you're sick, when can you! (Let's just pretend that Dr's prescribe retail therapy..) Not only that, but the spending ban fail was caused by this palette in particular. I've actually had it for a few months now, I purchased it back when the prelaunch was announced in September. But as it's so utterly insanely gorgeous and as I had kinda given up on makeup for a few months as steroids reek havoc with your skin. It's been sat in its also equally stunning gift box (bar the odd necessary photoshoot of course!), until I finally bit the bullet and ruined its pristine perfection.
I haven't really tried much from Charlotte Tilbury, I've wanted to for years. But I always put off the purchase in favour of something usually from Illamasqua for example. Just as in my eyes, Charlotte Tilbury is such a luxurious brand, a treat brand like Chanel or Dior.
I totally blame the packaging, it's just so awe worthy in it's rose gold signature Charlotte Tilbury style, that I always just think her products are way too pretty to actually use. They feel heavy and scream luxury when you pick them up, as the packaging is so weighty. I love the art deco theme of this palette especially. As Charlotte said herself; it was really difficult to produce due to the moulds needed to create the embossed casing, however Charlotte was so committed to the idea that she had envisioned, it was getting made exactly how she wanted no matter how many times everyone else said no.

Plus dont even get me started on the gift boxes... I would really recommend going for a gift wrapped option, even if it is a treat for yourself. The gift boxes arrive so beautifully wrapped and they're really good quality sturdy boxes, that can be kept on display and used as very stunning storage.
Ok well enough fan girling and onto the actual palette...

It's the largest eyeshadow palette Charlotte has released to date, it contains twelve shadows, in a variation of matte and shimmer finishes. The concept behind it is that it'll give you all the shades you need to give you four different eye looks for four different occasions. Of course you can mix and match however you please as well though.

The first of the four looks in the palette is the Day Eye, A trio of cool taupe tones, to give you a natural but defined eye look for everyday wear. The trio's are split into Prime, Enhance and Smoke.So unfortunately the shades themselves don't actually have names, but it's been designed this way to make the application process quick and easy. Prime the whole lid with the matte cream. Which I have to say is the most disappointing shade in the whole palette, it really doesn't carry much pigmentation at all, which is a real shame as its the only let down to the whole palette. You can then enhance the eye with the glittery taupe shade by popping that in the centre of the lid and finish it off with the matte brown smoke shade on the outer corner and crease.

The Desk Eye is the warmer toned trio of the four. Personally I think this is my favourite. In this one the prime shade is a shimmer, a light champagne. Followed by the most gorgeous warm peachy matte. Finally finished off with the rich brown tones of the smoke shade.
 Both the Date Eye and the Disco Eye sets are cooler tones again. The Date Eye is more on the pinky chocolate side. Starting with the baby pink shimmer, as well as a chocolate brown with a pink shimmer running through it and then theres the only matte in this trio; a cool dark brown matte.

Disco Eye is where things start to get dramatic. Starting with a pretty golden shimmer, which is lovely as an inner corner highlight or just as your base shade. Followed up with the most stunning olive green shimmer to enhance the eye look. Then you can smoke it out using the apparently matte black shade, however I do think there's an ever so slight shimmer running through it.

I'm so used to just reaching for my Illamasqua shadows all the time, that I forget to use other things. However I'm now kicking myself for not reaching for this sooner, as the pigmentation of these shadows has blown me away. The matte shades especially blend out beautifully and take hardly any effort at all. You really don't need a lot, but you can build the shades up to really intensify the look. The glitter/shimmer shades are more subtle, they're not jam packed full of glitter, but they do catch the light beautifully and are almost creamy in consistency.
I created a really soft warm eye look using the Desk Eye trio. (Excuse the brows, they need rescuing asap!) I did prep my eye with my trusty MAC Painterly Paint Pot, so that does boost the pigmentation a little bit. I applied the warm matte peachy brown to my crease, then the darker brown to the outer corner and ever so slightly through the crease. I finished it off with the shimmering champagne over the kid and inner corner. As well as a coat of Illamasqua Masquara in Gain and a slick go Powersurge Pencil from MAC in the waterline.
One of the best bits about ordering from Charlotte Tilbury too is how generous they are with samples. You get to pick two from a whole array of cosmetics and skincare and then it seems to be that when you spend so much, goodies such as Scent of a Dream and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick samples are added to your basket too, win!

The Instant Eye Palette is £60 at Charlotte Tilbury, or you can also join the waitlist at Cult Beauty too.

Eloise x

Friday, 22 December 2017

Lush Christmas 2017: Part Two


This is part two of my bumper overall of all the Lush Christmas collection of 2017. If you missed it, Part One is HERE, it sums up all the bath goodies. Bath bombs, bubble bars, oils and melts galore...

Part Two is everything else in the range, such as the shower gels, soaps, body care and some really exciting bits and bobs when it comes to their makeup range...
Lush have really come up with some innovative products this year. Including a whole solid range, most of the liquefied products that usually come in tubs and bottles have a solid alternative. This is to cut out excess packaging, which they're proving really isn't needed if you prefer the formulation of the solids. As I do admit the solid shower gels do still baffle me a bit though, haha. I'll link to both versions of the products that have a traditional and solid version.
Shower Gel and Jellies...
The shower gel I wish they did all year round is Twilight - £9.95 (SOLID - £9.75). It's soothing lavender scent is a god send when it comes to helping me sleep. It's always limited edition at Christmas time, but this one is a must have if you want a calming wash before bed or even add a bit into your bath to make lots of lavender scented bubbles.

