Monday, 5 October 2015

Spa-tacular Halloween with Lush

Hi Guys,

October 1st welcomed a huge rush of sudden Halloween releases with open arms. Along with the always very popular Halloween and Christmas ranges from Lush on Friday. I ran along before college on Friday morning, to find a queue of people outside waiting to stock up on Snow Fairy.
 The Halloween range itself is rather small, only consisting of four products and two gift sets. I only picked up three as the fourth product is Lord of Misrule Shower Cream - £4.95 to £27.95, which is actually available at Lush Oxford Street all year round now.

The two gift sets are really cute and look like bats or a pumpkin, there actually almost like Halloween baubles. Heebie Jeebie Bat - £9.95 consists of the Lord of Misrule shower Cream and a Nightwing Shower Jelly. Where as Heebie Jeebie Pumpkin - £9.95 includes Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and a Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar, so between the two you can have the entire collection.
I've been brought up on Lush, using it ever since I can remember, as my Mum was an avid Cosmetics To Go fan. However in all these years, I have never ever tried the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - £3.95, Possibly one of the biggest hyped scents from Lush. Bar Snow Fairy and The Comforter, but the whole reason I have never even gone in to smell it is because I've always been under the impression that its a really spicy scent. Give me a fruity, fresh or even sweet scent from Lush and I will probably love it. However I won't go anywhere near the spicy ones even with a barge pole, they're just not my thing. The only one thats ever changed my mind on this was my beloved Granny Takes A Dip and after its been discontinued its left a bath bomb shaped hole in my heart.

So I have bitten the bullet and given it a go, although it won't be filling the hole for very long seeing as it disappears on October 31st. The scent itself is spicy as it includes black pepper, but it isn't over powering due to it also sharing a patchouli scent too. It turns the bath such a pretty green shade, with the most beautiful purple marbled swirls. The scent does really stay the same while in the water, which usually you can find they do fade slightly. If you like a herbal or spicy scent this is the one to try.
For me this is the gem of the bunch, highly because its covered in a mesmerising gold glitter lustre and just looks adorable. But the product itself isn't all that bad too, its warming, which can be quite surprising as its main scent is fresh and citrusy. Its made with lime and grapefruit oils, which are both uplifting, yet you cant help but feel a little calmed and snug by this product. Maybe its down to its little cinnamon stick stem?
Nightwing Shower Jelly - £3.95
I love when Lush do their shaped Shower Jellies, they just make them even more fun. Nightwing is the only new addition to the bunch, as both Sparkly Pumpkin and Lord of Misrule are returning products. It was rumoured that this shared its scent with a popular Shower Gel Calacas, although similar due to the scent of lime. Although this has a really high content of lime, if you really, really love citrus then you will adore this! Also unlike Calacas this is actually really quite sweet, it also soothes too because of the added Aloe Vera. Just be careful as although it washes straight off, the dark blue colour from it does go everywhere, don't put it in your bag after buying it like I did!

Although I am deeply missing products from the 2014 Halloween Collection, aka The Sparkler! This year hasn't done too bad for itself, it is definitely more of a collection for spicy and citrus scent lovers, but then I guess really those are the two scents usually paired with Halloween.

Eloise x


  1. I went into lush the other day and ended up buying the xmas stuff already, I'm sure Lush use witchcraft to lure me in!

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Off in to have a nosy today, bet I'll come out with armfuls of products!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  3. Oh, I wish I still had a bathtub. The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar sounds like the best thing ever. I´m gonna have to stick with shower gels and face masks for now.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  4. these are adorable! I need the pumpkin bubble bar!
    Amanda |

  5. I've never tried anything from the LUSH Halloween range but I'm going on a shopping trip tomorrow so may have to pick some things up!
    I don't usually go for the spicy scents but this does sound very relaxing and autumnal.

    Sophie x

  6. Well I need to get to Lush ASAP!

    Hannah xx

  7. Oh I do love Lush especially coming into autumn. I tend to stock up in the sales! Xx
    Glossy Boutique

  8. I was only introduced to the Christmas range last year and completely ignored the Halloween range. This year I'm excited to pick up both and with this post, I totally can't wait to get my hands on all the halloween bits! Citrus scents are my favourite so I know I'll be loving Nightwing & Sparkly Pumpkin!?!

    Sarah xo See The Stars

  9. Great post! I really want to pick up the cute pumpkin!

  10. Ah this post really excites me (cant wait for Christmas stuff too) definitely going to pop into Lush soon and try out some bits! Especially the pumpkin bubble bar! Great post :) x

  11. That sparkly pumpkin bubble bar tho!!! I need to get it right now!! :) xx

  12. Lovely post! The pumpkin bubble bar is an absolute treat, I've repurchased it this year and I can't wait to use it <3 xx


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