Monday, 12 September 2016

Clutching to Summer with Limited Edition Barry M Nails

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to keep a firm hold on the last little bit of Summer we have, as much as I love Autumn. It would of been nicer to have a teeny weeny bit of a longer Summer, especially up here in Scotland. So to try and keep up the Summer spirit, I have the four limited edition Summer polishes from Barry M. 
For the past few years Barry M has always collaborated during this time of year with both Boots and Superdrug. As well as collaborating in the winter too, so there is more to come hopefully! Though this does mean that the Summer editions are disappearing and they're such gorgeous polishes that they're just too good to miss! 
There are always two shades released for each store and this year Boots has two beautiful nudes. Which live in the classic Barry M bottles, but both with textured rose gold caps, which definitely wins my heart. The polishes themselves have two different finishes to them, one with a creamy finish; Beachy Keen a warm rich brown. Then there is also Golden Sands; a shimmery champagne shade.

I only used two coats of polish when applying these, however I did find that Golden Sands was much sheerer when applied. It's still a very pretty polish when left sheer, but I would maybe apply three coats to build it up to more of an opaque finish. 
The Superdrug selection is a little bit more mixed colour wise, compared to Boots. There is either Carnival Couture, which is a cool taupe with a subtle silver shimmer. Then there is also Festival Fever, a brighter pink again with a subtle gold shimmer running through it.

Just like with the Boot's polishes, I only used two coats of polish to apply both of these and it gives a really nice finish. I love that all four are like the original Barry M formulation, that will always be my favourite formulation from them and I have to admit I really miss it now that they've really cut down the range. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Carnival Couture, Festival Fever, Golden Sands and Beachy Keen)
Currently both of the Superdrug shades are on offer, when you buy two selected Barry M products. Both polishes are included, you then get one purchase for half the price! Boot's also have a separate offer running at the moment too, where when you spend £6 on Barry M, you get a limited edition polish for free! All four polishes usually retail for £3.99 in both stores. 

Eloise x


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