Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pamper Pick Up's

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd do a post thats kind of a little different, I don't really mention it on here but I have M.E.,  won't go too much into it now but basically I have quite a mission on my hands when it comes to getting to sleep and have quite a lot of pains in my legs. So I thought I'd do a post on my favourite things for when Im having a difficult time with it.
Ive found some great products to have a pamper with that really do help, I think its fantastic that these are just lovely pamper products. So anyone who can't get to sleep very well or if you just want to have a bit of a relax or relieve sore and achey muscles especially at this time of year, these are great!
Lush Granny Takes a Dip Bath Ballistic £3.35 - HERE
I have to admit I never thought I'd like this, Like with a lot of these products they do have a slightly in a way spicy scent. Now I can't stand spicy scents but I actually quite like these, not sure how but I do luckily! Its scent is Lemon, Pepper and Ginger, although its got that earthy spicy scent its still fresh from the lemon. I love this bath bomb as it is so soothing when your legs are tired, due to the pepper I think. Plus the lemon is awaking and uplifting, I know when my legs are sore I need that boost. Plus can i just say this is HUGE!!

Clarins Energising Emulsion £26 - HERE
I use practically all Clarins Skincare and I had never heard of this, I was having a browse one day and noticed it on the shelf, a lotion that energises your legs?! I didn't ever think this would work, I was wrong. It contains Mint and it feels cooling on the legs when you apply it, I think thats quite a factor on it working. It also contains camomile which is well known to soothe, it dries quickly once you put it on and your not left with sticky legs. Plus I've heard you can even put it on over tights, Its brilliant after a long day of shopping!

Lush Hottie Massage Bar £5.95 - HERE
This is another product I was always put off of because of the scent, Ive always thought, 'Oh no I won't like that it's spicy!' I tried it quite a few months ago now at the Sheffield Blogger Meet Up, as soon as I tried it I knew I'd been wrong all this time. It smells so much more subtle on than it does on the bar. As its got the bumps on one side they're great but I find its easier just to rub it in your hands until it melts, It's a lot easier to use then. It was so popular at the meet up that there was none left once we'd gone. Oops!
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £16 - HERE
Ive found theres a reoccurring theme in this post of things I never believed would work, This is one of them and the last. Everyone raved about this so I thought I would try it, Again I couldn't of been more wrong! I spray around 3-4 sprays on my pillows just as Im going to bed and I'm not sure how long it takes exactly, but Im just out like a light! Its amazing, smells lovely, it has lavender which definitely helps you sleep. I'd say I'm asleep within 15-25 minutes at most which is amazing for me. The link above though is for the smaller bottle,  I couldn't find my bigger bottle online, I did get it from Space Nk though.

Lush Twilight Bath Ballistic £3.35 - HERE
I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner, (Massive Twilight fan!) it was the scent that put me off and I just  had other favourites in Lush I tended not to move away from. Again it cottons lavender, great to help you get to sleep. Combine this and the pillow spray and i had the best night sleep ever, they're the new dream team. It looks fantastic as it fizzes away too and turns the bath a dark shimmery purple. 

Hopefully this post didn't bore you, i know not everyone has M.E. but not sleeping and sore achy muscles are such common problems I thought It would be nice to share what I've found that I find works. Plus you don't have to use these for those reasons, especially the lush stuff is just lovely as a nice pamper treat at any time! 

Eloise x

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  1. This is a great little post, I love pamper evenings! I have that deep sleep pillow spray but I really want t try the Lush products you've mentioned now because I love peppery scents. Thanks for the tip :)

    Keira | Little Law


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