Monday, 30 November 2015

A Tanya Burr Christmas

Hi Guys,

I've started to realise that Christmas, is only really only something like three weeks away. To say I've not started my Christmas shopping yet is an understatement and time has just been flying by! Instead I've been treating myself (Christmas is a stressful time, rewards are needed! Haha)  to the new Christmas Collection by Tanya Burr...
If you've seen my previous posts on the Old and the New Tanya Burr Cosmetics line, you'll probably know I'm quite the fan of Tanya's. So to have a Christmas Range out, with its added adorable packaging, I couldn't help myself! The whole line still consists with Tanya's Permeant line, as it's mainly built up of Nail Polishes, Lip Glosses and Eye Shadows. 
The smallest items in the range are the Nail Art Sets, which come in two variations. There is Sugar Plum - £6, a deep pink toned, raspberry shade. Then there is also Toasted Marshmallow - £6, which is a great subtle creamy nude, it is ever so darker on me and almost caramel. But it all depends on your skin tone, it will probably look ever so slightly different on everyone. You also get inside the packs, little sheets of nail art stickers, the designs are mainly made up of stars and hearts and come in gold. So if you want to add a little something extra to your Christmas nails you can!
If you're looking for something that little bit bigger, then there is also two different Trio Sets. The Sets include a nail polish, nail file and lip gloss each. With the shades of the nail polish and lip gloss complimenting each other. The two shade options are Candy Cane - £8, the brighter one of the two, which includes a permanent polish in Be Bright Be Happy Be You and matching lip gloss in Cotton Cane, a pretty baby pink. Then there is also Gingerbread - £8, to go alongside the adorable Gingerbread House packaging. The nail polish is a antiqued bronze glitter, called Cookie Cutter and the nail polish is a warm toasted brown, known as Sugar and Spice.
I don't think I've seen a manicure set in quite a while, they used to be so easy to pick up at Christmas time. I love the Handy Candy Manicure Set - £8, for the price it's fantastic, you get two nail files, a pair of scissors, cuticle pusher and nail clippers. As well as being housed in a cushioned gold glitter case, its a hardwearing case and fantastic for travelling, as well as holding all your nail tools, you can even throw in some bobby pins and keep things in the one place when travelling. Hair grips are hard enough to find at home, let alone when you go travelling with them. The quality of the whole set overall is actually really great, especially for the price.
Then there's also the Merry Kissmass - £12 set, which might be one of the more simple ones, but I love it. Who doesn't want a makeup bag that looks like it's been dipped in gold glitter, especially at Christmas time. The bag is also really good quality again for the price, it's slightly padded and can fit quite a lot in it, good again for any travels. Inside the. Bag there's two new lip glosses, which are Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, a silver shimmer (perfect over the top of another colour for added sparkle) and then there is Carousel, a brighter fuchsia shade. Finally in the bag there's a new product, in the form of a little shimmer pot! It comes in the shade Chandelier, which is also actually in the Palette, just in a pressed form. It's a great one to add to smoky eyes at this time of year, or you can do a beautiful bronze sparkly eye too.

The Candy Glam Palette - £15 is a great all rounder, you get nine eye shadows, a lip gloss, blush and bronzer. As well as inside the packaging including a large heart shaped mirror too. The shadow shades are nearly all skimmer, bar Ballet Slippers and Teddy Bear, which are both satin. The pigmentation of these is fantastic, I already apologise in advance for the state of the swatches, it does them no justice! The lipgloss included is Daydream, which is also already included in the Permanent range, but it's still a great every day neutral gloss. The two cheek shades are also available in the new cheek palette duo too, but again it's a nice addition to the palette and houses everything in the one place which is handy. 
I think the Deck the Hauls Advent Calendar - £25 is actually the cutest calendar available this year! I wish it was 24 days rather than 12, but from what I've heard it's got quite a good selection products inside. I don't particularly know myself as I want to keep it as a surprise, so apologies for being so vague on this one! 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cotton Cane, Sugar and Spice, Daydream, Snow Flake, Chandelier, Plumberry, Creme Brûlée, Date Night in Paris, Ballet Slippers, Baking Brownies, Teddy Bear, Starry Night, Pretty Peony, Beach Bronze, Carousel, Diamond's are a Girls Best Friend & Chandelier Shimmer Pot)
(Swatches: Left to Right - Cookie Cutter, Be Bright Be Happy Be You, Sugar Plum & Toasted Marshmallow)
Starting tomorrow I'll be taking part in blogmas, so there'll be thirty one new posts coming your way in December! (I hope!) haha. Im going to do a variation of posts, so there's lots of new reviews, launches and Christmas related posts too!

Eloise x


  1. These are all soooo pretty! I must get my hands on them, especially the advent calendar. x

  2. All these products are so pretty. I need to get myself some!


  3. Packaging is the cutest and all products look so pretty!


  4. I don't have anything from Tanya's line but I do like the look of the Merry Kissmas set.
    There's something about the packaging and overall design that I don't like though and that has put me off buying anything.

    Sophie x


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