My new favourite this year is Berry Berry Christmas - £11.95 (SOLID - £11.75). I actually have the solid version of this and although you might just think a solid shower gel is basically just a soap, they really are different. This has a thicker consistency when wet and really does lather up like a shower gel would. It's a really lovely fruity scent with its base of cranberries, blueberry and orange.

The favourite of many from last year is back, Bubbly - £9.95 (SOLID - £9.75). This bubbly alcohol inspired shower gel is sweet but has a fruity kick, if you love oranges then you have to get a sniff off this.

Another new one to the group this year is Santa's Christmas - £10.95 (SOLID - £9.75). This one again is slightly different as it's actually one of their body creams, so its formula is thicker and keeps the skin moisturised for longer compared to the usual gels. Santa's Christmas smells of cola, but is also filled with spices, its like everything about Santa in a bottle.

Of course it wouldn't be a Lush Christmas without Snow Fairy and Rose Jam Shower Gels. They are back again this year but I've reviewed them HERE. They have solid versions too, Rose Jam is £10.15 and Snow Fairy is a solid bargain at £8.25.

Both Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and the Snowman have returned too and are also HERE.
I have to say Golden Pear - £6.50 is one magnificent looking soap, its absolutely coated in golden glitter. So if you're not a fan of the sparkles, I would steer clear as it does get a teeny bit messy. However it's worth it for its delectable fruity pear scent and soothing aloe vera. You can even run it under the bath tap and make lots of bubbles for the bath too.

Saucy Snowcake - £5.40 is the beloved Snowcake reimagined with a fruity twist. Snowcake is a much loved Christmas favourite for Lush, for it's moisturising properties and soothing formulation. This year its got a berry top, with lots of cranberries and even some cashews for a bit of a scrub.

Shooting Stars - £4.95 will wake you up in no time, it's so zingy, jam packed with lemon and lime. It's basically like a refresher in soap form.

Then there is Christmas Rocker - £4.50, another one to wake you up just maybe a teeny bit more subtly. As this time its made with apricot, mandarin and tangerine, it's literally a fruit salad in the shape of a rocking horse.

To add to the ever growing Snow Fairy family this year there is the Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap - £5.95. The cold pressed soaps are made differently to the usual Lush Soap, as its not heated up and pure into a mould, so it retains all of its oils. This one has a dusting of glitter to finish it off and the ever so popular sweet sweet candy scent.

Why is it that the Butterbear range is always way too cute to use. I feel so bad at the thought of ripping off a piece of the Butterbear Wash Card - £2, that I cant bear to use him! However these wee guys are so handy when it comes to travelling, just pack a little sheet for a couple of days and rip a bit off when needed. No more bulky shower gels and you get to smell like cocobutter!

There is also Baked Alaska - HERE, from their 2014 Christmas Collection as well as a few other new ones. If you fancy something uplifting with citrus notes of orange flower and neroli, then go for Snowcloud - £5.70. Or if you're looking for something really fresh, especially if you were a fan of their Grass scent, then go for Hidden Mountain - £5.70. Christmas Citrus - £5.10 is a mood lifter, bergamot, lemon and lime to refresh the system and get you ready for the day or maybe give you a bit of a boost after a heavy Christmas Day...
The last two additions to the Snow Fairy family are here to moisture your skin and add a bit of sparkle to proceedings. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - £15.95 (SOLID - £8.25) has returned from last year and there is also a Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar - £6.95. Which is a naked concept for the dusting powders, the jar itself is made from massage bar and you poke the holes in at the top, to find a big helping of snow fairy dusting powder hidden inside. There is also a Twilight Sparkle Jar - £6.95 too, if you don't want to go for the sweet Snow Fairy scent and prefer the calming side to Twilight.

Though back to the Body Conditioners as there are a couple of new additions in the shape of Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner - £8.95 (SOLID - £8.75). Another boozy inspired treat, perfectly paired with bubbly due to their citrusy smells. Or if you prefer something a little bit softer, the So White inspired fragrance of apple and grapefruit in Once Upon a Time Body Lotion - £13.95 (SOLID - £7.95) makes you feel good enough to eat.

There is only one Roulade this year and its Candy Cane Roulade - £6.95. The peppermint treat is great if you find the soaps too drying for your skin, the roulades are fresh and really squidgy in feel compared to the soaps. As there is such a high content of body moisturiser inside compared to traditional soap.

My favourite body conditioner has to be Christingle and it has a brand new Solid Version at £9.75 too this year. It pairs perfectly with the Salt and Peppermint Bark, both of which are HERE.

The only skincare item in the range this year is Buche De Noel - HERE. Which personally isn't a favourite of mine just because I don't like the really nutty scent that it has. But apart from the smell it is a really lovely cleanser in itself.
Lastly and possibly the little guys I'm most excited about this year is the naked makeup range. There are five products in total, all working together to give you some very looked after and festive lips. There is the cola flavoured Santa Baby Lip Scrub - £5.75 (Traditional - £5.95), which is a solid scrub that you can use straight on your lips instead of putting your finger in a jar. As well as it's lip colour partner in crime Santa Baby Lip Tint - £6.25 (Traditional - £6.50), which unfortunately my store is sold out of so I couldn't get one to show you. But its a traditional true festive red in shade.

If you like a sweeter flavour and a deeper shade on your lips, there is also the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub - £5.75 (Traditional - £5.95). They do all come in these handy little cardboard matchboxes too, so you can store them easily and keep them that bit fresher. Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint - £6.25 (Traditional - £6.50) is a deep berry, I love that you can really control the shade by applying as little or as much as you want with a lip brush. You can go for a full on purple lip to a stain or wash of colour in just a few swipes.

