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The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette


I've been kinda bad, for two reasons... I was suppose to be on a spending ban, which I admit lasted all of two minutes. Hey, if you cant treat yourself when you're sick, when can you! (Let's just pretend that Dr's prescribe retail therapy..) Not only that, but the spending ban fail was caused by this palette in particular. I've actually had it for a few months now, I purchased it back when the prelaunch was announced in September. But as it's so utterly insanely gorgeous and as I had kinda given up on makeup for a few months as steroids reek havoc with your skin. It's been sat in its also equally stunning gift box (bar the odd necessary photoshoot of course!), until I finally bit the bullet and ruined its pristine perfection.
I haven't really tried much from Charlotte Tilbury, I've wanted to for years. But I always put off the purchase in favour of something usually from Illamasqua for example. Just as in my eyes, Charlotte Tilbury is such a luxurious brand, a treat brand like Chanel or Dior.
I totally blame the packaging, it's just so awe worthy in it's rose gold signature Charlotte Tilbury style, that I always just think her products are way too pretty to actually use. They feel heavy and scream luxury when you pick them up, as the packaging is so weighty. I love the art deco theme of this palette especially. As Charlotte said herself; it was really difficult to produce due to the moulds needed to create the embossed casing, however Charlotte was so committed to the idea that she had envisioned, it was getting made exactly how she wanted no matter how many times everyone else said no.

Plus dont even get me started on the gift boxes... I would really recommend going for a gift wrapped option, even if it is a treat for yourself. The gift boxes arrive so beautifully wrapped and they're really good quality sturdy boxes, that can be kept on display and used as very stunning storage.
Ok well enough fan girling and onto the actual palette...

It's the largest eyeshadow palette Charlotte has released to date, it contains twelve shadows, in a variation of matte and shimmer finishes. The concept behind it is that it'll give you all the shades you need to give you four different eye looks for four different occasions. Of course you can mix and match however you please as well though.

The first of the four looks in the palette is the Day Eye, A trio of cool taupe tones, to give you a natural but defined eye look for everyday wear. The trio's are split into Prime, Enhance and Smoke.So unfortunately the shades themselves don't actually have names, but it's been designed this way to make the application process quick and easy. Prime the whole lid with the matte cream. Which I have to say is the most disappointing shade in the whole palette, it really doesn't carry much pigmentation at all, which is a real shame as its the only let down to the whole palette. You can then enhance the eye with the glittery taupe shade by popping that in the centre of the lid and finish it off with the matte brown smoke shade on the outer corner and crease.

The Desk Eye is the warmer toned trio of the four. Personally I think this is my favourite. In this one the prime shade is a shimmer, a light champagne. Followed by the most gorgeous warm peachy matte. Finally finished off with the rich brown tones of the smoke shade.
 Both the Date Eye and the Disco Eye sets are cooler tones again. The Date Eye is more on the pinky chocolate side. Starting with the baby pink shimmer, as well as a chocolate brown with a pink shimmer running through it and then theres the only matte in this trio; a cool dark brown matte.

Disco Eye is where things start to get dramatic. Starting with a pretty golden shimmer, which is lovely as an inner corner highlight or just as your base shade. Followed up with the most stunning olive green shimmer to enhance the eye look. Then you can smoke it out using the apparently matte black shade, however I do think there's an ever so slight shimmer running through it.

I'm so used to just reaching for my Illamasqua shadows all the time, that I forget to use other things. However I'm now kicking myself for not reaching for this sooner, as the pigmentation of these shadows has blown me away. The matte shades especially blend out beautifully and take hardly any effort at all. You really don't need a lot, but you can build the shades up to really intensify the look. The glitter/shimmer shades are more subtle, they're not jam packed full of glitter, but they do catch the light beautifully and are almost creamy in consistency.
I created a really soft warm eye look using the Desk Eye trio. (Excuse the brows, they need rescuing asap!) I did prep my eye with my trusty MAC Painterly Paint Pot, so that does boost the pigmentation a little bit. I applied the warm matte peachy brown to my crease, then the darker brown to the outer corner and ever so slightly through the crease. I finished it off with the shimmering champagne over the kid and inner corner. As well as a coat of Illamasqua Masquara in Gain and a slick go Powersurge Pencil from MAC in the waterline.
One of the best bits about ordering from Charlotte Tilbury too is how generous they are with samples. You get to pick two from a whole array of cosmetics and skincare and then it seems to be that when you spend so much, goodies such as Scent of a Dream and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick samples are added to your basket too, win!

The Instant Eye Palette is £60 at Charlotte Tilbury, or you can also join the waitlist at Cult Beauty too.

Eloise x


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