Thursday, 27 June 2013

London and IMats

Hi Everyone, 

If you've seen my last blog post you'll know I was off to London and IMats last weekend, So I thought id do a bit of a blog post on my experience as it was my first time at IMats and just overall going to London.

Also sorry that some of the pictures aren't that good quality and that there isn't as many as I thought there would be, I forgot to take my phone with me. So I wasn't used to this new camera.
So on the Friday I spent the day going round some of my favourite shopping destinations and some new ones like Carnaby Street (I loved the shiny shimmery Union Jack flag). I popped into Pixi to see if I could get some of there Blog Famous Glow Tonic, Still out of stock so I gave up and decided to save my money for IMats. I did go into liberty too though and if your near there make sure to go into the chocolate shop. (The Summer Pudding Chocolate!). I also went down to Beak Street and went into Illamasqua and the one and only David Horne was in there!!! 

Next I had to stop off at Selfridge's after watching Mr Selfridge (Hurry up series two!) I had to go see if the building was actually like that inside, It is! Its amazing to actually look at the design of it once you take the time to. I also went along and cued up for the Charlotte Tilbury House of Rock and Kohl only to be told it wasn't open. But I did still get some pictures of the Kate Moss window displays, Which look amazing in person!
Then on Saturday I excitedly went along to IMats after the nightmare that was getting there! (None of the tube services to the Olympia were running). Then once there we had to cue for half an hour to get inside for our wristbands. Once inside I was just about ready to run off on a mad spree!
MAC had 35% off if you signed up for a pro card, Nars had 60% off!! I did cue for an hour just to look at the make up at NYX, not even to pay, Just to look! I wouldn't of done it if I wasn't desperate for two things. The only problem was after all the shopping there was no where to go and sit down and have a drink, except from pizza express so I think that could of been organised a bit better. I wasn't disappointed with IMats I just wish it had been organised better, However these lovely people made it worth while...
Sammi and Patrica seemed so over whelmed by all the people desperate to get pictures with them, But they were both lovely! Louise, Louise was just hilarious and said that I had good taste as we both had the same jacket (Could of died with happiness!). Both Louise and Ruth held the Social Media talk which was Hilarious but also very informative, I picked up some good tips. Ruth was just overall amazing as well and was so lovely. Finally I met Fleur and Ingrid first, I was actually so shocked and star struck that it was actually them that all that seemed to come out of my mouth was hguhdfsoshgudhfpo. 

I would just like to say a huge Thank you to everyone for the pictures they took with me, All the girls were so lovely and just amazing. (I'm lost for words just thinking about it again.)

I'm going to put up a haul post of what I got from IMats and London as I think this post is long enough as it is without mentioning what I got. I actually didn't get as much as I thought I would, I'm also kicking myself for not picking anything up at Nars!

If you want to hear anything more about my trip or anything, even what you want to see in future blog posts, Leave a comment below and Ill try and do it for you!

Eloise x

P.S. Sorry this has been such a rambling blog post, Well done if you've made it to the end!

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