Lastly there is the Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Lip Block - £12.50, I didn't grab this one as I just don't really need a gold lip product. However if you fancy something a little different, or you could even apply it as a lip topper on top of other shades for a bit more sparkle. These blocks are made up of three different shades, in this case different shades of silver and gold, to mix and match and completely customise your lip wardrobe.

Eloise x

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Zoella Gifting 2017: Snowella


In a previous post the other day about Tanya Burr's Beauty and the Feast Collection, I mentioned how much I enjoy looking out every year to see what's on offer when it comes to their Christmas gifting. But I also genuinely love to look out for Zoella's Christmas offerings as well. This year it's arrived in the form of Snowella! That name just had to be done!

Zoe has actually really gone all out with this gifting range, I think its possibly the largest one she's done, with such a massive selection to choose from. Wether thats body care, fragrances or treats to make your bath a little luxurious pamper zone.
Ultimately they all share the same scent, which actually for me, has to be my favourite scent Zoe has ever done. I just love a fresh smell, something light and maybe a teeny tiny bit fruity or floral. Basically if it's subtle or refreshing, sign me up! The fragrance itself has the notes of Peony, Cranberry, Mint and Pink Pepper, it just makes me think of crisp white snowfall.
There's a couple of really large gifts in the collection. The main one being the Treasure Me Pampering Gift - £40 (NOW £30), which is also a Superdrug exclusive. It's filled to the brim with product, though quite a few are repeated throughout the other gifts which is why I don't have one to show. But inside there is...

  • 2x Sachets of Splash of Milk Bath Powder 40g
  • Winter Wonder Hand Cream 90ml
  • Snow Fresh Body Wash 250ml
  • Snow Silky Body Lotion 160ml
  • Snow Polished Body Exfoliator 100ml
  • Snow Smooth Body Butter 100ml
  • Snow Scoop Bubble Bath 400ml (Exclusive)
  • A Shower Lily 
One of the larger gifts I can show you inside however is the No Peeking Christmas Stocking - £30 (NOW £15). Which straight off the bat, the stocking itself isn't the most luxurious of quality , I'm  not going to lie. However value for money wise if you consider the sale price, I can't really complain. The design of the stocking is lovely though, it's mainly grey felt with a faux fur white trim. There's then a trio of products tucked away inside, they're all 100ml too. Snow Fresh Body Wash, is lovely by the way, the scent does linger on the skin but doesn't strip away any moisture either. There's also the Snow Polished Body Polish, Snow Silky Body Lotion and another Shower Puff.
I'm Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles - £14 (NOW £12) would be great for anyone who loves a relaxing pamper in the bath. Complete with fluffy bow headband and a pair of exfoliating gloves, the cutest mini Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath 100ml and a lightweight, fast drying body lotion; Snow Silky 100ml.

The little body care duo is SPA'rry SPA'rry Night - £11 (NOW £5). A great little secret santa gift or even just to stock up on some travel size goodies, especially the Snow Smooth Body Butter 100ml, plus a Snow Polished Body Polish 100ml to prep.

There is also a giant cracker in the range, apply named You're Cracking Xmas Cracker - £12 (NOW £10). Which has Winter Wonder Hand Cream 90ml, Snow Fresh Body Wash 100ml and Snow Silky Body Lotion 100ml hidden inside.
For more individual bathing treats there's a great wee choice. Wether you like something soothing, bubbly or a bit of fizz, there's an option for everyone.

Zoe's bubble baths are one of my favourite products she has, I've gone through so many bottles of the original, its nuts. It just creates so many bubbles with such little amount of product actually required. This year's winter option is Merry & Bright Shimmer Bubble Bath - £10 (NOW £6), which lives in the most stunning glass decanter style bottle. 

If you like a bath bomb, go for the Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers - £8 (NOW £4). You get two big flat snowflakes inside. I wouldn't go as far to say that they're as magical as a Lush bath bomb for example, they do just kind of fizz away and leave the fragrance behind, so I do prefer to pair them with something else.

If you're not fussed about the bubble and fizz, maybe fancy a more moisturising formulation. Then I love this pack of bath milks and tea bags! Brew Me a Bath Splash of Milk Treats - £14 (NOW £7) It's just such a fun concept. Use them separately to combine a sachet of the milk powder, while running a tea bag under the tap to create a soothing milky bath. 
If you're on the hunt for a few little stocking fillers, these little guys tick that box...

Another personal favourite item of mine is Zoe's hand creams. Just as the formulation is lightweight, fast absorbing and not sticky in the slightest, all while still leaving your hands nicely moisturised. Winter Wonder Hand - £6 (NOW £3) is no exception to that, plus it's such a generous size at 90ml!

There's a little makeup bag this year, A Winter Soiree - £16 (NOW £6). It's made in the same grey felt as the stocking but has the quote "All is Bright" written across the front. It also has a mini Winter Wonder Hand inside, very adorable and a Snowella 10ml Rollerball too. 

It's not a Zoella Christmas collection without a lip balm set. Snow Balmy Lip Balm Duo - £7 (NOW £4), contains two little star tinned balms. Snow Soft is just clear and minty and then Snow Sparkle is a caramel sparkly nude. 
Then finally there is a whole array of different sizes that the fragrance itself can actually come in. As well as including lots of past and present perfumes in a couple of sets too.

If you're as obsessed with the Snowella scent this year as I am, I would recommend the Jumbo Snowella Body Spray - £14, in a limited edition 100ml size. Or you could go for the usual 45ml spray size in the Snowella Perfume and Body Lotion Gift Set - £14 (NOW £8) which again also has a 100ml Snow Silky Body Lotion.

