Friday, 3 November 2017

Illamasqua May Queen Collection


I am so late with this post, compared to when this collection actually launched at the start of this year! But seeing as the majority of the products are permanent and utterly gorgeous! Plus possibly the prettiest Beyond Powder, ever to exist is back in stock! I thought I'd still share this stunningly glitzy launch with you.
The May Queen collection, mainly consists of new shadow shades. As well as a dreamy highlight and two previously launched lipsticks from the Antimatter collection. I don't have the two shades from this specific collection but they are; Binary (a warm coral) and Charge (a hot pink). Both beautifully bright but they can still be subtle colours, if you wanted to tone them down you can. They're the perfect pop of colour now that it's getting that bit drearier.
Illamasqua do the most incredible matte shadows, which have been firm favourites of mine for years. After the success of their shimmer shadow in Jubilance, from the Extinct Collection. They've decided to expand and release three new jewel like shades. Which include; Invoke (a cool bronze), Maiden (a soft yellow gold) and Ritual (a lilac pink).

All three shades have a soft buttery texture, with no compromise on the quality of the pigmentation either, wether you use them wet or dry. However when wet, they create a gorgeous liquid metal like finish. You just cant fault Illamasqua for the versatility of their products, including these.
A range Illamasqua do, which I don't think gets nearly enough love, are the Pure Pigments. You can do so much with these little pots of pure joy! This pretty subtle shimmer shade is no exception, Muse (a baby pink champagne) makes a lovely highlight, especially on a paler skin. As well as of course being a shadow shade, liner; when mixed with a sealing gel and you can even pop it on your nails!

The gem of this collection however is the Beyond Powder in Deity (a soft golden green shift). It's just such an usual shade, which sadly my camera just isn't doing justice! It became such a popular shade, with pleads for it to come back after it sold out so quickly in it's initial launch. But it's back, however I'm not sure for how long? I'd recommend grabbing it quick just incase!

I'm actually going to do a full post dedicated to the Beyond Powder range, as they've fast become my favourite way to highlight!
(Swatches: Left to Right - Deity, Ritual, Invoke, Maiden, Muse and Muse blended.)
If you fancy a bit of glitz and glam, I can't recommend taking a peek at these enough. I'm off to cover my face in Deity, as you can never have too much highlight!

Eloise x

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