Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Hi Guys!,

Not too sure if this is too early for a Gift Guide or too late, But I wanted to do one as I love reading what everyone else has picked, hopefully you like mine too! This is the first Christmas Gift Guide I've done as well, after failing miserably at doing it last year haha.

 I tried to pick things that are still available as a lot of things I was going to feature sold out pretty quickly, as it was originally going to be ten gifts, not seven... Plus sorry for the awful photos, this light is so annoying, thought I had quite good photos till I uploaded them...

Clarins HydraQuench Collection - £34 HERE
Clarins do there Skincare Gift Sets every year, I picked one up last year as they are in fact the same price as buying the moisturiser on its own! So you get a free deluxe sample of the HydraQuench Cream Mask (15ml) and the HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bio Phase (15ml) Both last really long and are amazing products in my opinion. Plus you get a big wash bag that is in fact sparkly, sparkles = I need it. The HydraQuench Cream is for Normal to Dry Skin and I've been using it for three years now, the tub lasts me around a year too so it's great value for money!

It's also available in other Skincare types!

Clarins All About Lips Collection - £18 HERE
This is another gift set Clarins do each year, they change the shades round though each year and this year you get the Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Wood Rose (1.4g), Colour Quench Lip Balm in Peach Nectar (7ml), Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in Rose Shimmer (5ml) and the Gloss Prodige in Candy (2.5ml). I have a Rouge Eclat Lipstick and I can vouch to say they're are some of the most beautiful quite moisturising lipsticks I've tried, The Instant Light Lip Perfecter is such a big hit in the beauty community and my mum is obsessed with the Colour Quench Lip Balms. I think its safe to say this is quite a hit! 

Clarins Essential Eye Palette - £35 
 You're all going to think I'm Clarins obsessed haha! But this is an amazing neutral palette, I've done a full review on it HERE. I'd say its a great one for either a neutral lover and even mum! As unlike the Naked Palette's it is quite sheer and great for everyday yet not too in your face, You can of course build them up a bit as even though they're sheer they can pack a punch with pigment if you add a little more of certain shades! It's been extremely popular in the UK and I cant find a website for it, I have seen some at counters though so It's not completely gone! 

Illamasqua Fatale Palette - £34 HERE
The complete opposite to the Clarins palette filled with neutrals has to be the Illamasqua Fatale Palette! a first for Illamasqua too as all of the shades have a slight I guess shimmer to them, unlike any Illamasqua Palette before, It includes four shades, all extremely pigmented and surprisingly work amazingly together! The four shades are Bronx, A bronzey gold, Ensnare, A redish berry, Charm, A purple violet and Mystify, A chestnut brown! the shadows last amazingly well and like most Illamasqua products are also water resistant! I'm definitely in love with this one! I'm going to put up a full review very soon hopefully!

Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers - £29.99 HERE
I must admit I hate hair, I cant do it, But heated rollers even a complete hair novice like me can do and I have been loving this set by Babyliss. Its so quick and easy to set the hair and just add some volume and curls! This is a great set with a kit of 15 Clips, 20 Pins, which by the way have a little built in compartment to keep them neat! and then the 20 rollers in three different sizes! It also only takes eight minutes to completely heat up and you can change the heat settings to two different settings. Great for any hair lover whether they are a hair genius or not!

Jo Malone 30ml Fragrance £39 HERE
Jo Malone is so widely loved in the Beauty World, It makes an amazing present at Christmas time, Hand wrapped in a gift box, gift bag then with added ribbons and bows! It just looks amazing! For only 30ml they are definitely high end perfumes but I think they'd make such a lovely present, as I myself wouldn't buy one for myself. They come in 20 different scents so there's bound to be one for everyone! I personally love the Wild Bluebell and a Blogger favourite has to be Pomegranate and Noir! 