Or if miniatures are more your thing, because after all they are really really cute as well as being handy for your handbag. There is the All Four You Mini Perfume Gift Set - £16 (Now £10), which includes four mini bottles each 15ml in size. The scents really vary between the four, of course theres the fresh scent of Snowella, Blissful Mistful is subtly sweet, Bake My Days has a spicy kick and Gelat' Eau is fruity.

Lastly there's this great wee trio of rollerballs, again brilliant for chucking in the bag to touch up through the day. We're on a Rollerball - £9 (NOW £8) includes Snowella, Blissful Mistful and Gelat' Eau all in 10ml.

So wether you have a Zoella fan to buy for, or are just looking for a pampering treat for yourself or others. There really is a bit of everything in the Snowella gifting this Christmas.

Eloise x

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Lush Christmas 2017: Part One


I've grown up with Lush all my life, as my Mum was a big fan of Cosmetics To Go as it was previously known. So Christmas time in my household, for me, just isn't quite the same without a Lush festive offering of such.

For the past three years I've been trying to create, what I guess is a Lush database of sorts for the Christmas products. They release new products to add to their firm festive favourites every year. So I'm hoping that over the past few years of posts, I have their mammoth 2017 collection covered. I'll link to all the previous posts that include this years line up, which will all have updated shopping links too!
In this half I'm hoping to cover the bath bombs, melts and bubble bars. As they've really gone to town with the bath treats this year. Then in Part Two, it'll be body care, shower gels, soaps and cosmetics. Plus probably a random item I'll of completely of forgotten about, oops!

There are a couple of items though, such as the Snow Fairy Fun - £6.25. That I just won't be including, as I just don't purchase it every year. As although Fun used to be a 'Fun' thing in my house, it just goes to waste now and never gets used. But I'll be sure to give anything like that a mention and a link too!
The Bath Bombs...
Of course its not a Lush Christmas without a bit of Snow Fairy. This year the range has increased dramatically in size and now includes a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb - £4.95. So not only will you smell of candy floss, but there's the added extra that you can now bathe in a candy floss pink layer of moisturising jelly too.

On the complete other side of the smell spectrum is Christmas Sweater - £4.50, inspired by cosy and warm fair isle print christmas jumpers. This one will keep you cosy and toasty with its ingredients of clove, coriander and ginger. Plus as its so warming both scent and ingredient wise, its great for those sore achey muscles after a days Christmas shopping.

This year saw the retirement of a Lush classic, Honey Bee Bath Bomb. However fear not, as Shoot For the Stars - £4.50 is basically the Honey I washed the Kids scented favourite redesigned. This time with the added bonus of three little gold melting stars, to add even more moisture to your bathing.

If you fancy something to wake you up instead of something relaxing however. Then grab a Sherbet Dip - £3.75 based on those old retro favourite sweeties. This literally is just a giant fizzy lemon sweetie for your bath, if you've ever wanted to bathe in a DipDab nows your chance...

Finally the last new addition to the bath bomb range this year is Thundersnow - £4.50. When I smell this I'm instantly reminded of an After Eight mint, it is packed full of coco and peppermint oil after all. As well as a little bit of popping candy for an extra surprise.

Though don't worry, the returning favourites such as Butterbear, Golden Wonder, Snow Angel, Luxury Lush Pud are all back too and are HERE. As well as the punk inspired favourite Never Mind the Ballistics - HERE, too.
The Bubble Bars...
I actually thought this was a bath bomb when I first got it, so I'm really glad I checked the label before I chucked it into the bath. Christmas Cracker - £5.95 is huge! It'll definitely last a good maybe 5 baths I would say. With lemon and lime, this cracker will boost your spirits in no time and it had to have a sprinkling of popping candy inside too, just for that added effect!

Man on the Moon - £5.95 is a fairly massive bubble bar too actually, you really get a lot for your money with these ones. If you love limes you'll love this guy, he's very citrusy and leaves a golden hue to your water depending on how much you add to your bath.

My Two Front Teeth - £3.95, has a bit of a personal story added to it. As when my brother was little, he knocked out his two front teeth and for a good few years asked for them back for Christmas. So this one brings back a fair few memories. It's got such a calming scent as well due to the lavender used and it'll leave you feeling relaxed and smiley with all the soothing vanilla and neroli.

If your a fan of the Plum Rain Shower Gel that Lush have, then you need Plum Snow - £5.95 in your stash. It shares the exact same fruity scent, however now you can have Plum bubbles in your bath as well as in your shower.

Both of the reusable bubble bars are back this year too, Magic of Christmas and Magic Wand. As well as the return of Christmas Eve - £3.95, although it's had a slight makeover this year, it's still the exact same scent of calming jasmine. Then Candy Mountain has also rejoined the crew too - HERE.
Bath Melts, Bubbleroons and Oils....
The classic Star Bright Star Light Melt - £4.25 has made a return. If you want something to really give your skin a good moisturise, then this is the one. Although you may be a tad sparkly afterwards, but I mean if being covered head to toe in glitter isn't acceptable at Christmas then when is it?!

TREE-D Bath Oil - £4.50 is brand new this year and almost too cute to break up and use. You could chuck the whole lot in for a really luxurious bath. But I would say you can probably get four baths out of this one. It really softens the skin due to the amount of coco butter in it, but its also great for hydration due to the almond oils too.

Finally the last little guy for this half of the range is The Snowman Bubbleroon - £4.25. Another one that I feel super guilty about crushing up and shoving in the bath, why do they have to make them so darn cute! Plus he's the best of both worlds, lots of bubbles but lots of moisture too.

I hope this is helpful when it comes to deciding what to add to the Lush stash at this time of year, as well Lush can be a bit overwhelming at Christmas time. There is just so much going on! Look out for Part Two popping up in the next day or two as well...

