Friday, 30 October 2015

Emerald Vampire Halloween Tutorial

Hi Guys,

I have been a bit of a Vampire fan for many years now and its always one of my favourites to dress up as for Halloween. They're an easy one to do and great if you need an idea last minute, throw on a black dress and a bit of fake blood and you're sorted! 
Unfortunately I had a black wig but as I'm so pale, turns out it looks awful on! So if you don't have a wig, you can also just mess up your hair a bit like I did, as a last minute solution. 

I also quickly want to apologise for the state my brows are in, nothing tells you that they're in worse shape than I thought. Than a very strong light and a DSLR camera! 
 To create the look I used...
  • Illamasqua Skin Base
  • Illamasqua Sculpting Palette
  • Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Strike
  • Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner in Infinity 
  • Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow
  • Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Beguile 
  • Illamasqua Intense Lip Gloss in Hermetic
  • Illamasqua Powder Shadows in Burst, Fient, Obsidian and Cascade
  • Topshop Smoke Stick in Magic Garden
  • Lord and Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

 Firstly I went over the entire lid with the Topshop Smoke Pencil, buffying it out with a fluffy brush into the crease. I then used feint in the crease to darken it up and to create less of a harsh line between Magic Garden. Though I focoused a lot of the colour to the inner portion of the eye.
  To build up the green tone on the lid, I pressed Burst all over the lid and again with the same brush as before, buffed it into the feint colour. I had to then build feint up more, so that the two were blended well together and there was still that depth in the eye. 

For the brows I used Strike as normal, but made the shape harsher and elongated the end of the brow. Also trying to curve the arch up higher, to create more of a sinister look. (My brows didn't cooperate, hopefully yours will!) Then to highlight the brown bone, I used Cascade on a thinner brush, to create a harsh defined highlight. 
I also used Cascade in the inner corner of the eye, as well as slightly under. Once you apply all the liner it will make the eye appear smaller, so this step just opens the eye up and who doesn't love a bit of a dramatic sparkle. 

Finally shadow wise, I took obsidian ever so slightly through the crease of the eye, angling up towards the brow when I got to the inner corner. Again this will give the illusion of bigger eyes, but it's really quite subtle. I also ran it under the eye, to create a softer base for the liner. 

When it comes to the liner, I started by doing a small winged top liner, but in the inner corner, I brought it to a point. You then need to connect the point to the bottom portion of your inner eye, to get the really pointed inner corner. Then run the gel liner, under all of the eye, the softer black shadow will make the liner appear less harsh. To finish the eye liner, I just ran it through the bottom and top water line, so there was no fleshy tones peeking through. You can actually use the Illamasqua Gel liner on the waterline, which is fantastic as it lasts so well. I finally applied a good coat of mascara to finish the eyes.  
  On the cheeks, I used Hollow to contour to begin with. I didn't want any warmer tones, which makes Hollow fantastic as it has the grey undertone. I then went over the cream contour with Heroine from the Sculpting Palette, to deepen the colour. As well as highlighting with the matte cream shade, on the tops of the cheek bones and brought into the centre of the face.

You can leave it as a matte highlight, but I also later went over the highlight with Beguile. As its a really subtle sparkle, it's not too harsh, but still doesn't change the shade of your original highlight too. 
For the lips I lined the whole lip with Kiss Lip Crayon, then apply a little in the centre of the lip. I followed this by taking the gel liner, finely round the lip line, not joining in the centre and adding more to the inner corners of the mouth for depth. I finished it off by applying Hermetic all over the lip, which darkens it up, but you still have the different tones underneath from the lighter red and the black. 

Eloise x

Monday, 26 October 2015

Top 10 Under £10

Hi Guys,

As much as I am a fan of the higher end makeup, there are also so many fantastic products available on the high street and some higher priced treats still under £10, being quite the beauty bargain! I've actually found myself using so many of these regularly over the past month or so, as well as a couple of long standing favourites, that need to be raved about!
The high street really has some hidden gems inside their ranges and quite a few really are actually worth the hype. I cant see any of these products disappearing from my favourite bits and pieces in a very long time. The lip products are definitely the ones to watch, as more and more new launches are winning my heart.
I am obsessed with the Fleur De Force Eyeshadow Quad, not only is it fantastically well priced at £7.99. The pigmentation is beautiful and quality wise, each shadow blends effortlessly, making it a dream to work with. I did a full review of it HERE, as well as swatches too!

I could rave all day about the Topshop Chameleon Glow Shadow's. If you want something sparkly, or something new and interesting to add to your makeup bag, then this is it. The duo chrome finish to these is just as pretty layered over other eye shadows, as it is just by itself. Topshop Makeup overall is well worth the pennies, plus it comes in at £9.