Soap and Glory Get Bubbly Gift Set - £10 HERE
I couldn't do a Gift Guide and not include Soap and Glory, they always have amazing Gift Sets and this year they've done a great set of two different boxes, either The Original Pink or Fruitigo, to choose from, Including little miniatures of some of their most loved products. Bright and Bubbly Fruitigo includes Foam Call Shower and Bath Wash (75ml), One of my favourites!, Butter Yourself Body Butter (50ml), Pulp Friction Body Scrub (50ml) and Endless Glove Hand Cream and Mask (50ml), oh and a body puff! A great gift for any soap and glory lover, or just to get someone else addicted to soap and glory too haha! 

I hope you like this and I have two more in my little series of Gift Guides, For Him and Under £15, So look out for those too! 

Eloise x


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Big Blogmas Project and The 2014 Blogger Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd let you know about two projects I'm taking part in over the next month and over next year, next month I thought I'd take part in this years Blogmas and then for next year I'm taking part in the 2014 Blogger Challenge! 

Now blogging every other day I can mess up on, so for the Big Blogmas Challenge I'm really hoping to get a post up everyday! Which means tons of new posts for you to read too! I'm not the only one taking part though, I've got a list of everyone else's twitter names below, so if you like you can follow them as they do Blogmas too!

Make sure to go and check out Cole's links as well as she created this tag this year! She has a great blog too, if you want to take part in the Big Blogmas Project she has all the details over on her blog HERE.

Cole's Twitter: Coleoftheball 

My Twitter: Mallowbeauty 

Everyone's Twitter Names:

 Sweetsparklyser   4evafashion92     Beautysupergirl   Aqeela_mua   Jordanmarie89   Polkadotteapot2   Fashforeverblog   Kelseyshepherd_   Hmkeyes   Dixxgina   Uggynog   imogenrose20   Joni_blog   Laural0uisee   Frostedplanet   Rowbowk   Maclovergirl96   Danniannie   Juststephblog  _bethhenderson   saloca    Kaitlynisabel   _nameofbeauty   cutesybluekitty

Then next year every month I'll be uploading two posts all about a certain topic, I'm definitely going to give it a go, I really hope I can come up with an idea for each topic! Gaby from Another Girly Blog has created the challenge, if you want to sign up to the challenge you can find out more HERE over at Gaby's Blog otherwise just go and check out her blog!

You can also find everyone's links who are taking part too, I would link but last time I checked there's 243 of us! 

Plus Finally my Giveaway has closed, thank you to everyone who entered and everyone who just takes the time to read my blog! I wish I could give everyone a prize, Congratulations to Laura from What Laura Loves though for winning! 

Eloise x


Sunday, 24 November 2013

My Top 7 Winter Lipstick Picks!

Hi Guys!,

I thought I'd do a post on my favourite lipsticks for this winter as I always love wearing lipstick and especially at this time of year as you get to crack out the darker shades. 

Originally this post was my top five winter lipstick picks, but then I couldn't whittle it down to five so its now seven...

The Purple Tones:

MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry : £1 - Here
 I've done a review on this range here. It's one of my favourites as it is quite sheer but its perfect for having a bold colour without it being quite so bold, if that makes sense. Its just good for the days that you want a bit of colour but not too much! You can also win it in my giveaway just now too.

MAC Lipstick in Rebel: £15 - Here
  This is the most pink toned of the bunch, also the most expensive out of my three favourites. It's part of the satin line of lipsticks for MAC, its great for pale skins like me as it doesn't wash you out too much. you can also make it less bold just by patting it into the lips so its not as dark.

Collection Lipstick in 3 Revenge: £2.99 - Here
This is probably the darkest one, and for £2.99 it is crazily pigmented! plus it lasts so long on the lips I actually found it eventually had to be taken off with make up remover to get the last traces off, so for me I think that's great as topping up lipstick, well I forget to do it. its got a pink undertone to it for sure.

The Classic's:


Rimmel Matte Kate Moss Lipstick in 107: £5.49 - Here
This is one of the most raved about lipsticks at this time of year, I love the matte Finnish as you may of noticed I like the matte finishes, it lasts amazingly well! and doesn't fade in a horrible way either. I cant say I'm the biggest fan of the smell but the shade definitely wins me over, its definitely more of a pink toned red too.

