Sunday, 20 December 2015

Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Hi Guys,

Probably one of my favourite things to do at Christmas is wrap presents, I absolutely love doing it and it kinda breaks my heart when I get to the end. So I've decided this year to get creative and try and drag it out a bit, so that I have a lot more to do instead haha. 
 I've collected quite a few little bits to accessorise presents with and I thought I'd share all my finds!

Quite a lot of the pieces are from Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer's, not usually the shops I would go looking for these things in. But this year they've got some really nice tags and added extra's for embellishment. I also discovered the world of Tiger at Christmas and some fantastic bargains from Home Bargains too. 

 Brown paper wrapping has become such a popular way to wrap presents over the past few years, however not many stores actually do plain brown paper, unless its the post office! Primark this year have a few designs that are based on brown paper, I grabbed the one with stags on, which has gone down as quite a hit already! Or there is also possibly my favourite, still sticking down the plain route. The gold glitter paper by Tiger, is perfect for Christmas, all sparkly and anything glittery always has a place in my heart.

For trickery presents to wrap though, Home Bargains are doing fantastically priced sturdy boxes, which you can pop little bits and pieces in and make a hamper. Or you can always just make a nice little gift box for something, fill it with tissue paper and it instantly solves any wrapping issues. 
 Adding extra teeny bits and pieces to a gift can really finish it off, wether you want to attach a large Christmas Ornament to the front to larger presents, like the Christmas Pudding. Or just attach a few little smaller baubles, like bells or teeny weeny glittery baubles, to slightly smaller gifts. It just adds that extra something, kind of just finishing it off too, plus they're reusable as well. 

Just attach them with pretty patterned ribbons or a festive glittery one too, both Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer's have a great selection of trio sets this year. Giving quite a few different options, so you can mix and match with your gifts. They also have great tags too, I always love the slogan ones like 'No Peeking!'. 
Lastly a different way to wrap your presents is with scarves, by making a knot wrap. Lush offers this in store for their products, so if yours getting a lush gift its a good one to ask for, then its all bundled up together. But you can always just get other scarves too and wrap up any non Lush related gifts this way too, then the scarf can also be a little add on gift too.

Or if worst comes to the worst, theres always Lush's own wrapped sets, plus you can pop in a bubble bar as an embellishment too. 

Eloise x


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