Dare I say it, I had never tried a single Maybelline mascara until the Lash Sensational Mascara came along. Im not a huge fan of paying a lot for mascara, as there are so many fantastic ones on the High Street. If only I had tried Maybelline sooner though, if the rest of the mascaras are anything like this one... then I need them all! It adds so much volume, without being clumpy, but still also adds that bit of length. Plus my favourite part is the curl, it's a triple threat and one I cant help but keep repurchasing at £7.99.
One thing I do think that you get what you pay for is a base. I have tried so many drugstore foundations I just couldn't love. But the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is one that is so far from being included in that group. For £7.99 it's amazing for the price, if you can get a shade match, as sadly theres a limited choice! It sits beautifully on the skin, without slipping once set, it can last for a good 10 hours on me. As well as offering a nice coverage that is build able, as well as having an SPF of 20 too.

Possibly the best value for money product in this list is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette, for only £6 you get 8 shades. Six of them being matte and two frosted shades, making it versatile and a great one to travel with. You have so many options, especially with the Warm Spice Palette. If you can get away with it, as the shades are quite warm, you could use a couple as a contour, then you have your blush and highlighters too. If you'd like to see full swatches and a pink version too, they're available HERE.

The Sugarpill Heavenly Creatures Nail Laquer's are finally in the UK! Sugarpill is more of a higher end brand, which is so worth the money. However their nail polishes are only £8.95 and are fantastic if you'd like something a little different. If you love a bit of sparkle, pastels and adorable names, then this is the brand to go for. Plus they're also a vegan and cruelty free brand too. 
NYX has hit the UK, not only newly launched in Feel Unique but also Boots too! I would always hunt down the Soft Matte Lip Cream's at IMATS and the Pro Beauty Show, they were so worth queueing for an hour for. Just as the name suggests they're just like a velvety, matte cream. Being one of the most comfortable lip products I've ever worn, especially for a matte product. As well as being in a huge shade range, I would probably collect them all for £5.50.
The Nuxe Reve De Miel is definitely worth the £9.50 price tag. A product that is now glued to me during these colder months, as it's highly moisturising. I prefer to wear it to bed as its a very thick balm, but going to sleep with the taste of chocolate orange isn't something to complain about.

Lip Liners are actually sort of difficult to find on the high street, although many companies do them, the stands seem to barely stock many shades. I love the Gosh Velvet Touch Lip Pencil's for their wide range, ease of application (the glide on with no pulling!) and pigmentation. You can apply it all over the lip and it'll happily hold your lipstick in place for hours, very comfortably and not too hard for the bank at £4.99.

Of course the Tanya Burr Lip Glosses had to be added to the list, I rarely use lip gloss as I find most of them to be sticky and uncomfortable, apart from a select few. Tanya's are perfect for being shiny and so far from a sticky mess. As well as packing a punch pigmentation wise and having a large colour range, just for £4.99. Swatches are available HERE, adorable shade names are also included.

Eloise x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Quick and Easy Special Effects for Halloween!

Hi Guys,

During my course last year, I studied special effects, which is perfect for Halloween. Also perfect for Halloween, was a little cheaper but effective trick to recreate cuts and burns for Halloween, all from the kitchen cupboard! 

It's also fantastic for a safer way to recreate these special effects, as a lot of special effect products use Liquid Latex, which is very common to have an allergy to. But of course be careful with this way too, avoiding the eyes and testing for allergies and skin sensitivity to products at least 48 hours before. (WARNING) Though if you're a tad squeamish, you might not want to carry on scrolling down this post.
You will need:

Strawberry Jelly
Cereal of your Choice
Blueberry or Raspberry Jam
MUA Matte Red Lipstick
Urban Decay Naked Palette (or any black shadow)
The Burn
To start off the burn, dabbing on the lipstick lightly to create redness, gives a great base for a fresher burn. The MUA lipstick is fantastic because its waxy, which means if you apply anything over the top it is less likely to move. You can leave it like this, but to give it more depth, adding a black shadow around the edges and/or in small patches dotted all over works the best. 

The Cut
The Cut basically consists of drawing a thick wonky line of lipstick as the base, you can then leave it like that if you want to create a brighter and shallower cut. However if you want to create the illusion that its deeper, you can add the black shadow down the centre of the cut. 
The Burn
For both of these steps you want to melt a cube of jelly in the microwave, it usually takes around 10 seconds at most. But make sure to watch it constantly and stop the microwave as soon as its melted. Also don't add any water to the cube before melting. Once its melted you want to wait for it to cool, it will be really hot and you don't want to actually burn yourself, while trying to give yourself a fake one! 

Once the jelly has cooled enough to apply to the skin and also still tacky, just using your fingers to apply it works the best. This means that you can tap the jelly all over the skin, which makes it sticky and pulls apart easily. Giving the effect of larger patches and very thin ones. Plus it makes the distribution completely random and not uniformed. 