MAC Lipstick in Hue: £15 - Here
Hue is a Glaze finish lipstick for MAC, which usually I'm not a fan of but for a nude shade it makes it so easy to wear, its quite moisturising, again it has a pink undertone to it, you wouldn't think I prefer a blue undertone after all these pink ones haha! 

The Liquid Lipsticks:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo: £5.50 - Here
An old favourite which you'll probably of seen me talking about loads on here! These smell amazing, can be layered up to make a dark matte lip or you can put it over a balm and make a sheer red lip, pink undertones and is amazing on pale skin again. probably one of my all time favourites. its so easy to apply as well and doesn't dry out my lips.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless: £3 - Here
This is a new very pigmented favourite! at the moment I'm yet to wear it fully by its self as I keep sheering it out, but for the price this is amazing! I've done a review on it here. and yes once again I think its more of a pink toned red haha!

(Swatches: Left to Right - San Paulo, Reckless, Hue, 107, Rebel, Seduction and Wild Berry)

I hope this shows you some of the great lipsticks out there at this time of year!

Eloise x

P.S. Theres only 3 days left to enter my giveaway HERE if you haven't already! 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Collective Beauty and Clothing Haul!

Hi Guys!, 

I may of gone a little bit mad recently over the past month and bought a few things that I may of told myself were "needed" like usual. I think 60% of it I got on a discount though so that makes my purse feel a little bit better haha! Plus I have a new Christmas friend for you all to meet!

I'm always a bit conscious when uploading a haul post as I don't want it to come across as bragging, so I just want to say I don't mean it in that way, everything in this haul I bought with my own money and I just overall like reading haul posts so I hope you do too!

Firstly a few weeks ago when it was Illamasqua's 5th Birthday and they had the discount code, teamed with a student discount and I ordered Hollow Cream Pigment and The Sealing Gel. I'd been debating on getting hollow for a while now as I'm not the best at contouring and I've heard it's great for pale skin, plus Pixiwoo rave about it! I also went to the Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In this month where they discussed the Sealing Gel, So after seeing the amazing things that can do I picked one up for my kit during the offer too! 

Then Ive been desperate to get the new Illamasqua Christmas Palette, Fatale! You may of seen me tweeting about this lots this month if you follow my Twitter, I finally got my hands on it after being asked if I wanted to try it on at my local counter and It all went down hill from there...

Then on my mission to find a hat this winter I went into Next and found a NYX stand, I couldn't leave without anything? So I caved and picked up the highly talked about Beige lip gloss! 

In this months Glamour Magazine as well as Kate Spade Nails Inc Nail Polishes there's little Body Shop discount cards for £3, £15 and £100 off! Plus there's some lucky cards that mean that the Body Shop will donate £1000 to the Teenage Cancer Trust! So if you pick up four Nails Inc Polishes you get four of the Cards... 

I love the Pink Grapefruit range so I used the cards to pick up the Shower Gel in 750ml for £3!!! Then the Body Spray and the Lip Butter I'd been looking at forever! Then a few weeks back they had a 50% sale so I picked up the Vineyard Peach Body Lotion aka a new favourite scent for me! 

Then after so many tweets and so many comments on my Christmas Lush post - here, I had to pick up the Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic! 1) Its Massive! 2) It smells so good and 3) its shimmery! I cant wait to try it out.

For the Clothing side of things like I mentioned I needed a hat for the winter, So after hunting through so many stores I finally went to H&M and found this cream bobble hat! (Just practically the same as one I wanted from Top Shop and half the price!)

Then from Primark I picked up some new Slipper Socks, I don't like wearing slippers and love these, I needed a new pair after I wore my old ones to death. Then I picked up some of their little frilly socks to wear with my cut out boots! 

