Friday, 10 November 2017

Colourpop: First Impressions


Back at the start of the year, I made my first Colourpop order. Just unfortunately, being in hospital, I never got around to wearing it or even posting about it. However recently I've got stuck right into the products and thought I'd finally share what I think about this ever so popular brand...

When I made my order there was an offer on for free UK delivery, woohoo! (However I was hit by an £18 customs charge, boo!) As well as an offer, for a free brush with the purchase of any two Super Shock Shadows. So I took full advantage of course!

I got the Small Shader Brush for free, which If I'm honest, I'm never usually a massive fan of this stye of brush for shadow. I prefer a much denser brush or blending brushes instead. Though I tend to use flat cat tongue brushes for sharpening any lines and details with concealer. Which I have since used this for and it works perfectly due to its sharp edge.
The two Super Shock Shadows I went for to get the offer were Cricket and So Quiche. Basically I wanted to go for the more unusual shades and anything that may include glitter!

Purple is one of my favourite shades to wear, as it really brings out the blue in my eyes. Cricket is perfect for this, as it's a really cool purple with a pretty multi faceted glitter running right through it. Then there's So Quiche, which is a subtle green, again great on blue eyes. What drew me to it in the end however was the gorgeous purple shimmer. As well as also carrying a hint of gold too.

The formulation of the Super Shock Shadows are cream to powder. They're creamy and blend well, however once they set, they won't budge! You have to make sure the lids are really screwed on really tight though, so that they don't dry out. However the pans are actually quite shallow, so there's not a huge amount of product inside the chunky packaging. But for the price you really can't complain. 
I'm not one to shy away from bold colours. Give me brights and glitter any day! So I was really drawn to this little quad, the Studio 1400 collection. Unfortunately I cant find this exact set on the site anymore, but some shades are still available, so I've linked to the ones I can track down. 

All four shades are of a pearlised finish. So they are really shimmery, perfect for a bit of sparkle on he lid. I did notice, even though I didn't purchase any; the matte shades also have a sparkle running through them. So they're not 100% matte...

The quad is made up of 8 Track; an olive/antiqued gold shade. It reminds me of MAC's Woodwinked, but just not not as warm. Then there is Static; a really deep burgundy, perfect for Autumn/Winter. Donna; a rich jewel toned emerald green, which may just be my favourite of the bunch! However it is a close call between White Rabbit too. As orange tones, again look incredible on blue eyes. The warmth to this particular shade is stunning, this metallic copper just makes me want to wrap up all warm and cosy.
I couldn't decide between trying the much talked about Lippie Sticks or the Liquid Lipsticks from Colourpop. However Colourpop offer some fantastic sets, letting you try more for your money. So I went a tad out of my comfort zone and went with the Just Peachy Trio.

I don't tend to go for peach or orange lip products, I would much rather reach for pinks or nudes. But it's nice to try something new sometimes...

The Trio consists of two Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks; Instigator, which is a terracotta peach and Speed Dial; a warm deep brown. Then there is also one Ultra Satin Lip, Screenshot; the palest shade, but still a rich peach.

Consistency wise, the satin lips are much more comfortable to wear, they are just that bit more moisturising on the lip. That being said though, the matte lips aren't that bad. They sit a lot better on a well moisturised lip though. But both formulations will not move once set.
(Swatches: Left to Right - White Rabbit, 8 Track, Static, Donna, Speed Dial, Screenshot and Instigator.)
Overall I would definetly go for the Super Shock Shadows again. The amount of pigmentation you get from them for the price is incredible. I would also grab more of the Ultra Satin lips, though I doubt I'll be reaching for any more peach tones.

Eloise x

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