Eloise x

Monday, 18 December 2017

Tanya Burr: Beauty and The Feast


Every year when christmas rolls around in the beauty industry, I get excited for the release of Tanya Burr's annual festive collection. It's always a great little mix of products either from the permanent line up, usually in brand new exclusive shades or a selection of new exclusive formulations and products.

For this years gifting range, the theme is Beauty and The Feast. Including lots of sweet treats. inspired by the traditional sweet chocolatey delight of Christmas, even down to that iconic chocolate coin.
Part of the collection is two makeup palettes, they're kind of more like makeup kits housed in little books. Unfortunately I don't have either to show, but they are made up of a selection eyeshadows, lip products, blushers and highlighters. One is the Jingle and Mingle Night Palette - HERE, with three cool toned shadow shades; Latte Love, Chocolate Drop and Frosted Violet. A pigment pot in Sugar Ice, nude lip gloss in French Fancy, bronzer in Toffee Crunch and finally a pencil liner in Santa's Boots.

The day palette is called A Season to Sparkle - HERE. This version again has a shadow trio in Vanilla Pod, Sparkly Bauble and Toasted Coconut. Cream Shadow in Champagne Party, Liquid Illuminator and a Lip Gloss in Sweet Sundae.

There is also A Little Pick Me Up Makeup Bag - HERE, with mini mirror and Sprinkle of Sugar, baby pink lipgloss. Plus a mini palette named Glow Du Coco - HERE, a bronzing duo; Toffee Crunch bronzer and Frosted highlighter, teamed with mini golden lipgloss, all resembling a chocolate bar. 
Beauty and the Feast Makeup Box - £50 (NOW £30)
The main attraction of the whole gifting collection is this amazing hat box stuffed full of brand new treats. It includes...
  • 2x Matte Lipsticks
  • 2x Cream Shadow Sticks
  • Too Tempting Eyeshadow Palette
  • Sweet Cheeks Face Palette
  • Liquid Illuminator 
Plus there's also a little voucher to redeem 1/3rd off on the permanent line of cosmetics in Superdrug, as I believe this set is a Superdrug exclusive. 
I think out of the whole range this is my personal favourite, just due to the sheer amount of exclusives tucked away inside. Both of the lipsticks are future releases for Tanya, so you can grab them here first before they officially launch in 2018! They're both gorgeous wintery shades, a festive deep wine; named Winter. Then also a warm nude called Belgian Truffle. I wouldn't say they're the most pigmented lipsticks ever, when compared to their liquid counterparts, but they are still comfortable to wear and not too drying either.

For the face, there is the Sweet Cheeks Palette. It's home to a bronzer, blusher and highlighter trio. The bronzer in Toffee Crunch adds warmth and a glow to the skin, however if you're as pale as me, it does come across a tad golden. The blusher; Coco Blush is a pretty perky coral shimmer and the highlighter is a cool pink in comparison. However if you do prefer a warmer tone to your highlight, there is the liquid Illuminator too, which can be mixed with moisturiser and foundation for a golden glow.
The Too Tempting Eyeshadow Palette lives up to it's name, all of he shades inside are just Too Tempting. It may only include six colours, but I think the shades included are a good mix to create a number of different looks. There is a matte cream; Creme De La Creme, a toasted neutral pink; Gold Star, which also has a shimmer running through it. Then there's the ever so handy warm matte brown; Hazelnut Coco. Cookies and Cream; a shimmering pink. A festive cranberry shimmer; Christmas Mocha. Then maybe my personal favourite of the palette, Chocolate Coin, a smoky burnt taupe, I want to say that it almost has a green tinge to it too. 

I do have to say though, that although the pigmentation of the shimmer shades is fantastic and they're wonderful and creamy. The matte duo, especially Creme De Le Creme, just doesn't pack that much of a pigmented punch.

Finally in this box there are two Cream Shadow Sticks. Which as far as i'm aware, Tanya has never actually done before. Both are really creamy and glide onto the skin no problem, then once set they stay in place. Sweet Sugar; a champagne, is lovely for an inner corner highlight to really brighten the eye. Then Melt My Heart; the warm bronze, would make a stunning grungy smoky eye base. 
There are lots of little great gifts, that would make fabulous stocking fillers from the range.

Every Year I love Tanya's polish sets. The Tanya Burr Cosmetics polishes are some of the best I've tried from the drugstore. They last well, don't chip quickly and require very few coats to get a very nice finish. This set includes two shades on a double sided polish, a dark berry and a rose gold glitter topper. As well as coming with a handy nail file too. There is a more subtle french manicure style version too, available HERE

Lucky Penny - £5 (NOW £2)
Possibly the cutest edition, is this peppermint flavoured creamy pink tinged lip balm. Housed in a tin to resemble a traditional giant chocolate coin. I have to admit as someone who cant currently eat chocolate, I would be over the moon with this as a dairy free chocolate coin replacement in my stocking. 

Sweet Lip Creams - £9 (NOW £7)
Also for the lips is a mini matte liquid lipstick duo. These handy miniatures are great to throw into your handbag or party clutch. Both shades are quite bold but equally as festive. There is Santa's Little Helper, a true pink toned red and a purple berry in the form of Blackberry Fudge. The formulation of these is great for the price, comfortable and I don't find them to go patchy as they eventually wear away.

Velvet Vanille Eau De Toilette - £18 (NOW £10)
Tanya's debut fragrance, Velvet Vanille. There's something that reminds me of the 1920's about the bottle, it's chunky and really heavy with its big metal lid. It feel's a lot more luxurious than it's actual price tag. The scent itself, although alludes to being really quite sweet, is sweet but not overpowering in the slightest. I personally cant stomach sweet fragrances, I have a headache in no time. However Velvet Vanilla, has a warmth to it. There's almost a note when it's first sprayed that reminds me of key lime pie strangely enough. It's like a little kick of citrus that fades away into a comforting warmth of vanilla thats far from sickly sweet. 