Finally Debenhams have 25% off Designers at the moment and you may of heard of my love for Henry Holland, Team that with a Debenhams gift card and this happened. I've been hunting for this jumper for weeks after it sold out on-line and my local store only had one left in my size! (Which for my luck is a miracle!) Then I don't really wear print jeans at all, but I tried the Burgundy Polka Dot ones on in store and loved them. 

Now for my Christmas Friend, Meet Rufus the Reindeer! I found him in Next, It was love at first site and he accidentally trotted all the way over to the till with me.. 

Im going to link where you can get everything below as most things are still on amazing offers and you cant miss out on some of these deals! I'll also leave a link to your very own Rufus too! 

(Illamasqua - Here, Body Shop - Here, Golden Wonder - Here, Bobble Hat - Here, Designers at Debenhams - Here and NYX and Rufus - Here.)

Eloise x

P.S. Don't forget you can still enter my Birthday Giveaway for MUA, Soap and Glory and O.P.I - Here.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Barry M Christmas Limited Edition Polishes!

Hi Guys,

After my Lush Christmas Post I couldn't wait much longer to put up another Christmas post! Plus what would be better than some Barry M Limited Edition Christmas Glitter offerings! I currently sit writing this post sat in Santa Leggings too... I love Christmas... 

Every year now Barry M release four Christmas inspired Nail Paints, two for Superdrug and two for Boots. Plus They always have those great metallic textured caps! Which I may buy the polishes just for them maybe 40% of the time haha. 

The polishes don't have names on the bottom of the bottles unlike the permanent nail paints, I wish they did have names though as trying to remember them off of the site is difficult! 

The two polishes from Superdrug are:

Gold Dust (Gold Cap) - To me this is just like rose gold glitter heaven, its the glitter bars in a clear polish but the bars are gold and then a rose pink so it just looks like a rose gold colour! 

 Fairy Lights (Pink Cap) - I love the name of this polish and it is absolutely beautiful, its holographic but its pink and I think a little bit of silver, in the light it catches blue and slightly gold tones too, while still remaining pink. 

Then from Boots they are:

Tinsel Town (Red Cap) - This is exactly like tinsel with the Red, Blue and Green bars of glitter in it, Its a clear base so you can layer it on over any polish. 

Silver Lights (Silver Cap) - At first I thought this was just a typical silver glitter nail polish, nothing special, then I swatched it, Its holographic! You can build it up to get a glitter holographic nail and again its in a clear base so you can turn any colour holographic with it! 

(Swatches: Left to Right - 2 coats of Fairy Lights, 2 coats of Gold Dust, 2 coats of Silver Lights and 2 coats of Tinsel Town.) 

Its super difficult to choose a favourite out of the four but I think I'd have to go with Silver Lights, They all are really close though. Plus both Boots and Superdrug have a 3 for 2 on at the moment which makes buying them all seem so much cleverer. 

You can get them here on Boots, They don't seem to be on Superdrug and all four are £3.99!

Eloise x


Friday, 15 November 2013

November GlossyBox!

Hey Guys!,

I think this box marks being subscribed to Glossybox for two years! I can't believe its been two years since I subscribed. This month's box is Wishlist themed, basically the top wishlists from the Glossybox team for Christmas!

This months Glossy Mag is made up of Ask the Expert features, the Glossy team's Wishlists and Product interviews about products in the box its self. 

This is probably my favourite page from the Mag, all about dark lips, I'm really eyeing up that Charlotte Tilbury one in Night Crimson! Plus look at that rose gold packaging!!

I was a bit worried when I first opened the box, it seemed to only contain four products... but the fifth was actually hiding under all the confetti stuff so If you have this box and think the same then dig around all the paper shredding! 

1) Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads - £2 for 20 Pads
These are pretty basic I wasn't thrilled about these but It's not disappointing either, They're super handy though for travelling with and when your nail obsessed like me these don't seem all too bad. 

2)Connock London Kukui Eau de Parfum - £75 for 100ml
It's a bit hit and miss with perfume samples in Glossybox, I don't really like spicy or earthy scents so when I read the little card and it said this was woody... I didn't have high hopes, But actually I find its rather floral and fruity, I think its got a bit of a sweet sense to it after a while too. I'm a bit on the fence about whether I like this, You'd really have to sniff it yourself as, as you can tell I'm awful at describing scents haha! 

