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Lush Christmas 2017: Part One


I've grown up with Lush all my life, as my Mum was a big fan of Cosmetics To Go as it was previously known. So Christmas time in my household, for me, just isn't quite the same without a Lush festive offering of such.

For the past three years I've been trying to create, what I guess is a Lush database of sorts for the Christmas products. They release new products to add to their firm festive favourites every year. So I'm hoping that over the past few years of posts, I have their mammoth 2017 collection covered. I'll link to all the previous posts that include this years line up, which will all have updated shopping links too!
In this half I'm hoping to cover the bath bombs, melts and bubble bars. As they've really gone to town with the bath treats this year. Then in Part Two, it'll be body care, shower gels, soaps and cosmetics. Plus probably a random item I'll of completely of forgotten about, oops!

There are a couple of items though, such as the Snow Fairy Fun - £6.25. That I just won't be including, as I just don't purchase it every year. As although Fun used to be a 'Fun' thing in my house, it just goes to waste now and never gets used. But I'll be sure to give anything like that a mention and a link too!
The Bath Bombs...
Of course its not a Lush Christmas without a bit of Snow Fairy. This year the range has increased dramatically in size and now includes a Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb - £4.95. So not only will you smell of candy floss, but there's the added extra that you can now bathe in a candy floss pink layer of moisturising jelly too.

On the complete other side of the smell spectrum is Christmas Sweater - £4.50, inspired by cosy and warm fair isle print christmas jumpers. This one will keep you cosy and toasty with its ingredients of clove, coriander and ginger. Plus as its so warming both scent and ingredient wise, its great for those sore achey muscles after a days Christmas shopping.

This year saw the retirement of a Lush classic, Honey Bee Bath Bomb. However fear not, as Shoot For the Stars - £4.50 is basically the Honey I washed the Kids scented favourite redesigned. This time with the added bonus of three little gold melting stars, to add even more moisture to your bathing.

If you fancy something to wake you up instead of something relaxing however. Then grab a Sherbet Dip - £3.75 based on those old retro favourite sweeties. This literally is just a giant fizzy lemon sweetie for your bath, if you've ever wanted to bathe in a DipDab nows your chance...

Finally the last new addition to the bath bomb range this year is Thundersnow - £4.50. When I smell this I'm instantly reminded of an After Eight mint, it is packed full of coco and peppermint oil after all. As well as a little bit of popping candy for an extra surprise.

Though don't worry, the returning favourites such as Butterbear, Golden Wonder, Snow Angel, Luxury Lush Pud are all back too and are HERE. As well as the punk inspired favourite Never Mind the Ballistics - HERE, too.
The Bubble Bars...
I actually thought this was a bath bomb when I first got it, so I'm really glad I checked the label before I chucked it into the bath. Christmas Cracker - £5.95 is huge! It'll definitely last a good maybe 5 baths I would say. With lemon and lime, this cracker will boost your spirits in no time and it had to have a sprinkling of popping candy inside too, just for that added effect!

Man on the Moon - £5.95 is a fairly massive bubble bar too actually, you really get a lot for your money with these ones. If you love limes you'll love this guy, he's very citrusy and leaves a golden hue to your water depending on how much you add to your bath.

My Two Front Teeth - £3.95, has a bit of a personal story added to it. As when my brother was little, he knocked out his two front teeth and for a good few years asked for them back for Christmas. So this one brings back a fair few memories. It's got such a calming scent as well due to the lavender used and it'll leave you feeling relaxed and smiley with all the soothing vanilla and neroli.

If your a fan of the Plum Rain Shower Gel that Lush have, then you need Plum Snow - £5.95 in your stash. It shares the exact same fruity scent, however now you can have Plum bubbles in your bath as well as in your shower.

Both of the reusable bubble bars are back this year too, Magic of Christmas and Magic Wand. As well as the return of Christmas Eve - £3.95, although it's had a slight makeover this year, it's still the exact same scent of calming jasmine. Then Candy Mountain has also rejoined the crew too - HERE.
Bath Melts, Bubbleroons and Oils....
The classic Star Bright Star Light Melt - £4.25 has made a return. If you want something to really give your skin a good moisturise, then this is the one. Although you may be a tad sparkly afterwards, but I mean if being covered head to toe in glitter isn't acceptable at Christmas then when is it?!

TREE-D Bath Oil - £4.50 is brand new this year and almost too cute to break up and use. You could chuck the whole lot in for a really luxurious bath. But I would say you can probably get four baths out of this one. It really softens the skin due to the amount of coco butter in it, but its also great for hydration due to the almond oils too.

Finally the last little guy for this half of the range is The Snowman Bubbleroon - £4.25. Another one that I feel super guilty about crushing up and shoving in the bath, why do they have to make them so darn cute! Plus he's the best of both worlds, lots of bubbles but lots of moisture too.

I hope this is helpful when it comes to deciding what to add to the Lush stash at this time of year, as well Lush can be a bit overwhelming at Christmas time. There is just so much going on! Look out for Part Two popping up in the next day or two as well...

Eloise x

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