Monday, 30 October 2017

Jester Harley Quinn Tutorial


Apologies for the lack of posts, especially after saying that was me back to blogging. I just seemed to lose the blogging mojo. But I couldn't miss an opportunity to dress up for Halloween. It is practically a makeup artists favourite time of year after all!
Batman is probably my favourite comic book hero, along with all the villains too! Last year I did a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and a take on The Joker too. However I couldn't help myself and do a Harley Quinn look again this year. But just based on the comic book Jester version instead, after finding this amazing Jumpsuit and Alice Band from H&M.

To start off I blocked out my brows with soap, just like in my Joker Tutorial. I created a base consisting of my shade in Illamasqua Skin Base; 3.5, mixed with 01 White. I didn't want it to be completely white, just a pale base, so that the highlights stand out. I applied it over Hydraveil as a primer, as my skin is so dry at the moment. It's basically a priming saviour! I also did a rough sketch of where the mask would be placed, using Illamasqua Honor Colouring Pencil, using the shape of my brows as a guide and leaving enough space for a cut crease and winged liner look.
For the eyes `I primed with a base of MAC Painterly Paint Pot. Then blended Sugarpill's Love + Shadow just above my natural crease, pulling it into the inner corner of the eye and keeping it quite high up in the socket. I lined and added wings to the eyes using Illamasqua's Precision Gel Liner in Infinity. Then to cut the crease, I mixed Illamasqua's gorgeous Pure Pigment in Berber with their Sealing Gel to create a shimmery blood red paste. Applying it to where the Love + starts at the crease and bringing it out to stop just before meeting the gel liner, leaving a small gap in-between. 

To finish off the eyes I ran Berber slightly underneath the eye. As well as applying MAC's Vanilla Pigment to the lid to clean up and brighten the eye and a coat of my favourite mascara, Illamasqua's Gain Masquara.
For the mask, I tweaked some of my original lines made with Honor. Once the eyes are done you  can really judge it better. I went over my final lines with gel liner, blending the inside edges. Then filling it in by pressing Obsidian from the Illamasqua Neutral Palette. Basically colouring in the lines! Haha. 

So that the mask doesn't appear really flat on the face, I used Elate Colouring Pencil to sketch in some white highlights, mainly around the high points and slightly under the eye. However that didn't seem like enough for me, so I also topped them off with a bit of glitter, using Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner in Distortion
To complete the rest of the look, I swept Illamasqua's Blusher in Nymph over the cheek and up to the top of the ear. I skipped any bronzer and contour, but you could add them in as well if you prefer. I also added a couple of drops of the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighting Drops, in Precious Pearl to the tops of my cheeks.

On the lips, I went for a bit of gel liner into the inner corners and blended it outwards towards the middle of the lip. This deepens the corners and makes the lip look fuller in the centre. I went over the top with Illamasqua's Matte Lip Liquid in Fire, which I've since realised is discontinued! The MAC Retro Matte Lip Liquid in Feels so Grand or the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fire Starter, could be good alternatives. 

After taking Fire all over the lip, I also extended it out at the outer corners of the mouth. Hinting to that iconic joker like smile. I couldn't help but add a little bit of Berber Pigment over the top in the centre of the lip too. 
I was just going to leave it there but I couldn't help myself and had to turn it into a Pop Art Harley Quinn instead! 

I simply just drew the lines under the cheekbones to contour, around the lip line but not completely, chin and the temples. As well as adding a few around the mask to make it stand out from the face that bit more. Plus having a couple of little lines down the nose too. I did all the line work with Infinity Gel Liner and an angled brush. Finally finishing it off with a couple of white lines next to the to highlight. When blending them on the cheeks, chin, nose and temples, it turns ever so slightly grey, creating a gradient effect and adding that bit more depth. As I used White Skin Base, so the two cream based products blend well. The only white line left unblended was on the lip to give that Pop Art glossy effect.

Happy Halloween!

Eloise x

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