The Cut
For the cut, I started by applying the jelly around the outline already created. This is actually easier as it sounds, as the jelly cools, it goes sort of stringy, letting you apply it precisely. I then tapped round the edges, spreading it outwards so that its thinner. The other great thing about the jelly is that you can build it up, so after the first coat, I repeated the process on top, but just without it being blended. 
The Burn
You can finish this one at this step, to have a fresh burn and to do this all you need is jam! Blueberry Jam works fantastically well to darken it up, or you could also use Raspberry too, this will just make it appear brighter. If you really want to get gory though, you can also use marmalade too. All you need to do with the jam is dot it around the burn and thats it, such a quick step and adds the best finishing touch.

The Cut
Blueberry Jam works the best for this one, it looks realistic and any others really won't give the same effect. As its darker it just makes the cut appear deeper. Just fill in the middle part, inside the jelly wall and you're all done! 
If you want to go all out on the burn, you can also add crushed cereal, to recreate scabbing. Lovely! But it is actually really effective, to make it look the most realistic though, you want to group bits together. 

Now youre all set for Halloween! You can also lightly powder the top of these, as they do feel slightly sticky, but they work fantastically well to finish off a gory outfit or as a quick fix for a last minute costume!

Eloise x


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Bit of Halloween Nail Art

Hi Guys,

With Halloween fast approaching, I always think that a bit of nail art can give you such a quick look for Halloween. No need for that day before run to the supermarket to sift through the mess for a last minute costume, or maybe you just want something thats subtle or can be worn on the run up to Saturday! 
I will admit just now though that maybe the skull design isn't the best one to recreate, I don't know how I thought it looked right and not like a strange little alien thing! Instead you could also do a plain white nail with red drips from the tip of the nail, to look like trickling blood, if you don't fancy that alien skull hybrid haha. 
The bits and pieces and colours I used for this were mainly all by Barry M and a lot cross over for each nail. I specifically used...

The Pumpkin
These three are probably the more simple designs to do, for the pumpkin you just need to apply two coats of Gamma all over the nail. Once dry draw two triangles on their sides, next to each other for the eyes, near the cuticle of the nail. For the mouth you can do any type of zig zag design that you like, just don't forget to colour it in. I used the Nail Art Pen in Black to do so. 

The Ghost
The Ghost is extremely similar, you want to apply two coats of the white nail paint and again when dry, draw a large oval for the mouth, with the black pen, near the edge of the nail. For the eyes you want two more ovals, but in the top left corner of each eye, leave a round gap, to create the whites of the eyes. 

Frankenstein required two coats of Watermelon, which I then drew on the jagged line near the cuticle to create the hair. I also drew the two ovals for the eyes slightly lower down and a straight line for the mouth, colouring them in with the Black Nail Art Pen. To finish him off I also added two "T's" on their sides, with the Silver Nail Art Pen, for the bolts at the side of head. 
The Vampire
I love vampires so of course they needed a nail, I started with two layers of Vanilla. Once dry I drew in the widows peak hair line at the cuticle of the nail. Followed by a simple straight line for the mouth using the Black Nail Art Pen. I then swapped over to the White Nail Art Pen, to create two triangles for the teeth and two little ovals for the whites of the eyes. 

The Skull
For the Skull/Alien/Mutant Thing... You need two coats of White Nail Paint. The with the Black Nail Art Pen, I started drawing a balloon like shape for the head, branching off into four sticks, rounded off by a three like shape, to create the bones. I then coloured in two ovals for eyes and added a mouth, in the shape of a line. 
The Vampire
To finish off the Vampire, using the hair grip, add a little bit of the Red Wine Polish to the ends and simply dot onto the end of the teeth. To add a touch of blood to the design!

The Skull
To finish off the Skull I filled in any of the outer edged white with the black Nail Art Pen, however mine are getting a little old now and have started to add more of a crackle effect. So I would recommend filling in the rest with a Black Nail Paint instead. Although the crackle works well for other little bits for the other designs, all over the nail for the skull just made it look a bit too messy. 

Hopefully this has inspired a little bit of Halloween Nail Art, which I always love scrolling through Instagram to find! Though again sorry about my sorry excuse for a skull... haha. 

Eloise x

Monday, 19 October 2015

Harley Quinn Inspired Halloween Tutorial

Hi Guys,

It's safe to say I'm a tad excited for the new Suicide Squad film and who better to be for Halloween than Harley Quinn. I thought I'd join in with all of the Halloween tutorials this year and although it's been a little tricky to whittle down the looks, Harley had to be one of them after being a b
Batman fan for years!
It's also an easy look to recreate and something that can actually be put together quite quickly, hair wise though I would recommend using actual coloured hairsprays. Unlike me who decided to use lipstick, as I forgot the hairspray and I'm now going to college with blue and red streaks stained into my hair...
The look itself if you stick to the new suicide squad version, is pretty straight forward and doesn't require a lot of products to achieve it, altogether I used...
  • Sugarpill Shadow in Love +, Tako and Velocity
  • MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero
  • Me Me Me Enchanted Eyes Pencil in Midnight Storm
  • Clinique High Impact Mascara 
  • Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Berber
  • Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel in Strike
  • Illamasqua Skin Base in 01
  • Illamasqua Lipstick in Box
  • Illamasqua Powder Shadow in Obsidian 

I started off by filling in my brows like usual using strike, Margot Robbie's version of Harley has her usual brows. Though you could alternate the red and blue just like on the eyes. Harley Quinn just like the Joker usually has white face paint on too, however face paint isn't the best at lasting. So if you would prefer it to stay put, Illamasqua Skin Base in 01 is fantastic, though grab it quick, it notoriously goes out of stock at this time of year. Finishing the base by setting it with Tako, especially under the eye for more coverage.