3) Vichy Idelia Life Serum - £29.50 for 30ml
I loved the little bag this trio came in, For me it just added to it. The trio isn't just the serum though, there's two Idelia Life Serum samples and then a Idelia Smoothing and Illuminating cream, I look forward to testing these out as I've heard a bit about them, they promise to have pretty visible effects... but we shall see if that's right!

4) Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow in Dams - £16.80 for 1.48g
I thought I recognised the name Emite, then remembered they did the Eyelash Curlers in the London Box a few months back, I'm interested to see how good this eye shadow is as they seem to be a high end brand, I love the champagne colour to it too so I can see me getting some use out of this. Plus its ideal for contact lens wearers and paraben free!

5) Yves Rocher France Hand Cream - £1.95 for 75ml
Straight away I sniffed this and It is amazing! In the tube it smells like Raspberry's then when massaged into your hands you can smell the chocolate! I can see this becoming a favourite already and I've only used it once! Its really quite moisturising, I think its great for the price! 

I think some of the products in the box match the theme, I guess they all do in some way, It was slightly disappointing to work out that two of the three full size products were actually under £2 but hey! at least the weren't all samples, I'd say overall its quite a good reasonable box this month.

Dont forget too that my last post was my Birthday Giveaway so don't forget to enter! You can find it - here.

Eloise x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

1st Birthday and 50 Followers Giveaway!

Hi Guys,

It's really weird to think that a year ago today I put up my first blog post and its even weirder to think that anyone even reads my rambles! I've been wanting to do a give-away for a while now but I wasn't too sure when to do it, but my 1st Birthday seemed like a good start! 

As well as it being my first Birthday I also hit 50 followers between GFC and Bloglovin, which is amazing! I never thought that I'd have 5 people reading my blog yet alone 50! So this little give-away is to celebrate reaching that milestone too. 

I wanted to give-away product I love and use, so this is a little bit of a jumble of things but I thought they tie in with this time of year too. So you can win:

MUA Lipgloss in Shade 4 
Soap and Glory Good, Butter, Best Gift Set 
O.P.I Shatter Polish in Super Bass Shatter
MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry

The Soap and Glory Righteous Butter is probably my all time favourite body butter and I'm desperate to try out the Butter Yourself one too! I think I may go get one of these Set's for myself too haha! Then I wanted to add some new favourites like the O.P.I Polish and Matte Lipstick, that I've been wearing everyday! I've posted about it here. Then finally a few months ago I fell in love with the MUA Lip gloss as a dupe for my Dior Limited Edition one so I had to pop that in too! 

How To Enter:
All you've got to do to be entered is to follow my blog via GFC and then Tweet about the give-away! that gives you 8 entries into the give-away via Rafflecopter! Then you can like on Facebook, follow on twitter, check out my new Pinterest and other things for 10 more extra entries! 


  • The Give-away is open to everyone who does the two main entries above.
  • Sadly due to the Postage Rules in the UK now, I've had to make this a UK only give-away! I wish I could make it worldwide and I'll be looking into doing one that's Worldwide hopefully soon. 
  • If you're 16 or under please ask your parents or Guardians permission. 
  • The give-away starts on the 13/11/13 and then will end at 12am GMT time on the 27/11/13, So it will be open for 2 weeks! 
  • I've used my own money to supply the prize and I am in no way sponsored by any of the brands featured.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will email the winner of the prize once the give-away has ended and will also announce the winner of the give-away via twitter. 

I wish I could give a prize to everyone who has read my blog in the past year and thank you to everyone who has, it does really mean a lot! Good luck! 

Eloise x


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas with Lush!

