Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Planning Ahead with Heidi Swapp


I'm not exactly the most organised person on the planet. I mean I try to be, but then that all but lasts for two seconds and returns more to some sort of organised chaos. However now with my never ending list of hospital appointments, I have to get my act together!

For my 21st birthday, my Mum very kindly got me a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I think in the hope's that I would actually write everything down and not leave everything to the last minute for once!
The specific one I have is the White and Gold Polka Dot Personal Planner. Which is like a proper chunky American style planner. I love these as they're so great to customise and make your own. Plus I can use it for multiple things, aka keeping track of my shifts, planning my blog posts and everything that comes with it and of course for all the other appointments and what not that comes with life.

The memory planners do come in slightly smaller sizes too though. If you're looking for something a tad bit easier to travel with and carry around day to day.
I love that it has a calendar for each month, that makes it easy to see everything at a glance. However there are generous sized pages to scribble away on and fill up with all the important details for each day. I personally love them for organising blog posts and making sure I keep on top of content, as I'm great at changing my mind last minute when it comes to posts and shuffling them around. Now once it's in the planner, that's it! I'm doing it!

At the end of each month there is also a notes page, as well as a tick list and lots of boxes to doodle away in at the start. Great for keeping birthdays or special dates altogether.
When it comes to customising your planner, you're spoilt for choice with the Heidi Swapp range. I personally love the wee picture cards, which you can purchase in packs of around 24. To slot into the little picture binders each month. You don't have to necessarily use them though, you can customise them with your own photos instead! There are even little frames in different kits or packs to accessorise them with too.
I went all out and purchased three different sets to add to my planner. I got the Love and Hello Beautiful Foil Card Packs. As well as the Transparent Foil Cards, which can be layered over the top if you prefer or used on their own. You can even stick them on the pages with a bit of washi tape (aka my new found love!) to jazz them up a bit!
There is also a great selection of kits to choose from. All with different themes to help you organise different aspects of life and decorate accordingly if you with. I love, love, love these kit's! It's basically like an adult version of all the crafting I used to do when I was younger. Plus mainly because I've fallen head over heels for all of the little stampers...

I have the Keeping Everyday Kit, which comes with some fun bright frames, a couple of insert cards, bulldog clips and a selection of floral and quote stickers. As well as also including some gold glitter alphabet stickers and a sheet of washi tapes, which do also come in my other kit too, just in a different design. My other kit is the Keeping Time Kit, (very apt!), which features cute little letter paper clips, some stampers, stickers and memo cards galore!
Finally I picked up some cute Emoji Stickers, great to remind me to post on social media. I'm loving the camera ones for Instagram days especially! As well as Reinforcement Stickers to add some glitz to things, you can never have too much glitter!

Eloise x

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