On the eyes I primed with Soft Ochre, followed by smudging the red, Love + over my right eye, I brought the red down under the eye too. However when running under the eye, I missed a gap in the middle to make it more disconnected. I repeated this on the left eye with Velocity, but changing it, to be brought up towards the brow and completely ran under the eye. 

I wanted to darken up the eyes slightly, so you can really be as messy with your liner as you like for this part, I used Obsidian to smudge into the top lash line with Velocity, however as well as doing the same with the red, I also added more through the crease of the eye. Followed by tight lining the top and bottom water lines with Zero, really darkening up the red. However also adding Midnight Storm to the bottom waterline of the blue eye. Finishing with a coat of mascara, which again you can be as messy as you like. 
Finally for the finishing touches I used Zero to draw a much bigger than I thought haha, Heart under the red toned eye. You can leave it as it is, just like the tattoo that Margot's character does, but I added a touch of sparkle by pressing Berber over the top. On the lips I finished it with a simple red lip, using Box.

I hope all of that actually made sense and I'm hoping to carry on the rest of the run up to Halloween with a few fun tutorials, maybe some cupcakes too...

Eloise x

Friday, 16 October 2015

An Autumn Spell with GlossyBox October

Hi Guys,

This month's Glossybox is all ready to prepare us for the Autumn, which Is rather fitting now that it's really starting to get seriously cold up here in Scotland! Jumpers, hot chocolate and rich beauty products at the ready! So Glossybox couldn't of arrived at a better time! 
Every single one of the products are full size, which brings the overall cost of the box to £64.29, which is not bad at all considering the cost of the box is £13.25. Plus as an added treat theres a voucher to join Zalando, which I had heard about before but never actually looked much into. So I was very surprised to see brands from Vivienne Westwood and Kurt Geiger on there!
All the products have been put together to give a fresh glow to the complexion but still nourish during these colder months. I love that its also a mix of products this month, from makeup, skincare and even beauty accessories.
Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint in Damson- £8.95 for 10ml
I think Jelly Pong Pong are such a great brand, the packaging is always fun and pretty. The products are always a winner, including this one. Multipurpose products are always a winner, making it so much easier to pack when going away especially! The Play Paint is velvety when applied and really packs in the pigment, you need the teeniest amount. Usually with these products it can either be lovely on the cheeks or on the lips, yet not both. This one on the other hand, sits comfortably on the cheeks, due to the formulation, yet isn't too drying to also wear it on the lips too.

Talika Photo-Hydra Day - £24.85 for 30ml
I have really dry skin all year round, which I am always on the look out for really moisturising products to treat it with. I haven't actually heard of Talika before, however its a luxury french beauty company and the french pharmacies always have some of the best skincare! Although deeply nourishing, the product itself is lightweight and a gel constancy. It also contains Hyaluronic acid, fantastic to lock in that moisture.

Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge - £6.50
I am yet to try the Original Beauty Blender, but I am all up for trying out similar versions. Which I didn't realise Nicka K were doing, I'm really excited to give it a good run. It is slightly different to the Beauty Blender because of the shape, but at least with this one you can be that bit more precise. I prefer to use a beauty blender to set my makeup with a setting spray and make sure my base is fully blended before powdering.

So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil - £15 for 1.5g
I have tried numerous So Susan products and 99% of them I have loved, so to see another one in the box is great. I love the packaging, I think its really different compared to other things around and its quite an easy product to use, it blends well and warms up nicely on the skin, making it beautifully creamy in texture. It would look really pretty applied under the eyes to illuminate and brighten. However I'm not entirely sold about £15 for it, So Susan is also related to Jelly Pong Pong too.

Lanolips Banana Balm 3 in 1 - £8.99 for 12.5g
I have been putting off buying this for so long, because really did I need another lip balm? No. But that didn't stop me being over the moon as soon as I opened my box and saw this sitting inside! Lanolips is a bit of a strange one as its a really thick constancy, which does require a bit of effort to squeeze out of the tube. But once it warms up on the skin, it almost melts, giving such a surge of moisture. I am a tad obsessed with the fact its banana flavoured, to the point that if I could, I'd maybe eat it... haha, it also has a bit of added sparkle too! 
(Swatched: Left to Right - Haute Light, Lightly Blended Damson, Unblended Damson & Banana Balm)
I'm extremely pleased with this months box, there's not one product I'm not excited about using or won't use at all. Its great value for money and as well as actually introducing me to a few new products, that I wouldn't of thought about picking up before, which I guess in the end is the whole point!

