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Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced: The Power of Makeup

Hi Guys,

As soon as Nikkie Tutorials announced her collaboration with Too Faced, I knew it was one of those collections this year that just couldn't be missed. I've watched Nikkie for as long as I can remember and to see how far she's come over the years is lovely. If you haven't seen any of her videos, I recommend checking her channel out. Her halloween and bright coloured tutorials are incredible, as they all are actually.
Nikkie actually made a video last year called The Power of Makeup and it's safe to say it became quite a bit of an internet hit. Nikki has been a makeup artist herself for around six years now, so when she recommends a product or in this case creates a product, I trust that she'll do a fantastic job of it.

I haven't actually tried much from Too Faced at all, apart from their Glitter Glue. Which I really do love. I also love that The Power of Makeup, is not only just a palette, but a collection of lots of Nikkie's favourite and Too Faced's best selling products.
 The palette is made up of multiple products, eye shadows with various finishes, two blushers and a bronzer and highlighter too. The eyeshadows have all been named and chosen by Nikkie, with some being named after her favourite things, like her dog Ivy. There are four shades in the palette with a shimmer finish and four with a matte finish. The shades include;

Ivy - A pale matte cream, a great shade to use all over the lid on a pale skin, or as a highlight. 
Sugar Coated - A subtle shimmering pink. 
Frosted Yum - A traditional silver shimmer.
Irresistible - A shimmering true gold, as it's quite hard to chose between a gold or a silver.
Painkiller - A matte pale brown, which was chosen as the perfect colour to use as a transitional shade. 
Makeup & Chill - A rich matte chocolate brown, which is perfect to deepen the crease. 
Mystic Hour - A cool shimmering turquoise.
Wham Bam - A gorgeous blue toned purple shimmer.
Wanted - A matte black.

I love that there is a mixture of shades here, you can create an everyday neutral eye, a classic eye look, add a bit of shimmer and go glamorous, or if you love colour like me then there's the mesmerising purple and turquoise too. Nikkie really has thought about everything with this one.
The two blushers come from the Love Flush Long Lasting Blush range from Too Faced. Justify My Love, the candy pink shade is an existing shade. But as it's one of Nikkie's favourites from the range, of course it had to be included, it gives such a healthy flush to the skin, it really brightens the face. However if you're more of a coral blush fan, there is also I Will Always Love You, a peachy matte shade.

The Bronzer is also one of Nikkie's favourites; The Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It smells as good as it sounds and if it was edible, I probably would of eaten it by now. The shade is more of a medium to deep bronzer, although I don't find it too dark for my pale skin. It's also matte, so if you wanted to contour with it you can and you don't need to worry about any pesky shimmer. 

Champagne Truffle is Nikkie's choice of highlight, although its not originally a Too Faced Highlighter. It is in fact an eye shadow from the Chocolate Bar Palette, however it does make the most gorgeous highlighter. It's pinky shimmer brightens the face, it's also so intensely pigmented you only need the teeniest little bit too. 
Also included in the pack are a mixture of exclusives and adorable little mini's. Plus you get a full size Sketch Marker in Deep Black, Too Faced's liquid liner pen. It has a really flexible tip, making it easier to work with, as well as being very highly pigmented so you don't need to build it up to get a true colour, unlike some other liquid liners.

For the mini's there is a Shadow Insurance Primer, to prep the eye, boost the pigmentation and wear time of the shadows placed on top. There is also a limited edition Better Than Sex Mascara in Purple, Nikkie's favourite colour! Gorgeous on the lower lashes or even used as a lash topper shade too.

Finally there is a little pot of Glitter, as it couldn't really be a Nikkie Tutorials collaboration without glitter. The pot houses the Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, a very pretty finely milled silver glitter dust. When paired with the Glitter Glue it really makes an impact on the eye.

The Power of Makeup is £48 and currently only available from Too Faced directly.

Eloise x


  1. I hadn't even heard of this little creation, so thank-you for putting it on your blog! I've been dying to try the chocolate soleil bronzer and better than sex mascara, and this palette looks so flawless. I love the heart-shaped pans.

    Tia |

  2. Even since I saw Nikki announce this on her youtube I have wanted to get my hands on it! I actually think it's a pretty good deal considering you get so much in the kit.
    Excellent break down of each product. Thank-you! :)
    Holly x |

  3. This is gorgeous! I actually think its a really good deal, considering how much you get it's actually really affordable. x



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