Hey Guys, 

This I think is technically my first Christmas post of the year? Sorry if it seems a bit early but I've been desperate to put up a Christmas post since like September haha!  Over the past few weeks I've been going into Lush and picking up a few things each time from their Christmas collection, there's a few bits that may pop up later on as they didn't have everything I wanted to get (I will find you Snow Fairy!). 

I thought I'd try to split it into categories so I have random bits and then Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars.

Gold FUN - £5.00 Here
FUN is a multi use kinda like play doh product from Lush, you can wash yourself and your hair with it, use it as bubble bath, I'm pretty sure you can clean your clothes with it.. So for Christmas they've made it sparkly gold and it smells like caramel! which in fact its scented with their Honey I Washed The Kids scent. Its a bit bigger than pictured but my brother couldn't wait to use it so there's a chunk missing from the one photographed. 

Santa's Lip Scrub - £5.50 Here
Every year lush bring out a lip scrub during the festive season, this year its tinted red! and smells like cola, this one is actually my mums as to be honest I'm not a fan of the taste of it. But if you like cola make sure to go have a look at it, there's a matching tinted lip balm to go with it too. 

Melting Snowman Bath Melt - £2.25 Here
This used to be my all time favourite thing from lush at Christmas time, but they changed the fresh scent to a spicy one last year and I'm not a fan of the spicy scents. However I do have loads of these because its one of the cutest things lush does! You just place it in your bath and it sort of fizzes away slightly but unlike the Bath Ballistics it takes a while to dissolve and is really moisturising. Plus his eyes are real chocolate buttons!

Snowman Bath Ballistic - £2.50 Here
This is one of the first ones I've tried from the new range and it's super moisturising, just like the permanent bath ballistic Butterball, I also think it smells like Butterball, But unlike its permanent twin it changes the water   red. 

Bombardino Bath Ballistic - £2.50 Here
This is one of the cutest bath bombs I've seen, its little face and a big whipped cream like hat on its head! The whipped cream hat fits well with its smell, It reminds me of Lemon Meringue Pies, It's quite a moisturising bath bomb just like the snowman, it turns your water yellow and glittery though. Its a funny colour yellow though!

So White Bath Ballistic - £3.25 Here
This has been one of my favourites at Christmas time for years, It's a fresh apple scent which is amazing! but they changed the size of these from the small ones I have to huge big ones! Plus unlike previous years it now has a pink centre so now it turns your water pink instead of not really doing anything. 

Abombinaball Bath Ballistic - £4.10 Here
This one is actually only available on line or in their Poole Shop, Luckily I still have one left over from last year (Its gone a bit of a funny colour though, its usually more blue and gold), I'm a bit disappointed this isn't widely available as I loved this one last year. It smells of Peppermint and its massive! It'll probably last for two baths if you chop it in half, it also turns your bath water bright green! 

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - £2.95 Here
This isn't a scent I would usually pick up, but after hearing Zoella rave about it I thought I'd try it, I usually like the more fresh and sweet scents but this Bubble bar has more of a spicy but not spicy scent to me? (I'm awful at describing scents sorry) Basically you need to sniff it yourself, this is why Blogger needs a smell button. Just crumble this into your bath for lots of bubbles! 

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £2.65 Here
What is not to love about this bubble bar... It smells like Snow Fairy.. It's pink... and It's glittery! Again you just break off a little bit and crumble it till it makes bubbles, I think this one would be great with the Snowman Bath Ballistic. 

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - £4.95 Here
The Magic Wand seems to be a favourite every year, this is the first year I've actually bought it though so I'm excited to use it. Basically you swirl it around under running water and it creates lots of bubbles, plus its reusable, I'm not sure how many baths you can get out of just the one though and it smells like Snow Fairy too. 

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - £2.95 Here
This may be the cutest thing ever (not including Bombardino and the Melting Snowman...) They come in all different sizes and every penguin is slightly different, I feel bad using him he's so cute, but you just crumble a bit off and crumble it under running water and he'll turn into lots of bubbles! From the description he has the same scent as their Olive Branch Shower Gel too. 