Eloise x

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Retail Therapy Haul

Hi Guys,

I went on a bit of a splurge, why is it that everything goes on sale or all the new releases launch, all in the one go!  Plus it's always at this time of year, when all the Christmas bits are being brought out as well. But it almost makes it the last splurge before Christmas...
I feel quite pleased with myself as I managed to spread it out over a few weeks, so its not quite as hard of a hit... Anyone else do this, or just me? It makes purchases so much more justifiable! Topshop and Oliver Bonas both have some fantastic bits in their sales, which I definitely recommend having a look at, Im trying so hard not to have a second peek!
For once in my life I've actually managed to go shopping and only buy one makeup item, which is very un heard of from me. Even then trying to bring myself to actually use the Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette is killing me. It's limited edition, though Sugarpill is getting more stock soon! But it is just so pretty, its one of those ones that I feel is more of a "makeup collectors item" if that even exists! 

I also grabbed the Dirty Deal Showder from Lush, which is a collaboration to raise money for the groups fighting against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. They've collaborated with the one and only Vivienne Westwood to create the packaging and as she's such a campaigner herself. It smells very florally and includes rose, so you can smell great and do that bit extra to help too!

I also had to order the new album from Hurts Surrender, which if you've seen my past Monthly Favourites, you'll know I'm a tad obsessed right now. To the point where I posted the CD on Instagram and Theo Hutchcraft the lead singer liked it. I'm not going to lie, I had a bit of a fan girl moment. 

Lastly I made a teeny weeny order from the Oliver Bonas sale, which has quite a few copper pieces in it. So of course I was sold at copper, I grabbed the small Mirrored Copper Tray. Which I have sadly noticed as I took the pictures, is damaged, so back to Oliver Bonas I go, this could be dangerous! I also really loved the Mint Ombre Mini Notebook, just because its quite nice to look at... I know I shouldn't be allowed shopping! 
From Topshop I got a couple of dresses, one in the sale. I didn't realise I must have a thing for florals until I took the picture! I got the Black Rose Shadow Print Maxi Dress in the sale, which is possibly my favourite practical purchase. Ive been trying to get it ever since it came out in July, but it was constantly sold out! I also thought I would try the Autumnal Side Tie Dress, its not really a style I would go for, but I loved the little lace up cut outs on the sides. Plus as its a midi dress, It's long enough for me to wear without it being a Tall dress, win win! I've also just spotted its in the sale, great for everyone else, but typical after I just bought it full price! 
Finally I made a couple of not so serious purchases, but they're pyjamas so I don't really care too much. Yes I bought a Minion Onesie, I do love the Minions and I just couldn't leave it behind in Primark.  At least if I don't have time to get ready for halloween, I can just put this on and go as a Minion. 

Also from Primark I picked up these Home Alone Christmas Pyjamas, I nearly left the bottoms as I didn't realise they were home alone too. Until a friend pointed out they had the little houses and Kevin!! written all over them. I knew I wasn't leaving without that top though, as Home Alone has been a family favourite for years! Including that quote being one of the most memorable parts. 

Eloise x

Monday, 12 October 2015

Disappointing Products: What Went Wrong?

Hi Guys,

It pains me to write this post... It's rare that I find products that I don't love, as I tend to rather go for products that I have researched a lot of online and heard great reviews of. I hardly make a purchase on a whim anymore and although I miss it, its saved me so much money in the long run. However there are still those odd few that just haven't been my best buds of the beauty world.
 Quite a few of these products I thought I could love, but now I realise for me they were quite a let down. I want to think I'm just using them ridiculously wrong or theres a secret way to get the most from them, but I just don't think they personally agree with me. I'd love to know how you get on with these products if you've tried them, as I really want to give them their second chance!
One of the products that I was quite sad not to love was the Soap and Glory Sexy MotherPucker Lip Shine Lacquers (Sorry it's not pictured, but I have no idea where I've put it!). I am a big fan of the Original Sexy MotherPucker Plumping Gloss, so I just presumed they would be the same, except the Lip Lacquers would have a tint. I was wrong, the Lacquers are so much thicker and I find them really sticky, I wish they were as fluid and have more slip to them like the Plumping Gloss.

Back in 2013 when the Rimmel Apocalips first launched, I was pretty smitten with them. I still do love them for the same reasons, they're pigmented and long lasting. But one thing I have never gotten over is the flavour/smell, I just cant stand it and the perks of these glosses have worn off now that I've found others. Being abandoned to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again and its such a shame because they're really not awful products for any other reasons, but the artificial cherry scent is something I cant stomach.