I love a beauty calendar, again as I cant have chocolate or sweets. Tanya's calendar is a great beauty treat without getting too expensive. As really some beauty advents are just extortionate in price. This one may only be twelve days, so I open it every other day or you could open it on the twelve days of Christmas. I haven't opened all the doors just yet, so I cant say what's behind them all. But so far there's been a varied selection of nail polish, pigment, a mirror, glitter liners and lip gloss.
(Swatches: Left to Right - Winter, Belgian Truffle, Pink Champagne, Coco Blush, Toffee Crunch, Chocolate Coin, Christmas Mocha, Cookies and Cream, Hazelnut Coco, Gold Star, Creme De La Creme, Sweet Sugar, Melt My Heart, Blackberry Fudge, Santa's Little Helper and Liquid Illuminator.)
I have to say, if you pick up one thing from this christmas range. Grab that advent calendar, £8 for twelve full size makeup products! Well eleven and a lovely little mirror, its a bargain! Also I'm hoping to get a blog post up every day this week, almost as like my mini version of blogmas this year haha. Hopefully I'm not too late with the festivities, December has just flown by! 

Eloise x

Friday, 10 November 2017

Colourpop: First Impressions


Back at the start of the year, I made my first Colourpop order. Just unfortunately, being in hospital, I never got around to wearing it or even posting about it. However recently I've got stuck right into the products and thought I'd finally share what I think about this ever so popular brand...

When I made my order there was an offer on for free UK delivery, woohoo! (However I was hit by an £18 customs charge, boo!) As well as an offer, for a free brush with the purchase of any two Super Shock Shadows. So I took full advantage of course!

I got the Small Shader Brush for free, which If I'm honest, I'm never usually a massive fan of this stye of brush for shadow. I prefer a much denser brush or blending brushes instead. Though I tend to use flat cat tongue brushes for sharpening any lines and details with concealer. Which I have since used this for and it works perfectly due to its sharp edge.
The two Super Shock Shadows I went for to get the offer were Cricket and So Quiche. Basically I wanted to go for the more unusual shades and anything that may include glitter!

Purple is one of my favourite shades to wear, as it really brings out the blue in my eyes. Cricket is perfect for this, as it's a really cool purple with a pretty multi faceted glitter running right through it. Then there's So Quiche, which is a subtle green, again great on blue eyes. What drew me to it in the end however was the gorgeous purple shimmer. As well as also carrying a hint of gold too.

The formulation of the Super Shock Shadows are cream to powder. They're creamy and blend well, however once they set, they won't budge! You have to make sure the lids are really screwed on really tight though, so that they don't dry out. However the pans are actually quite shallow, so there's not a huge amount of product inside the chunky packaging. But for the price you really can't complain. 
I'm not one to shy away from bold colours. Give me brights and glitter any day! So I was really drawn to this little quad, the Studio 1400 collection. Unfortunately I cant find this exact set on the site anymore, but some shades are still available, so I've linked to the ones I can track down. 

All four shades are of a pearlised finish. So they are really shimmery, perfect for a bit of sparkle on he lid. I did notice, even though I didn't purchase any; the matte shades also have a sparkle running through them. So they're not 100% matte...

The quad is made up of 8 Track; an olive/antiqued gold shade. It reminds me of MAC's Woodwinked, but just not not as warm. Then there is Static; a really deep burgundy, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Donna; a rich jewel toned emerald green, which may just be my favourite of the bunch! However it is a close call between White Rabbit too. As orange tones, again look incredible on blue eyes. The warmth to this particular shade is stunning, this metallic copper just makes me want to wrap up all warm and cosy.
I couldn't decide between trying the much talked about Lippie Sticks or the Liquid Lipsticks from Colourpop. However Colourpop offer some fantastic sets, letting you try more for your money. So I went a tad out of my comfort zone and went with the Just Peachy Trio.

I don't tend to go for peach or orange lip products, I would much rather reach for pinks or nudes. But it's nice to try something new sometimes...

The Trio consists of two Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks; Instigator, which is a terracotta peach and Speed Dial; a warm deep brown. Then there is also one Ultra Satin Lip, Screenshot; the palest shade, but still a rich peach.

Consistency wise, the satin lips are much more comfortable to wear, they are just that bit more moisturising on the lip. That being said though, the matte lips aren't that bad. They sit a lot better on a well moisturised lip though. But both formulations will not move once set.
(Swatches: Left to Right - White Rabbit, 8 Track, Static, Donna, Speed Dial, Screenshot and Instigator.)
Overall I would definetly go for the Super Shock Shadows again. The amount of pigmentation you get from them for the price is incredible. I would also grab more of the Ultra Satin lips, though I doubt I'll be reaching for any more peach tones.

Eloise x

Friday, 3 November 2017

Illamasqua May Queen Collection


I am so late with this post, compared to when this collection actually launched at the start of this year! But seeing as the majority of the products are permanent and utterly gorgeous! Plus possibly the prettiest Beyond Powder, ever to exist is back in stock! I thought I'd still share this stunningly glitzy launch with you.
The May Queen collection, mainly consists of new shadow shades. As well as a dreamy highlight and two previously launched lipsticks from the Antimatter collection. I don't have the two shades from this specific collection but they are; Binary (a warm coral) and Charge (a hot pink). Both beautifully bright but they can still be subtle colours, if you wanted to tone them down you can. They're the perfect pop of colour now that it's getting that bit drearier.
Illamasqua do the most incredible matte shadows, which have been firm favourites of mine for years. After the success of their shimmer shadow in Jubilance, from the Extinct Collection. They've decided to expand and release three new jewel like shades. Which include; Invoke (a cool bronze), Maiden (a soft yellow gold) and Ritual (a lilac pink).

