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A Guide To: Blush

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My Guide To Series is coming to an end! I don't think there's many left to do, if there are any that I have missed that you would specifically like to see, let me know and I'll happily do them! I've loved doing the series and I'm so glad that it seems to of been enjoyed too! 
I have to admit though that I didn't even realise its been so long since my last post in the series, which was on Contour and Highlight. It seemed right to carry it on with blushers next! Hopefully my 'final' post in the series on lip products will be up sooner rather than later! 
Blushers in powder compact form mainly tend to come in either a matte or a shimmer/radiant like finish. I personally love a matte blush, especially of course the Illamasqua Powder Blusher, I mean they do last what seems like a life time because of how pigmented they are. You always only need the tiniest wee bit. If you chose the right shade of blusher for your skin tone, you can also quite cleverly get the effect that you've contoured without the contour. It still adds colour to your face, but because of the placement on the cheek bone, a matte shade can do the two jobs for you, great if you're in a hurry. 

On the other hand, a blusher like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush can leave you looking highlighted and glowing because of their finish. They're also a much loved favourite of mine because of how healthy they leave you looking. 

A quick and easy way to apply your blusher is in stick form, you can just swipe, blend and thats you sorted. They mainly come in more of a typical cream formulation, but its just a tad bit drier but still creamy to apply. The Clinique Chubby Stick Balm is great as its quite large, but still just the right size for the apple of the cheek. They're great for topping up on the go and if you want something that appears fresh on the skin, but still has a good level of pigment to it too. 
Liquid Blushers and tints have been popular for many years, with Benefit probably having some of the most iconic ones. They're lightweight and long lasting as they stain the skin, they're a brilliant one to apply under a lipstick, so when the lipstick wears away, you still have that tint underneath. If you want a subtle long lasting colour, that you can wear as more of an everyday kind of thing, then Benefit Posie-Tint is so pretty. 

Gel Blushers are one of the newer formulations, as gels have really started to take off over the past year or so. They're a fantastic way to wear blusher if you're looking for something natural, sheer or even if you're just starting out with blush. Gel products sit nicely on the skin, as they sit on top of each other well and they won't cake or go patchy, like other formulations can do. I have the Topshop Cheek Jelly, however I'm unsure if you can still get these in store, as they've gone from online. Though a fantastic substitution would be the Illamasqua Gel Colour.

Although messier than other types of blusher, mineral makeup is popular for anyone thats looking for a light and natural looking finish to their makeup. They don't tend to come in a matte formulation, they usually all have a shimmer to them, which adds radiance to the skin. The Beautiful Movements Mineral Blusher 
(Swatches: Left to Right - Illamasqua, Hourglass, H&M, Clinique, Beautiful Movements, Benefit and Topshop.)

There really is a blusher out there for everyone, it is maybe one of the love/hate items of makeup, just because at first it can seem a bit tricky to master. I have definitely been terrified after being a bit heavy handed with it and looking in the mirror haha. But it can really brighten the face and tie a whole look together, just with that tiny bit of colour.

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