I feel like I must be using this one wrong, as everyone raved about the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain's so of course I wanted one. But me and this particular stain don't want to get along. I will happily try loads of these types of glosses as I love the effect they have, leaving this lips looking glossy and plastic like without any stickiness. Although its not sticky, I've found once I apply it, it kind of shrinks back on itself like shrinking plastic if that makes sense. I have to apply loads and I just cant seem to get the even coverage I was hoping for. If there's any tricks on how to get this to apply like a dream, please let me know!
Possibly one of the most famous makeup products to ever grace the earth is the YSL Touche Eclat. Andrew from Beauty and the Boy knows exactly how much I want to cry over ever purchasing this, it seemed like a miracle in a pen when I tried it in store. Although its a highlighter and not a concealer, it just seemed to solve all my dark circle issues in a few swipes. Fast forward to me using it on myself and I cant say I get the same effect... I find for me its an ok highlight, but personally I just prefer a full on highlighter such as Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora or MAC Soft and Gentle, this one just doesn't do it for me, but I can see how it can be favoured as a quick and subtle brightener.

I must admit I used to swear by this stuff and it was my favourite foundation from the drugstore, (it gives one of the best glows!), however now I'm not entirely sure what's happened to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I'm not sure if the formulation has been changed, not only that but the shades have definitely been changed. I used to have an almost perfect match, which is rare for me as usually drugstore foundations aren't pale enough. However now I just find I have to mix it with other shades and it doesn't seem to last as long on my skin and just slips off, even when powdered. If there's a specific way to make it last, again let me know!

Im kind of hoping I'm just not using these products correctly as I just want to love them! But I guess they're just not for me, I've heard so many great things about them from others too, so they definitely work. Hopefully a magical miracle will happen and I'll suddenly fall in love!

Eloise x

Friday, 9 October 2015

A Bit of a Spooky Wishlist

Hi Guys,

I thought this October I'm finally going to go all out for Halloween. I love Halloween, as a makeup artist it's fantastic as you can just go wild! So I thought why not go a tad wild on here too this month and do a Halloween theme. I haven't really ever done a Halloween Series but I'm just too excited for Halloween this year! I'm going to try and put up a Halloween post every other scheduled day, so there'll be at least one or two a week, from cupcakes to tutorials! 
I have been planning out what I want to go as this Halloween and I'm really leaning towards being a Skull or Sugar Skull, so I've been scouring the internet for some bits and pieces to pick up! Plus I just like mixing up my homeware constantly haha!

I thought the perfect pairing to be a skeleton this year has to be this amazing Skeleton Mini Dress from Topshop, after the success of their Xray Skeleton Dress last year, it's no surprise its back again! Makeup wise I always go back to my trusty Illamasqua Skin Base and its perfect that they also do it in white, its so much more flattering and longer lasting on the skin than your usual face paint. Though If I decide in the end to go for a bit more of a Sugar Skull theme, ASDA are doing the best headband Floral Headband to add to the look. 

Im also a tad in love with the new range of lashes for Halloween from Eylure, especially these Carnival Lashes, they're so delicate but would make such an impact. Then paired with probably the best scent ever made to go along with Halloween, is the Library of Fragrance scent in Pumpkin Pie! They also do some great ones like Thuderstorm that fits quite well too.

I always love all the little bits and pieces that the supermarkets do every year and this year they've done some of the best party wear and little decorative things. I really love the Skull Glass Bottle from  Asda, I have one of these in my room with flowers in. So maybe this one with fake dead flowers would be a little halloween update! I really want to make some halloween cupcakes too so as soon as I spotted the Skull Cupcake Stand from Tesco. The perfect way to display all that baking hard work! Plus it cant be Halloween without some tea lights and a pumpkin, so I think the Pumpkin Tea Light Holder from Poundland is such a great little idea! 

Finally not really sticking with my Skull theme, I've been thinking about what to do with my nails, but I really love the DIYNails range. I think the Gold Foil Spaced Out Stickers are a great one, especially paired with the green and purple duo chrome shades inside MAC Mean and Green

Hopefully there'll be plenty of Halloween posts to come, but I also have my review of the Lush Halloween Range too. A Lush Halloween bath is probably my favourite way to get ready for this month! 

Eloise x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New on the Highstreet

Hi Guys,

Its arriving at that time of year again, when the new launches start to pop up to go along side all things Christmas! There's a few things recently I knew I wanted to try as soon as they launched and others I knew I wouldn't be able to leave behind for very long.
I haven't included any Christmas range specific bits and pieces, just because there is so much that has launched recently, this would be an incredibly long post to try and fit everything in! Especially just between the brand new Zoella and Tanya Burr ranges!
I always love the way that Tanya Burr's face makeup looks, she always has such a beautiful glow about her and the blushers she wears are to die for. So when Tanya announced the newest little edition to her Tanya Burr Cosmetics range was two new face palettes, I could of jumped for joy! The one I grabbed was the Peachy Glow Cheek Palette - £8, I was won over straight away by that highlight! There is also a pinkie version available, but I thought the bronzer shade would be a bit too dark for my pale skin.