All three shades have a soft buttery texture, with no compromise on the quality of the pigmentation either, wether you use them wet or dry. However when wet, they create a gorgeous liquid metal like finish. You just cant fault Illamasqua for the versatility of their products, including these.
A range Illamasqua do, which I don't think gets nearly enough love, are the Pure Pigments. You can do so much with these little pots of pure joy! This pretty subtle shimmer shade is no exception, Muse (a baby pink champagne) makes a lovely highlight, especially on a paler skin. As well as of course being a shadow shade, liner; when mixed with a sealing gel and you can even pop it on your nails!

The gem of this collection however is the Beyond Powder in Deity (a soft golden green shift). It's just such an usual shade, which sadly my camera just isn't doing justice! It became such a popular shade, with pleads for it to come back after it sold out so quickly in it's initial launch. But it's back, however I'm not sure for how long? I'd recommend grabbing it quick just incase!

I'm actually going to do a full post dedicated to the Beyond Powder range, as they've fast become my favourite way to highlight!
(Swatches: Left to Right - Deity, Ritual, Invoke, Maiden, Muse and Muse blended.)
If you fancy a bit of glitz and glam, I can't recommend taking a peek at these enough. I'm off to cover my face in Deity, as you can never have too much highlight!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Planning Ahead with Heidi Swapp


I'm not exactly the most organised person on the planet. I mean I try to be, but then that all but lasts for two seconds and returns more to some sort of organised chaos. However now with my never ending list of hospital appointments, I have to get my act together!

For my 21st birthday, my Mum very kindly got me a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I think in the hope's that I would actually write everything down and not leave everything to the last minute for once!
The specific one I have is the White and Gold Polka Dot Personal Planner. Which is like a proper chunky American style planner. I love these as they're so great to customise and make your own. Plus I can use it for multiple things, aka keeping track of my shifts, planning my blog posts and everything that comes with it and of course for all the other appointments and what not that comes with life.

The memory planners do come in slightly smaller sizes too though. If you're looking for something a tad bit easier to travel with and carry around day to day.
I love that it has a calendar for each month, that makes it easy to see everything at a glance. However there are generous sized pages to scribble away on and fill up with all the important details for each day. I personally love them for organising blog posts and making sure I keep on top of content, as I'm great at changing my mind last minute when it comes to posts and shuffling them around. Now once it's in the planner, that's it! I'm doing it!

At the end of each month there is also a notes page, as well as a tick list and lots of boxes to doodle away in at the start. Great for keeping birthdays or special dates altogether.
When it comes to customising your planner, you're spoilt for choice with the Heidi Swapp range. I personally love the wee picture cards, which you can purchase in packs of around 24. To slot into the little picture binders each month. You don't have to necessarily use them though, you can customise them with your own photos instead! There are even little frames in different kits or packs to accessorise them with too.
I went all out and purchased three different sets to add to my planner. I got the Love and Hello Beautiful Foil Card Packs. As well as the Transparent Foil Cards, which can be layered over the top if you prefer or used on their own. You can even stick them on the pages with a bit of washi tape (aka my new found love!) to jazz them up a bit!
There is also a great selection of kits to choose from. All with different themes to help you organise different aspects of life and decorate accordingly if you with. I love, love, love these kit's! It's basically like an adult version of all the crafting I used to do when I was younger. Plus mainly because I've fallen head over heels for all of the little stampers...

I have the Keeping Everyday Kit, which comes with some fun bright frames, a couple of insert cards, bulldog clips and a selection of floral and quote stickers. As well as also including some gold glitter alphabet stickers and a sheet of washi tapes, which do also come in my other kit too, just in a different design. My other kit is the Keeping Time Kit, (very apt!), which features cute little letter paper clips, some stampers, stickers and memo cards galore!
Finally I picked up some cute Emoji Stickers, great to remind me to post on social media. I'm loving the camera ones for Instagram days especially! As well as Reinforcement Stickers to add some glitz to things, you can never have too much glitter!

Eloise x

Monday, 30 October 2017

Jester Harley Quinn Tutorial


Apologies for the lack of posts, especially after saying that was me back to blogging. I just seemed to lose the blogging mojo. But I couldn't miss an opportunity to dress up for Halloween. It is practically a makeup artists favourite time of year after all!
Batman is probably my favourite comic book hero, along with all the villains too! Last year I did a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and a take on The Joker too. However I couldn't help myself and do a Harley Quinn look again this year. But just based on the comic book Jester version instead, after finding this amazing Jumpsuit and Alice Band from H&M.

To start off I blocked out my brows with soap, just like in my Joker Tutorial. I created a base consisting of my shade in Illamasqua Skin Base; 3.5, mixed with 01 White. I didn't want it to be completely white, just a pale base, so that the highlights stand out. I applied it over Hydraveil as a primer, as my skin is so dry at the moment. It's basically a priming saviour! I also did a rough sketch of where the mask would be placed, using Illamasqua Honor Colouring Pencil, using the shape of my brows as a guide and leaving enough space for a cut crease and winged liner look.
For the eyes `I primed with a base of MAC Painterly Paint Pot. Then blended Sugarpill's Love + Shadow just above my natural crease, pulling it into the inner corner of the eye and keeping it quite high up in the socket. I lined and added wings to the eyes using Illamasqua's Precision Gel Liner in Infinity. Then to cut the crease, I mixed Illamasqua's gorgeous Pure Pigment in Berber with their Sealing Gel to create a shimmery blood red paste. Applying it to where the Love + starts at the crease and bringing it out to stop just before meeting the gel liner, leaving a small gap in-between. 

