Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Favourites

Hi Guys,

It's officially the start of Blogmas already! So I'll be posting every day from the 1st to the 31st of December hopefully. Please bare with me though as I'm currently a bit swamped with college and work, but I'm hoping it will all go to plan!
I thought I'd kick everything off with my monthly favourites, everything I've been loving from my beauty bits to lifestyle. I've changed a lot of my makeup up this month, so I've only really gone with the pieces I've loved the longest. The rest will probably go into next months favourites as I think I already have quite a few! 
Firstly there's been really one main eye look I've worn for practically all of November, it's basically just been a dark smoky,  how much glitter can I pack on one eyelid, kinda look. So I've mainly just been reaching for my Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is a bit of a tradition for me now, without even realising it, it gets to this time of year and it gets brought out the drawer. I have to admit it hardly makes an appearance at any other time. I've been using a lot of Naked and Buck, in the crease and as transition shades. Then using Smog and Darkhorse on the outer corners, to add depth. 

Though when it comes to what I'm applying all over my lid, I don't think Illamasqua Feverant has left my side. It's the most gorgeous, shimmery brown pigment, with a green duochrome. So depending on what you apply it over, it can either look reddy brown or have a beautiful green shine to it. Plus it's super quick to apply and you can have a really effective eye makeup look in minutes. 

As if that wasn't enough shimmer and glitter for me though, I discovered the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in Distortion this month. Why I have never bought these before I don't know, there's definitely more on the list now! Although it's a glitter liner, I've been using it in the inner corner as a highlight, or in the centre of the lid for a glittery spotlight eye. What I really love about this colour in particular though, is that when layered over different colours it also changes colours. So over fevernt it goes green, perfect for festive eye looks. Especially as once it's on and dried, it's not budging anywhere.
After Halloween when I did my Dark Emerald Tutorial, I then started to think, I actually have to remove this from my face. Which it hadn't really dawned on me how much makeup I had on, I picked up my  Clinique Take the Day Off which hasn't been used in quite some time. Again it's now another one I can't believe I've just left lying about, it is incredible, it's nice and gentle on the skin, it removed my makeup in minutes, even my eye makeup. As soon as you massage it in, it just melts it all straight from your face, I'm now hooked. 

I've not had much time this month, so I haven't really painted my nails Beth much at all. But when I have, I've been reaching for Tanya Burr Toasted Marshmallows. I would never really reach for this sort of shade either, but it's just so natural and pretty. It reminds me of caramel as it has a really warm tone to it. It also applies and dries like a dream, making it perfect for a quick and effective manicure.

Finally beauty wise I've been getting into the spirit of Christmas with the Lush Christmas Range. Some nights a pamper is just required and one of my favourites that I've been using is Lush Butterbear. I end up stock piling this little guy after Christmas, just incase he's not brought back. He has a comforting warm vanilla scent and leaves you feeling moisturised and pampered afterwards. Which is defiantly needed now that it's getting colder and colder. 
I was off to see Disclosure the other night in the Hydro and it's the first time of been to that venue, which if you get the chance to go there, definitely do it. It's fantastic for that kind of music and of course a Glasgow crowd is pretty amazing to be in amongst haha. Especially if they start playing anything Sam Smith related. 

I also had a bit of a make up masterclass month, which are fantastic but dangerous for the bank account. Though if you want some makeup inspiration, I went to the Danielle Roberts Urban Decay masterclass and the makeup Danielle does is fantastic. Take a peek at her Instagram! I also went to the Jamie Genevieve masterclass, I've known Jamie for a while now and she's a blast! Her makeup is beautiful and she's just one of the funniest people I've met, it's always a pleasure to see her. Make sure to have a look at her Instagram and binge watch her tutorials too. 

Music wise I pretty much just love anything Hobbie Stuart does, but his Hello Cover is fantastic. I was already obsessed with the original, then this one was released and now I think I might be a tad too obsessed haha. 

Eloise x


  1. I have been really loving my Naked palette lately too! Hobbie has such a nice voice! Thanks for sharing the video, I love new music discoveries! I actually just posted my favorite music from the past month today and Hello was included! It really is so good!!

    A Very Charmed Life

  2. It's so great when the things you are loving are rediscoveries! I've been loving the Bodyshop Camomile Cleansing Butter, but when that's done I want to try Clinique Take The Day Off to compare!
    Hobbie's cover is so good! I've been obsessed with covers of Hello. You might like this Kurt Hugo Shneider cover too https://youtu.be/c-3TJ-97FmA :)

    roisinfarmer.co.uk | Lifestyle, Beauty etc.

  3. The Naked palette is one of my all time faves! I find it so usefull all year round <3 that clinique makeup remover sounds great too! :)
    Happy December <3
    Emma xx


  4. I love the lush butterbear! xxx

  5. I am desperate for the naked palette. It looks gorgeous!

    Kate// http://katerosexo1.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I'm a big fan of Lush's Butterbear too and that Tanya Burr nail polish looks gorgeous! :)

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday


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