I think its safe to say when it comes to Christmas time I am a complete Lush addict! I'm sure more will add to my collection as the weeks go on, but then again you've got to stock up! right? ok that's just my excuse for loosing my mind in lush... 

What's your Lush favourite at Christmas time?

Eloise x

Friday, 8 November 2013

MUA Matte Lipsticks and Luxe Lip Lacquers

Hey Guys,

I've been trying to hunt these down for a while, the amount of times I went into Superdrug to find an empty stand.. Has anyone else noticed that there's nothing in Superdrug at the moment? So I finally got my hands on the Matte MUA Lipstick range and a MUA Luxe London Velvet Lip Lacquer! So as I'm writing this I have half my lips in a Matte Lipstick and the other half in the Lip Lacquer, I'm strangely liking the combo... 

I would also like to apologise for the awful photos, I cant seem to get decent ones with the winter lighting :(

Firstly I got the new Matte £1 Lipsticks, I've been desperate for MUA to bring out Matte Lipsticks as you probably already know I really love Matte Lips. When I first saw them I wasn't too sure on the colour range, I only really wanted two but then Superdrug had 3 for 2 on and well... I ended up with all five.. oops...

The five colours in the range are (From top left clockwise), Pouty Pink, Peachy Keen, Wild Berry, Totally Nude and Scarlet Siren.  

Pouty Pink: This is the Barbie Pink Shade of the range, I wasn't too bothered at first about picking up this shade as even though I do wear a lot of pink lipstick I don't wear this particular shade but It's actually quite sheer and easy to wear. 

Peachy Keen: This just reminds me of MAC, Again this is another colour that can be sheered out, I wouldn't say its the best for this time of year its definitely more of a spring summer pink based peach shade. 

Wild Berry: I was so excited for this shade for the autumn winter months, it looks like a deep berry shade, its  a purple when swatched with a pink undertone, it reminds me of MAC Rebel a lot, I'd say its the most sheer out of the entire range, which makes it less bold. 

Totally Nude: This more wearable than I first thought, It's a pink based nude, which again I think it looks better sheered down to make it more wearable.

Scarlet Siren: The classic red of the bunch, its also the most pigmented I'd say, its a pink toned red for definite though.

Each of the Matte lipsticks still seem moisturising and go on well, for £1 I think these are actually really quite good and wearable, plus I think the range definitely has one for everyone. 

The MUA Luxe London Range is the new Luxury range from MUA and I was super excited to try these lip lacquers as they remind me of the Lime Crime Velvetines, Then I realised they're probably similar to the NYX Matte Lip Creams too. I got the shade Reckless, there's five again in the range, Atomic (Orange), Kooky (Purple), Criminal (Bright Pink) and Funk ( Dark Pink) are the other four. 

Reckless is the Red of the range and it is rather dark with a bit of a blue undertone to it, its a lot drier than the Matte Lipsticks, but man will it not budge! I cant get the swatch off of the back of my hand!

(Swatches: Bottom to Top - Totally Nude, Scarlet Siren, Pouty Pink, Wild Berry, Peachy Keen, Reckless)

I also tried the drink test with these and both stayed on without coming off, after about 3 hours wear the Matte Lipstick was fading but the Velvet Lip Lacquer is still going strong!

Matte Lipsticks - £1 Here.
Velvet Lip Lacquers - £3 Here. 

Eloise x


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Sunshine Award!

Hey Guys,

The other week I found out that the lovely Ebony from Ebony J Beauty My Way had nominated me for the Sunshine Award, which is basically a way for bloggers to share their love for each others blogs as to be nominated for a Sunshine Award you send it to a blogger who you find positive, whose blog you love to read, that you find creative and inspiring too. So I was very shocked and surprised to find out I'd been nominated for one! So thank you so much Ebony! 