To finish off the eyes I ran Berber slightly underneath the eye. As well as applying MAC's Vanilla Pigment to the lid to clean up and brighten the eye and a coat of my favourite mascara, Illamasqua's Gain Masquara.
For the mask, I tweaked some of my original lines made with Honor. Once the eyes are done you  can really judge it better. I went over my final lines with gel liner, blending the inside edges. Then filling it in by pressing Obsidian from the Illamasqua Neutral Palette. Basically colouring in the lines! Haha. 

So that the mask doesn't appear really flat on the face, I used Elate Colouring Pencil to sketch in some white highlights, mainly around the high points and slightly under the eye. However that didn't seem like enough for me, so I also topped them off with a bit of glitter, using Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner in Distortion
To complete the rest of the look, I swept Illamasqua's Blusher in Nymph over the cheek and up to the top of the ear. I skipped any bronzer and contour, but you could add them in as well if you prefer. I also added a couple of drops of the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighting Drops, in Precious Pearl to the tops of my cheeks.

On the lips, I went for a bit of gel liner into the inner corners and blended it outwards towards the middle of the lip. This deepens the corners and makes the lip look fuller in the centre. I went over the top with Illamasqua's Matte Lip Liquid in Fire, which I've since realised is discontinued! The MAC Retro Matte Lip Liquid in Feels so Grand or the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fire Starter, could be good alternatives. 

After taking Fire all over the lip, I also extended it out at the outer corners of the mouth. Hinting to that iconic joker like smile. I couldn't help but add a little bit of Berber Pigment over the top in the centre of the lip too. 
I was just going to leave it there but I couldn't help myself and had to turn it into a Pop Art Harley Quinn instead! 

I simply just drew the lines under the cheekbones to contour, around the lip line but not completely, chin and the temples. As well as adding a few around the mask to make it stand out from the face that bit more. Plus having a couple of little lines down the nose too. I did all the line work with Infinity Gel Liner and an angled brush. Finally finishing it off with a couple of white lines next to the to highlight. When blending them on the cheeks, chin, nose and temples, it turns ever so slightly grey, creating a gradient effect and adding that bit more depth. As I used White Skin Base, so the two cream based products blend well. The only white line left unblended was on the lip to give that Pop Art glossy effect.

Happy Halloween!

Eloise x

Friday, 25 August 2017

Feeling Spendy... A Nars Haul


I must apologise for another haul already! There are other posts coming, just as I'm currently housebound and bored, online shopping has become rather addictive! As if I needed any more encouragement to shop! Space NK also sent me quite a few lovely emails with discount codes and with Ndulge points to spend, I couldn't resist a treat.

I've had my eye on quite a few things from NARS for ages now, yet I never ever purchase them. So while I've not felt great, its kinda amazing how you can convince yourself to spend to cheer yourself up!

I can't say I've tried a huge range from NARS until now, I know the products that I love and I tend to stick with them and not try anything new. Which has led me to these repurchases, which I must admit its very rare repurchases happen unless they're in the form of an Illamasqua product.

My first repurchase was Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc. Which is an absolute nightmare to get a hold of, I feel like I stalked the website for months for this little guy. I grabbed the Foundation Pump too, as thats always out of stock as well. Sheer Glow has to be one of my top foundations, as it doesn't cling to any dry patches and offers a really good coverage without looking or feeling heavy in the skin. Plus it comes in a pale enough shade for me, woohoo!

I love the Light Reflecting Powder to set my makeup as its so finely milled. However I have it in the loose form and thats just a bit horrible to travel with. So I've finally bitten the bullet and invested in a pressed version, so my makeup bag no longer looks like a powder explosion.

Laguna Bronzer is one of those cult NARS products. It's a bronzer I was scared of due to being so pale. However I was wrong, it doesn't leave me looking like I've been tangoed or muddy either. You can contour with it as its matte, but I just think it adds a lovely warmth to the skin. It was also a bit of a panic buy, as they've just launched the Sun Diffusing Bronzers as well. That range also includes a Laguna, so hopefully this one is staying put!

When it comes to trying something new, I've still stuck with products I know I love. I haven't really been as adventurous as I thought... I've gone for the classics such as Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. This stunning blue toned red has to be one of NARS' best sellers by far.

I remember seeing Ingrid or Miss Glamorazzi as she used to be known, use the Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base years ago. It's been on the wish list ever since, but as I'm so loyal to my trusty MAC Paint Pots, I've never purchased it. I'm looking forward to giving it a go though as I go through a love hate relationship with the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I actually picked up the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in the shade; Iraklion, from TK Maxx. Just as a quick no fuss eyeshadow when I'm in a hurry or as a base for other shadows. They're still available from NARS, but I cant really find them anywhere else. Definitely pop into TK Maxx though as it was filled to the brim with NARS when I went in.

Finally I got the well loved Eye Shadow Duo in Isolde, I blame Zoella for this one. I think it'll be perfect for the Autumn Winter months, with its warm copper tone. Plus was it is slightly on the orange side, It looks great on blue eyes. I was also blown away by how creamy and pigmented the texture of them is as well!
(Swatches: Left to Right - Iraklion, Cruella, Isolde, Laguna (Blended), Laguna)
Oh and before I forget, a little Duo Pencil Sharpener made It's way to my basket too. I'm the queen of losing sharpeners, I swear they must run off with the bobby pins!

Eloise x
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