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Lush Christmas 2017: Part Two


This is part two of my bumper overall of all the Lush Christmas collection of 2017. If you missed it, Part One is HERE, it sums up all the bath goodies. Bath bombs, bubble bars, oils and melts galore...

Part Two is everything else in the range, such as the shower gels, soaps, body care and some really exciting bits and bobs when it comes to their makeup range...
Lush have really come up with some innovative products this year. Including a whole solid range, most of the liquefied products that usually come in tubs and bottles have a solid alternative. This is to cut out excess packaging, which they're proving really isn't needed if you prefer the formulation of the solids. As I do admit the solid shower gels do still baffle me a bit though, haha. I'll link to both versions of the products that have a traditional and solid version.
Shower Gel and Jellies...
The shower gel I wish they did all year round is Twilight - £9.95 (SOLID - £9.75). It's soothing lavender scent is a god send when it comes to helping me sleep. It's always limited edition at Christmas time, but this one is a must have if you want a calming wash before bed or even add a bit into your bath to make lots of lavender scented bubbles.

My new favourite this year is Berry Berry Christmas - £11.95 (SOLID - £11.75). I actually have the solid version of this and although you might just think a solid shower gel is basically just a soap, they really are different. This has a thicker consistency when wet and really does lather up like a shower gel would. It's a really lovely fruity scent with its base of cranberries, blueberry and orange.

The favourite of many from last year is back, Bubbly - £9.95 (SOLID - £9.75). This bubbly alcohol inspired shower gel is sweet but has a fruity kick, if you love oranges then you have to get a sniff off this.

Another new one to the group this year is Santa's Christmas - £10.95 (SOLID - £9.75). This one again is slightly different as it's actually one of their body creams, so its formula is thicker and keeps the skin moisturised for longer compared to the usual gels. Santa's Christmas smells of cola, but is also filled with spices, its like everything about Santa in a bottle.

Of course it wouldn't be a Lush Christmas without Snow Fairy and Rose Jam Shower Gels. They are back again this year but I've reviewed them HERE. They have solid versions too, Rose Jam is £10.15 and Snow Fairy is a solid bargain at £8.25.

Both Santa's Belly Shower Jelly and the Snowman have returned too and are also HERE.
I have to say Golden Pear - £6.50 is one magnificent looking soap, its absolutely coated in golden glitter. So if you're not a fan of the sparkles, I would steer clear as it does get a teeny bit messy. However it's worth it for its delectable fruity pear scent and soothing aloe vera. You can even run it under the bath tap and make lots of bubbles for the bath too.

Saucy Snowcake - £5.40 is the beloved Snowcake reimagined with a fruity twist. Snowcake is a much loved Christmas favourite for Lush, for it's moisturising properties and soothing formulation. This year its got a berry top, with lots of cranberries and even some cashews for a bit of a scrub.

Shooting Stars - £4.95 will wake you up in no time, it's so zingy, jam packed with lemon and lime. It's basically like a refresher in soap form.

Then there is Christmas Rocker - £4.50, another one to wake you up just maybe a teeny bit more subtly. As this time its made with apricot, mandarin and tangerine, it's literally a fruit salad in the shape of a rocking horse.

To add to the ever growing Snow Fairy family this year there is the Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap - £5.95. The cold pressed soaps are made differently to the usual Lush Soap, as its not heated up and pure into a mould, so it retains all of its oils. This one has a dusting of glitter to finish it off and the ever so popular sweet sweet candy scent.

Why is it that the Butterbear range is always way too cute to use. I feel so bad at the thought of ripping off a piece of the Butterbear Wash Card - £2, that I cant bear to use him! However these wee guys are so handy when it comes to travelling, just pack a little sheet for a couple of days and rip a bit off when needed. No more bulky shower gels and you get to smell like cocobutter!

There is also Baked Alaska - HERE, from their 2014 Christmas Collection as well as a few other new ones. If you fancy something uplifting with citrus notes of orange flower and neroli, then go for Snowcloud - £5.70. Or if you're looking for something really fresh, especially if you were a fan of their Grass scent, then go for Hidden Mountain - £5.70. Christmas Citrus - £5.10 is a mood lifter, bergamot, lemon and lime to refresh the system and get you ready for the day or maybe give you a bit of a boost after a heavy Christmas Day...
The last two additions to the Snow Fairy family are here to moisture your skin and add a bit of sparkle to proceedings. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner - £15.95 (SOLID - £8.25) has returned from last year and there is also a Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar - £6.95. Which is a naked concept for the dusting powders, the jar itself is made from massage bar and you poke the holes in at the top, to find a big helping of snow fairy dusting powder hidden inside. There is also a Twilight Sparkle Jar - £6.95 too, if you don't want to go for the sweet Snow Fairy scent and prefer the calming side to Twilight.

Though back to the Body Conditioners as there are a couple of new additions in the shape of Bucks Fizz Body Conditioner - £8.95 (SOLID - £8.75). Another boozy inspired treat, perfectly paired with bubbly due to their citrusy smells. Or if you prefer something a little bit softer, the So White inspired fragrance of apple and grapefruit in Once Upon a Time Body Lotion - £13.95 (SOLID - £7.95) makes you feel good enough to eat.

There is only one Roulade this year and its Candy Cane Roulade - £6.95. The peppermint treat is great if you find the soaps too drying for your skin, the roulades are fresh and really squidgy in feel compared to the soaps. As there is such a high content of body moisturiser inside compared to traditional soap.

My favourite body conditioner has to be Christingle and it has a brand new Solid Version at £9.75 too this year. It pairs perfectly with the Salt and Peppermint Bark, both of which are HERE.

The only skincare item in the range this year is Buche De Noel - HERE. Which personally isn't a favourite of mine just because I don't like the really nutty scent that it has. But apart from the smell it is a really lovely cleanser in itself.
Lastly and possibly the little guys I'm most excited about this year is the naked makeup range. There are five products in total, all working together to give you some very looked after and festive lips. There is the cola flavoured Santa Baby Lip Scrub - £5.75 (Traditional - £5.95), which is a solid scrub that you can use straight on your lips instead of putting your finger in a jar. As well as it's lip colour partner in crime Santa Baby Lip Tint - £6.25 (Traditional - £6.50), which unfortunately my store is sold out of so I couldn't get one to show you. But its a traditional true festive red in shade.

If you like a sweeter flavour and a deeper shade on your lips, there is also the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub - £5.75 (Traditional - £5.95). They do all come in these handy little cardboard matchboxes too, so you can store them easily and keep them that bit fresher. Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint - £6.25 (Traditional - £6.50) is a deep berry, I love that you can really control the shade by applying as little or as much as you want with a lip brush. You can go for a full on purple lip to a stain or wash of colour in just a few swipes.

Lastly there is the Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Lip Block - £12.50, I didn't grab this one as I just don't really need a gold lip product. However if you fancy something a little different, or you could even apply it as a lip topper on top of other shades for a bit more sparkle. These blocks are made up of three different shades, in this case different shades of silver and gold, to mix and match and completely customise your lip wardrobe.

Eloise x

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