Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

Hi Guys,

One of my favourite beauty Youtube guru's Tanya Burr, has recently relaunched her makeup line, Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I am a huge fan of her old and now sadly discontinued line with EyeCandy, but with all these brand new goodies being brought to the table you cant be disappointed. 
The new line consists of 11 Lip Glosses, 12 Nail Varnishes, 4 sets of False Lashes, 3 Eye Shadow Palettes and a Brow Palette. The packaging has been updated from plain black with pink hearts, to mainly a gold with scalloped pink details, still with the signature heart. The Eye Shadow Palettes and Brow Palette have also been given a colourful makeover, with each one having a different colour.
Tanya's Original Line was made up of Lip Glosses and Nail Varnishes, which then went onto include Individual Lashes. So these have stayed, give or take a few switches, in the new line.

I picked up the Lip Gloss in I Found Nemo - £5.99, as in the first line, this went quickly! I have been trying to find this for quite a while and just never managed to get my hands on it, the shade itself is a creamy, very well pigmented bright coral. It sits beautifully and isn't sticky, which for a lipgloss at that price can be tricky to find. I find the texture to be almost buttery, the packaging has gotten a makeover, which I think gives it a more expensive feel. I love that the dofus applicator has stayed the same, as it gives you just the right amount of product. The shade range has reduced in size, with the best sellers and Tanya's favourites staying and there are no new shades in the line up, but a new watermelon flavour instead.

The Nail Polishes on the other hand have had new additions to the family, with 6 of the original shades and 6 new ones. I got a new Nail Polish in Duvet Day - £4.99, which is actually the kind of shade I had thought that Penguin Chick might of been when that first launched. Its a beautiful light grey with blue undertones, I think its also one of those shades that goes with almost everything too. It does need 2-3 coats, due to it being such a light shade, although its quite opaque, it can go on streaky. The packaging has lost its chunky square shape, to a new thinner rectangular bottle, very like the new Nails Inc design. One thing I have noticed however is that there is less product in the new versions, but then for the price and glossy quick drying finish that you get, I can live with it.

Lashes were still quite new to the old collection and as a non lash wearer myself, I actually really loved them. They don't seem to have changed much at all, other than slimmer packaging. The Individual Lashes - £5.49, feel lovely and thin, in a way that I find they blend in a lot better with the natural lashes while still giving definition. However personally for me, the second two rows to the bottom are just a bit uncomfortably long, but if you prefer a natural wispy lash, these are lovely.
A brand new foray, but something I think is perfect for Tanya and her love for Brows is the Perfect Brow Palette - £7, It includes 4 shades, a set of mini tweezers and a slanted brush. The shades are mainly matte, except from Fairy Cake which as the brow highlight shade has more of a soft shimmer finish to it. Pebble; is fantastic for blondes with its cool undertones, there is also Chestnut; which has more of a red undertone and finally Hot Cocoa; which is a dark matte brown. I love that you can mix and match with all of these and add more definition to the brows using various shades. All for shades are also nicely pigmented and easy to work with, staying on the brows really well. I actually also don't mind the tweezers and the slanted brush is surprisingly soft and a good one to have on the go, which usually doesn't happen. 
Finally I have the Hollywood Eye Shadow Palette - £6, this one I think for me does just scream Hollywood glamour, that gold! There is also two other shade variations, Galaxy, which offers a cooler selection and Fairytale, which is perfect for a neutral everyday eye. The four shades in the Hollywood Palette include Nude Delight; a satin pale cream, Gold Coin; a shimmer pale gold, Bookworm; a warm shimmer cocoa brown and Enchantment; a shimmery old gold with a bit of glitter. The glitter isn't also as much of a problem as I thought it would be, as it doesn't create very much fall out at all due to the more creamy texture of the palette. 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Nude Delight, Gold Coin, Enchantment, Bookworm, I Found Nemo, Fairy Cake, Pebble, Chestnut & Hot Coco.)

I'm very excited to try more from Tanya's new range, especially the rest of the shadow palettes and the rest of the new nail polishes too. After the last range, even though this is very soon, I'm also excited to hopefully see what may be coming in the future... Hello Christmas! 

Eloise x


  1. Lovely post on Tanya's products, I didn't realise the old stuff was being discontinued! My latest post is also on her new products, it would be appreciated if you could check it out at :)

  2. I absolutely love the names that Tanya has chosen for her products, they are really sweet! I think that her brand looks so much better now as I really thought her packaging before looked quite cheap and let her down - it looks gorgeous now though! I really want to get a bottle of duvet days, such a pretty colour :) x

  3. I can't decide if I love or hate the new packaging! But I love that she's brought so many new items to the line. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them, it's been a pleasure to read :)

    Jessica Grace

  4. I really like the new packaging, it definitely gives the products a bit more of a "high end" feel while still appealing to Tanya Burr's target audience.

    Raise The Waves

  5. I love the look of the whole collection, I really can't decide which lipgloss to get! I found Nemo is a gorgeous shade though

  6. Hey lovely!

    Great post! Finding Nemo looks gorgeous so I need to get my hands on it!

    Sarah xx

  7. These look so cute, I must get my hands on them! Especially the lashes and the eyeshadows.

    Zoë x


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