The shades themselves all do contain a slight shimmer, especially the highlight, with bronzers I don't usually like that, so I think this bronzer personally I would use as a body bronzer. The tone of the bronzer is more yellow, so I wouldn't even attempt to contour with it! But I think it would make a nice shade on the eyes too, so its not be all end all with that one. The blusher in Apricot Flush is extremely pretty, with the soft golden glow that radiates from the flushed peach shade. Then finally there is also the champagne highlight with a slight golden shimmer. The three shades together work nicely, it's just a shame the bronzer isn't matte.

It also comes with a massive mirror, however a downside to the packaging is that it gets quite messy inside as any fallout seems to adhere really well to the cardboard inside.

I love the original Zoella Beauty range, the scent is one of my favourites and one I reach for almost daily. One thing that did get a little bit frustrating about the body mist was that the packaging was a bit too heavy to carry around in my bag all day. So again I could of doubly jumped for joy to see the Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance - £5, the adorable little heart shaped tin would of won me over even if it wasn't the Blissful Mistful scent, It reminds me of a Christmas Cookie! I think you get quite a lot of product for your pound too, the scent also lingers on the skin nicely and doesn't wear off too quickly. It will be interesting to see if this one goes well, wether or not the Tutti Frutti Range may be launched like this too.

I also had to grab the Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Cream - £5, sharing the same scent, its fantastic to have so many products you can layer to make the scent last. The hand cream itself is lightweight but moisturising, it doesn't feel sticky on the skin and soaks in quickly. I love that the packaging also looks as if its a rose gold metal, but its in fact plastic. I like that so that you can throw it in your handbag without it getting squashed, so you're not worrying about it exploding from a metal tube when you open it up later on.
I'm quite late to the party with this one, mainly because sadly I have tried a Soap and Glory Makeup product, that I really didn't like and was a bit worried to try anything else. However I now wish I had as the newly repackaged Gloss Stick in Nudist - £3.50 is beautiful. They used to be in a black packaging and were slightly bigger, however they were also I'm sure double the price. I love that it has more of a traditional cut of a lipstick as a lip crayon and the formulation of these is fantastic. They have a pretty shine, but don't slide around on the lips, carry a good amount of pigment and aren't drying either! Plus the subtly nude shade is perfect to wear everyday and is almost one of those my lips but better shades as it can be worn sheer too.

I have tried H&M Cosmetics in the past and I have liked them, they were always something forgotten about though. However once you've seen the new range, you're not very likely to forget it. I got the  Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose - £6.99, the shade just screamed subtle winter blush. Im also not a big fan of cream blushers on myself, however as this is a velvet formulation, it sits as more of a matte finish on the skin. You can really build up the pigmentation, or you can sheer them out to create such a pretty tint. The only thing Im not a huge fan of, although it is stunning, is how cheap and flimsy the packaging feels. If I was to drop this, especially if it was a powder, I really doubt I'd be able to salvage it. Though I cant really complain as the actual product is great for the price. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Blended Beach Bronze, Apricot Flush and Champagne Shimmer, Unblended Beach Bronze, Apricot Flush and Champagne Shimmer, Blended Dusty Rose, Unblended Dusty Rose, Nudist & Wonder Hand)
I would kind of like it to be Spring now as all of these shades are quite peachy and ready for some sunnier weather. But I cant wait to get stuck into them, especially that highlight!

Eloise x

Monday, 5 October 2015

Spa-tacular Halloween with Lush

Hi Guys,

October 1st welcomed a huge rush of sudden Halloween releases with open arms. Along with the always very popular Halloween and Christmas ranges from Lush on Friday. I ran along before college on Friday morning, to find a queue of people outside waiting to stock up on Snow Fairy.
 The Halloween range itself is rather small, only consisting of four products and two gift sets. I only picked up three as the fourth product is Lord of Misrule Shower Cream - £4.95 to £27.95, which is actually available at Lush Oxford Street all year round now.

The two gift sets are really cute and look like bats or a pumpkin, there actually almost like Halloween baubles. Heebie Jeebie Bat - £9.95 consists of the Lord of Misrule shower Cream and a Nightwing Shower Jelly. Where as Heebie Jeebie Pumpkin - £9.95 includes Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, so between the two you can have the entire collection.
I've been brought up on Lush, using it ever since I can remember, as my Mum was an avid Cosmetics To Go fan. However in all these years, I have never ever tried the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - £3.95, Possibly one of the biggest hyped scents from Lush. Bar Snow Fairy and The Comforter, but the whole reason I have never even gone in to smell it is because I've always been under the impression that its a really spicy scent. Give me a fruity, fresh or even sweet scent from Lush and I will probably love it. However I won't go anywhere near the spicy ones even with a barge pole, they're just not my thing. The only one thats ever changed my mind on this was my beloved Granny Takes A Dip and after its been discontinued its left a bath bomb shaped hole in my heart.

