Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Bit of Halloween Nail Art

Hi Guys,

With Halloween fast approaching, I always think that a bit of nail art can give you such a quick look for Halloween. No need for that day before run to the supermarket to sift through the mess for a last minute costume, or maybe you just want something thats subtle or can be worn on the run up to Saturday! 
I will admit just now though that maybe the skull design isn't the best one to recreate, I don't know how I thought it looked right and not like a strange little alien thing! Instead you could also do a plain white nail with red drips from the tip of the nail, to look like trickling blood, if you don't fancy that alien skull hybrid haha. 
The bits and pieces and colours I used for this were mainly all by Barry M and a lot cross over for each nail. I specifically used...

The Pumpkin
These three are probably the more simple designs to do, for the pumpkin you just need to apply two coats of Gamma all over the nail. Once dry draw two triangles on their sides, next to each other for the eyes, near the cuticle of the nail. For the mouth you can do any type of zig zag design that you like, just don't forget to colour it in. I used the Nail Art Pen in Black to do so. 

The Ghost
The Ghost is extremely similar, you want to apply two coats of the white nail paint and again when dry, draw a large oval for the mouth, with the black pen, near the edge of the nail. For the eyes you want two more ovals, but in the top left corner of each eye, leave a round gap, to create the whites of the eyes. 

Frankenstein required two coats of Watermelon, which I then drew on the jagged line near the cuticle to create the hair. I also drew the two ovals for the eyes slightly lower down and a straight line for the mouth, colouring them in with the Black Nail Art Pen. To finish him off I also added two "T's" on their sides, with the Silver Nail Art Pen, for the bolts at the side of head. 
The Vampire
I love vampires so of course they needed a nail, I started with two layers of Vanilla. Once dry I drew in the widows peak hair line at the cuticle of the nail. Followed by a simple straight line for the mouth using the Black Nail Art Pen. I then swapped over to the White Nail Art Pen, to create two triangles for the teeth and two little ovals for the whites of the eyes. 

The Skull
For the Skull/Alien/Mutant Thing... You need two coats of White Nail Paint. The with the Black Nail Art Pen, I started drawing a balloon like shape for the head, branching off into four sticks, rounded off by a three like shape, to create the bones. I then coloured in two ovals for eyes and added a mouth, in the shape of a line. 
The Vampire
To finish off the Vampire, using the hair grip, add a little bit of the Red Wine Polish to the ends and simply dot onto the end of the teeth. To add a touch of blood to the design!

The Skull
To finish off the Skull I filled in any of the outer edged white with the black Nail Art Pen, however mine are getting a little old now and have started to add more of a crackle effect. So I would recommend filling in the rest with a Black Nail Paint instead. Although the crackle works well for other little bits for the other designs, all over the nail for the skull just made it look a bit too messy. 

Hopefully this has inspired a little bit of Halloween Nail Art, which I always love scrolling through Instagram to find! Though again sorry about my sorry excuse for a skull... haha. 

Eloise x


  1. ah these are so cute! i love doing nail art and halloween nail art! you're so talented:-)xxx

  2. Such adorable designs I really want to give them a go - so skilful!

    Lucy |

  3. Frankenstein is definitely my favourite, he's so cute! *I mean scary* :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  4. These are so cute! I love them all!! Xx

  5. Great job! these look lovely!!! I really need to start experimenting some nail art design like this! :) xx

  6. These are such a cute idea! I like having a little subtle nod to Halloween if I'm not going all-out. I'm not sure if I'd have the skill for the detail though haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | Zoeva Giveaway


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