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Lush Christmas 2016: Ballistics & Bubbles

Hi Guys,

I get excited for Christmas for many reasons, one particular reason however is the fact that the Lush Christmas range makes a come back. One of the best things after a freezing cold day is to have a relaxing lush bath and they have the perfect treats to make it a festive affair. 
Last year I did a similar post, with everything that was available in the range for 2015. However as it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest collection lush does, I had to split the post into three parts. So I'm going to do the same this year, just with this years new products and I've updated last years list. Some products have changed slightly in design compared to last year, but the scents and their job has stayed exactly the same. 

As much as I'm very excited about the new bits and pieces, I do love the reoccurring favourites every year. You can see all of last years Christmas bath treats HERE. 
Growing up in a punk household I can recognise the reference anywhere to the iconic Sex Pistols album. Even the colours match up perfectly, however I personally think I prefer the bath bomb over the music. It's one of the new designs for Lush this year, just like Roller its half dipped in bath melt, to make it turn when you add it to the bath. As the fizzy orange and peach bath bomb side fizzes away, it leaves you with the relaxing, slowly dissolving melt side, to moisturise the skin. 

Mistletoe - £4.25

This is such a fun one due to the colours it leaves you water, its bright show just makes you grin with excitement as it shoots about the bath. It's a sweet scent, however its still a comforting smell and not too sickly. It includes Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to soothe and calm after a long day. 

Ruby Red Slippers - £3.95
I couldn't quite believe it when I smelt Ruby Red Slippers, as I've had this bubble bar before, just not in the form it is now. Many moons ago Lush had a bubble bar with the same name, although it was more like a blob shape than a shoe. So it's lovely to see it back, as it's more of a spicy scent, which I don't usually love, but this one is subtle due to Rose and orange. Covered in gorgeous ruby red glitter too, it can't help but get you into a festive mood. 

Snowie - £4.25
Snowie is of course a lovely little tribute to David Bowie from Lush. It's a lovely relaxing scent, packed with Rose, Neroli and Grapefruit oils. It's subtle but effective when it comes to leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. It's also got a subtle shimmer, adding a little bit more fun to the bubbles. 
Jester - £6.50
As much as I've been using the reusable bubble bar wands for a few years now. I have to say it's only really been this year I've properly gotten into using them and they're great. They're so quick and easy to use, they create a mountain of bubbles with hardly any product being used and you do get a lot of uses from them. I love how fun and colourful the Jester is, I think it would be great for kids for Christmas. It's packed full of zesty mandarin and tangerine oils, which really lift the mood, which I think at this time of year can really be needed. 

Santasaurus - £5.95
However I think this little guy wins cutest product of the year. Whoever came up with Santasaurus is a genius, although I do feel a little bad having to run him under the tap. He's too cute to meet his bubbly fate! He's another uplifting one, with orange oil inside him instead. He does also include bergamot too, just for a little bit of a floral twist. 

If I had to reccomened one product from the new range that's a must have, it would have to be Never Mind the Ballistics. If it's anything like Rollerball, I think I'm going to have to stock up, as I think this one is going to be the most popular this year. 

Eloise x

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