So I have bitten the bullet and given it a go, although it won't be filling the hole for very long seeing as it disappears on October 31st. The scent itself is spicy as it includes black pepper, but it isn't over powering due to it also sharing a patchouli scent too. It turns the bath such a pretty green shade, with the most beautiful purple marbled swirls. The scent does really stay the same while in the water, which usually you can find they do fade slightly. If you like a herbal or spicy scent this is the one to try.
For me this is the gem of the bunch, highly because its covered in a mesmerising gold glitter lustre and just looks adorable. But the product itself isn't all that bad too, its warming, which can be quite surprising as its main scent is fresh and citrusy. Its made with lime and grapefruit oils, which are both uplifting, yet you cant help but feel a little calmed and snug by this product. Maybe its down to its little cinnamon stick stem?
Nightwing Shower Jelly - £3.95
I love when Lush do their shaped Shower Jellies, they just make them even more fun. Nightwing is the only new addition to the bunch, as both Sparkly Pumpkin and Lord of Misrule are returning products. It was rumoured that this shared its scent with a popular Shower Gel Calacas, although similar due to the scent of lime. Although this has a really high content of lime, if you really, really love citrus then you will adore this! Also unlike Calacas this is actually really quite sweet, it also soothes too because of the added Aloe Vera. Just be careful as although it washes straight off, the dark blue colour from it does go everywhere, don't put it in your bag after buying it like I did!

Although I am deeply missing products from the 2014 Halloween Collection, aka The Sparkler! This year hasn't done too bad for itself, it is definitely more of a collection for spicy and citrus scent lovers, but then I guess really those are the two scents usually paired with Halloween.

Eloise x

Friday, 2 October 2015

My September Favourites

Hi Guys,

I was a little bit stuck for favourites this month as a lot of my September Favourites have actually stayed the same from my August Favourites. But I realised I've discovered so many new things and rediscovered a few products that had been sat in the drawer unloved for quite a while.
I always think that after my Birthday in August that, that's the start of it getting gloomier and turning into autumn. I actually really love the makeup of Autumn, but I could really do without the rain. I've started to move more to the darker tones and comfy, snuggly, homely things to try and forget the weather that's decided to turn up.
I couldn't give up that summer glow just yet and I have turned to MAC Soft and Gentle to get it. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it sometimes as it does have such an impact, some days I do just think "woah thats way too much" but It is such a pretty highlight I always go back. I also usually go for matte skin in the winter, but I really want to try glowy skin this year instead, especially with a dark berry lip.

Usually during Autumn I reach for the golds and bronzes for my eyes, but actually this year Illamasqua have given me a whole new take on it. The Earth Collection has shown me a new way to wear warmth on the eyes and such stunning muted jewel shades too. One of my favourite items I've been reaching for has been the Pure Pigment in Draco. Although it does look like an antiqued gold, its more of a khaki with the most gorgeous golden finely milled shimmer. It reflects the light beautifully and really opens up the eyes.

The other shade I've actually been using a lot with Draco is the Illamasqua Powder Shadow in Vapour. It might not seem like it, but its one of the most wearable colours I own in my entire collection. The burnt orange looks beautiful paired with khaki to purple and blends out black beautifully, adding such a subtle warmth to the eye.
The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush has to be one of my all time favourites. It seems to goon forever, as its huge for the price! I love the fruity blackcurrant scent, which is so warming, especially now its getting colder too.

One of my favourite scents that I really don't wear enough of is the My Burberry Perfume. I've worn it quite a lot recently compared to how much I usually do, as its engraved I use it sparingly. I have a few sample bottles that I love to have in my bag because they're practically impossible to smash. It's a floral scent, but I find its perfect for Autumn as its slightly warmer. As you can probably tell I'm not that great at describing scents... sorry!

Possibly one of my favourite, favourites this month is the GU Hot Chocolate. I spend probably a really ridiculous amount of money in Costa during the Autumn/Winter, but trying to find a Hot Chocolate that is as good as theres has been a mission for quite some time. Now I've finally found an at home version, this Gu Ganache is perfect. Its just like melted chocolate in a carton, it's rich but not sickly at all. I would happily just live off of this with mini marshmallows from now on!
I went to see James Bay at the weekend and I can safely say I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I was extremely lucky to meet him after the show and it's just fuelled the fan girl inside me even more as he was so lovely. I have been a huge fan of James Bay ever since I saw him perform for Burberry and have been hoping to see him since. If you can get tickets to see him live I really recommend it as he is incredible!

Also this month I have finally caught up on Pretty Little Liars! I mentioned in my Netflix Tag that I was watching it and avoiding spoilers like it was going out of fashion, sadly I did find out who A was before I had finished it. But I still enjoyed it and cant wait for the next half of season 6. If you do know who A is and haven't watched it yet, do give it a go! It's still a fantastic show to watch with so many twists and turns!

Hopefully October will have some favourites now, otherwise it might just be a dedication to Hot Chocolate...

Eloise x
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