Saturday, 5 December 2015

Gift Guide For Her

Hi Guys,

I love a good gift guide, this year especially it seems so hard to come up with present ideas. I don't even know what I would like myself, let alone what to get for others. I always like this time of year to get to have a good look at all of the gift guides and get a real sense of what's out there this Christmas. 
This year some of the pre made gift sets are fantastic and there are brilliant new launches from throughout the year too. Theres also such a wide range of different things being offered this year, it can be a little overwhelming to start!
You cant go wrong with a bit of Lush at Christmas, as well as doing their pre made gift sets, They also have the Lush Knot Wrap. These mean you can create your own gift and wrap it up in a recycled scarf, which you can use again and again. I've been known to frame them and put them on the wall! You can add whatever you like to them, a snow fairy themed package is always popular at this time of year and of course if you go for the Butterbear Knot Wrap, you can't not include Butterbear himself!

If you're buying for someone who isn't as much of a fan of Lush, then the Korres Set is great. It's still packed full of bath and body goodies. But in a way has that slightly more grown up feel to it, Korres do beautiful body products and their scents are always some of the best. This set in particular includes the Bergamot Pear Shower Gel and Body Milk. 
One of my personal favourites this year of course is the Illamusthaves sets, I think these are so cute and festive. They come in three different options, Equinox (the blue), Creator, (black) and the one I have is Charisma (red). They include three of Illamasqua's most loved products, you can chose between Aurora Gleam or Supernatural, then alongside that, there's a Nail Polish and Pure Pigment. The ones included in Charisma, are Charisma Nail Polish and Reverent Pure Pigment, the best reddy brown with a duo chrome green!

You can never really go wrong with a new palette for a makeup lover. It gives a good selection to choose from and the different shade combinations are endless. But there are so many palettes out there it can be a bit overwhelming to choose just one. A great one is the The Balm Nude Dude, you get a mixture of highly pigmented and easy to apply neutral shades. There's also a mixture of matte and shimmer to pick from, so it becomes even more versatile. Also because it's slim and compact, it's a great one for traveling with, alongside its mirror and actually really fantastic mini brush. 

If you have a brush fanatic to buy for this Christmas then the Real Techniques Bold Metals Set is a pretty good place to start looking. With an exclusive angled powder brush and a clutch bag too, the set also includes two of the most popular brushes from the Bold Metals line. The Tapered Blush Brush, in the beautiful rose gold! As well as the Oval Shadow Brush, great for packing on the colour. Plus to make it even better, the set is also currently over half price in Boots!
Probably the ultimate Youtuber Beauty Set this Christmas is the  Zoella Awesome Drawersome. If you've got a fan of the original scent that Zoella brought out or even just a Zoella fan full stop, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have this sat under the Christmas tree. It includes really good sized miniatures of the Bath Fizzers, Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion and Soak Opera Bubble Bath. As well as new products exclusively to the kit, which are Flowers and Showers Shower Gel, Body Butter and exclusive accessories in the form of a Shower Puff and Coin Purse. Plus it's all housed in the reusable drawers, perfect for holding all the Zoella collection.
Possibly the cutest nail polish accessory to ever exist is the Wonderland Cotton Tail. The most simple idea, just completely makes the tedious task of removing nail polish that bit better, a cotton wool holder has never been so adorable. He also looks really cute sat on the dressing table not even being used and doesn't break the bank too!  

I think 2015 has been the year of Adult Colouring Books, they have just become more and more popular and I don't think it's going to stop here at all. It's very relaxing and therapeutic, so great for anyone who leads a bit of a busy life or even just an art lover. My personal favourite one Is the Secret Garden Colouring Book, the designs are so pretty and intricate, there's so many options too, you're sure to find one you like. 

Eloise x


  1. Love the RT brushes! And that bunny is so cute!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I need that Bunny cotton wool holder - the cutest thing ever!!

    Hannah Heartss x

  3. I´ve had an eye on the Real Technique Bold Metal Brushes for a while now. I might drop a hint or two at my sister, so she can get them for me. I wish I had enough money to give my sister the Zoella Drawer. She loves Youtubers and I think this would be awesome for her. But with shipping to Germany and all it´s just too expensive.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  4. Ohh I love all of this. Especially that bunny cotton ball holder! I would be so happy to give or receive any of this! I've used any of Zoella's beauty bits but I'd love to give them a whirl, they look like they'd make lovely gifts!

    Hannah xx

  5. I love the fact that the adult colouring books have become really popular this year, I've picked up so many and the Secret Garden one is lovely as well. The Real Technique brushes are definitely going on my wishlist this year haha!x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  6. These are such fab gift ideas!! The Zoella box looked fab but not for the price!! I love som Real Techniques though! Xx

  7. That Zoella set looks amazing! i love it plus you have to have the RT brushes! obviously haha

  8. The cotton tail rabbit is adorable. I love these gift ides, they're so original and I know I'd be happy to receive any of them!

    Megan x

    London Callings


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