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Illamasqua Extinct

Hi Guys,

The extinct collection from Illamasqua is not only packed full of gorgeous products, perfect for the upcoming autumnal months. But it also comes with a message, a collection that pushes the boundaries, not just in the form of products and colours. But in a way that challenges society. Illamasqua have always been a brand that stands out and stands up for creativity and championing self expression.  
There really is no other brand out there quite like Illamasqua and I feel with this collection, they've really gone back to the beginning. The imagery for the collection reminds me slightly of the Theatre of the Nameless and The Art of Darkness, which are still two of my favourite campaigns. 

The launch of Extinct however coincides with Illamasqua's campaign with PETA and their new Green Policy. Illamasqua have over three hundred vegan products and have always been a cruelty free brand, they're striving to make more products vegan and it's making a stand with this campaign. As Extinct stands for the challenges the environment we now live in brings and stands up for the diversity in the beauty industry as a whole. To express yourself however you may please and to celebrate the anniversary of the spirit of punk. 
Demise Palette - £34
The Demise Palette screams autumn to me, split between gorgeous warm and rich red tones, to cool and inviting blues and golds. It's a mixture of cream, which Illamasqua haven't done in a while when it comes down to their quads, as well as matte and soft shimmering tones. The four colours include; Wilt; reddened gold, Gimp; a black blue, Lost; white gold and Interitus; a burgundy. The powders I find are pigmented and easy to work with, you need the littlest bit when it comes to Illamasqua shadows, they go such a long way. Wilt, the cream shade however, I found you could either build it up or keep it really sheer, I actually think I prefer it sheer and as a wash of colour, a really pretty inner corner highlight. 
Pure Pigment - £17.50
The Pure Pigments from Illamasqua, have to be one of my favourite products they do. They're such versatile little pots of pigment, you can use them on the eyes, as a highlighter. Mix with Sealing Gel and create liquid liners, or even create liquid lipsticks. Plus you can put them on your nails and mix them with body lotions to turn them into shimmery greatness. The newest shade Axolotl is a blue holographic pigment, which looks fantastic layered over the black Gel Liner or even over Quixotic, the new Gel Liner in the collection. 

Powder Eye Shadow - £16.50
As well as the eye shadow quad, the collection also includes two eye shadows in single pan form. One of which is actually from the To Be Alive Collection, the shade Cascade; a frosty blue white, was part of the limited edition Spirit Palette. It may just look like a white shadow, but once swatched it has such a mesmerising blue tone that catches the light beautifully. Then there is also Jubilance; a pale rosy copper, which for me, may be the star of the show. The glitz and glamour of this shadow wowed me, its soft and creamy to work with and sparkles like there is no tomorrow! 
Precision Gel Liner - £20
Also included in the collection is a brand new shade of Gel Liner. The Illamasqua Gel Liner is heavenly to work with, so it's very exciting to see a new shade added to the line up. The emerald green; Quixotic is perfect for autumn winter, its a subtle way to inject that jewel toned shade into your makeup. It also makes a brilliant eye shadow base, especially for a smoky eye. Layer a little bit of the pure pigment on top and you have a sparkly green toned smoky eye in no time. 

Matte Lip Liquid - £18.50
For the lips, the collection includes one of the Matte Lip Liquids. These are always limited edition shades, which I do personally find quite sad as they are exceptional products. Dare I say it, they may even be my favourite Matte Liquid Lipsticks I have ever tried. Exoskeleton is a dark deep plum, a lovely vampy shade. It's comfortable to wear, I don't find them to dry out my lips and the wear time is fantastic. I don't have to worry about topping these products up as much, compared to other liquid lipsticks. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Quixotic, Jubilance, Cascade, Interitus, Lost, Gimp, Wilt Sheered Out, Exoskeleton and Axotol.)
Nail Varnish - £14.50
Also available are two very pretty jewel like nail polishes, which I don't have to show unfortunately. But they're real gems, they are Remains; purple glitter and Quagga; a duo chrome green. Illamasqua's promotional imagery for them, actually have the two layered together, which is definitely a nail look I'm up for trying. They look like sacred stones on the nails, but individually they are eye catching too.

You can read more about the Illamasqua Green Policy HERE and they also have a big list of the Vegan Product's available HERE too. 

Eloise x


  1. I love Illamasqua products they are amazing, Jubilance is stunning, that is definitely on my wishlist!! xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. Hellooo! I have come along to post here to finally tell you that I have tried illamasqua and I can certainly see what you have been raving about on the beauty chats on Twitter :)

    A truly wonderful brand, posted about them tonight :)

    Lovely picks here in this post above, Jubilance is just gorgeous!

    Laura xx (#SheHeartsChat) :)


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