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Zoella Gifting 2017: Snowella


In a previous post the other day about Tanya Burr's Beauty and the Feast Collection, I mentioned how much I enjoy looking out every year to see what's on offer when it comes to their Christmas gifting. But I also genuinely love to look out for Zoella's Christmas offerings as well. This year it's arrived in the form of Snowella! That name just had to be done!

Zoe has actually really gone all out with this gifting range, I think its possibly the largest one she's done, with such a massive selection to choose from. Wether thats body care, fragrances or treats to make your bath a little luxurious pamper zone.
Ultimately they all share the same scent, which actually for me, has to be my favourite scent Zoe has ever done. I just love a fresh smell, something light and maybe a teeny tiny bit fruity or floral. Basically if it's subtle or refreshing, sign me up! The fragrance itself has the notes of Peony, Cranberry, Mint and Pink Pepper, it just makes me think of crisp white snowfall.
There's a couple of really large gifts in the collection. The main one being the Treasure Me Pampering Gift - £40 (NOW £30), which is also a Superdrug exclusive. It's filled to the brim with product, though quite a few are repeated throughout the other gifts which is why I don't have one to show. But inside there is...

  • 2x Sachets of Splash of Milk Bath Powder 40g
  • Winter Wonder Hand Cream 90ml
  • Snow Fresh Body Wash 250ml
  • Snow Silky Body Lotion 160ml
  • Snow Polished Body Exfoliator 100ml
  • Snow Smooth Body Butter 100ml
  • Snow Scoop Bubble Bath 400ml (Exclusive)
  • A Shower Lily 
One of the larger gifts I can show you inside however is the No Peeking Christmas Stocking - £30 (NOW £15). Which straight off the bat, the stocking itself isn't the most luxurious of quality , I'm  not going to lie. However value for money wise if you consider the sale price, I can't really complain. The design of the stocking is lovely though, it's mainly grey felt with a faux fur white trim. There's then a trio of products tucked away inside, they're all 100ml too. Snow Fresh Body Wash, is lovely by the way, the scent does linger on the skin but doesn't strip away any moisture either. There's also the Snow Polished Body Polish, Snow Silky Body Lotion and another Shower Puff.
I'm Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles - £14 (NOW £12) would be great for anyone who loves a relaxing pamper in the bath. Complete with fluffy bow headband and a pair of exfoliating gloves, the cutest mini Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath 100ml and a lightweight, fast drying body lotion; Snow Silky 100ml.

The little body care duo is SPA'rry SPA'rry Night - £11 (NOW £5). A great little secret santa gift or even just to stock up on some travel size goodies, especially the Snow Smooth Body Butter 100ml, plus a Snow Polished Body Polish 100ml to prep.

There is also a giant cracker in the range, apply named You're Cracking Xmas Cracker - £12 (NOW £10). Which has Winter Wonder Hand Cream 90ml, Snow Fresh Body Wash 100ml and Snow Silky Body Lotion 100ml hidden inside.
For more individual bathing treats there's a great wee choice. Wether you like something soothing, bubbly or a bit of fizz, there's an option for everyone.

Zoe's bubble baths are one of my favourite products she has, I've gone through so many bottles of the original, its nuts. It just creates so many bubbles with such little amount of product actually required. This year's winter option is Merry & Bright Shimmer Bubble Bath - £10 (NOW £6), which lives in the most stunning glass decanter style bottle. 

If you like a bath bomb, go for the Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers - £8 (NOW £4). You get two big flat snowflakes inside. I wouldn't go as far to say that they're as magical as a Lush bath bomb for example, they do just kind of fizz away and leave the fragrance behind, so I do prefer to pair them with something else.

If you're not fussed about the bubble and fizz, maybe fancy a more moisturising formulation. Then I love this pack of bath milks and tea bags! Brew Me a Bath Splash of Milk Treats - £14 (NOW £7) It's just such a fun concept. Use them separately to combine a sachet of the milk powder, while running a tea bag under the tap to create a soothing milky bath. 
If you're on the hunt for a few little stocking fillers, these little guys tick that box...

Another personal favourite item of mine is Zoe's hand creams. Just as the formulation is lightweight, fast absorbing and not sticky in the slightest, all while still leaving your hands nicely moisturised. Winter Wonder Hand - £6 (NOW £3) is no exception to that, plus it's such a generous size at 90ml!

There's a little makeup bag this year, A Winter Soiree - £16 (NOW £6). It's made in the same grey felt as the stocking but has the quote "All is Bright" written across the front. It also has a mini Winter Wonder Hand inside, very adorable and a Snowella 10ml Rollerball too. 

It's not a Zoella Christmas collection without a lip balm set. Snow Balmy Lip Balm Duo - £7 (NOW £4), contains two little star tinned balms. Snow Soft is just clear and minty and then Snow Sparkle is a caramel sparkly nude. 
Then finally there is a whole array of different sizes that the fragrance itself can actually come in. As well as including lots of past and present perfumes in a couple of sets too.

If you're as obsessed with the Snowella scent this year as I am, I would recommend the Jumbo Snowella Body Spray - £14, in a limited edition 100ml size. Or you could go for the usual 45ml spray size in the Snowella Perfume and Body Lotion Gift Set - £14 (NOW £8) which again also has a 100ml Snow Silky Body Lotion.

Or if miniatures are more your thing, because after all they are really really cute as well as being handy for your handbag. There is the All Four You Mini Perfume Gift Set - £16 (Now £10), which includes four mini bottles each 15ml in size. The scents really vary between the four, of course theres the fresh scent of Snowella, Blissful Mistful is subtly sweet, Bake My Days has a spicy kick and Gelat' Eau is fruity.

Lastly there's this great wee trio of rollerballs, again brilliant for chucking in the bag to touch up through the day. We're on a Rollerball - £9 (NOW £8) includes Snowella, Blissful Mistful and Gelat' Eau all in 10ml.

So wether you have a Zoella fan to buy for, or are just looking for a pampering treat for yourself or others. There really is a bit of everything in the Snowella gifting this Christmas.

Eloise x

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