Friday, 9 December 2016

A Pre Christmas Treat: Beauty and Homeware Haul

Hi Guys,

I may of fallen into the trap of buying gifts for myself while buying for others this Christmas. With so many bargains about in the run up to Christmas and of course Black Friday too, I think it can easily be done. (I hope I'm not the only one!) 
I've mainly just been picking up bits and pieces for the house and some beauty bargains too. I promise I've also done some Christmas shopping too! 
I picked up two of the Clarins Ombré Waterproof Shadows in 01 Gold Peach and 02 Golden Sand at my local Clarins counter, as they were both half price. So I like to think I kind of got a buy one get one free kind of deal haha. They were a part of this years summer collection, I already have one that I purchased for going on holiday this year. I really enjoyed using that one and it really is waterproof, it didn't really crease or smudge at all and it was comfortable on yet long wearing. I was kicking myself for not picking up more shades, though I'm glad I waited now. 
Of course I couldn't miss the Illamasqua Black Friday sale! I tried to be good, although they had some fantastic bargains, which were very tempting, I just stuck to four. Which included the Nail Varnish in Remains and Quagga which are from the Extinct Collection. I love painting my nails, but I'm limited to the shades I can wear while at work, so as much as I would of paid full price for both of these. I decided to not to purchase them originally, but at £4.50 a polish, I couldn't say no. Remains is a gorgeous purple Jewel toned glitter, which completely captures my heart. As well as quagga, which reminds me of petrol, with its green duo chrome finish.   

I also repurchased my all time favourite Mascara, Masquara in Gain from the Metamorph CollectionIt just does a bit of everything, length, volume and it holds a curl. As well as subtly tinting your lashes the more you use it, so even when you're not wearing mascara, it gives a little bit of definition to the lashes. 

Finally from Illamasqua I grabbed The Corruptor which is their pro product. It's a thick gel consistency, that you can apply over the eyes, cheeks or lips for a glossy finish. But also layer it over other products, which it then breaks down slightly and leaves you with the most gorgeous textured finish. Especially if you want to use it for a grungy eye, it just gives everything that un perfected rougher finish which I love. I also love the packaging too, which is like an origami box, which opens up to reveal the corruptor inside. It's a bit different and something that really stands out on the market. 
Ever since I got my hands on Face By Pixiwoo, I've been trying to find the  Face CompactWhich is kind of like a miniature condensed version of Face. It's handbag sized and great for traveling with, it's just jam packed of useful tips and tricks, as well as gorgeous photography. It's exclusive to boots and is available online and in store, I did have a bit of difficulty trying to find it in store. But it seems to of recently popped up, so if you see it, I really recommend just grabbing it. 

I can't say I'm usually one for sweet, food type scents, so I went out on a bit of a whim and purchased the Zoella Lifestyle Reed Diffuser in Homemade TreatsEvery diffuser in the range comes with a matching candle, bar this one. Which made it pretty difficult to judge what the scent was going to be like. However I actually really do like it, it's quite subtle and not too over powering, it mainly smells of vanilla to me. However it does say it's suppose to be a salted caramel, baked goods kind of scent. 
Last Friday Cath Kidston released the Disney collection of dreams, collaborating with the brand to create a Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection. Which was part two of their Disney collaborations, after a successful Winnie the Pooh collection a few months before. Now although I had signed up for the Pre Sale in August and had a VIP pass, it took me nearly two hours to be able to check out and by then my basket had sold out. Which may have been the most infuriating shopping experience I have ever had. So instead I decided to go to the store the next morning and try to grab the mugs, as I've collected Cath Kidston Mugs for years and there was no way I was missing out on these. But I was in luck, as I managed to get my mitts on them in store. I've never been so pleased to see a mug in my life haha. Although sadly the mugs have sold out online, you can still get a good selection of pieces from the range HERE

Eloise x


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