Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lush Massage Bars

Hi Guys,

Lush recently released a collection of their new Massage Bars, they've added five new bars, including some with some of their very popular fragrances. Such as one for their very popular Dirty range.

Plus sorry in advance for the pretty awful photos, I'm still getting used to the fact Scotland gets a lot duller quicker than in England haha! 
As well as the new Massage Bars, Lush also have some old favourites that have been around for years. I think with Lush they're mostly known for their Bath Ballistics, Christmas Ranges and Bubble Bars. But they do stock so many more amazing things, including these bars. 
Pearl - £6.50
I am so excited about this, It smells like Rose Jam! To be honest I'll buy anything with the Rose Jam scent from Lush. But this is such a fantastic massage bar as it has the little pearly rock things (great discribing skills!) sitting on the top. They remind me of muller yogurts, when you put the chocolate in and they sit on top of the yogurt haha. But the little pearls are great to relieve any aches and pains and Lush says to boost circulation too. It's like a less spicy version go Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar, which I just never used because of the scent.

Shades of Earl Grey - £5.95
Now this one is actually my Mum's but I've borrowed it to show you. It smells fantastic and I never thought I'd ever like it, As as the name suggests it has Earl Grey Tea in it. But I can really smell the citrus element to it too. It doesn't contain any of the pearls, so it doesn't really relieve as such. Its just lovely as it melts away and you can really massage it into the skin leaving it nice and soft. Due to the citrus in it too, its such an uplifting scent. 
Hottie - £5.95
Now I won't ramble on about this one too much, as I did do a bit of a post about it HERE. This is the only spicy one I own and I wouldn't say its over ally spicy at all. Its fantastic for relieving aches and pains and is lovely and warming too. My skin feels lovely and soft after use too. Even the littlest bit lasts for ages too, so I don't run out of it too quick!

Soft Coeur - £4.95
Now I have to apologise for the state mine is in, I got this new one just before I moved, packed it in a box and forgot about it, so its developed a bit of a white mask where its dried out a little. But it still works! This one is the smallest of the bunch, however it makes up for it in my eyes as it has a chocolate centre! However you do get to the middle and end up with a chocolate chunk. It leaves you smelling lovely though and you can really smell the coco. Its lovely and moisturising too.

Another favourite of mine is Strawberry Feels Forever, but I seem to of lost mine! Its a massive strawberry and leaves you smelling like a strawberry too. Another one I've sniffed and tried is Each Peach, I haven't picked it up yet. But just like Strawberry Feels Forever its fruity and leaves you smelling like a peach!

You can have a good browse at all the Massage Bars and buy them HERE.

Eloise x


  1. These all sound amazing, I can't believe I've never tried any!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. I've only recently discovered these but they are great, it's just a case of getting the other half to use one on my achy back!


  3. The earl grey one sounds lovely. I may need to pick up the rose one, as its my blog's namesake! X

  4. Lush massage bars are one of the few products I actually like. I love the idea of the Hottie one! They seem so awesome and they smell great. Though I do wish they were a bit cheaper. Oh well!

  5. I loooove the Lush Massage Bars! One of my all time favourite products from Lush! Lovely post xx

  6. The massage bars are one of the very few products I haven't tried from lush!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  7. You are all set for massage bars for a while! haha! I'm dying to try a new one. I only really use them as an actual massage bar on the other halfs back and he loves the Each Peach one.
    Nice post! And your photos are fine despite the horrible early dark nights :( ha

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  8. I have been wanting to try one of their massage bars for ages but I don't know how you are meant to actually use them :( xx


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