The Rules:
List 11 facts about yourself
 Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you 
 Nominate 11 bloggers you feel deserve this award 
Write 11 questions for them to answer in their award post
 Let your 11 bloggers know you have nominated them 

My 11 Facts

1.   I don't like to drink hot drinks and cant stand the taste of coffee unless its in a cake, or tea! 
2.   I'm 5'11, which made me one of the tallest in my year at school, yet the youngest! 
3.   I used to have a pair of Doc Martens style Clark's Boots covered in Smarties, which would have to be surgically removed to get me out of them! 
4.   I used to play the clarinet!
5.   I had a hamster called Chewy who went through 4 cages as he ate threw them all. 
6.   The first beauty product I ever remember having was a Glitter Babes from Boots make up kit!
7.   I cant style my hair to save my life! 
8.   I have 232 nail polishes, I'm such a junkie and yes I counted them all... 
9.   I wear contact lenses.
10.   I have an obsession with Lego and the Lego PS3 Games..
11.   I have only ever broken one bone, My big toe! 

The 11 Questions Ebony Created:

1. What do you think makes you different from other bloggers?
To be honest I cant think of anything that truly makes me different, there are so many bloggers out there today, your never going to be truly different. you cant say that your different when lots of other bloggers may do the exact same as you. I just hope that you love my blog as much as you love the similar ones to me. 

2. Was there ever a time you thought about quitting?
No never, I have times where I get so busy I lose my inspiration for new posts, but I've never thought about quitting I enjoy what I do too much! 

3. What time of day do you find yourself blogging the most?
I mostly find myself adding the last few bits at around 11am to 1pm, which is typical seeing as I try to get my blog posts up at either 12pm or 12.30pm haha.

4. What is your favorite makeup essential?
My favourite essential will have to be foundation, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one and I own so many I'm such a perfect base junkie! I have a serious foundation problem lol! 

5. What do you think you could do to make your blog better?
I'd love to make my photos better and just the way I write, sometimes I think I'm so boring when I'm explaining something or I ramble way too much! But I would really love to improve my photos they annoy me so much! 

6. What music are you obsessed with at the moment?
Anything by Hobbie Stuart! No question about it, he was in my favourites and has been my favourite for ages now, I just listen to his songs on repeat for hours on end! 

7. What do you do when you can't think of anything to write about?
Usually panic and look for a Tag or something to blog about, sometimes I just get such a blogging block and its really frustrating because I hate not to regularly upload. 

8. What was the first beauty product you ever used?
Even though my first beauty product I remember is the Sugar Babes Kit, I cant really remember what was exactly in that, I do remember wearing a Mary Kate and Ashley Purple Loose Eye Shadow though! 

9. What is your hair texture like?
Its rather dry and damaged at the moment, had a nightmare with it recently, so I'm really trying to get it back to a good state. It's also like frizz and knot central too! 

10. What was your first blog post ever about?
My first blog post was the About Me Tag, I had no clue what to do for my first post and I was super nervous about starting a blog encase no one would ever read it and I was just awful at it! So I settled for the tag so at least if anyone did read it they could get to know me a bit. 

11. Do you have an iPhone or an android? 
iPhone! As much as I love it to pieces, I could never ever go back to anything else other than an iPhone! It takes really awful photos. You get the odd good one but please apple sort this out. 

My 11 Questions:

1. How did you start blogging?
2. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
3. What is the last beauty product that you bought?
4. Which is your all time favourite nail polish? 
5. What beauty product do you regret the most buying?
6. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
7. What is your favourite high end make up brand?
8. What perfume are you currently wearing?
9. What is your favourite Tv Program?
10. All time favourite Film?
11. If you could only ever have one lipstick which one would it be and why?

Now all I have to do is nominate, So the lovely girls I'd like to nominate for a Sunshine Award are:

Hattie from Project Rattlebag 
Taylor from Taylorscollectionn 
Lauren from Beauty Division 
Katrina from History Never Repeats 
Millie from Hidden Beauty
Megan from The Beauty Pier 
Nicole from Cole of the Ball 
Naville from Inspirations I Have None
Laura from Laura's all Made Up
Claire from After Twenty One 
Jenn from Photo-Jenn-ic

I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you so much ebony for nominating me! 

Eloise x
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